My cat almost died

My story is no different than the ones I’ve read on this site. I put Hartz Flea and Tick Drops on my 7 pound cat and three days later she was experiencing tremors, was very ill, and almost died. I’m VERY upset with the Hartz Company and can’t believe that there haven’t been lawsuits. I have a large vet bill which a disabled police officer living on disability can’t afford. Of course I HAD to come up with the money but it really put a crimp on my budget. You know the old story: You tell ten people, and they tell ten people, and so on and so on. Hartz will get theirs.


It’s me again. Reading through some more stories I get more and more aggrivated and frusrated because a lot of the symptoms people are describing are not even closely related to the Hartz products. I am by no means on Hartz side, I am trying to help you guys, the consumers. There are a lot of things that people need to know that they might not know because sites like this don’t tell you.
#1 – If you suspect your animal has been poisoned by a Hartz product, CALL THE COMPANY right away, they have a medical dept. which is staffed with DVM’s and CVT’s that can help and give you proper medical advise, they will not lie to you.
#2 – If your animal has fleas, do not mix flea and tick products such as collars and drops or collars and shampoo’s. If you animal has the drops applied, you must wait the full 30 days before applying another flea and tick medication, otherwise you run the chance of having a bad reaction.
#3 – The flea and tick drops take 48 hours to fully absorb, therefore the product is not waterproof until after that time. If you cat has symptoms, they will show up anywhere from minutes to a few hours after application, they WILL NOT show up 2 days later. If any symptoms develop, bathe the cat in Dawn dishsoap ASAP and then contact your DVM.
#4 – You CANNOT use these products on pregnant or nursing mothers and you can also not use them on kittens and puppies under 12 weeks of age. Even if they are 2 weeks away from being 12 weeks old, it doesn’t matter. There is a reason that age is on there, very young and very old animals cannot handle the product as well. That is why the warning is there.
#5 – Flea and tick collars from Hartz and the Flea and Tick drops from Hartz have completley different ingrediants in them which cause completley different symptoms. A reaction to the drops will show up as seizures and tremors, more or less neurological symptoms, the collars will show up as what we call S.L.U.D.G.E. or Salivation, lacrimation, urination, diarrhea, gastrointestinal cramps and emesis or vomiting.
#6 – Last but certainly not least. If your animal dies from what you or your DVM suspect is from one of the Hartz products, Hartz will do what is called a necropsy or autopsy on your animal absolutly free of charge to you. This will determine the actual cause of death. You do not pay shipping or anything. All you have to do is bring your animal to the DVM ASAP after it’s death and keep it cool until it can be shipped to the U of Illinois. That is another reason why it is so important for you to call the company if you suspect your pet is having a reaction to one of their products.
Thank you all for reading this and I hope that I helped some people without making others really angry.

What really happens to cats…..

Well, I have been reading through the stories on here and I really get a kick out of them. The reason I say this is because people are so misinformed as to what these ingrediants actually do to animals it is unreal. I do not disagree however that this product should be removed from the market, I think it should all be burned and that no one should be able to purchase animals medications of any sort over the counter.
As a vet tech I see this a lot. What people need to understand is that when a cat has a reaction to this product it will be within a few hours after application, not days, months or years later. You will see shaking, tremors, seizures, and hiding. Vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding, kidney and liver failure as much as people would like to think are related ARE NOT!! There is nothing in these products that have been linked to renal or hepatic damage. I don’t know why people cannot understand that.
I really do not want to make anyone angry, I know that a lot of people have gone through some rough times with their animals becoming ill from these products, but I want and need to inform people of the REAL FACTS.
Another thing that angers me is the people who write their stories on here about putting the wrong medication on their cats and the cats having a reaction…..HELLO? It’s your own fault, not the company. Hartz specifically puts on the package the size of cat that each product is made for. If you cannot read that is not the companies problem. I am sorry if your animal has a reaction, but you should have read the label.
Again, I am sorry if I made anyone mad, but this is the honest truth. I am truly sorry for those who have lost pets and for those that went through hard times with their animals almost loosing them. But people need to understand the facts and need to stop believing everything they hear or read.

was my cats death caused by a flea collar?

my 8 year old gray tabby mork died on wednsday… about 5 months ago we picked up a hartz or should i say HURTZ flea collar for him not knowing of any problems with the collar. about a week after placing the collar on the cat he started seizing and going to the bathroom on the floor, and drooling on himself. at first we dint think much of it because my mom had been told that it is normal for most cats to have atlease 1 seizer in a life time. well it continued so my mom looked up about the brand name and found incidents with the flea drops and though maybe that is what is causing it so i removed the collar. mork seemed fine again bouncy and active like had always been. on wednsday the 13th of july mork seemed fine all day like always wanting attention, sitting at the door sitting there waiting for my dad 2 come home. he was a real lap cat just couldnt wait for attention. that night at bout 10:30 he jumped up on my moms lap purring like crazy. by 11 that night mork went into a seizer and died. so once again my mom did some more research and found that what happened to mork seemd to be an aneurysm or a brain tummor but im wondering is it could have been caues by the collar. if anyone knows anything about if it could have been the caused please e-mail me because I am one of the most animal loving people out there and ill make it known what this product is doing to our beloved pets thank you sammi

Hartz is deadly

Two days ago I put Hartz Flea, Tick and Mosquito drops on my 3 cats. All 3 of them started behaving very weird. They were licking and scratching and twitching and their eyes looked strange. I wiped off as much as we could the first night. Then a co-worker told me she had read an article about Hartz killing cats. I immediately went home and washed the remainder of the drops off with soap and water. They are a little better today, but they haven’t slept since I applied the drops. Thanks for you informative website. I thought Hartz was a trusted name in pet care products. I will never ever use any of their products ever again. I read somewhere that this has been happening since 1998 – that’s 7 years. How could they keep selling products that are murdering people’s “babies”. My cats are my children – I am one of the lucky ones – I think my cats are going to be ok. I ams o glad that your website is informing and warning people about these products. Thank-you.

Hartz almost killed my baby!!!!!

About a week ago, on June 8th 2005, I used the Hartz 3-in-1 drops for cats and kittens on my newest kitty, Tino. When I first put it on him, around noontime, he was fine. I went to sleep for a few a while (I work 3rd shift) and when I got up 5 hours later, I noticed that he was shivering. He didn’t appear to be sick or anything, he just looked cold. His “shivering” worsened quickly, and within the hour, he had constant tremors that you could visibly notice from across the room! I tried getting him to walk around and play with me, but he wasn’t responding too well. I could see him trying to flex his paws and legs to stop the shaking. I brought him next door to my mother’s house; that’s where his brother is and they lov eto wrestle with each other. I wanted to see if he would play with him at all. He tried for a few minutes, but soon gave up. My mother was insisting that I put the medication on him too early (he was 2 days away from 12 weeks; not that big a deal). I didn’t think that was it, but I was worried that it was and upset that I might have been the cause of my baby’s discomfort. My mother and I brought him to the bathroom and tried to wash the stuff off him. We got most of it off, but because the stuff’s waterproof, some still remained on him. Not wanting to put him through any more discomfort at the time (this bath had been his first experience with water) I brought him back home, making a mental note to wash him again when I got back from work the next morning. I went out for a few hours to run some errands, the whole time thinking about my kitty at home. When I returned home to get ready for work, I noticed that Tino was doing A LOT better, but still had some lethargy and slight trembling. When I got to work, I set out on the internet to see what the side effects of putting the medication on him too early would be, just to see if they included what I had seen in him. Nothing came up with that search, but loads of information regarding Hartz being harmful to cats and kittens. In fact, the first website I found was The information I saw, regarding the EXACT medication I put on Tino, about the stuff causing tremors and much much worse side effects proved that both me and my mother were right. It was th emeds, but not because it was too early to be applied, but because it was poison!! I was so shocked and outraged at what I saw here, all the other pet owners horrific stories and pictures. How could they give Hartz a time limit with this stuff on the shelves, knowing that it harms and kills peoples beloved pets?!! This website said to bathe the cat, and I decided to buy some Dawn dishwashing liquid on my way home, as it breaks through grease and oil and would clean this off my cat. When I got home, as I was walking towards my front door, I saw my Tino RUNNING and PLAYING around the kitchen floor. I was soo happy to see him moving and playing that tears sprung to my eyes in seconds. Apparently, by getting most of the poison off him the night before, he had made a complete turnaround. Not wanting to take chances with the small amount still in his fur, I still hauled him upstairs for round 2, this time with a soap that could eradicate the toxins. I could tell instantly, although he was soaking wet, that all the profuct was off him. I dried him off, and sent him downstairs. Seeing as how I was involved in both of his recent soaking incidents, he didn’t come near me for a while, but I didn’t care. My baby was okay!! Now he’s back to his limber, frisky self, and I am soo happy. I thank my lucky stars that I came across this website, and found the information that I feel saved his life. If I hadn’t found out about this poison, I would have purchased it again when he was older, and the effects could have been much worse that time. I printed out all the information regarding this product anf the EPA’s involvement, and intend to mail it and hand deliver it to the retail stores until I get a response back from them that is suitable. In my eyes, Hartz is an evil, money-driven company that holds the meager money the get for each package of this poison sold ($3-4 depending on which store you get it in) over the lives of the animals that they are in th ebusiness of “protecting”. Shame on them!!

Hartz called me the other day

I submitted a complaint to Wal-Mart and referenced the EPA page that said the flea and tick products were supposed to be removed from the shelves because of adverse reactions. I also mentioned my own problem with what happened to myself and my cats.
They apparently gave my contact information to Hartz and a woman called me and asked about my experience. When I told her that my cat continues to have symptoms over a year afer having the stuff put on her, the woman said “our product doesn’t have longlasting effects!”. She was a bit condescending and acted as if the poison doesn’t do anything. She pretended to be friendly but there was something unpleasant in her tone. She then forwarded me to someone else to speak to them and describe the symptoms. I asked if she’d seen she got a bit upset and said that she’d talked to 1/3 of the people on there and that most of them were not true or something like that.
I imagine she’ll pass me off as some kind of kook too. I did not get the impression she was taking me very seriously. Or at least she sounded like she was a bit ticked the entire time.
I’m not gonig to lose any sleep over it though.

thank you

my name is tyler and i am 22 years old. I have a 2 year old persian/siamese with beautiful blue eyes. last night i gave her the same hartz flea and tick drops that all of you are all very fond of and about 2 1/2 hours later she went into a dramatic change for the worse the same symptoms as you all described shaking blinking very fast sensitive to noise and motions. well after i noticed those behaviors i immediatly tried to find out what the matter was an hour after i first witnessed her she went into a violent siezure which foam came out of her mouth it was around 1:00 am so i thought there wasnt a vet around that would be open so i went back to researching but adding the siezure and foaming as two more symptoms. she came into the computer room and tried to jump up onto my lap but could not succeed. seconds after that i noticed she was licking where the medication was applied than i thought maybe she had a reaction the drops, so i did a search on hopeing to get a website of some kind for the company but instead recieveing a list of warnings, caution and poisening websites that were focused on said medication. at the top of the list was this website hartzvictims so i clicked on it and i read some of the stories and it was exact word for word experiences that i was going through. knowing what you guys did made me react in a similar way taking my cat to the vet and getting her well. knowing me i probably thought she ate something bad and she would have eventually thrown it up. but in all reality this website and all of your stories saved my cats life. she is as we speak in the hospital on IV getting well becuase of all of you.
thanks again…………………tyler

My cat almost died too!

Well here goes…about a year ago my dad used hartz flea drops on our cat and later that evening she began acting strange. At first she seemed a little lethargic then as the evening proceeded on she began to twitch. So we contacted the nearest emergency vet and then took her immediately in. She had to stay over night and the bill was outrageous and she stayed sick for about a week. The vet said that it we had waited any longer she would have died. The vet informed us that Hartz is toxic to cats and other animals…. but only if the can get to it. Even applied properly cats can still lick it off. Anyways the cats fine now and we stay away from all Hartz products.

I lost my cat!!!

I applied Hartz drops to my three indoor cats last Monday night. My “black cat” approx. 15# and no medical problems was dead less than a week later. My husband and I were leaving out of town on Friday afternoon for a wedding and were due to return Sunday evening. Right before we left I checked on all the cats in the basement… They had been staying down there since Monday because I also have dogs and didn’t want to keep passing the fleas back and forth. My cat was sitting on the steps and meowing. Nothing out of the ordinary, maybe a little lethargic, but hindsight is 20/20. I never would have left her if I thought there would be any problems. When we returned home Sunday my husband went immediately down to check on the cats and she was dead, only nine years old. She was stiff and had an odor so we know she probably passed away not long after we left. My husband said she looked like she had curled up in a ball and went to sleep. I pray that she did not suffer and will not forgive myself for not being home. Even if I was, if she wasn’t having any symptoms I do not know if I could have done anything. I am beyond devastated and am blaming myself for not knowing about these products. I called Hartz on Monday and they claimed to know nothing of a “recall.” I also contacted my local pet store where the products were purchased and they also claimed they didn’t know of any problems. When I found this site after a friend suggested it might have been the flea medication because the cat had been perfectly healthy, I could not believe it!!! How can this stuff still be on the shelves??? I know nothing will bring my angel back and I will feel guilty for a long time, but something has to be done. My other cats are fine, thank God. When we brought them in for a check just in case before I started investigating the Hartz theory, my vet never suggested it could be the drops, even though we told her what we had used. I also used them on my dogs. All of the products have been sent back to Hartz. We must hit them where it hurts, in their walletts, and NEVER buy any Hartz brand product again. By the way I also contacted the EPA and they wanted me to dig up my dead cat and send her to them. NO WAY!!!!!