I have a friend whom I work with who has a cat, Bob. My friend is in agony over Bob. The vet he goes to used Hartz Flea and Tick drops on Bob. My friend has spent $600 so far trying to save Bob. He won’t eat or drink, has liver damage and is miserable. This same vet is charging my friend for damage that they are responsible for. Bob is better but not out of the woods yet. My friend has little money, but he’s paying what he has. Hartz should be sued. This vet should not use anything on animals they know is poison. I’m livid. Hartz, Sargeants, and all known products that have hurt and killed animals needs to be stopped. Where is the ASPCA? Where is the BBB? Are they deaf?

Never Use Hartz- Class action lawsuit in process

My mom just lost her cat this morning after a Hartz Flea and tick collar was put on her cat while being fostered.. Also, a friend of ours German Shepherd dog was having seizures, foaming out the mouth and lifeless after a Hartz collar was placed on him. Hartz is killing our pets every day. I had a Horrible Experience with my 3 cats years ago, the Vet said the drops poisons their heart and there is basically no saving them… This group on facebook is waiting to start a class action lawsuit.. pets

Almost lost my girl

Gave my cat the Hartz flea & tick drop & within 20 minutes she was seizing and foaming out the mouth uncontrollably! Definitely wish I would’ve done my research. This product is poison and should be banned!!!! I’ve gotten lucky & my cat made it through the night. but it’s a shame how something as simple as treating your cat for fleas can turn so deadly. Do not use hartz products on your fur babies.


I used hartz flea & tick topical liquid a few hours later I noticed Oreo wasn’t acting right I called the vet & they said bring him in immediately we rushed him to the vet after 2 baths in dawn dish liquid he just wouldn’t stop shaking the vet prescribed a muscle relaxer & sent him home he had Burns where the medicine was put we weren’t even able to touch him because it was to painful for him. Next he started refusing to eat & vomiting called the vet again & they gave me meds to help & to get plain chicken or Turkey baby food he ate that only 1 time then refused to eat again finally we changed his food & he started to eat again. I would have never would have thought putting that stuff on him could be so deadly but lucky for us Oreo pulled through. If you’re reading this please never put this stuff cause you might not be so lucky

Hartz Warning

About 3 weeks ago i used Hartz flea and tick on my cat………. in a matter of seconds she started drooling and had what seemed to me like a seizure. She was very scared and for the rest of the day wandered around as if she had lost her mind. I went online and saw all the horrible stories about this product. I am so lucky my baby did not die. This product should be banned!

I have lost my son

I gave my son peanut ( boxer) Hartz Duo Pro flea and tick treatment and 15 min later I went to check on him he had a seizure and lock jaw red blotches on his body losing his hair I rinsed some of it off him he threw up and had diarrhea couldn’t walk on his own. I took him to vet. They said it was gonna cost 1200$ to keep him overnight and it was very slim 20% chance it would work I didnt have that kind of money and he the chance if survioring was so slim he recommend to put him down. I haven’t sleep and haven’t ate since it happened yesterday 7/20/2017. I just didn’t want him to suffer anymore. In pics below you can see he has lockjaw and that he had red spots and some that started bleeding he lost hair

Foaming at the mouth

I am so glad I found your website. Within minutes of spraying my cat, she was profusely foaming from her mouth. It was just pouring out of her little mouth! She ran from me, hid under the house, and I started googling to find out what I could do.
the instructions on the bottle itself are pretty terrifying, and I should have known better. -Use gloves, toxic, hazards to both people and animals, pesticide…..etc, etc. And the 1-800 number to call for emergencies. I read all this at PetSmart before I bought it, to make sure you could actually put it on a live cat. And everything said yes, that’s what it is for. (as opposed to spraying on carpet or furniture)
As soon as I could get to her, (maybe 10 minutes in) I washed her with the dog soap I had, and then again with dishwashing detergent. The second time was much more aggressively, after reading the posts here.
This was last night, she seems OK today, but I’ll be keeping an eye on her. Imagine if I hadn’t washed this stuff off as quickly as I did? I don’t understand how a product like this is on the market. The simple act of trying to rid her of fleas could have killed her. Most of these stories are horrifying. I consider myself lucky.
This stuff should be banned.

Sergeant flea shampoo poisoned my dog!

On Sunday I gave my 5 month old female boxer a bath. I used sergeant flea and tick shampoo. Like all of u I believed that since it was such a popular product. Sold in almost every store. That it was a safe product and it was affordable too. But now that I’ve seen the horror and read hundreds of horror stories that people all over have shared about this product. It is now time to figure out some way to not only have these products removed..but also the pet owners who have had to spend hundreds of dollars to save their beloved pets lives need to be compensated. If we had the money to spend on the safer veterinary approved products. Then we would have purchased them instead but many of us are on limited income and it’s not right that those who are poor have to endure the pain of watching our beloved pets ( aka family members) suffer and possible die due to a product made Easily accessible and affordable..that is poisonous and has no antidote! I’m on day 2 of watching my beloved baby girl suffer and scream out in pain! And even though I don’t have any money to get her proper vet care..i have been in contact with a wonderful vet near me and he gave me detailed instructions and told me that whatbive been doing is exactly what would be done to her at his clinic. He also told me there was no antidote for her poisoning and it will run it’s its course in a few days..and even though I deeply appreciated this vets advice..instructions..and the time he took to be there for me in on this time of need..i am outraged as to why this product is allowed to be purchased without a damn antidote!!! Who are these people who are supposed to keep us as consumers safe from buying potentially harmful products?? Why aren’t they doing their jobs to protect us and our families and pets?? Why hasn’t anything been done to stop this?? I’ve never in my whole life been as scared and heartbroken as I am right now having to watch the love of my life suffer and scream out in pain because of something I done to her!! I’m including this video with this post I hope maybe someone will see it and think twice before using these poisonous products again!!!

Almost lost her…

Last night I used Hartz product (Tick and flea repellent Ultra Guard Pro) on my cat. I only used half the dose and 15 minutes later she she was screaming, trying to lick it off her neck and her breathing was very labored. I rushed her into the shower to rinse what I could off of her and immediately went to the ER Vet. She suffered a chemical burn and possibly may have stomach issues because it looked like she was able to lick some of it and it burned her gums! The staff at the emergency veterinarian hospital told me they had two dogs there right now admitted for use of this product as well as 7 other cats that week for use of this product!! I wish I would have done more research before using this product. Today is day one of recovery on pain meds and stomach meds to avoid an ulcer.