Hartz Flea Drops Are a DANGER!

Sure, the Drops took care of the fleas, but it’s like motor oil on my cats neck. I can’t even pet him without that “stink” all over my hands, even three days later! Most importantly,,, Everytime I see my cat, he’s scratching his neck. I thought this might go away after a day or two but no. I believe the little guy’s in some pain! A friend smelled his hand after petting the cat and swears that the product is toxic; from all I’ve read and experianced, he’s right.
Not cool Hartz. Your lucky that my cat can’t speak up.

Hartz almost killed our kittens.

We adopted Xim and Gir from our vets office. We had been looking for two kittens for our children and a vet tech had found some abandoned kittens on the street a few weeks earlier. They are beautiful grey domestics. My daughter said she saw a flea on Xim and I purchased Hartz Cat and Kitten flea shampoo. I made sure the product was safe for kittens. Boy was I wrong! Within 15 minutes of application the kittens began to freak out. Running around, meowing, clawing, their ears were layed flat pack on their heads and they were twitching so rapidly it made me throw up to see it. We rushed them to the emergency vet clinic and took the product with us. The vet said that there were two ingredients not just one in the shampoo that was toxic to cats.

FDA warning letter to Hartz in 2003


I found this quite interesting. Hartz pet wormer caused my grandcat to have internal bleeding and now is on an antibiotic and pain meds. Daughter is looking for a lawyer. Grama

My cat is on the verge of living

I purchased Hartz flea drops today and applied them to my cat thinking that since the product was sold that it was a safe product….. but come to find out that hours later my cat is having serious seizures. I rushed him to the emergency vet and he is on the verge of living. ANd i also have to pay a $400 vet bill. I am outraged that they would release a product like this and I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY INFO ON HOW TO EITHER JOIN THE CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST HARTZ OR INFO ON HOW TO BE REPAID FOR THIS BIll. thanks so much.
carissa matthews

babies okay this time

hi all well babies are fine this time , but am very upset
still with hartz. just wanted everyone to know it has
been 5 days since they tried to kill my friends. i
wanted u to know that i purchased kittens milk and
baster and forced fed for 3 days. this seemed to help
them back t health. they are still very lathargic and
something wrong with their eyes, like they can’t see
or something. well i’m doing my part because i work
at a major store, (we all know who) that distributes this
product in everyone one of their stores. When anyone
comes to my cash i tell them all about this product and
they soon put it back when i tell them about my cats and
this site, i don’t care if i get fired if it saves someone’s
friends life.
Good luck to all and your friends, and hope something is done soon.
bonbon from canada

One Angry peeved Parent!

I have three cats ranging in ages. Midknight is my oldest girl at 13, Ziggy my boy is 2 1/2 and my new addition is Moxie at 2 months. I recently got Moxie, hoping to calm Ziggy down a bit. He (Ziggy) is nicked named my “demon child” for his uncanny habit of taking down ceiling fans, shower curtains, opening doors, walking across wet cement, basically getting into things he shouldn’t be into. Ziggy and Moxie started to get along wonderfully! Then I noticed Midknight had fleas, which she is allergic too. I assumed because none of my cats go out that Moxie must have had fleas. So I went to the local Wal-Mart and picked up some flea and tick drops to treat all three cats. I picked up Hartz advantage care 3-1 flea and tick drops for cats 10 pounds an heavier, and the same product for cats under ten pounds and or for kittens. So when I had gotten home I was talking on the phone as I was reading the directions to another pet owner. I applied the full pipet of flea meciation to Ziggy first. As I was doing this I had mentioned that the package didn’t say how much to put on to my friend. My friend asked what kind and I told him Hartz. Dead silience… Next I heard was “WIPE IT OFF QUICK that stuff will make him sick.” Well I wiped as much of it off as I could I didn’t realize how sick it would make Ziggy. Today Ziggy had been itching the spot where I had put the drops I gave him two baths in hopes of helping him get better. His skin is no longer bright red but his ears are twitching. The vet told me just to watch him today and tomorrow. I did some research and found this sight. Thank you. Right now as Ziggy lays curled up asleep on my lap I keep praying what I did, doesn’t kill or hurt him any more than it has. I also pray Hartz removes this item off the shelves or goes out of buisness. This is just wrong.. This is my boy, my child.

If I sprayed bug spray on a human child and these reactions happened to a human child the product and buisness would be removed and out of buisness pretty quick. Unfortunately I don’t have human children. I have furry four legged children. Their birthdays are celebrated and they get gifts at X mas.. they get all my love and care.. I hope Hartz pays for what they did to my child.

One angry pissed off parent!

Hartz Killed My Cat

The day had come, and we had been waiting for it for over 2 years. It had come time to give my 5 year old cat flea medicine. He was an outside cat for the past 3 years and was the sweetest cat ever. I remember the day I got him, we picked him up at someone’s house for free and ever since then he was my cat. I had him since I was 11, and I am now 16 and a little more lonely. My dad and I went to petsmart, and picked up “Hartz Advanced” flea medication thinking we were doing good, getting rid of his fleas. Little did I know hours later our cat would be dead.

We applied the hartz as directed, exactly as directed. I am almost glad, after reading so many sad stories of cats and seizures, that Salem did pass and is not in any pain. After applying the hartz to him, my mom called my from outside and told me salem was dead. I freaked pretty much, and felt like it was all my fault. Ever since then I couldn’t imagine what had killed him. Now I know, and I will NEVER buy hartz again and STRONGLY discourage anyone from buying it!!!!!!!!!!!

we just want you to read this update

hartz company said they dont think the death of blackie andflashlight was from there probut. and they want
usto dig flashlight up. and have a acropsy done on him. they are willing to pay for the acropsy. hartz are still
say flashlight did not died from there probut. we know that is what killed both of our pets
we just want the stuff off the market. so one else has to go though what we are going though right now if you
in indiana and you pet has died or is sick from using
hatrz flea drops call me at 812-332-0499.
togther maybewe can get off the market

Update on Kitty


– Thanks for those who called.

– Kitty (Her name is “Itty Bitty”) went to bed at 10PM last night (finally), and was up this morning (Thr: 10/21) at 5:00am.

– She seems a little worn out – but her pupils are back to normal (slant eyed after a few minutes — normal). She was very active this morning – and ate, drank, and used the litter box.

– She cries when I touch her back — also, she spent quite a bit of time grooming herself today. She exhibited normal grooming habits – not the panic type gestures shown yesterday.

– Looks like the worst is over. No skin damage (not even any redness or dryness noted). She has most of her underfur (where the flea treatment was put) pulled out — but no bald spots.

– Am hoping we have no long term health damage (kidneys, liver, etc).

– Anyhow, thanks for your help. Will post an update sometime next week.

– If anyone is still reading this post — definitely do not use Hartz Products on your animals.

John Coxey
Evansville, IN, USA
(812) 461-2662


I usually used Advantage on my cats but one day unfortunately I bought Hartz at Wal Mart. My Lucy was so beautiful and loved every second of attention she got, she loved to talk to us, and play… she was so beautiful. Just a few days after I put the Hartz on her (the poison) God forgive me, she started having grand mal seizures. She has them constantly now, ten, twenty… we have no idea how many. She avoids us constantly, doesn’t want any attention and we have to listen to her constantly having having seizures under the bed. My vet said there is medicine but it may not work and cost $80.00 a month. I have to take the blame for her misery. She’s only going to get worse, more damage done constantly. If she only knew how sorry I am. My beautiful baby Lucy will never be the same again. I miss my Lucy, I miss her so very very bad. I take the blame for this- but why won’t Hartz? They KNOW the horrendous damage and death they are causing— and they could care less. They sell dog and cat foods also, God help the poor souls who are fed that. I wish those people could suffer– I PRAY they could suffer just like the poor innocent babies are. I care about the animals, I could care less about them. I have to take the blame for this and just as I type this more animals are being given this toxic poison. God help them, please don’t let them suffer. Please. Not them, let it be the cruel heartless ******** that make it and the stores who sell it- knowing they’re killing animals by doing it. Payback, please let there be payback. God bless my Lucy- and God bless all the innocent victims. I’m so sorry baby.