Maxwell Just made it 2 hours from death

Hello my name is Joseph and I have a 7 year old Shitzu by the name of MAXWELL on monday I took Max to the vet for what I thought was a skin condition/rush only to find out that my little buddy only had fleas. the vet did recommend CROMITE a oral flea and tick killer for 68.00 with that I thought the cost was a little high so I decided to go to Petco and purchase some flea and tick killer.

this is were the really storie begins I went to the pet store and purchased three of the cheapest products 1 Bio spot flea collar 2 Sentry oatmeal flea and tick shampoo and the last but not least Hartz 4 month flea and tick drops i then took Max home and Bathed him with the shampoo then dried him and applied first the Hartz drops to his back as directed and then place the Bio spot collar on him. ( none of the packages ever stated not to use with other products or any warning about applying) with that said i walked max for the night and we went to bed. went I woke up max was just laying near the door as he always did for his morning walk but this time he didn’t want to go. I felt his nose and it was very hot so I removed the collar and gave him a new bath with his old shampoo trying to remove the drops from his back. after I gave him the bath he did take a morning walk but wanted to go home early this was totally uncommon for him. i then went off to work and when i got home at 4;50 PM Max was near death he was laying on the floor and unable to move his back legs and his gums where white and foaming. I call his vet and they told me to rush him to the Animal hospital right now. Max was in the hospital for 3 day and surviored i bought him home today with great joy to see him able to walk again. My dog was poisioned by what i now believe to be the drops. please contact me if you have any questions 951-746-4111


Joesph Frank and Maxwell Frank

Shakera our lost baby

A few months ago we purchased hartz flea and tick spray for our dogs.  Being animal lovers we have five beautiful dogs ranging in breads.  After using the awful product my chiuaua  came down with a severe cough.  We took her to the vet and she is still undergoing treatments because of trying to save a few dollars.  Unfortunately her daughter twelve week old Shakira ied from it.  Our basset hound has also got sick vomiting diarrhea and coughing.  Whatever you do, DO NOT spray this product in your house or on your animals it has cost us SO much more in medicine and the lose of our baby chiuaua.  Please BEWARE of this .  The lose of an animal is very painful especially when people could be warned of the dangers and it could have be prevented this whole line should be banned from stores

Hartz Ultra Guard flea spray for home

I used this spray as per the generic directions on the bottle and I had seiz and muscle spasms two hours after I used this product.The seizures continued throughout the night and when I saw my neurologist she got together with poison control and the partial diagnosis was poisoning. I am a person and this product did this to me. I am still suffering from mild seizure activity one week later. I have never had any seizure or neuro problems in my life. I need a good lawyer and I live in North Florida. Help!

Hartz flea&tick should be taken off the shelves!

Last week I applied hartz flea&tick medicine to the two of my cats. The next morning i immediatley noticed Maddy (the youngest of the two, 10mos) wasn’t acting like herself. She seemed to be real tired and layed in the corner behind things all day. It was at the same time it got really hot outside so i figured it was the heat. But a few days past and she was still acting the same way… When she would get up to walk her legs were like paralyzed and her body hung real low to the ground. She wouldn’t eat anything even though you could tell she was hungry. She was real disoriented, falling over and such. I got her an appt at the vet and it’s confirmed… Hartz flea medicine poisoned my cat! I did some research on the internet about it and what i found out really surprised me. Hundreds of pages and newspaper articles of people talking about similar occasions. My vet told me today that the reason they are allowed to keep the product on the shelf is because it doesn’t affect all pets only some.  See when hartz recalls the products (which they have) all they do is alter it just a little and put it right back on the shelf. My cat had to be put on iv antibiotics and fluids to try and flush her system out. Keyword “try” Vet bill is going to be couple hundred dollars. Definitly not worth the five dollars you spend at wal mart on these brands. My other cat on the other hand is fine.

Close Call

So I came home from a long weekend only to find that fleas had taken over my home. Not only were they literally sucking my poor kitties’ blood but mine as well. I foolishly wanted a quick fix until I could get to my vet to buy the good stuff so I headed to my local Wal-Mart and picked up the Hartz ultra-guard 3-in-1 spray.

My cats of course hated it and were already mad at me after our 4 hour car ride so i thought little of it when they hid from me for most of the day. However when it got closer to bedtime my normally vocal kitties were nowhere to be found. I began searching the house calling and clicking for them to come to no avail (this alone worried me quite a bit as it is completely out of their characters not to come) and eventually found Buster curled up in the corner of my closet and Binx hiding under my bed. Neither one would come out from their hiding spots or reply to their names (they meow back at me when spoken to). I became more concerned when I noticed that their eye’s were a little dull. I was finally able to get Buster out of the closet after a struggle, also very uncharacteristic, and scooped him up only to find that he was extremely listless. Another warning sign.

Becoming increasingly concerned I rinsed both of their coats off with warm water hoping to get the goop out of their fur. There was still a lingering smell even after their quick showers, so I decided to look the Hartz product up only to stumble across this site. Now, as you can imagine my concern at this point is bordering on panic, these are my two baby boys we’re talking about! I quickly snatched both of them up and grabbed the Dawn and we were off to take a real scrub down shower.

So far the bath seems to have helped and both are still drinking water, but I’ll keep a close eye on them through the next few days and hope that these callous suits don’t claim yet another innocent life.

hartz ultra guard rid worm paste

My Black cat Church always has worms…being black they are soooo noticeable.

I use to get a pill from vet at $7.00 a pill…the worms were back again within weeks

church and her sister Omalley are indoor cats…but have a large screened in patio to get the outdoor thing.

I gave Church a dose of the hartz rid worm paste…mixed in with a big portion of canned cat food ( a treat for my 2 cats)

luckily she didnt eat it…as she will eat anything

after reading the stories about Hartz products…I will never buy again

Sergeant’s Sentry Pro XFC squeeze on flea and tick 9-20 lb dogs

I used this treatment for my two dogs and both had a reaction that made them very sick, They cried, scrached, rolled on the floor and chewed their feet.I took them to the Vet and after treatment, I brought them home both are still sick but seem to be getting better, but I don’t know yet. How can a company that is supposed to help animals, create such toxic crap!!!