Last night, I gave Jewel some Hartz flea drops on the back of her neck. This morning, she started twitching and her eyes were dilated. I immediately called the doctor on-call, who told me the Hartz product is highly toxic, and that she needed treatment. Jewel was admitted to the hospital with “pyrethrin type toxicity”, was bathed with dish soap, given anti-seizure medicine and IV fluids, and hospitalized for the day for observation. Her doctor specifically told me that, unfortunately, this is a common reaction to Hartz flea products, and that Hartz has had several complaints from consumers. I was shocked to hear this since the product is available in all grocery stores, pet stores, etc.

Jewel came home with me tonight, but I can’t sleep for fear that she won’t make it through the night. She’s still twitching, and hiding under the bed. I was told the symptoms will probably last until the poison is out of her system. This makes me sick to my stomach. I had no idea a product made FOR cats could actually KILL them. How many more lives have to be spared before Hartz takes this product off the shelf!!!

Sergeants Flea &Tick soap killed my cat

Five Days ago, I gather my Kitty, Soap a towel, I wet her down and poured a small amount of soap in my hand and proceded to bathe my cat thinking it would help her stop itching with fleas. For my broken heart, it killed her! For three days she she laid at the vet trying to get well but to no avail. She was put out of her miserable state around 9am. I will miss her, how horrible to die that way.

dont use hartz

hi. i was writting to warn you to never use hartz products. my kitten almost died lastnight.my husband and i went out to eat lastnight thinking our 6 month old kitten would ba safe at home but when we came home she was shaking and having ceasers her pupils were dialated and she was throwing up. she couldnt even do simple things such as walk or jump up on to her favorite spot on the couch. we rushed her to the emergency vet they hooked her up to an iv gave her a bath and gave her a shot of vallum. she left the vet with a pocket full of water a little pouch on her back. she is still a little wobbily but she is eating now. i urge you to never use hartz it could leave temporary permanate damage or even death. too bad they dont put that warning on their products.

My mother used these drops on her cat & it nearly killed it!

My mother recently used these flea drops on her cat. He is 19 years old & it nearly killed him! The drops started to make him sick. He couldn’t keep his food down or he just wouldn’t eat. H started to lose patches of hair & itch twice as much. Plus, he started having random seizures. My mother took him to the vet & was told to quit the flea drops immediately. He has almost recovered fully. He keeps having the random seizures every once in awhile. We nearly lost him because of these stupid drops. At his age, we were lucky that he could recover from this.

what a mistake

We ignorantly applied the flea drops to our 2 year old tabby and went through an incredibly scary weekend with her. About 10 hours after application (at 3 AM), she was crawling around the bed with her claws extended, acting like she couldn’t relax. At that point, I was very scared and decided to wash it off with a wet rag. I felt crazy because I couldn’t explain what was wrong, but something very clearly was. The next morning, when she was still acting very restless and shaky, so we bathed her with gentle hand soap. She was still acting weird last night- acting as if her skin was very sensitive, shaking, no interest in playing, hunched over. This morning she seems to be back to her old self. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.
By the way, she still has fleas.

zodiac nearly killed our cat

My wife treated all of our pets with zodiac, thinking that it would be safer than Hartz, one night not too long ago. At about 4:30 she got up and found our youngest cat laying in a puddle of urine and blood in the kitchen floor seizeing violently. We called an emergency clinic and they said to wash her in dawn, as many others on this site have said, and get her to a vet. We washed her repeatedly and then took her to a vet who proceeded to wash her more and treated her with valium and phenobarbital. we left her there and went home. When we got there, we found another of our cats shaking and shivering and twitching as if being hit. We took him to the same vet and he got the same treatment. When we got home again. A third cat began twitching and shaking. We bathed the only two left at home repeatedly(the last as a precaution) We picked up our two guys from the vet not quite 12 hours after dropping them off. Thsecond cat was a little sluggish for a couple of days and is doing well now. The cat that seized, slept for about a day and a half and is slowly getting back to normal which is a miracle in itself, her temp was 95 degrees normal being 101ish. And The last affected cat twitched for a couple of days and is now normal. Our vet said that he had seen it before but not quite that bad, and all of the spot ons can do that to cats. When we called the zodiac number, they asked me if we left any friggin cabinets open and then said that their product couldn’t have done that, it must’ve been something in our house, thanks for calling bye. They didn’t even suggest anything, they just tried to avoid blame all together, surprise.

Hartz flea and tick conditioning shampoo for cats

Good evening! I have just had the worst week with my KitCat! I gave him his bath Tuesday night and seemed to be fine. Wednesday evening after returning from work he was acting spacey, he would literally fall face first into his food bowl. Around 2 am he had his first grand mall seizure. Thursday the second seizure occured at 11 am and I took him to the vet. The vet did bloodwork and nothing else, except they did apply Advantage on him and told me not to wash him or the Advantage would wash off. Thursday night another seizure at 12 am the next was 4 am! Called the vet the next mornin for blood test results and was told everything was ok, was asked to bring bottle of shampoo. When I did they called poison control and the vet was told that Permethrin was toxic and diagnosis was Permethrin toxitity. Took KitCat to overnight hospital for a wash and watch overnight. He had another seizure tonight. I am just besides myself at the moment. I dont know what to do? How long is this poison going to remain in my cat? Are the seizures going to stop? Is it permanant? I feel so helpless when this happens and is quite upsettin to say the least.

I would surely appreciate any and all responses to me…..please I need some input…what should I do?


Every week

I work at a vet hospital on emergency hours. At least once a week I get a call from a frantic pet owner, saying that they applied Hartz flea products to their animal, and the animal(most of the time feline) is now twitching and seizuring. I go through the normal routine of telling them to bathe their animal and bring it in for further treatment. The outcome of the situation depends on how early the problem is cought. Most make it through the hours of twitching and seizuring with the proper treatment, but there are some that don’t. It is always very dificult explaining to a grievig owner that the very product they gave their animal to help it has caused such suffering and sometimes death. My recomendation is to never use otc flea prevention. It may be less expensive, but you may end up paying a higher price in the end. Sincerly Concerned, Holly

Sam’s Story

Sam is our 6 yr old cat. Very healthy and active. We always give our cat Advantage flea medication but ran out. My husband went to the store and got Harts flea medication to round up the year. The day after we give Sam the medication, he became very slughish. Like he had the flu. We waited a day or two and he stopped all his functions. We took him to the vet and $500 dollars later, they could only tell us he had an infection that effected his liver with symptoms like hepatitis. They had no idea where it came from. We are glad to say he is well again. We have Hartz to blame for a loss of $500, days off from work and a potential loss of our cat if we had not taken him to the vet so soon.

My Kitty Died from Hartz Flea Preventive

I received my kitty as a gift from my brother for graduating high school 3 years ago. One week ago I gave Skitz, my perfect kitty, a flea bath with a Hartz product. Never in my life would I expect what happened next. My favoritest little cat was in the middle of my living room floor twitching and spasming as he spit up tons of blood. My 14-yr old sister watched as I stood in shock. I had no idea what was wrong with my cat. I took him to the emergency animal center where they said he would be fine. The next day I had to transfer him to his regular vet, where he began to become worse. He wouldn’t respond to any of the medicine nor would he stop twitching. My kitty was put to sleep that day. Please do NOT use HARTZ products on your animals. I never thought a company could put a product out that could kill the animal.