Even a Vet recommened it!

Yesterday two cats, Ali & Penelope, almost died due to Sentry Purrfect for Cats & Kittens. After finding fleas my friend called her vet, after a short conversation the vet recommend she go ahead & buy something over the counter. So my friend headed to Petsmart where they recommended Sentry. Even after asking if it was okay they insisted it was fine & that all she needed to do was read the instructions. She headed home & Put the application RIGHT where it said and sat down. Minutes later her cat started to jump around and run all over the place, then she started to foam at the mouth. Scared out of her mind she washed both cats with Dawn dish soap (She complained how oily the stuff was). Dried them off & they were both fine. She even called the company (Sentry) to tell them that her cat was having a reaction to there product. All the lady said was “You did it wrong, your fault” & did nothing else. So she hung up & called a few emergency vets all of which wouldn’t take her in or told her to wait it out that it was ‘just a reaction’. She kept watch on her cat until 7am when I got a text. I rushed over with my cat carrier only to find her cat with what WE thought was constant seizures, come to find out it was tremors. She continued to call more emergency vets just for them to tell her don’t bother, it’s just a reaction. Feeling it was ‘more’ than a reaction we rushed her to the vet only to find out that she was poisoned.  The minute my friend gave her the application it started to seep into her skin & caused her body to shut down, it was only a matter of minutes before she would pass.

Later on in the evening after already having to put an animal down her other cat started to act funny. Her tail twiched, her legs when out, & her eyes were twitching back & forth. After one call she found a vet to take her in asap so she rushed over and they managed to administer medicine quickly & stop the tremors. After a round of blood work the vet said she TO had traces of the toxin somehow (She didn’t have it applied to her) and her body was trying to fight it. She was shocked to hear a vet had recommenced using something over the counter & even more so how many told her to ‘wait it out’. Ali is home now doing better & on meds. for 3 days but Penelope sadly wasn’t going to make it & was put to sleep her body had already started to shut down.

Tommy Dying on the floor

Man, I can’t believe this shit, SO F***N SAD. Try to do a good thing and help my little kitty get rid of his fleas, but then 2 hrs later, he’s peeing blood, shaking, vomitting, and salivating, HARTZ products, should never be used. Not until after i looked up his symptoms did i then discover, 1000’s of ppl have reported death after using it in thier animals. NOw they will only pay for the bloodwork. Hes getting putdown tomorrow..R.I.P Tommy.. ?

Hartz needs to be stopped immediately!

I came home from work and my grandma left this Hartz flea guard bullsquat on the table. I took Mao upstairs to the bathroom and applied the product between her shoulders at around 5:30 PM. Then as i studied for my midterm, I noticed that she was able to reach it and was licking the Hartz flea treatment off of her fur. I read the package and it said Hazardous to humans so I figured that it wouldn’t be any better for her.

I washed her, scrubbed her mouth out and dried her up before leaving for my midterm. I came home at about 8PM and she was limp, weak and overall not herself. She was shivering and her eyes were rolling to the back of her head. I began to watch her more closely. I thought she was sleeping at first but then I realized that her breathing was slowing to the point where she had stopped breathing for too long and I shook her.
She came to but I realized that she probably wouldn’t make it through the night.
Immediately, I rushed her to the animal hospital in the town over and admitted her to the emergency room.
The vet told me that Hartz is the cause of many animals who had been brought to him and died shortly after. He said that the product should not be allowed in stores and that I should have paid for the more expensive ($60.00-70.00) brand like Front Line instead of paying $900.00 for my emergency pet hospital bill. She was running a temperature of 104 and convulsing by the time I got her to the hospital. Her eyes were irritated and red and she was limp.

They’re doing all that they can for her and I just hope she lives through this.

This kitten has given my grandma a new spark of life, excitement and companionship. She’s given me a lot of serenity and support when I’ve needed it the most.

How the hell is Hartz allowed to exist! I want these products removed from their shelves and I want the Hartz company owners to pay for their crimes against the consumers who want to kill the fleas, not their damn pets!