Sergeants Gold Flea and Tick made my dog very sick

Around two years ago while I was out of town, my wife was concerned that our lab Jade had fleas.  Thus, she purchased flea and tick medicine at a common retail store and applied it to Jade.  Shortly after applying this, Jade became very ill (vomiting, drooling, shaking, etc.) and my wife made a middle of the night emergency visit to the vet, which was a large monetary expense.  Fortunately Jade recovered fine – she is so important to us 🙂

My wife was convinced that Jade’s sickness was brought about by applying the flea and tick medicine, and she has refused to allow Jade to be treated with flea and tick medicine since this episode.  During the last couple years, others in our family have wanted to treat Jade with flea and tick medicine, but we have resisted and not allowed it.  At times this decision has been a heated source of debate, so we felt validated when I recently heard on the news that animals were getting sick from flea and tick medicines.

Today Jade went to a new vet to get shots and this vet recommended that we treat her with flea and tick medicine.  After we explained our experience of Jade getting sick from applying flea and tick medicine, the vet responded that there are safe flea and tick medicines sold by vets (e.g. Frontline), but there are ones sold at common retailers at a bargain price (i.e. Hartz) , and it is these cheaper lower grade products that are responsible for making animals sick.  The vet was adamant that we could trust the Frontline product while also insisting that we stay away from the Hartz product.

The vets advice did sound reasonable to me for two reasons

  • Long ago we had often purchased flea and tick medicine from the vet and applied it to Jade without any subsequent problems
  • I remembered seeing unused viles of flea and tick medicine from the product purchase that made Jade sick, and they looked different than the ones I had used in the past

Tonight I found the remaining unused viles of the flea and tick medicine that made Jade sick, and they are labeled Sergeant’s Flea & Tick Medicine.  We nearly lost our dog from this product, so please consider this if you are considering applying flea and tick medicine to your pet.

Sergeants Gold Tick and Flea Medication almost killed my dog.

My girlfriend decided to put his 2 month treatment on my dog Kota, A Shiba Inu. We have put the medication on him before and he never had a reaction. Boy was this some harsh stuff… About 12 hours after applying the medication he started to act like it was burning him. Panting Heavily, Scratching at it, Shaking like he was having a seizure, and when he started to walk it was like something bit him and he would let out a wild screech. I called the number on the back of the box and they told me to get it off with dawn soap 2 washes. I did that and we rushed him to the vet afterwards because he was too lethargic and was still having seizures. The vet gave him benadyrl and some pain medication to help him rest and we took him home last night. He has been going crazy all day. They say that this stuff can cause kidney failure and death. So whatever you do watch your dog if this happens to you. Don’t allow him to eat protein and make sure he pees and drinks lots of fluids. Proteins can’t be excreted from the kidneys under renal failure and can cause your dog to go crazy because it breaks down into Urea and is toxic. This stuff is bad news. Kota is like my child and if something happened to one of my kids I would litterally kill the people who make this. Still thinking about it. I will call and get a refund or there will be a law suit at hand. I have already contacted my lawyer.

For future information do not EVER give a flea and tick medication that has pyridine in it. It is a poison used in sprays to kill cockroaches and insects. It is a very lethal insect killer.

I have learned my lesson I pray for the people who have lost their dogs or have had any damage from this product. It must be taken off the shelves


I did not know that all flea and tick medication was not created equal.   It was time to treat my dog, I was in Wal-Mart so I picked up some flea and tick medicine.  I put it on my dog just like the package says, just like I do every month (but with frontline normally…).  We went to sleep and I heard him moving a bit in the night but that is not unusual.  He got up and ate breakfast normally.  About 30 minutes after breakfast he started throwing up.  At first of course it was just his food so I thought he just had a little upset stomach and didn’t think much of it until it was mid-afternoon, he had thrown up “mucus-looking” stuff 4 more times, he was listless and had zero interest in food, his favorite thing normally.  The mucus made me think it had to be something strange and I knew the only thing I had put on him was the Hartz flea and tick.  It was also the only thing out of his normal routine.  I looked up the ingredient Phenothrin online and one of the poisoning symptoms was excess saliva, nausea, vomiting,etc.  I immediately called my vet’s office and was told that Hartz is poisionous for animals, should not be on the market and has killed several animals.  I was told to bathe my dog immediately to help detoxify him.  I bathed him thoroughly and washed everything he had come in contact with.  He remained listless through the evening and threw up several more times.  However, he was able to keep his dinner down…so far.  How horrible that these people are not regulated more closely!  The worst part is you end up hurting your own animal without even knowing it when you were specifically trying to protect them!