Pixar’s story – close call – Hartz notified

A few weeks ago I temporarily moved in with my parents – my cat Pixar – an indoor cat…picked up fleas from my parent’s dog. I went out and bought Hartz 4 in 1 for Pixar from Target – hoping that would do the trick. We put it on her Wednesday Night and she immediately started to act strange – running around and twitching her ears. I thought it would pass but the next day I came home at lunch and she wasn’t any better – I immediately looked it up on the internet and saw your site and paniced. I gave her a bath, which wasn’t easy, and let her rest. That night – she still was agitated and twitching – so we washed her again with Dove. I also noticed she didn’t sem to be eating or drinking. The next day – she still didn’t seem much better so I called the vet – they said to bring her in – as an emergency. The vet right away told me that Hartz products, specifically, phenothrin – is toxic to cats. She said its one of the first things they learn about in school. They immediately hooked pixar up to an iv and started give her a muscle relaxer and glucose. They said she would have to stay overnight so they could monitor her but called me and said she was doing better that night. I picked her up the next day and $450 later. She is just about completely recovered and the vet also gave me FRONTLINE to treat her fleas. Now I know what to use. This was a close call and its important to get the word out and write to Hartz. We talked to a woman named, Gia, who gave us a case number and told us to send in copies of the diagnosis from the vet and our bill and the unused portion of Hartz 4 in 1 which I am doing today. I will let you all know my progress.

an update on Smokey

Smokey is doing well !!! He is back to his old self again. The day after I sprayed him w/ the Hartz product I had to cut most of his fur off. The product was very hard to get off even after several baths. My brother and I stayed up w/ Smokey til 2 am and kept an eye on him. He doesnt seem to have any long term side effects from being poisoned by Hartz. I also called the store where I got the product from and the store manager happens to have cats and wasnt aware of the damages that Hartz products do to animals and she said she will see if she can get the product taken off the shelves !!! I also got my money back, but its not like that would have been able to replace my sons’ kitten. I have also copied and pasted the addy to this site and sent it to all my contacts to get the word out. Good Luck to everyone who reads this and w/ all their pets if you have been unfortunate enough to use Hartz

Hartz has sunk to a new low

They are now saying Andy and Scruffy and me are internet myths! Hartz sent this letter to a group in reply to their inquiry about Scruffy and Andy. We have a case number … 58264. We have letters Hartz sent to us certified. We have vet documentation. Now I am going to get press involvement.

Hold on to your hats because this will blow your top!!!! I removed the contact info from this letter to protect the groups privacy….

September 21, 2004

Manasquan, NJ 08736
Dear Mr. XXXX,

In the last few weeks, Hartz has received a number of email communications with the exact same language as you recently shared with us [copy attached]. These emails have come from different email addresses, but all have contained the same text. The ‘letter’ expresses “shock” that Hartz is marketing a spot-on flea and tick product, and erroneously claims that these products are unsafe. The emails distort a number of issues and contain many factual errors.

The email letters also detail the alleged death of a “mutt” named “Scruffy” and the experience of his “distraught” guardian, Andy.

Hartz takes all calls seriously, but we have come to believe that this “incident” may be fraudulent.

Here’s what we have done to try and get to the bottom of this matter:
–Hartz has reviewed all consumer calls that we have received in the last few months. We determined that we have received no direct communications from either “Andy” or anyone with a dog named “Scruffy.”

–Hartz has tried to find Andy. We found no “Andy” “Andrew” listed at the addresses given in some of the emails.

–The address given in some of the emails turned out to be a tattoo and body piecing [Hartz’s spelling] parlor in Morehead, Kentucky. We’ve called there repeatedly, but we have been unable to get an answer at the listed telephone number.

–No veterinarian was identified in the email, even though the letter claims that Scruffy received “several days of veterinary treatment.”

We do not know who the original author of the email was, but we suspect that this information was made available on the internet and unwitting, empathetic pet owners “picked up” the “Scruffy” cause.

If you have any further questions about this matter, please do not hesitate to call us.

Indeed, Hartz appreciates your keeping us informed of any communications you receive about our products.

Best regards.
Jill Richardson, DVM
Associate Director
Consumer Relations and Technical Services

Dr. Jill Richardson
Associate Director Consumer Relations & Technical Services
The Hartz Mountain Corporation
ph: 201-271-4800, ext. 7985
fax: 201-271-1206
voicemail: 800-999-3000 (BOX 7985)
email: [email protected]

My experience with Hartz

Hello there;
A new found friend sent me to this site to do some reading. I recently purchased Hartz at Wal Mart for my cats. I’ll never purchase a cheaper product again. Because it ended up costing me a lot more than Frontline, in the end.
I applied the Hartz to three cats. I also aplied it to a small dog. One of my cats, my rescue cat Casper, became very ill. I took him to the vet, and three very long and expensive days later, they called and told me I could bring him home. I was very happy. They told me I was very lucky. They said 80 percent of the cats they see with Hartz on them never leave their office to go home again. I was quite happy to have him home again, but he’s never been quite the same since.
The other two cats I applied it to got somewhat ill, but upon bathing them, their symptoms were releived. Casper was the only one who went to the vet.
My dog, however, didn’t fare so well. He ran off the next day, and i didn’t find him for two weeks. When I found him, in the woods, he was dead. I started to do research after I took the cat to the vet, and saw many others with similar or worse stories. I contacted Hartz when I got the vet bill, and they told me to submit a copy of the vet bill, and a letter from the vet signed and confirming the animals ailments were due to the application of their product. I did this, and low and behold… Never heard another word from them. Furthermore, when I called to inquire as to what was being done, they informed me they had never spoken to me, or gotten any information from me. So to this day it is unresolved. It was a very emotional and scary experience. And if I could prevent one person from purchasing Hartz by submitting my experience, then its worth the time I took to type this out. Please, Please, Please beware folks. This stuff hurts and kills innocent animals. And deprives people of their loving pets. And Hearless Hartz doesn’t give a s**t.

Thanks for listening
Hope Leblond
[email protected]
Feel free to contact me

my poor max

i have the most adorable long hair named max. my husband and i rescued him when he was only5 or 6 weeks old. max is my baby and i love him like a child. like alot of animals my cat got fleas. the moment i noticed i ran straigt to the store to to buy shampoo to treat him with. i bought hartz spray thinking that that was a trusted company. how wrong i was. 2 days after treating my beloved kitty he became ill. he still is sick even thou i re washed him in cat shampoo to get the spray off of him i am very scared that my baby will not make it. he is not playful and will not eat or drink.
after he became ill i called the company and was told cats become ill for a number of reasons and was hung up on. i do not understand how a company like hartz could not only release a dangerouse product but then tell consumers that its not there fault.


Hello from Feline Owners Against Hartz,

We are a group devoted to stopping Hartz from hurting animals with their flea products. Please join us in honoring the thousands of pets who have been injured or killed by Hartz products. We are inviting you to become part of a very special project. We are creating a Hartz Victims Memorial quilt, a real quilt and a cyber quilt for online. The quilt maybe viewed at http://www.geocities.com/hartzquilt/

We are hoping to display the real quilt at a number of different venues including a museum. We also hope to have the press present for the unveiling of the real quilt.
It is our hope that in doing this we will be raising public awareness to the dangerous of using Hartz flea products and gain support for our movement.

If you have an animal that has been victimized by Hartz and would like to have a photo included on our ‘cyber quilt’ we’ll be happy to include you.

Please include the following information –
Pets name
Your State
If your pet went to the Rainbow Bridge due to Hartz also include the date
Your name
Your email address, ( so we can notify you when the photo has been added).

If you would like to also have a photo square on the real quilt please go to the web site and click on ‘Real Quilt,’ at the bottom of the page. That will provide you with the information about the real quilt photo squares and a confirmation form you can send if you decide you want to participate in the project.

We hope you’ll join us in the fight against Hartz.

Feline Owners Against Hartz
Against Hartz at http://www.geocities.com/againsthartz/
Hartz Victims Quilt Project http://www.geocities.com/hartzquilt/
The Petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/hartz/petition.html
Hartz Victims at http://www.hartzvictims.org
Against Hartz Store Against Hartz Shop http://www.cafeshops.com/againsthartz

TV News coverage

On Monday, October 4th, my local TV News station is coming to my house to do a “troubleshooter” story on the affects Hartz had on my 3 cats and others. If anyone has any info they think might be helpful to the news team please email me.

[email protected]

Thank you


My cat almost died…..

In August of 2000 I bought some Hartz flea & tick spray (I don’t remember which one, but it came in a little silver spray bottle) for my Doja, who is a Maine Coon. I sprayed him down with it and after an hour or two, I realized that his fur was still greasy from the spray and he wasn’t moving around very much. Doja was an excessively clean cat and would groom himself constantly, so I took him into the bathroom to wash the stuff off. While I was rinsing him off, he shook his head and blood splattered the sides of the tub. I FREAKED!! I woke up my roommate (who was a vet assistant) and she took a look at him. His gums were totally white, no pink at all, and she told me that was an indicator of shock.

We rushed him to the all night animal hospital and they went to work on him. I had just lost my job, and money was tight (I couldn’t even afford to pay the for the visit, much less any work they had to do). The vet said unless I could come up with about $300 (with no guarantee that he would survive) before 7:00 am the next morning, all they could do was to keep washing him off and try to increase his circulation by rubbing him. She also mentioned that this was their 6th case of an animal becoming sereiously ill from using a Hartz product in the past week. That’s almost ONE BELOVED PET PER DAY!!!

Luckily, Doja made it through the night. He was still in serious condition and the vet couldn’t say whether he would make it through the next couple of days unless he had the proper medical care. I still didn’t have the money to pay for the necessary treatment, so the next day, my roommate took him into work with her while I stayed behind to make some phone calls…. The first place I called was Hartz – which of course denied any responsibility, stating that alergy warnings are clearly marked on their products (although I NEVER saw ANYTHING mentioning shock and possible death). My next call was to a consumer affairs place, but they told me that unless I could prove that Hartz was the sole cause of my pet’s near death experience, there was nothing that could be done. In order to prove that this was indeed from using Hartz, I would have to pay for extensive blood work and multiple tests (which I couldn’t afford).

In the end, my roommate’s boss gave us enough medication for two weeks at no charge, and Doja slowly got better. I wasn’t able to get the tests needed to prove that Hartz almost killed my baby, but at least he is alive and healthy today.

Almost Lost my cat :-(

Have been battling a flea problem between my 2 dogs and 1 cat…spraying everything inside and out for weeks but to no avail. Unsuspectingly bought some Hartz flea control drops for my cat and placed a tube on him in the morning. By the time I got home from work, he was tremoring terribly and his eyes were glazed over. I quickly bathed him and called the vet who told me to IMMEDIATLEY bring him in once I told him I had used a Hartz flea control product on him. They said they lost many animals from the use of this product. I rushed him to the ER and he spent the night on IV and shots for the tremors. Luckily I got him there in time for them to save him but it cost me $400 in vet bills not to mention almost losing him forever. The vet told me they have been trying to get them to remove their products from the shelves for years because not only does it kill innocent animals but it DOESN”T EVEN WORK!!! But, they obviously do not care about animals, only their own pockets. I will never buy another Hartz product ever again!!!