What have you done, Hartz?

It took 4 months and a LOT of patience to get a feral cat to trust me enough to become my pet…she and I became so close that we cuddled together, and just became so close that she was truly a family member. Yesterday she was all sweet, lovable, and healthy…until I used Hartz Ultra Guard Pro for cats on her…one application. She freaked…must have burned…she began licking and pawing at her neck…then took off. In the last 4 months, she has never been out of my sight, or too far away to hear me meow to her…at which point she would come running. Today I saw her once…she looked at me in fear, and ran off. I can’t find her to take her to the vet, but know she is really sick, scared, and hurting. How can Hartz, who has been making pet products for decades, be so inept, cold, and uncaring, as to knowingly make something that HURTS animals? HURTS MOUNTAIN should be their new name. I am devastated and heartbroken.