Major side effects from Hartz!!! we are lucky

I started using this after we moved about 1 year ago to the South because my in laws used it and it seemed to be fine. After i put it on our Bichon Frise, Payton he would go kinda crazy running around and rubbing his back furiously on the ground, grunting. I thought it was just causing irritation which I knew was a side-effect to topical medicine, but didnt think it was anything more than that, especially because he would stop after 15 minutes or so. Well, today I gave him his next dose of the Hartz and he started doing it again but seemed worse. I got a hunch to look up reviews of the product online just to see and I was horrified to learn that Hartz has caused thousands of dogs and especially cats to die from poisoning. I found this website and was immediately concerned that it was more than just “irritation” as the package states.
As i was reading this website payton started throwing up. I read in here to wash them ASAP with some sort of dish soap that fights grease because its an oil based product, like Dawn. I had palmolive extra grease fighting so I immediately took him outside and thoroughly washed him with it. It was only on him for maybe 20 minutes and he was obviously very uncomfortable and he vomited. Its scary to think how much worse it could have been if i didnt read this and realize I was poisoning him 🙁 He is much better now. He did go outside and eat some grass and vomit once more (about 8 hrs later) tonight, but must just be trying to get it out of his system because he isn’t acting weird anymore or seem to be upset at all.
I just wanted to share my story because it was all the other stories on here that made me realize what was happening and I was able to wash it off before it did anything too horrible.