I used Hartz flea medicine on my cat and it gave her a seizure

The other day i use hartz ultra guard, onespot flea egg and flea larve on my cat. then today she was laying in the floor while i was on my bed and she stood up and started meowing verly loud, and i looked at her and her head was jerking from side to side and she couldnt keep her balance. i was so scared i didnt know what to do, i just made sure she wasnt hitting anything with her head. after about 5 mins she stoped and was fine, i wasnt about to risk anything so i called the vet. They told me to bring her in for them to look at her immediately. when i arrived the first thing they noticed was where she had the flea medicine on her and asked what brand it was, i didnt think it could have been the medicine so i couldnt remeber the brand i had used. but after the check up the vet said to make sure i washed her with dawn then again with cat shampoo. when i got home and gave her the two baths i looked at the flea medicine and it was hartz..so i looked the name up online and i noticed that i wasnt the only one that has had this problem with this brand…………so thanks to hartz i had to suffer thru watching my cat have a seizure and not know what was happening or what to do, and pay a $89 vet bill

 heres a picture of Kitty before the hartz problem


Close call with Hartz 3 in 1

Yesterday at this time I unknowingly put a toxic poison on my cat that I bought at Target. Little did I know when I put Hartz 3 in 1 flea and tic medicine on my cat that it would almost kill her.

My cat had a lot od shedding and my vet recommended using some Advantage or Frontline flea products, that it may be from fleas. I had some advantage, but it was for cats over 10 pounds and she was 8. So, I used the Hartz 3 in 1 that I also had on hand from a long time ago. Kiki started instantly twitching her back muscles. i thought she just didn’t like the feel of the liquid on her back. Within an hour she was a mess. Tremors, twitching, eratic behavior. She could sit still for a minute, even though I knew she wanted too. I washed off some of the product with a wash cloth. This morning she was still acting the same with twitching and weird behavior.

Thank goodness for the internet…I Googled, “flea medicine, bad reaction” and was shocked what came up. I instantly called the vet. They sent me to the emergency hospital. Within seconds of walking in the door, they wisked away my kitty. The gave her muscle relaxers, an IV and some charcoal thing to help it pass through her system. They just called and said she is doing much better. She is going to be ok. I cry for all of the people that lost their pets. This website and others are great, once people start investigating their pets bad reactions, but we have to get these products off the shelves, and we need to educate people of the true dangers.

If you are outraged like me, take a few steps this minute to get the ball rolling in your area.

I have contacted 3 local news stations in SF today and will continue to contact national ones as well: Dateline, Oprah, CNN, etc. Do the same.

Let your vet know to get the word out. My vet said two to use, in the next breath, he should of gave me a verbal warning about the over the counters. I am writing him a letter with my wishes.

Email every person in your inbox, to give the warning and spread the word.

Contact Hartz Medical Hotline 888-875-1706 your report goes to the EPA as well and the info goes on record officially. It is a 3rd party hot line, it was helpful. They also can get your a reimbursement for vet bills(I will let you know how that goes!)

Contact WalMart and ask them to take it off of their shelves. If this was affecting children it would be gone. WalMart is their biggest distributer.

Take a stand right now. My prayers go out to all of the animals and owners that were not lucky enough to catch it in time.