Scared Mom-I just gave my babies Hartz

I bought Hartz Flea and Tick Repellent for my two cats this evening and sprayed them because fleas were making them miserable and I could not afford to go to the vet to get the good stuff. I noticed my cats are urinating outside the litter box and on bed clothes and etc. My cats never do that. So I decided to check on line to see if I can find any side effects. Your stories frighten me so much. One of my cats is pregnant and she was sprayed, bathed and sprayed again. Oh my gosh, what have I done to my precious cats. I cannot afford vet care right now…………….pray for my babies please!

Another victim

Well it seems that i am too late in determining what has happened to my cat’s i recently bought the hartz flea and tick killer from wallmart….applyed and 2 days ago…and now i have 5 cats that are having uncontrollable seizures and i dont have the money to try and take them all to the vet and dont know what i can do to try and save them…If there is ANYTHING i can do to get this product off the shelves of the wallmart stores plz let me know…i must go tend to my FIVE cats that are flopping all over the floor due to this product and i will do what i can to never see it sold ever again

about flea and tick collar and shampoo

After reading these posts about the Hartz products I had my hubby read some of them too we decided to take the Hartz flea and tick collar off of our Daushound “LIL BIT” he seemed happy as soon as it was off his neck ! we discused the way our one year old collie “Trixie” had died about 2 years ago , she was an out side pet and was covered in ticks, we had used the flea and tick drops on her and she died about a week after being treated we had never understood why she had died and now we may have an answer to that question,problem is we did not have her sent to vet for verification of why she died.

And now I know for a fact that we will NEVER EVER use Hartz product again …I do however have a question… Can anyone tell me if Sergents is a good brand to use on our pet LilBit?
Thank you so much for making this info public and available and I hope that this site saves many many animals and owners from the pain and problems caused by the Hartz flea and tick drops.

Margie Whitaker

Wanring: Hartz flea and tick products

This not an urban legend but a serious problem that could harm your cat or

My husband and I have a 7 year old healthy male cat named Tiger. We
normally use Frontline flea and tick products on him but had run out and
decided to pick up Hartz’s version of the same sort of prevention treatment
at the supermarket the other day. I had used many Hartz products in the past
and did not see any reason not to try this one. Around 1:30 on Sunday we
applied the gel as directed and by 4:30 noticed the cat was not behaving
normally. A usually social and affectionate animal was avoiding us and hid
behind the laundry basket in the closet. His pupils were very dilated. The
flea product was the only thing we could think of that was out of the
ordinary. My husband went to read about it on the Internet and to our
horror discovered that there is a class action law suit against Hartz
because of serious side effects and many deaths related to this product. We
immediately washed the remaining gel off our cat and took him to the
emergency vet. She confirmed that this product was a hazard to animals and
that our cat seemed to be doing fairly well compared to others she’d seen;
many cats and dogs have convulsions and seizures from this. The substance
used in the Hartz gel is a pesticide that has been banned for use on lawns
for years but for some reason is still being sold to pet owners. I am
frankly appalled that the product has not been removed from the market.
Apparently a warning label is supposed to cover Hartz against problems but
what about the innocent pets? I recommend you avoid using this Hartz
product, and I plan to ask our supermarket to stop carrying it. Tiger seems
to be doing fine, but the vet said the first 24 hours were the most

Wendy Pojmann, Ph.D

Hartz killed my cat

I recently bought hartz flea and tick conditioning shampoo for my cat. Well i have bathed my cat TJ 3 times in a month with this stuff and at first nothing happened the 2nd time he started acting weird like hiding from me and laying around well i thought it was just because cats dont like baths. well the third time he got even worse he wouldnt eat, drink then had trouble even standing. I rushed TJ to the vet and an hour later i have to bury my cat becuase of some shampoo for fleas. How can they be allowed to sell something that will kill our animals! There was no warning on this bottle telling me it would kill or i think people wouldnt buy it so please dont buy anything hartz too many of there products are bad for our pets! My family learned the hard way please dont let it happen to your four-legged family members

KGPE CBS-TV in Fresno

Sender’s Name: Kristine Lazar
Sender’s Email: [email protected]

I am a reporter at KGPE CBS-TV in Fresno. I am doing a special assignment piece on Hartz Flea and Tick medication, and the reactions
it causes in some cats. I am looking to get in touch with a local pet owner who has had problems with the medication.

I thought you may have a member that lives here in the Central Valley.
Please let me know if you can help.


Kristine Lazar

Bobbi Mercer’s letter to Hartz

Sender’s Name: Bobbi Mercer
Sender’s Email: dew158 (at) bellsouth (dot) net
Message: Letter to Hartz;
October 10, 2004

Consumer Relations Department
The Hartz Mountain Corporation
400 Plaza Drive
Secaucus, NJ 07094 USA

RE: My two cats poisoned by Hartz

To Whom It May Concern:

On October 6, 2004, I purchased your Hartz 3 and 1 Flea, Tick and Mosquito Drops for cats over 10 pounds, Advanced Care.

I read all the warnings and how to apply the medicine. NOTE regarding the WARNINGS:

I realize in this day, if there have been adverse reactions from a product, via a study or by actual consumers having a problem with a product; any company must put the warning on the label.

Thus, in reading the Warnings on the label, I thought that the adverse reactions were probably in a relatively few cases.

Through my experience these past few days, this in not the case. The flea and tick products, especially the Advanced Care Drops are POISON.

The $5.00 that I spent at Wal-Mart from your product, turned into over a $505 vet bill. By the Grace of God, an excellent vet, and quick thinking, my two cats are on the recovery.

Since this incident, I have been on the web and my eyes are now open to what has been an on going problem with Hartz products poisoning animals.

In my conversation with your Consumer Relations Department, Darlene, on Friday, October 8, 2004, she advised me to write a letter to you, send the vet bills, and get the vet’s report on and the cats. She also advised me to contact the EPA.

In my research on this, I found that the EPA has already been involved, and “through an agreement with Hartz”, all you were required to do is repackage the poison. It does not take a rocket scientist to SEE what is REALLY going on.

Thus, I will not waste my time or energy sending vet bills, etc. due to this statement from another one of Hartz’s victims:

After sending notices to Hartz’s company for over six months, she finally got a reply from them. They are wanting to send me a check for 296.00 for expenses which don’t even touch the vet bills I have had to pay if I sign a release form on their product. Class action suit against Hartz :

So, here is my letter, BUT, I am not sending you bills, because I will not release you from this product.

What I have done, is:

Contacted our local ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, our local newspaper, and most importantly:

I have gone to several of our local Wal-Mart stores and have spoken with the managers in authority and have shared what has happened. They are appalled!

The process has begun for all of Wal-Mart to pull Hartz products off their shelves. One of the manager’s wife works at the local Target, and the process of removing Hartz’s products will begin their too.

I am also contacting PetsMart and PetCo and inform them of Hartz’s poisoning animals, and will seek their cooperation in pulling all Hartz’s products from their shelves as well.

I have also contacted via e-mail all victims that have reported Hartz poisoning their animals and have shared what we are doing here. And have advised them to do the same in their cities.

My daughter is in the Birmingham, AL area, and she is going to do the same thing. She stated: “I will never buy another Hartz product.”

Alabama Poison Control has called me twice to see how my two cats are doing. I have relayed the information that I have learned regarding Hartz poison, and she is also looking into what they can do. The Alabama Poison Control also has this report of what happened to my son regarding inhaling the fumes off the cat’s fur:

This is what happened to my 19 year old son: He was helping me with the cats, in the middle of the night, on Wednesday night, after midnight. He worked for several hours with both cats, trying to wash off the the product. He had inhaled your product for about two hours. He told me that he had gotten a severe headache from the fumes coming off the cat’s fur, and he needed to go to bed because of how sick he felt. He went to bed around 5:00 a.m., Thursday, October 7, 2004.
He told me, just last night, Saturday, October 9, 2004 this: “Mom, I had a really severe headache from the fumes, which you already know. But, I didn’t tell you what happened later. In the morning, (October 7, 2004) Thursday, I felt horrible. I felt as if I had the flu, as my muscles were aching. Then on Thursday night, my muscles began to tremor, just like the cat’s muscles were doing and I could not get to sleep until around 6:00 a.m.” He stated, that he was all right now. I asked him why he didn’t share this earlier. He said: “I didn’t want to worry you.”

People, companies, think that they can “get away” with almost anything as long as the $$$price is right. NOT SO WITH US!!!!!!!!!!!
Truly what Hartz has sown, they will reap 100 fold. You cast your bread on the water, and after many days it will return to you.

You remind me of what has happened to Martha Stewart. By trying to save a couple of bucks, she has lost millions, upon millions, not including herself and her reputation.

Truly, in the future, Hartz will be known as: “HARTZ, THE COMPANY THAT YOU CAN NOT TRUST”

Bobbi Mercer
Huntsville, AL

Hartz Flea and Tick Drops are dangerous

On the morning of Friday, 08 October, I applied Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops to my cat Cleopatra in accordance with the instructions printed on the back of the package. By the end of the day, I noticed that my cat was exhibiting behaviors inconsistent with her normal behavior. She was rubbing the area where I applied the Flea & Tick Drops, her ears were twitching, shook her head like something was bothering her, lost interest in cat food, became aloof, ran outside not wanting to come back in, had problems with balance and went through periods of body shivers.

Saturday, 09 October, I realized that the above symptoms were getting worse and I bathed her in a mild soap. After drying her off, Cleopatra spent the rest of the evening cuddling against me, which is unusual for her. Cleo acted like she was cold even though the house was warm and she was bathed in warm water. However, the skin irritation, ear twitching, balance problems and body shivers, continued. I also noticed that her left ear was red and hotter than the right. Her normal appetite did return later that evening and she ate all her cat food. When I went to bed, Cleo got under the covers and stayed there all night, which was out of character for her.

The next morning, the skin irritation, ear twitching, head shaking, balance problems and body shivers had somewhat subsided and her appetite was back to normal. Although she acted like she was unusually cold the entire day. Even though it was Sunday, I put a call into my Veterinarian. My Veterinarian, Dr Connolly who has taken care of all my cats for the past 20 years, told me that he knows of the problems with Hearts Brand Flea and Tick Drops. He suggested that I keep an eye on Cleo and if her symptoms get worse, to call him. By the end of Sunday, about twenty-four hours after we bathed her, her symptoms were almost gone.

My cat Cleo is a healthy 3-? year old female domestic short hair and we do not believe that she is a pure bread cat. I took her in when her previous owners abandoned her over two years ago. She spends most of her time indoors and is fed Science Diet cat food purchased from my local Vet. I have applied Flea Drops purchased from my Veterinarian to Cleo in the past and have seen no adverse reaction. My last cat, who lived over 20 years, was given Flea Drops (purchased from my Vet) and never reacted the way Cleo reacted. I am an experienced cat owner and grew up with cats.

A quick internet search revealed that many other cat owners have reported similar problems when they used Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops. All the above plus the warnings on the packaging of your product lead me to believe that Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops are defective, unsafe and should not be sold. Due to this, I will never use any Hartz products and will advise all my friends to do the same.

My Poor Baby Snowball

Snowball(our kitten), came into our lives by walking throught our open front door. He just came in so unafraid and confident, just like he was met to be here. Needless to say his personality won us over instantly. I never have know a kitten to have such a gentle heart. I thought since Snowball was a stray and had been itching quite profusely he had a flea problem. I inspected him and soon my theory was proven true by the sighting of little black jumping bugs. I went to the store with my husband, and purchased Hartz Advanced Care 4 in 1 for cats 10lbs and under. After applying the medicine within 2-3 hours my poor Snowball was shaking with uncontrolable tremers. We rushed him to the emergency vet office, because it was Saturday. I was very surprised to hear from the veternarian that this is an allergic reaction that happens quite often. I had read the side affects on the package, but I figured it was only something that happened occasionally. The veternarian made it clear that it certainly wasn’t the case. Snowball was given a bath with dawn dish soap, and a shot to help easy the tremers. I sit here tonight hoping and praying that the kitten we have all grown so attached to in less than a week will come away from this unharmed. I was then extremely shocked at the amount of similar horror stories on this website. I am very touched by the stories of people and their pets. I believe no animal or owner deserves to go through this type of preventable pain. Hartz needs to pull this poision off the shelves!