I did not know that all flea and tick medication was not created equal.   It was time to treat my dog, I was in Wal-Mart so I picked up some flea and tick medicine.  I put it on my dog just like the package says, just like I do every month (but with frontline normally…).  We went to sleep and I heard him moving a bit in the night but that is not unusual.  He got up and ate breakfast normally.  About 30 minutes after breakfast he started throwing up.  At first of course it was just his food so I thought he just had a little upset stomach and didn’t think much of it until it was mid-afternoon, he had thrown up “mucus-looking” stuff 4 more times, he was listless and had zero interest in food, his favorite thing normally.  The mucus made me think it had to be something strange and I knew the only thing I had put on him was the Hartz flea and tick.  It was also the only thing out of his normal routine.  I looked up the ingredient Phenothrin online and one of the poisoning symptoms was excess saliva, nausea, vomiting,etc.  I immediately called my vet’s office and was told that Hartz is poisionous for animals, should not be on the market and has killed several animals.  I was told to bathe my dog immediately to help detoxify him.  I bathed him thoroughly and washed everything he had come in contact with.  He remained listless through the evening and threw up several more times.  However, he was able to keep his dinner down…so far.  How horrible that these people are not regulated more closely!  The worst part is you end up hurting your own animal without even knowing it when you were specifically trying to protect them!

My Best Friend is Gone

Thanks to Sergeant’s gold flea and tick squeeze on. My sammy is gone. I put that shit on him about 3 am this morning, around 4 am my wife said he’s acting weird, I didn’t pay no mind to it thnking he just wanted togo outside like normal. Well about 5 pm this evening he was acting really sick. he was bloated and dragging his rear paws, i laid down with him and around 6:30 tonight he died. I need help to prevent other losses of best friends. Its a real tragedy to my daughter she grew up with him. I need help so i can get revenge on this company for the sake of Sammy RIP 21 SEPT 2008. contact me via email or cell @ [email protected] or 517-936-8481

Another victim

I also bought this product and put it on 2 of 3 chihuahuas…… is pregnant. They both started panting, drooling, scratching and could not sleep, it seamed as if they were having convulsions. It has been 2 days and doses of meds later and they are still having problems. Their skin is scorched. If anyone needs help to take these people down or you have a lawsuit, I will be more than happy to help. They are still selling this product even after all of the problems and complaints they have had. They really care about our pets don’t they!!! Thank you, you can email me at   [email protected]

I’m worried about my kitten

For about 4 days now my little kitten Tom has been very sick. this is a huge problem as i have just been laid off my job and can’t afford to take him to a vet. about 3 weeks ago i bought a hartz collar because he’s indoor/outdoor. I can’t say for sure if this is what is making him sick, but i had a strong feeling about it before even seeing this website. he’s vomiting has no appetite, and sleeps all the time (which is not like him) He did finally eat a little today (i took his collar off yesterday) any recomendations PLEASE!

Another Victim phoned


Thank you for your dedication and if not for you I would not be crusading this drive to stop this company from selling this killing product.

We now have many victims willing to step up to the plate and support what we are now calling Pets are People too and if they could talk and tell us what was going on this company would be CLOSED.

If anyone need support or is a new victim  please contact me at 951-746-4111 or at [email protected]

I promised Maxwell if he lived i wouldn’t stop until Hartz Mountains products are off the shelves.


Joseph Frank

Help me save your Pet

I’m a victim of Hartz Products from over a month ago and now I’m heading a crusade to save all pets from Hartz products I’m the only person that posted his telephone number on this site and after only two days my phone started ringing off the wall.

I promised Maxwell my dog that i would not rest until i stop this madness to are pets. Maxwell did live and I have been taking care of him for over a month now. if you look under July you will see my story. also If you look under Urgent you will see Stop the madness.

I’m now so angry that i can stop with just letting this continue and after my research I’ve found that everyone I talk to from Major Pet stores to Vets tell me the same thing don’t use Hartz products.

I currently have a case number with Hartz and I’m heartbtroken listening to the stories that Josh post on this website daily.

If you take only 5 minutes and review all the victims you will find yourself asking how can this continue without the FDA/PETA and all the major chains of stores carrying this product continue to sell this on there shelves.

If you truly love your pet i need you and contact me se we as a force can put a stop to the madness.

Josh I have tried to email you to advise you that i have submitted many of the stories on to a major TV network to attempt to get them on board.

I need everyone and anyone to contact me at 951-746-4111 so we can attempt to put a stop to the killing

If someone was killing humans daily the white house would be involved remember if your pet could talk they would tell you I’m dieing please help me.

I have now heard so many heartbreaking stories from people that have called me i now make it my daily routine. to add what i call a minute of kindness for the little things in life that so many of us love like your pet.

Remember if you just stop and look into your pets eyes they will tell you they love you so lets love them back by caring and protecting them from company’s that only care about the almighty dollar.


Joseph Frank

Seargent’s Silver NEVER USE

I have a beautiful 7 month old toy poodle and I almost lost him today because of the allergic reaction to Seargent’s Silver.  I have always used Frontline with no problems but unfortunately he was due for another application and I didn’t have the Frontline.  I decided to try one of the less expensive brands just to see. A half hour after I applied it he started running in circles crying and itching.  I immediately bathed him and then called my vet.  They said bath him in Dawn 3 times.  After the second bath I rushed him to my vet.  He gave him a shot of prednisone, benadryl and washed him again in a special shampoo.  I have to administer 2 more doses of oral prednisone tonight and in morning. I brought him home and he was still itching and crying but now he is calming down in his bed but still itching some but at least he is not crying.  The vet said to keep a close eye and any changes to call immediately.  We think he will be OK but I will NEVER use that product again and Please don’t anyone else use it either.  I feel terrible because I used the cheap stuff.  NEVER AGAIN!  I don’t care about the vet bill just my precious baby.

Hartz Poison “killed” our Cheeto

We lost our most adorable dog, “CHEETO” this past Friday, June 27, 2008 to what we strongly know to believe, the Hartz 3 in 1 Reflecting Control Collar for Dogs. (UPC 3270004183) purchased at our local K-Mart store. Cheeto shared in all the
symptoms such as (green) vomiting, weakness, labored breathing and hair loss in bunches, just to name some of the symptoms. These symptoms all started after the collar was placed around his neck. He was always a healthy dog, that is until he was introduced to this poisonous collar which ultimately took his innocent life right before our eyes.
When I contacted the Hartz Company, they immediately took steps to help us and did not once deny that the collar was the instigator of the symptoms. I truly expected them to defend their product to be safe, but they did not argue with me regarding my suspicions of “Cheeto” being poisoned by their collar. They cooperated with me and were willing to
work with our vet to get “Cheeto” the help he so desperately needed. The problem with that is that the product they are manufacturing is so deadly that “Cheeto” passed away within minutes of calling the vet to make the antidote arrangements. These items are ultimately the “deadliest” of products and the symptoms come on so fast that they is no time to save them even once you know what you are dealing with and they certainly have NO business being on shelves in ANY stores to be sold to consumers to use on any living creatures.
The product is so unfit that the label actually states
“HAZARDS TO HUMANS AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS” What are they for, skunks, racoons, badgers, ???????????????? I believe that dogs and cats qualify as domestic animals and we the people as humans, so why in the world is the product(s) even allowed to be manufactured and distributed to be sold??????
Anyway, our precious “CHEETO” is forever gone and now the tears are all we have. We are left to live on this earth without him knowing that we placed the poison around his neck that ultimately took him to his “early” grave leaving behind 3 little boys to now resort to sitting next to his grave to talk to him and wish that they could pet him, hug him, walk him, run with him and just plain love him unconditionally, while their parents feel the
guilt of being the ones who actually placed the product of poison around the best friend and loyal companion they ever had. He was a member of our family. He was the foundation of our happiness and our world evolved around coming home to him every night to his wagging tail and unconditional love. Our family is now “BROKEN” all in thanks to HARTZ!!
At the very least, the Hartz products should be recalled from all shelves until they can prove their products to be safe. If they cannot place their products on the shelves without a warning of “hazardous to humans and domestic animals” then their products have absolutely no business being manufactured, it is no good for any living thing. Until they can develop and create a safe product to sell, they shouldn’t be on the market!

Hartz flea spray

We lost one of our cats dusty due to the flea spray, he convulsed and fell over and died infront of his owner, dusty was a wonderful yellow tabby cat and was fine til he was sprayed with the product, Jr our other cat, was also sick too from the spray, he had to get IV fluids cause he was sick from the flea spray, thevet bill alone cost 183$ but losing dusty has been a major loss to us,