Human Victim of Hartz Mountain!! I almost died!!

This was about 25 years ago. I went over to my very good friend, Mark’s house to visit with him. Mark had a huge German Shepherd named “Smokey”. He and I were good buddies. I went outside to tussle with him.

Just before I arrived at Mark’s house, his mom had placed a brand new Hartz Mountain Flea Tag on his collar.

After visiting with Mark and his mom for about two hours, I told my mom (who was also there) that I was feeling very strange. She took me right back home.

Later that night, I woke up feeling like I was near death!! Every inch of my skin was stretched to its maximum!! I was walking like Frankenstein’s monster!!

I went into my parents bedroom and woke them up. They could not believe what they were seeing. They immediately called my personal physician. We were told to go directly to his office. This was at about 3am. Do not stop for red lights or stop signs. If we would have gotten a ticket, my doctor would have taken care of it.

I was diagnosed as having a SEVERE ALLERGIC REACTION to that flea tag!! I don’t know if I got some of the chemicals on my skin or if I inhaled the fumes.

I was having extreme problems breathing.

It took me over two weeks to recover from this.

Now, if I must use a flea collar on my cat, it will NOT be one from Hartz!!!!

the weekend we lost our whole cat family

i had to share this as it eats away at our family to think we were just trying to get rid of fleas and make our cats more comfortable and they all began having difficulty walking and started to convulse. we took the two young cats to the vet within a day of each other. but they had such brain damage that they had to be put to sleep. the mama kitty disappeared that same weekend and it has been a week and we have not found her. the vet said they were victims of poison and the only thing i had bought was hartz flea control and put it on along their back to the tail per the instructions.

there is no way to replace the cats and we are so sad but i hope other people will not ever use these products and maybe some other cats can be saved.

jenine brooks portland ore

Hartz product reactions

I am writing this e-mail anonymously to help inform people about the dangers of Hartz products. I have worked at a veterinary clinc for two years and have seen may adverse reactions to this horrible product, mainly on cats, but also a few dogs. I try to inform people who call about fleas and ticks that these over-the-counter products such as Hartz and Seargents can cause seizures and numerous other adverse reactions to their pets. I am so disturbed that the Hartz company does not even have the backbone to fess up to their own products. Instead of improving it, they would rather allow all these poor animals suffer. I am currently school to become a registered Veterinary Technician, and during our reports of toxicity, one student chose Hartz products as their subject. It is amazing the things she found. She found that if an animal is treated at the vet for seizure activity (Valium, Phenobarbital, Robaxin), that Hartz will say that these are the drugs that actually killed or harmed the animal. AMAZING!!!!! Unfortunatly, most people do not know until it is too late. The crazy part is that not only do the flea products cause reactions like they do, but frankly, they suck at controlling fleas. And as a veterinary technician, I will say one last thing–as for these monthly dewormers, over-the-counter or not, it is more benficial for your pet to be on a monthly heartworm preventative-Interceptor, Hearguard, or Revolution (and Interceptor) for cats then to give them a dewormer every month, as you may know, these products protect form heartworms and also deworm. Just a professional opinion from at concerned vet tech. Thank you for reading this long letter.

Almost lost 2 out of 3 cats


I would just like to tell you my story. This past weekend I noticed my new kitten had fleas on her, so I went to the local supermarket and bought ?Hartz Flea and Tick Drops? Well I put this on my 14 week old kitten (the box said it was safe for kittens 12 weeks and older) around 4pm and I also put it on my 2 other cats. Then around 8pm my kitten was not looking very good, the usual playful, energetic kitten of mine was just lying on the ground not moving very much. Then I noticed when she would walk she would kick her back feet like there was something on them and she would cry out when we touched her. Then all of a sudden her whole body just started shaking and her eyes were also shaking in her head, so I rushed her to the vet and he said she had been poisoned by the flea medication and it was causing her to have seizures. I was at the 24-hour vet until 2am and had to leave my cat behind so they could give her charcoal and put her on an IV. Then when I get home I notice my other cat kicking his back feet as well, then around 7am he was lying in his cat bed and just jumped out, ran around the floor, and collapsed. So he too was rushed to the vet to be given some charcoal and an IV. All because of a flea medication by the maker of Hartz. They are now on muscle relaxers that I have to give to them 3 times a day and I also have a $320 vet bill. Both cats that had the reaction are now getting back to normal, thank god they are ok! I can’t beleive these people are still selling this product. I have contacted all four of my local news stations and I am going to tell my story to all of Portland!


My TUGGER died under my bed 1 mo. ago- my boyfriend buried her in his yard.
When i saw the segment about the HARTZ ADVANCED CARE ONCE-A-MO- FLEA AND TICK DROP, i immediately went to my CAT box stuff, and there it is in my hand right now- 2 of 3 missing.
Tugger was 1.5 years old-
I know that is why she died—wow-

Hartz killed my cute kitten.

I had a female cat, which we bred with a neighbors cat. They had 3 wonderful kittens, whom we planned never to sell. My children loved them. One day, we decided to use a sample of Hartz. We used it on Shorty. Shorty was a small kitten, very small and fragile, and was favored by my youngest daughter. Withen weeks, Shorty became very sick. He became so sick, we had to put him to sleep. My children were devastated.

Help Roberta

Sender’s Name: Roberta Bacher
Sender’s Email: [email protected]

Message: I need all the help I can get in reports, letters from vets, letters
with names and any attorneys involved. I want to file against Hartz. I almost
lost Jazz, my Persian, due to Flea Drops. I paid out $700 to save her life.
Please help me prove my case.
Thank you.

Thank you….

Last year I became the proud caregiver to one 5 week old kitten as a result of a stray in our campground having kittens. They couldnt stay there b/c it wasnt safe so I took one and others took the rest as rescues.

As I knew nothing about kittens/cats, other than this ball of fur was adorable, I started reading message boards to learn about their care. And inevitably the Hartz saga came up. I want to tell all of you who have shared your stories thank you because my cats (i now have 2) will never ever have to experience what yours did because you shared your stories. Im sorry that yours had these terrible experiences but know that they were not in vain. At least 2 kitties have been spared the pain and I have told others about what Ive learned about Hartz. The sooner Hartz is gone the better.

My Lenny

On October 9, 2002 my Basset Hound Lenny suddenly, without warning, went into convulsions. He was having one grand mal after another! We rushed him to the vet. There, he was given a good dose of Valium and Phenobarbitol. The vet asked if Lenny had been around any pesticides. I couldn’t recall that he had but I casually mentioned that he had a bath in Hartz Flea and Tick shampoo and flea powder. I was very shocked when the vet told me that the Hartz products caused the seizures! Because there would not be anyone at the vet’s office overnight, we had to care for him 24 hours at home. My boyfriend and I tooks turns sleeping and watching him. He was basically unconscious most of the time. When he did wake up, we used oral syringes and a pitcher to give him water and baby food. Every little move he made terrified us. If he seemed like he would seize again, we would have to inject the Phenobarb. into the catheder that was placed in his leg. After a couple of days, he tried to get up but was still very weak. We fed him his food soaked in chicken broth and more baby food. On my birthday (October 14) I received the best gift ever! Lenny got up and wobbled around on his own for the 1st time! It was a true miracle from God! He has not even suffered from any brain damage or any other neurological effects from the seizures. He hasn’t had a seizure since that day. He is almost 5 years old and has been off of the Potassium Bromide from 7 months! I tell everyone about Lenny and what happened to him so that no one will have to watch their pet suffer or die because of gross negligence! I joined the class action lawsuit but it was dropped. My vet said that if I send Hartz a copy of the bill they will pay me back for it BUT I would have to sign a waiver stating that I would not sue them. I will have to do this as no attorney that I’ve spoken with will take this company on. What I really want to see is that junk taken off the shelves!

We used it on our pet, and she’s still alive, but still is suffering…

We were looking for something to help fight against the fleas that were hurting our cats, and decided to try the Hartz: Advanced Flea and Tick Care. All our cats had an immediate bad reaction, but one had a really bad one. She started to furiously clean herself moving around the rooms constantly, every couple seconds in a new area. This was a while ago, so I’ll try my best to remember…She would not go to her regular areas to sleep, but areas where she could hide from us, and clean this horrid stuff off her.We stopped using it, but she still has reactions. From then on, she’s been acting insane. She’s always furiously cleaning herself, doing weird things like sleeping in the catlitter box, and she’s hiding wherever she can. Also, she had areas by her neck, possible where she’s been scratching, where you see that it’s been bleeding. One other cat has small patches of fur that are gone. We don’t know really what to do. It hasn’t been as serious as seizures, which I’ve seen some stories include, but should we pay the expenses to take them to the vet? We can’t for a while, as a result of very costly medication for our dog from heartworms( I’m getting really sick and tired of those Disease-carrying who-knows-why-we-have-them-on-this-earth-mosquitos) ,so it might be a little while before we can take them.This has been a very crummy summer so far:(. Is there anything natural we can do to help our cats?

We really miss our old cat. The one who used to play with us a lot, was much happier,and would playfully bite at our toes when we were sleeping… *sigh*
Thank you to whoever took the time to read this long story.