My cat is almost 16 years old now, still with the life of a 4 year old. She had fleas, so after about a month without the flea medicine from frontline, i bought her a flea collar because we had just had the house exterminated for fleas, to make sure they didnt come back for a while. (to stop having to pay for frontline). I buy a flea collar to keep remaining flea eggs from hatching and living on the cat, to reduce the risk of it happening again, and trying to save my mom money… BIG MISTAKE.
The flea collar only a couple weeks in made my cats neck raw on one side, covered in a giant scab about and inch in length and 3/4 of one in width. She also has a few other scabs around her neck area, but at first I thought it was from a fight with a cat that jumped over our fence and happened to land on my cat.
I looked up pictures of the side effects from the flea collar, and it looks like thats what could have happened if i let it stay on there for a few months like it said on the package. That’s disgusting. what if my cat of FIFTEEN AND A HALF YEARS since I was 3 died because she was poisoned by something that I THOUGHT was going to help her, but really I was poisoning her.

My cat died this morning July 1, 2012

I treated our cat,Gretel, a very active and healthy 1 year old, with Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea Spray and also treated her with the spot treatment Ultraguard Pro. Within 4 days she was acting lethargic and “stoned” . I took her to the vet the next day. They bathed her, gave her fluids, cortisone, antibiotics and (believe it or not) another dose of Flea control. I picked her up after 3 days there. Within 3 more she could not walk at all. I went back to the vet, they gave her more fluids and I brought her home. Over the next 6 days she got weaker, finally having 2 major seizures yesterday evening. Over night her breathing became more troubled. She died this morning about 8:30. Her weight went from a healthy 11 pounds to 6.6 pounds in 2 weeks. I was feeding her by syringe (water, vitamins, broth) for the last week of her life.
The active ingredients of these treatments are  S-methoprene and an organophospate (Tetrachlorvinphos)  in the same family as Sarin poison. These are both neurotoxins that that are designed to affect the nervous systems of insects and , sadly, any animals or humans that contact them. In fact, organophosphates are the leading cause of accidental poisoning in the world and is suspected of connections to numerous child and adult conditions in humans.
The labeling on the bottle might as well be non-existent. The warning is printed under a flap on the bottle that is virtually impossible to peel back… and the font is so small you can barely see it. Further, they give NO indication as to how lethal their product can be.
This product NEEDS to be in a box with a fully printed instruction sheet with warnings as to the dangerous poison it contains, with FULL disclosure as to the side effects, symptoms of overdose, etc… It also needs to contain information on an antidote.
I think it is criminal for a company to market such a dangerous product without any consideration to the damage it can do to animals, but also to people who may contact it.

It obviously does not take much to cause a severe and irreversible reaction!

TREATMENT AND ANTIDOTE:  I searched high and low to find something I could do to help my friend. If you get your pet to the vet soon enough, a shot of Atropine MAY help (according to the literature). After that the symptoms will progress as outlined above.  In humans it is possible to arrest the onset, but once the damage is done, it is not reversible. In pets I think the treatment is not available. The vets (I went to a second for another opinion) were somewhat stymied. Her reflexes were fine, she looked not too bad and was fairly alert with moments of disorientation. Even on her last day she was fairly aware of things.  Her blood panel was pretty normal, with a low red cell count (we ascribed to the fleas). The damage of this poison is to the nerves. It affects their ability to transmit and eventually the victim dies.

I was unable to find anything more on possible treatments. Please, if someone knows more than me, add it to the website.


Save your pet not money

Fleas are bad here in North Texas but my daughters cat died after a Hartz flea bath and a friend of mine in San Antonio lost their cat too. Pass the word on to everyone you know. Do not use Hartz

Hartz 3 in 1

I put a hartz 3 in 1 flea collar on my 8 1/2 month old cat and within an hour he threw up, then went and curled up in a ball on my bed for 2 hours. Usually Marshall is really active and he’s never thrown up before so I knew something must be wrong and removed the flea collar. That was 3 days ago and he has barely eaten since! I’ve tried buying him some wet food with no luck and have tried hand feeding him dry food but he only eats a few bites and then goes and lays in his kitty tunnel. I feel so bad I can’t believe they are selling a product that’s so dangerous to cats!

Hartz Refused to Acknowledge Problem

I called Hartz today to find out how to help my cat after a bad reaction from their flea drops. While on hold for 10 minutes I clicked on a couple other results from the google search to get their number. One landed me here. The lady at Hartz asked me a million questions and then swore it wasn’t their product. So I asked about all the other people saying they have had similar problems. She blew me off and told me cheerfully to take my cat to a vet. I said I think I better call an attorney instead. She got very cheerful and told me to have a nice day. Really? My cat is sick, I don’t get to have a nice day. Has anyone contact an attorney for a class action lawsuit? I am writing Walmart today to beg them to take this product off the market. I hope others will as well.

Never Again

I’m happy to find this website, after two years of stabbing regret.

A week before I began my senior year of high school, my mom called to tell me that the cat we’d moved from my house into her apartment had become horribly flea infested. Chihiro was seven years old and was a beautiful long-haired black cat, with bright green eyes. She’d had at least 7 litters, in her prime, and had been taken to my Mom’s as a form of retirement.

I brought ChiChi home and proceeded to bathe and care for her fleas. She was sick from it, and we couldn’t afford a vet. Unfortunately, I made one of the worst mistakes of my life. I bathed her with Sergeants flea and tick shampoo, then treated her with Hartz.

My sweet old girl went into shock within an hour. I called an emergency line, thinking it was because (while leashed to the porch for a few moments) she’d fallen and nearly strangled herself.

As she began to foam at the mouth, going rigged and unable to move, I realized what had really gone wrong. I tried to fix my mistake, to no avail. Chihiro started to writhe in pain, looking for somewhere to hide. I followed her into the kitchen, where she collapsed on the floor, unable to go any farther.

17 years old and home alone, I panicked and watched the life starting to leave her eyes. I had begun to study for veterinary medicine and knew that cats received CPR the same way as an infant, through the nose. I tried for several minutes to keep her going, my efforts useless…

It couldn’t be any later than 10am, and I had watched an animal equivalent to a sister fade away before my very eyes, alone in the effort and unable to do a single thing except to keep her company.

It’s been two years, now, and I’ve been spreading the word to every pet owner I know any time flea products come up in conversation.

Please, if you value your pet, never use Hartz. Never trust something so close to ‘Hurts’.

Death to early

We had 3 cats and 1 dog at our house and now we just have 1 cat and 1 dog. Our story is very sad and no one else needs to go through it.
Yesterday we noticed a flea on one of our russian blues, we went to buy some flea controll, Hartz was the brand we decided to purchase. We get home and put the flea controll on all of our animals. Later on in the evening we started to noticed that our 2 russian blues were acting strange. There body movements were jerky, the face was twiching, there meow was weak. Shortly after they both started to have seizurs. At this point we decided to put down the 2 cats. We could not watch them suffer anymore. It was a horrible experiance and no one should have to deal with this kind of loss.
If I would have research this product and found this site we would never bought it.
This product should be taken off the store shelves so no one else have to suffer the lose that we endured last night. Hartzs need to change there packaging to say it may cause death if used. Right now all it says is that there might be some sensitivity to the product. To me that says nothing about death or the side effects that it may cause. Only if we would have know maybe our loved ones would still be with us.

R.I.P       Tika and Carneilius. You will always be in our hearts.

9 month old baby…

My cat was born in my room, she was the first one to come into the world out of 5. She’s been perfectly healthy since day one. The other night I noticed fleas on her, so we picked up Hartz Flea and Tick from the local WalMart. The next morning I woke up and went looking for her as I do every morning, and found her lethargically laying in her litterbox. I ran over and scooped her up, noticing her back end was unresponsive and almost paralytic. I immediately went to the sink, and washed her down with Dawn soap and warm water, then dried her off. It’s been 3 hours and she is still sleepy and her pupils are huge. I’ll be taking a trip to the emergency vet later if there is no improvement. I am sick to think that all of these poor animals have suffered and nothing has been done about it. 🙁


OK, my bad. Due to finances i switched to a less expensive (HARTZ ULTRAGAURD PRO) flea treatment for my cats…all 4. two days after i was sitting w the Matriarch of our lil cat family while reading the paper outside and noticed her breathing was very labored. At first my thought was, well, its hot, so i took her indoors, but she wouldnt raise her tail in that friendly way and just sat where i laid her. i knew something was wronG. i immediately took her to the vet. He asked all the normal questions and when i revealed i had changed her flea treatment and what it was…he sighed and said thats most likely our problem as HARTZ PRODUCTS ARE KNOWN IN THE INDUSTRY TO CAUSE BREATHING PROBLEMS AND DEATH IN PETS! Of course, we had to eliminate a whole list of other possibilities. There was x rays…blood work, etc. In the end she was found to have flluids building up in her lil lungs…no illnesses! We bathed her thourougly and she was given a steroid injection to help w her breathing and antibiotics as a preventative measure as the steroids will compromise her immune system a bit. I am hoping this will save her life. For now we are just waiting. Final cost? 400 dollars and the stress that comes with the thought of losing a beloved pet! The vet said it was because of the HARTZ product, and this is well known about the ingredient ETOFENPROX. While HARTZ MOUNTAIN may be legally covered…not sure about that one…they are morally challenged! Shame on them. Proclaiming themselves as pet product company and STILL using this chemical. I for one will tell my story to ever pet owner i know! My sympathies to those who have lost loved companions. Our voice needs to be heard concerning this. Peace

I’m Curious.

About a month ago I purchased Hartz Ultra Guard flea and tick spray for cats. It was on sale and being that my cat has long hair I figured it’d be perfect for her! I’ve had a problem with her fleas for awhile and they just keep returning. After using it on her she got very upset (of course) then I noticed her licking her mouth strangely. She had very thick saliva drooling out of her mouth! So i cleaned her off and set her to her water bowl to drink. It stopped after a few minutes. I just figured it happened because maybe she had licked herself and the chemicals thickened up her saliva. Well, today I noticed she had a few fleas on her face. I decided to take a gentle approach and get a q-tip with the a little bit of the spray at the end and dab it on the area with the fleas. Immediately after touching her with the q-tip just around her ear she FLIPPED out! She ran all over the house till finally I caught her and settled her down in my arms. Then I noticed she had the thick saliva as well as drooling coming from her mouth! I didn’t put any around her mouth or anywhere her little tongue could reach! And she never stopped to clean her self off. She is fine now and back to normal but I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with this side effect before! I do not plan on using this product any more. And other Hartz products have literally NEVER worked on any of my animals except this spray. Not only does this flea and tick spray cause her such discomfort but I don’t ever want to see what future problems arise if I continue using it on her. I love her too much to do a quick fix for fleas… When I typed in google with the name and symptoms this is the top site that talks about anything that happens to our animals due to Hartz products. I have to say Thank You to everyone who has shared their stories. If it wasn’t for this site, I may have been ignorant enough to continue using this product!