Pesticides Recalled After Killing Cats

I don’t understand why they don’t just take the stuff off of the shelves. Repackaging it isn’t going to do anything.

Maybe Hartz will learn after their sales plummet and continue to receive complaints.

WASHINGTON, DC, December 2, 2002 (ENS)

Thousands of illnesses and deaths in cats and kittens have led to a recall of some flea and tick products,
along with new warning labels and other protective measures.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said last week that safety concerns stemming from use of two flea and tick control products for cats
and kittens, led the agency to persuade the Hartz Mountain Corp. to enact measures to reduce potential risks to pets from using these products.

Under an agreement with the EPA, Hartz has ceased the sale and distribution of Hartz Advanced Care Brand Flea and Tick Drops Plus for Cats and Kittens
and Hartz Advanced Care Brand Once-a-Month Flea and Tick Drops for Cats and Kittens. The company will recall these products, and repackage and re-label
its existing stock of the pesticides to educate consumers about their risks.

To continue to evaluate safety concerns for cats, the EPA is also requiring Hartz to submit an additional animal safety study conducted by an
independent laboratory, and to submit additional quarterly reports specificto cats, summarizing any incidents of toxic effects from
Hartz products.

The EPA sought the agreement after investigating thousands of incidents where pets suffered adverse effects from the products. Complaints included
minor problems such as skin irritation or hair loss at the application site to more serious effects on the nervous system, such as tremors, convulsions
and sometimes death.

The relabeled products, which will start appearing on store shelves over the next several months, will include stronger precautionary statements and
use directions. Under the revised use directions, application of the products will be limited to a single spot applied on the back of the
animal’s head, reducing the likelihood that the cat will lick and ingest the chemical.

The new labels will also direct users to consult with a veterinarian before use of these products on debilitated, aged, medicated, pregnant or nursing
animals, or animals known to be sensitive to pesticides. The labels will advise that cats should be monitored after application of the product and
if any adverse symptoms are observed, the animal should be washed with mild soap and rinsed with water and evaluated by a veterinarian.

The EPA is also requiring Hartz to conduct a consumer education program, which will include a web site, direct mail campaign to pet owners, pet
stores and veterinarians on the new safety improvements. If consumers choose to return either of the two Hartz products, the company is expected
to exchange it for the relabeled product or refund the purchase price.

The company is also required to improve labeling on individual tubes of the affected products to help ensure consumers are using them correctly.

For more information on the EPA’s action, visit:

For information regarding the product recovery and label improvements consumers may contact Hartz by phone at: 800- 275-1414.

2 Kitties, Same bad drops …

Yesterday afternoon we treated 2 of our cats with Hartz Advanced Care for Cats and Kittens under 10 lbs. Before treating, I read the back thoroughly as I was skeptical as to putting something on the cats that they could lick. I was relieved to find no text regarding illness to the cats except for the line: “Sensitivity, such as slight transitory redness of the skin…” . We left for the day and upon arriving back, I found Osiris, an 8 mo old Aby, having unbelievable tremors. I immediately grabbed the packaging to look over a second time only to find nothing of help. I attempted to call the number on the packaging but they were closed. I also looked online at but was unable to find anything of use. I grabbed my vet’s number and gave them a call. They were also closed but referred me to a 24 hour vet clinic. I called them and they seemed to immediately know what it was without me going into detail. All I had to say was Fleas & Hartz and they knew. They told me to bring him in right away. So we rushed Osiris to the clinic and they took him right away. We waited for about 15 minutes while they gave him some medication to stop the trembling. After that time we were able to talk to the Doctor. She had stated that she knew what it was before she even saw the packaging. She says she has treated over 30 of these over the past year and she’s surprised that this stuff was still in the stores. Well after receiving the estimate for the bill of $980 and an unclear prognosis, we went home. Upon arriving home we realized we forgot to check Cleo, a 26 month old Siamese Mix. We checked her immediately and found that she was extremely scared and that her eyes were twitching. We immediately rushed her to the vet where they began work on her. Again, another estimate of $900+.

We were unable to sleep all night and have continually called for updates on the two cats. During one of these calls we were told that Osiris’s condition was so severe that the Doctor had to use 3 times the medication to stop the tremors & seizures.

This morning we were able to visit them both. Cleo was awake and alert, though still a bit out of it from the medication. Osiris was still out from the massive amount of medication and was still having minor tremors. The doctor believes that both should be fine, but Osirus will have to stay at least another 2 days before they’re totally sure he’s okay.

We were both devastated by this and were just so unsure of what to do next. We found your page last night in between checkup calls to the vet. Thank you for creating this site, as we have found so much useful information and many links to help us in our next step.

-Joey & Courtney

Working at a vet clinic shows many Hartz Victims

I work at a vet clinic. One week in particular, our local K-Mart had Hartz flea/tick drops on sale and advertised in their local ad with the Sunday paper. Only $7.00 for a 3 dose package. Well, compare that to Frontline or Revolution and boy, those darn vets are sure making a killing on flea products, huh?

Only, it is the Hartz that is killing. That week we had more cases of Hartz overdosing than ever. 3 young kittens had seizures, luckily all recovered but one still has “twitters” in her muscles and will permanently have that problem because of this product. One cat died. Hartz called our office when this was reported, they wanted to know why we told the owners that, because it wasn’t true but they would have the owner deliver the cats body for examination and would make their own determinations. How insensitive?!

I am against any products made by this company. My cat had a Hartz flea collar once and it left open sores and wounds where the collar was. That was before I knew what responsible pet care was. Now I know that you get what you pay for. My pets are important and I will pay more. It is after all, their lives.

Thank you,

Our First Letter to Hartz

2336 Douglas Street #1413
Austin, TX 78741

Hartz Mountain Corporation
400 Plaza Drive
Secaucus, NJ 07094

June 25, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to issue a formal complaint about your Hartz Advanced Care Brand Flea and Ticks Drops Plus and to request reimbursement for our veterinarian bill.

On Thursday, June 21, 2001, my fianc? and I bought a three month supply of the above mentioned product from a reputable pet supply store. We applied one tube of the product, as directed, to our cat?s back at approximately 12:30am on Friday, June 22, 2001.

I awoke at 7am that same morning to our cat crying, shaking and delusional. We called our veterinarian immediately and were instructed to wash our cat and bring him in as soon as possible. We followed the vet?s instructions and brought him in.

Our pet was sedated and given intravenous medication throughout the day. The cost for this treatment totaled $88. I have researched and documented numerous instances of this exact same occurrence with other people and their cats. Nowhere on the product?s box do you give warning of any reactions.

Again, we followed the instructions provided and feel that your company is liable for mislabeling your product. We expect a full reimbursement totaling $98.74.

Vet bill $88.00
Hartz Advanced Care $09.99 + 7.75% sales tax
Total $98.74

Click here
to read Hartz’s written response to this claim letter.  Requires
Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click
here to download

First Letter from Anthony Vozzolo

Dear Josh and Elise Janicek: 

Thank you for contacting our firm regarding the class action lawsuit we have filed against Hartz Mountain Corp. If you have not already done so, we would encourage you to send us a copy of all documents you have concerning any problems with Hartz Mountain Corp. products. These documents may include, but are not limited to, any receipts for the purchase of Hartz Mountain products; any veterinary correspondence, including bills, any diagnostic findings or letters; any correspondence with Hartz Mountain Corp. or any reimbursements/checks issued by Hartz to cover the cost of veterinary bills; or any other related information. Note, please send copies only. You can mail this information to:

320 East 39th Street
New York, NY 10016

If you have any additional comments or questions, please do not hesitate to call. I may be reached toll free at 877-247-4292 or by e-mail at [email protected]

Anthony Vozzolo, Esq.
Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP

Correspondence from Susan

From: <Lrn4yrslf>
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001 9:36 PM
Subject: Re: Hartz


Glad your kitty is ok. You need to know that Hartz will not give you any funds unless you return all the leftover product(the evidence) to them
and, sign a statement saying you will never complain about them again and, the case is closed. Unfortunately many people who have no resources to pay the
bill have done this.

The above in combination with the fact that both the poison number on the back of the product and the Animal Poison Control Center in Illinois
through the ASPCA is paid for by manufacturers including Hartz. All of the data they generate from the calls they receive goes only to the manufacturers. The
data, so the vets answering the phone have told me, is not available to anyone but those in the organization because it is not organized. It is up
to the manufacturers to report themselves to the EPA, etc.

So, you can see how the information is not widely known. Hopefully we will be able to change this. Judy said that there may be a problem with Hartz’s
political contributions to politicians influencing the EPA to not act on the matter. I hope not. You can check out the EPA website on tetrachlorvinphos
and see that the EPA has managed to get dips, sprays and powders with tetrachlorvinphos off the shelves despite Hartz’s reluctance. Unfortunately,
tetrachlovinphos is still in collars and we have received numerous emails of toxicities to those products also. Not to mention the EPA calls tetrachlorvinphos a suspect carcinogen.

One more thing, Hartz is only one of a handful of companies in the US that refuses to tell the EPA what their inert ingredients are. Many inert
ingredients can cause liver failure, seizures and death also. There are articles on the web about this.

So, glad you have joined the group. Sorry it is under such circumstances.


Our Second Letter to Hartz

Here is the second letter that we wrote to the Hartz Mountain Corporation.

2336 Douglas St. #1413
Austin, TX 78741

Consumer Relations Department
The Hartz Mountain Corporation
400 Plaza Drive
Secaucus, NJ 07094 USA

November 1, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to inform you that your Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops Plus For Cats and Kittens severely affected our cat?s health and to demand full reimbursement for our vet bill and the money we paid for your product.

On the night of June 21, 2001, my wife and I applied Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops Plus to our cats back, as directed. We were awoken early the next morning to Riley (our cat) crying, shaking uncontrollably and in a hallucinating state.

We immediately took Riley to our vet where he spent the whole day under sedation, observation and was administered intravenous medication. Our cat is less than 2 years old and has had regular veterinary checkups and has always been given a clear bill of health. This time, we were afraid we were going to loose our pet ? not something any animal or human should have to endure.

Our vet concurred that Riley?s condition was due to the Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops Plus that we had properly applied. I have done research and have spoken via written correspondence with numerous people who have experienced the same conditions with their cat upon using Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops Plus.

I have attached a copy of our vet bill. The total for the aforementioned procedure totaled $88.00 ? I expect full reimbursement for our vet bill.

I have attached a copy of our receipt from Petsmart, the store in which we purchased your product. The total for you product is $9.99 plus a 7.750% sales tax equaling $10.76 ? I expect full reimbursement ($10.76) for our purchase. This brings the total reimbursement that I expect from the Hartz Mountain Corporation to $98.76.

Shortly after this dreadful incident, I contacted our local television news station about our recent emergency visit to our vet due to the application of Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops Plus to our cat. I was granted an interview and my story was aired. I have included, with this package, a CD. This CD contains the video interview that was aired. The video is to be played on a computer using Real Media?s Real Player. The Real Player can be downloaded at I have also created a website that contains said video. It can be seen at
I have also included the unused portion of your product.

Again, I expect full reimbursement, totaling $98.76, for our vet bill and your product that caused our cat a great deal of harm.

I can be contacted at the above address or at 512.555.1212 in the evenings or at 512.555.2121 during the day if there are any questions.

Your immediate response and reimbursement is expected and greatly appreciated.

Josh Janicek



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to read Hartz’s written response to this claim letter.  Requires
Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click
here to download


Run a business with genuine care and INTEGRITY

via CatLoversAgainstHartz

I had both my babies develop symptoms a few hours after I applied the
drops. I rushed them both to the emergency clinic and luckily, they
were intravenously given antibiotics to cleanse them of the poison. I
wish everyone had a happy ending to their story and am horrified and
appalled that this product is still on the market. I pursued Hartz to
give me an explanation and they very diplomatically washed their
hands. But even though my cats are now OK, I do not want any other
precious creature to have to suffer because of an unethical, greedy
company. I have e-mailed the lawyer who has the lawsuit and have
written another letter to Hartz. I wrote them that there are plenty
of ways to make money in which they don’t need integrity. They should
leave the care of our angels to people who care about them and can
run a business with genuine care and INTEGRITY. I will do ANYTHING
to see them investigated and apprehended. Please let me join in any
effort to do this.

– Analia8

Hartz Flea & Tick Products – Dangerous for Pets Petition

This just in from CDM. I just became the 186th signature. I encourage everyone to sign this petition.


I just wanted to let you know that Hartz are sueing me directly. Like you, I was outraged at Hartz about their indifference to the suffering of cats and decided to become an activist myself. I sent letters and copies of the TV news report on VHS tapes to several retail outlets (such as Publix, Petco & Target). Hartz are claiming that I have interferred with their business relationships and that I am spreading false and demafatory remarks about them and that this, in turn, has caused and is causing irreperable harm. Apparently, I am not the only individual that they have tried to sue. The reporter for WJCT told me today that they sent 4 of their top lawyers to the town where another individual tried to take Hartz to small claims court. The individual in that case ultimately lost the battle – not surprising given the strength of the legal team that Hartz unleashed.
You might also be interested in putting a link up on your web site pointing the the following:

It is an online petition that was put up just recently. There are almost 200 signatories already.

Thanks for the link CDM. Other useful links can be found in the links section.

Same poison, different box

This was sent to me from our first registered user. Thanks CDM!

As you can tell, Hartz is re-packaging the same junk. Look for the
newly packaged product in mid-January 2003. When you see this product on
the shelves of your local grocer, do like Elise and I do – turn all of the boxes
backwards. Or better yet, hide them behind something else.



Education Campaign to Support Launch of New Packaging and Labeling
Secaucus, New Jersey (November 21) ? The Hartz Mountain Corporation is rolling out
new packaging and labeling for its best-selling flea and tick products for cats
(Advanced Care Plus? and Advanced Care? Once-a-Month”), including a new application
process that makes the product easier for pet owners to use.

The actual product formulation will not change. The new packaging will highlight
Advanced Care?s unsurpassed protection. These products completely protect cats from
fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, all of which can pose serious health threats to pets
and their owners. An extensive consumer education campaign will accompany the
rollout of the new Advanced Care packaging and labeling. It will alert cat owners to
the health risks posed by fleas and ticks and offer advice on the proper use of
these products.

?Hartz is committed to providing the best possible products for pet owners and their
animal companions,? said Bob Devine, Hartz President and CEO. ?Our goal is to
protect pets and to strengthen the human-animal bond that is so meaningful for pet

The new application process incorporates an easy-to-use ?spot-on? technique where
the product is applied at the base of the cat?s head. Current label directions
recommend applying Advanced Care? in a stripe down the cat?s back. As part of these
changes, Hartz will also include a more detailed precautionary statement on the
label. The company worked closely with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to
develop this new Advanced Care? packaging and labeling.

Dr. Albert Ahn, Chief Scientific Officer for Hartz, said. ?As a leading provider of
flea and tick protection, we are constantly reviewing feedback on our products and
developing potential improvements.

Advanced Care? has a low rate of adverse reactions that is comparable to the rates
of all other flea and tick products, including those available through

As part of this Launch of the Advanced Care? brand, Hartz will commence an extensive
consumer education program. This campaign will encourage owners to follow the
revised labeling and other important guidelines when using any flea and tick product
on their pet.

This effort will include educational brochures, an upgraded website, and a direct
mailing to pet owners and veterinarians. The campaign will remind owners that the
use of these products helps protect cats from dangerous diseases that can be
transmitted by fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. It will also stress that some of these
diseases can be transmitted to humans as well.

New packages for ?Advanced Care Brand? Flea and Tick Drops Plus+ for Cats and
Kittens? and ?Advanced Care Brand? Once-a-Month? Flea and Tick Drops for Cats and
Kittens.? will be available in stores in mid-January 2003.

Hartz Advanced Care? for Cats offers an unmatched spectrum of protection against
fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Over the last five years, pet owners have bought more
than 150 million doses of Hartz topical flea and tick products to protect their dogs
and cats.

About The Hartz Mountain Corporation: Founded 76 years ago, Hartz is America?s
leading manufacturer and marketer of quality pet products. Hartz is committed to
enhancing the Human-Animal Bond by providing quality pet products, with innovative
and technological solutions developed with proven science, and love for companion
animals. The Company offers over 1,500 different pet products, each of which is
dedicated to the health and well being of household pets.

Today under ownership of J.W. Childs Associates, LP, The Hartz Mountain Corporation
operates as an independent company with a strong focus on customer service,
international opportunities and innovation, through expanded research, development,
and quality in manufacturing. For more information on The Hartz Mountain
Corporation, please visit