This is ridiculous!

I cannot believe all these stories and poor people who have had traumatic experiences with their pets and this terrible brand. Thank god for this website!!! I had been buying frontline plus from my vet for Paisley. My mom told me to buy it at a store because it would be cheaper. Well they didn’t have any frontline and Paisley’s fleas are all gone but there might be some still in the apt so I decided to get her some Sergeant Silver flea and tick squeeze on. I put it on Paisley last night. She was napping in another room while I was doing homework. After a few hours she comes in acting strange.  She was walking very slowly and shaking all four legs like she had just stepped in a puddle of water.  So that’s what I thought had happened and went back to hw.  Less than an hour later I go to check on her and she is in the closet laying there barely able to stand up. She was walking so slowly now and had shaking in her legs. When I touched them or the back of her neck where the medicine was she would cry. Her personality was so different it reminded me of when she was coming off the anesthisia after getting spayed, like she was “drunk” and scared cause she didn’t know what was happening to her.  I googled sergeant silver’s flea medicine and this was the very first site that popped up. Obviously more people go on this website to complain about Hartz than to buy it or look at the products on their website. After skimming a couple stories I gave her a bath with dawn soap and water.  I scrubbed the back of her neck very good and washed everywhere else to make sure. That was a hassle since the last time I bathed her she was about half the size she is now! Then she was growling and crying (which she never does) when I dried her off like I was hurting her or she was just so sick she didn’t want to be bothered.  She was still pretty scared (and probably pissed)  for little while afterwards but she finally got up in bed and curled up never to me. When I woke up this morning she was still lethargic but her personality was back and no more shaking.  I went to class and came back to find her back to her normal self.  She played and played for hours and just laid down beside me for a nap 🙂 I’m outraged by all the victims (pets and owners) that have been scarred from this product. How can they keep this poison on the shelves with no warning to unsuspecting pet owners??? I am so pissed at this company something needs to be done to gets these dangerous chemicals from being sold.

Once again thank you so much for making this site and raising awareness. I am so grateful to have Paisley back to her normal funloving self 🙂

Woke up to a nightmare

On Friday night (10/28/2010) I was giving my two dogs and my cat their monthly flea treatments. I woke up on Saturday morning (the 29th) and my cat was laying by my front door, convulsing, biting through his tongue, and completely unresponsive. My two year old went up to my cat, Peanut, and began to pet him and trying to wake him up, while my husband ran and grabbed a blanket and I called the Vet. We had a friend over that morning and he agreed to watch our son while we rushed our cat to the Vet. The first question they asked was, “Did you give him a Hartz flea treatment?” I replied yes and they began to bathe him in Dawn dish soap, in attempts to remove as much of the product as possible. They put my husband and I in a room while they began trying to help Peanut. They came in and told us that there was somethings we could try, however they had a cat in the previous week that was in a similar condition. The cat was not nearly as bad as Peanut (they said it was the worst seizing they had ever seen) and the other cat took over four days just to get the seizing to stop. They said we could try it, but they did not think it would work, and that the best thing to do was to humanely euthanize our cat. I looked at my husband, and we decided to go through with it. It would not have been fair to put Peanut through all of that, when the results would more than likely kill him. I sat there, petting him head and apologizing to him, but I could tell that inside he was already gone. After we left I went home and attempted to explain to my son how Peanut wasn’t going to be coming home (his first question when we walked in was, “Where cat go?”). I then went out into the room where we found him. I could plainly see the trail of blood that I had missed in the panic of the morning. From where he first bit his tongue, to the struggle he made to my front door, the span of which was about five feet. I began crying and my husband had to come take me away from the room. This morning (11/01/2010) I woke up and immediately called Hartz to complain. They told me that since my doctor did not do the blood work, it was just my veterinarians speculation of what may have killed him. I couldn’t believe it, considering that the vet’s are trained in the area and it is something she has seen before from Hartz flea treatments. I found this site and decided to share my story, because I do not want others to go through what my family and I did.

Too many to remember

I don’t have a personal story, but I just wanted to say that I am an RVT and have worked in a clinic for 9 years, I have seen neurological, skin and behavior reactions to these cheap flea products, some have resulted in death and some in permanent damage. There have been too many to count, it’s a tragedy that these products are on the market and so easy to buy. Something must be done. This page is a great start.

Hartz can and WILL kill!!!

Never!! Please, never ever use this product!

We have two beautiful healthy young dogs (4-5 yrs), with a pristine health record (until hartz of course). They get premium food – Timberwolf Organics, Acana, Origen, Blue (I mention this because poor diet is often associated with illness in your pawsy companions).

We had new neighbors with dogs move in a few weeks ago and my little one had started itching a bit. I was going to order frontline from petmeds and instead picked this up in a split second decision while walking out from Wallys. My logic being, “hey if it doesn’t work, I can still order the Frontline”. Plus it was priced at only $5.99

On Saturday evening, I showered the girls and applied this on my itchy one. The next day my dog started showing signs of minor epileptic shocks – yelping in her sleep…yes I do know about dog dreaming, but these dreams, if they were that, were, with shock, pain and disorientation. Since it was Sunday, our regular vet was unavailable. We had no idea how serious this was about to become! That night, convinced that she was having a series of bad dreams we made sure she slept close to us on the bed. The episodes continued that whole night, a couple of hours apart.

Next morning I noticed some swelling on her snout and one of her eyes. There was also a red spot on her belly. By that time we had read other peoples reviews on this product and were shocked that this poison is still put out for unsuspecting consumers!! Alarmed we called the local emergency care and described her symptoms. They urge us to rush her there. By the time we reached the hospital, my baby had gone into an anaphylactic shock. She had petechiae all over her abdomen and she was swollen all over!

She was hospitalized after she was stabilized with steroids, antihistamine and antibiotics. Our woes did not end there though. I can go into more details, but I feel it suffices to tell you all that after about four thousand dollars and a homeopathic detox program, we were finally able to get her close to normal. After about a month and a half today, she still takes some herbs and supplements to support and balance her messed up immune system.

Just ONE tube of the three doses!!

The amount of anguish and death related to this product far outweighs the justification of dogs who might be ‘flea free’. In the course of that week we must have met at least half a dozen vets who just shook their heads when I mentioned the Hartz product!! It has killed hundreds of cats apparently and is more fatal to their littler bodies (my dogs are about 65lbs each).

Please do not, do not buy this poison!!

PS: Friends on the Hartzvictims forum, please also post your reviews on potential buyer sites, like Amazon, which is where I originally posted this review.
Thanks Josh for having this site. I feel sad for, and my compassion goes out to every person and their pets on this forum.


Zodiac Flea Drops Killed My Cat

My mom, the idiot that she is, put Zodiac on our 9 yr old Balinese without doing any research on the POS product and my dear sweet Boo Boo died 2 days later. He went from being completely healthy to being extremely weak and didn’t eat for 2 days. He died in my arms. I loved him so much. We contacted Hartz and they paid a portion of the vet bill and said he had an adverse reaction. Adverse reaction my arse. That complany needs to go down in flames.