Flea drops nearly killed my cat~!

I didnt know it would hurt my cat the way it did~

I thought all flea drops were the same, just that larger amounts were in the dog remedies. since I have 7 dogs and 3 cats, I bought the dog remedy flea drops to use. I assumed that it was packaged according to dosing and that if I used a smaller amount on my cats that it would have been safe~

I assumed that since it was safe to use in small amounts on puppies that using a smaller amount would also work on my cats.

Even though it said not to use on cats, I thought that was merely a selling method they used to get more sales individually for both species, since they were killing the same fleas~

my assumption has nearly cost my cat her life and she is still in the hospital now, on intravenous medications combined to antidote her poisoning, prevent dehydration, alleviate the damage to her central nervous system, giving her musdle relaxants and sedation as well as pain remedy as this is an excruciatingly  painful condition caused by the poisons used in manufacturing the flea drops.

Warning should be more specific instead of just saying :”do not use on cats” the warning should include ‘why’ ~ such as :


HAD IT SAID ‘DEADLY’ I never would have used it assuming it to only kill fleas!

“I NOW SEE THAT MANY PEOPLE MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE~ SO THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO MAKE THESE FLEA DROP COMPANIES PRINT A LARGER STRONGER WARNING ON THEIR PRODUCTS.Complying by using microscopic letter that most people can not even read, they need instead to make plainer, stronger warnings or not be allowed to sell such deadly products publicly~”…Ave Hurley,  July 1,2009

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