My Cat is on the Verge of Death Because of Hartz Flea/Tick Treatment

A few days ago, I applied Hartz Flea and Tick month-long liquid repellant to my cats as directed on the package. The cat began acting lethargic a few hours later after having had the energy to hunt a rabbit the day before. Every day he’s gotten more and more lethargic and now is sore all over his stomach to the point that he screams when I try to move him or pick him up. I usually use Frontline, but with the economy so bad and gas so high, I figured I should save the money when I saw the inexpensive substitute at Wal-Mart. Now my cat may very well die in the next day or two, because I used his terrible product. I took the cat to the vet today. It was $100 just for a preliminary exam and $70 more for hydration and pain killers. If I wanted to proceed with full treatment, the vet wanted $500-$800.  Obviously, if I was trying to save $30 by not buying Frontline, I could afford this kind of vet bill. So now I am left hoping and waiting to see if and when my cat will die. I really debated a long time in Wal-Mart whether it would be safe to use the Hartz. I was so worried, that I bought the Hartz for kittens and cats under 5 pounds, even though my at is 9 1/2  pounds. I also checked to make sure thee product was not manufactured in China. The product read “Made in the USA” so I figured it wa safe. My cat had a terrible tick problem, and in the end I thought “Would they sell something dangerous at Wal-Mart?” The answer is “Yes!” There should be a class-action lawsuit against Hartz and Wal-Mart for this product being sold. I can’t believe how many horror stories there are about these products.  Hartz and Wal-Mart are both liable for criminal conduct in selling this product to the public.