Another way to hit back at these companies

I have  no idea why I didn’t think of this years ago, when I first started  fighting Hartz. Rip off Reports is an online free service where you can  make a  complaint about a company.

There are only 23 reports about Hartz. The  more reports there are the  higher the  likelyhood that anyone running a search on Hartz, ( or even looking to buy it  cheap online) will also see Hartz Rip Off Reports in the  search returns.  I’ll  be filing one  later this evening, I hope you all will also . It’s not much but it is another way to help get the word out about how terrible these  products  really are.  Why not let search engines help us out!


Dani, Founder Against Hartz

 PS I see Hartz is again telling consumers they  need to be more careful about appling their dog  products to cats. I don’t know about  you but I figure you can  read if your reading this . LOL I hate Hartz insults