My cat Midnight was 14. I gave her Sergent’s Silver and she started hiding which I knew was normal from the medicine. But then she was using the bathroom on the floor,. She never did that before. She then stopped eating. I gave her real Tuna and she ate it but ran in the closet. The next morning, I went to feed her and she did not move. I thought she was dead but my sister touched her and she let out a faint meow. I rushed her to the vet, but without money, they could do nothing. I had to have her put to sleep. She was my baby and she trusted me to take care of her. Now she is gone. PLEASE do a class action suit. I will definately join. Cathy Yates  EMAIL: [email protected]

They should take product off the shelfs

I am posting this in memory of all the kitties I lost last year as well as all the animals that have died or got sick because of flea products.

In september of 2008 I used the Hartz Ultra Guard Products on my cats.
On September 7 Harley got very sick. I thought he might have gotten sick some how, He passed away within a 24 hr period.

Then more of them started to show signs of the same thing as I either washed them with the shampoo or sprayed them with the spray. I lost Chouji, LuLu and the 2 kittens Dazey and Lotus in a three day perion from the 23rd to the 25th of September.And all the other’s seemed to have colds.

I started second guessing everything. retracing my steps. I had bought a new cat food and thought that it was the reason they were sick. I threw all the food out and called the company. They took the food for testing. some one from the Dept. of Agriculture came and took samples of food and flea products.

When I started to notice they were feeling alot better, thinking it was the food. I washed the few more that needed to be done in October. And then I lost them Sassy, Akina and 2 more kittens Spooky and Spike. Only Piper got well .

I was told by the vet that it was the flea product. I had to wash every cat with baby shampoo, all there bedding, etc. I fought very hard to keep them from getting any worse but the vet saifd there was nothing i could do the chemical was in there blood stream.

Hartz uses a chemical in there product called Permethrin and that they had got Permethrin poisoning. In doing research about Permethrin Poisoning/..Toxicity, I have come across hundreds of heartbreaking stories about Hartz and other products .

Why are these products still on the shelfs. Why wont they take any action to make there products safe for animals. I am posting this to protect any other animals from getting sick due to the negligence of Hartz . Please don’t use these products on your pets. It is not safe!!

To all the Babies(..kitties) i have lost please rest in peace and know that mommy will continue to fight until all these products are pulled off the shelfs and made safe for animals.

Petition for the Discontinuation of Harmful Products

We, the undersigned, respectfully DEMAND the discontinuation.. of the retail sale of ANY & ALL Pet Care Products that contain ANY ingredient that may harm, permanently damage or kill domestic pets. Please sign electronically by stating:name and “I support this petition.”
Mary Hibbert “I support this petition”
kim keyser I support this petition
Stefanie Van Nest “I Support This Petition”
Julia Zielinski “I support this petiton”
Linda Dadd ” I support This Petition”
Dawn Tompkins “I support this petition”


I bought this for my 2 year old cat last Thursday. He seemed fine, the only thing he kept doing was trying to lick it off. Well this morning I saw little clumps of hair on the floor and sure enough, the spot where I placed the drops is totally bald.  I am bringing him to the Vet as soon as they open. Thank god I came across this website. I cannot believe that this company is allowed to keep producing and making money off of products that are killing our pets.  This particular product is their most recent and it has the same exact ingredient in it as the ones that were pulled from the shelves, how is this happening? I am reporting this to my local newpaper, and everywhere else I can to get the word out. THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN

This Must Stop!

On Sunday, May 24, 2009 I gave my two Lhasa-Shiz-Tzu’s a Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick treatment.  Since I had not used this item in the past, I decided to only give them a half-dose so I split one tube between the two of them.  Within an hour, they both started to scratch at their neck/upper back area.  Within two hours, they both were utterly miserable.  They were whining, pacing, drooling, shaking, crying and panting.  And without knowing I was doing so, I made it worse by taking wet towels and trying to rub the stuff off of them.  I called the emergency vet’s number and was advised to bathe them in Dawn dishwashing liquid and give them 1 mg of Benadryl per pound of weight.  So there I am, at 2:00 a.m. with my two babies in tub scrubbing like a madwoman.  The vet had advised me to bathe them at least twice and preferably three times.  They also advised me to watch them closely for neurological problems, such as seizures or uncontrollable twitching.  If these symptoms began, I was to bring them in immediately for an injection. 

The vet stated without hesitation that this is one of the most common calls that they receive.  Enormous numbers of our pets are put through sheer hell by a company whose name we had no reason to mistrust.  The vet went on to say that they just cannot believe this item has not been pulled from store shelves due to the high number of dogs that have horrific reactions.

As I write this, it has been just over 72 hours since they were initially unintentionally poisoned by me.  Of course I feel terrible that I brought this upon them since these are my baby girls.  However, my fear for them is now turning into extreme anger at the Sergeants/Hartz company for not having adequate warnings on their boxes.  I am considering my next steps because I want to ensure that I don’t cover ground that has already been taken on by others.  However, I am committed to making a strong statement to this company and I will keep a log of all I do, everyone I speak with and what, if any, changes are promised or made. 

I am a federal employee and my position requires me to have contacts all over the country.  One of my first steps has already been to begin spreading the word.  And to each person to whom I speak, I end the story with “Tell everyone you know who cares about animals”.  From what I can tell, in the past two days, I have spoken to at least two dozen people who have each told a dozen people and so on.  Do the math.  The word of mouth impact of this has the potential to be enormous if everyone does this one small thing.  I plan to place notifications on craigslist as well as writing to my local paper with a letter to the editor to warn others. I truly hope they contact me and want to do a follow up story as I would be delighted to show pictures of these adorable girls and tell about the horror they endured.

I have not contacted the Sergeant’s/Hartz company yet as I felt it was too soon.  I wanted to ensure my girls were truly going to be okay before I did that.  One of my girls (Hollie Joy) is not eating well yet but Abbie Mae has her appetite back now today.

I would be happy to hear from others about what steps they have taken, what responses they have received and what future plans are in the works.  I am so incredibly angry about this and I need to find a useful outlet for this anger as ranting and raving will do nothing for anyone.

Sergeants Gold Tick and Flea Medication almost killed my dog.

My girlfriend decided to put his 2 month treatment on my dog Kota, A Shiba Inu. We have put the medication on him before and he never had a reaction. Boy was this some harsh stuff… About 12 hours after applying the medication he started to act like it was burning him. Panting Heavily, Scratching at it, Shaking like he was having a seizure, and when he started to walk it was like something bit him and he would let out a wild screech. I called the number on the back of the box and they told me to get it off with dawn soap 2 washes. I did that and we rushed him to the vet afterwards because he was too lethargic and was still having seizures. The vet gave him benadyrl and some pain medication to help him rest and we took him home last night. He has been going crazy all day. They say that this stuff can cause kidney failure and death. So whatever you do watch your dog if this happens to you. Don’t allow him to eat protein and make sure he pees and drinks lots of fluids. Proteins can’t be excreted from the kidneys under renal failure and can cause your dog to go crazy because it breaks down into Urea and is toxic. This stuff is bad news. Kota is like my child and if something happened to one of my kids I would litterally kill the people who make this. Still thinking about it. I will call and get a refund or there will be a law suit at hand. I have already contacted my lawyer.

For future information do not EVER give a flea and tick medication that has pyridine in it. It is a poison used in sprays to kill cockroaches and insects. It is a very lethal insect killer.

I have learned my lesson I pray for the people who have lost their dogs or have had any damage from this product. It must be taken off the shelves

sergeant flea control…………..

like many others on this site i just got to ……….i have used thid product on my 1lbs. little girl K-K..baby chiquaqua..and did not aplly what was recommended ,but thought to use a smaller dose because of her size,and first time to a flea product…i thought sergeants was a well cared for canine product to use…..well this is not the issue…she now had the illness of the drowling,running in circles,shadow frightness,and other things..the vet took the care that she thought to be the best cure…but it had only lasted for a few hours and still to this day of a week later she still has issues…she has no what seems like an equallibrium issue…and i got this product from walmart like the rest had done………………i will be getting a hold of the company to make my complaint…the bill has got up into 400.00,and no dollar has helped my little girl.

what can we do

My weimeraner dog should have to go through the hell he is going through, a weimeraner is a very active dog and now he can hardly stand after giving him the sergeants gold flea drops, we are both on unemployment so cannot afford to take him to the vet, we have heard that the only thing we can do is try and flush him out, and that is not a guarantee that he will not have lifelong effects because hartz is too stupid to realize that their product is killing animals!! The whole damn company should be blown to hell!!  I will not use hartz product again and am working diligently to let the world know not to buy any hartz products.  I have contacted the local news company, but that is not doing my dog anygood, the damage has been done.  Two weeks after applying the product the dog became lethargic, which is highly unusual for these dogs. The next day the twitching and spasms began and he stopped wanting to eat or drink. After collapsing and hardly able to get up we took him to the emergency vet center, after one look at my dog the vet already knew what had happened, it was actually the first question the vet asked “what flea treatment are you using”, after we told the vet seargeants gold flea drops, the vet said the dog had been poisoned, and recommended a full blood work up, iv treatments.  Since we are both unemployed and could not afford the treatment we had to refuse the treatment and took our dog home to force liquids and food down him. I even went to the local head shop and bought some daily cleanse detox for him.  Surprisingly after the first triple dose (usual dosage is one pill three times a day, i gave the dog 3 pills at once to get it going), anyway after the first triple dose he took a nap and the first thing he did when he woke up was drink a full bowl of chicken broth and he could actually stand up (very wobbly but he could stand!), so I am still giving him the daily cleanse and force feeding/drinking, along with benedryl (allergies),  he is still having his  bad moments, but he does perk up every once in a while.  I hope he pulls through, he is not having diarrhea or vomiting, but is very weak and still falls out when walking, twice when he was trying to urinate, he even wagged his tail last night.  Please keep me informed if there is something else I could be doing or if anyone has any success stories.  My email is [email protected] .     the only thing i know to do is keep him drinking and flushing him out, i am thinking of trying echinacea, is there any hope out there?

hartz not good

I have a cat her name is missy and she is just over 12 weeks old.

I went to walmart and purchased hartz one spot flea killer for cats and one for dogs as well as flea callors and spray and shampoo as we were having a lot of problems with fleas at our house this year 2009.

so I got this stuff and used this on my cat just one drop is all I used on her and 2 days later she would not eat or drink and she could not walk.

she was shakin so bad as if she had been left out side all day or just had a bath.

so I called my vet and they said to bring her in right away so I did and now they have to keep her over night and try medication and IV on her to try and make her better.

I just hope I dont lose her over this or that it damages her at all.

this is not fair that any one should have to deal with this from useing some thing that a lot of people believe in and know I will not use hartz at all any more and if there is some thing we can do about it could some one please email me and let me know.

my email is [email protected]

thanks to all


I have a 5 month old kitten who I just found fleas on yesterday.So I went to my local Walmart and bought Hartz flea medicine to solve the problem before it got out of control.About a half and hour later she started laying around,hideing and acting ill.She is a very lovable cat, total lap cat but everytime I went near her she would run and when she was near me she would just shake.I read all the comments on this web page and immediatly washed her off the best I could.Today she is 50% better than yesterday.She still doesn’t want to be held but is acting more normal today.I will never buy this brand again.I also bought home spray and ear mite medicine and Im not so sure about those either.Live and learn thank goodness I learnt before it was to late like some of this brands victims.

This crap almost killed my dog

First of all, I want to say FUCK YOU to Julie and the Sargeant’s company.  I will tell everyone I know that has a pet about this and all of your products.  I will be researching how to file a lawsuit and will be contacting my government officials.

My husband put this shit on our dog and we left the house for about 2.5 hours to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  When we returned our dog had vomited all over the house, was foaming at the mouth, her pupils were dilated and she had trouble standing.  We immediately put her in the tub and contacted the fucking idiots at Sergeants.  They were more worried about getting our statistics and trying to convince me it was because she had licked the poison.  During the hour long car ride to emergency care she could not lay still.  They gave her atropine and muscle relaxant and we decided to take her home.  By the time we got home she could not see.  She could only make out shadows and if we moved she would bark until we spoke to let her know it was us.  She was disoriented and didn’t know where she was.  She was finally able to lay down and get some rest at 3:30a.m.  By 7:30 she was able to see again.  She is much better now, but 4 days later she is still scratching and her skin is still irritated from where that shit was on her.

The vet and everyone at the office said that this shit should not be allowed to be sold.

We had a memorable 25th wedding anniversary thanks to Sargeant’s.  Again, FUCK YOU Julie.