Hartz Tick and Flea Spray made our dog crazy and sick!

Our 80 lb dog Sterling (he’s a mutt) had some itching on his back so we decided to spray him with Hartz flea and tick spray last night. Minutes after we sprayed him, he was acting funny. He paced around our house for two hours crying and drooling, unable to sit down for even a minute. Soon after he even vomited. After we saw this reaction, we remembered months earlier when we had used the same spary on our dog Sampson and his strange reaction. It didn’t occur to us at the time that it was the spray, Sampson dosen’t like getting baths so we figured this was just something else that bothered him… little did we know it was REALLY bothering him and it was completely the HARTZ spray. My husband went home at lunch today and bathed Sterling to get this poison off of him. We are fortunate that both of our dogs are okay after having this product used on them. I had never heard the horror stories till I started searching today, once seeing Sterling’s behavoir last night. I am telling everyone I know not to use any type of Hartz product!! and I never will again!

Thank God For this website!

I’m so glad you have this site! It prompted me to read more on the subject. I went to the store just this morning and purchased hartz 4-in-1 flea and tick for my cats. I applied it and then wondered about Hartz products so I came online to see what there was to be seen. Lo and behold here’s a whole website dedicated to bad hartz stories.

Well long story short, I just got done washing my 2 cats ( fun fun fun )
I’m glad i saw this site before they had a chance to wash themselves.

Thanks again for the heads up.

Oh Hartz if you see this, You have lost yet another customer and I want my money back!

Broken Hearted by Hartz

I am in tears tonight as I read your website. I just buried the second of two kittens that died on me the last two days. I recenlty tried the Hartz for cats/kittens flea spray on these two by spraying a towel and then wrapping them in a towel. I had read the back and there was no warning on the label it seemed. However a friend pointed out to me in small print at a corner to peel the top label off and read underneath the original label. My heart sank as I read in small print “do not use on animals under 12 weeks” this is outrageous and misleading to the buyers. Why would you not put this info in plain view? Why was this info hidden underneath the top label? The youngest kitten died within 24 hours and the other hung on for days. I never thought it might be the flea spray because of the lack of warning and because i did not spray them directly. I was going crazy trying to figure it out. Since they came from the shelter we assumed they were sick and put the second one on antibiotics. The second one seemed almost drunk and lethargic. Would not eat. She seemed to get a little better and then like an idiot, i saw a few fleas on her last night so I sprayed a small Qtip and swabed a small area where the fleas were. she went down fast right after that. I feel awful. All the time I am trying to figure out what is wrong and there it was. please tell me what i can do!

Help Noel

Sender’s Name: Noel Thomas
Sender’s Email: [email protected]

Hi. My name is Noel Thomas. I have been in a living hell all this week. It started Monday night with my 4 month old kitten going crazy.

I put a hartz flea collar on him the day before. By that night he kept crying and so we took it off. The next night he just got worse and worse. He started drooling, and running around the house crying and jumping all around. Finally we took him to an emergency vet office that is open at night. They were so awful!!!!!!! The vet just kept saying that she thought it was rabies. Within 5 min the cat had passed. She then instructed up to go the hospital and be vaccinated for rabies. When we went to the hospital the doctor said that he felt it was not rabies and that they had not had a outbreak in 50 years.

They tested the cat at the county lab and the test was negative. In the mean time I have been living in a living hell!! I have several other cats and was so afraid that they would become sick as well. I told the vet that I thought it could be the flea collar and she just would not listen!!!

Is there anywhere I can complain? Do you know if there is a place to call to complain on vet? Any info would be great.

My Cat had reaction and My Heart Goes Out to Everyone

I bought the Hartz Flea Drops for My Precious Baby (Mo BeBe). I can’t believe I almost could have killed him, I could not handle it.
I lost my cat of 15 years almost 2 years ago (not Hartz related). I was not planning on another cat, being that I still have one other elderly cat living, but Mo Bebe found me. Someone had dumped him on the street, as a kitten, I heard his crys and said “KITTIE?”, next thing I know this beautiful white cat ran to me afraid and shaking. He was sent to me from somewhere and I knew he was mine!

Now about 18 months later, I thought I was doing something good. I applied the drops as directed, and within 15 minutes I noticed he was acting oddly, but didn’t think much of it. Until about an hour later….I found him hiding in the back of the closet, his eyes were glazed and he seemed to not be able to focus or comprehend anything. His ears were twitching and he was shaking a bit. He also kept pawing at his face in a crazed manner.

I went online, originally to check the Hartz website, but found yours. After reading the first entry i immediately washed him. I was so worried, I called several Emergency Animal Hospitals. They said I did the right thing by washing him and should continue doing so (with either dish soap or a mild oatmeal soap) for the next few days. I wanted to take him in somewhere, but I am currently unable to work and waiting for disability, and they all want payment up front. I watched him closely the entire night and next day and prayed.
Its been 3 days now and he seems ok mentally now, but he has a huge red burn mark were the drops were applied and the fiur is gone there also
.I keep bathing him daily and I hope he will be ok.

Had I known all this before I NEVER would have bought the stuff. You think Hartz is a good company, I am disgusted with them!!

I am telling everyone I know. I also contacted the local news stations in the area, and they are interested also.

I f anyone could email me info about the class action lawsuit or anything regarding that I would greatly appreciate it.

Again, my heart sincerely goes out to those of you that have lost “your children”. Hartz is going to pay!

Hartz 4 in 1 almost claims my kitty

Well, I sure wish I had done my research before buying this product.

Yesterday I was at my boyfriend’s place, and he noticed fleas on his one year old tabby, Elektra. Trying to be helpful, I suggest getting some flea and tick medication and go to the store to buy the Hartz 4 in 1. We applied it to Kitty and after several hours we noticed she had become listless and she began shaking a little.

So we bathed her and called the emergency vet (it was Midnight Sunday by this time) and upon telling her the situation she immediately asked, “Was the medicine Hartz?” When I responded yes she directed me to bring the cat immediately to the hospital.

They have sinced hooked her up to IV’s and have given her valium and a muscle relaxer to help her get over her poisoning. They told me had we waited until morning to bring her in that she would have been dead. Thankfully it seems she may be coming home today as she’s showing no signs of neurological distress, but this whole situation has me completely enraged. In trying to help my boyfriend’s cat I almost killed her, and had she died I never would have forgiven myself.

It’s my intention to attempt to collect not only my refund, but what will amount to almost $1,000 in vet fees from Hartz. I’m sure this probably won’t happen, but I have to try.

Needless to say, I’m preaching the word to keep anyone from buying this lethal product.


Blue Eyes suffers and dies

My little 6 mos. old kitty died after experiencing consecutive seizures and brain trauma after I gave him HARTZ flea drops for cats and kittens 10 pounds and under. THe vet tried to save him, but it was too late and it had attacked his brain. He was such a loving little kitty… really depended on me and trusted me. I feel awful and am very angry that Hartz killed my cat. WHen I called their consumer relations number, they claimed they had never heard of a death! What a bunch of bull! WHen I did an internet search on the stuff, I came up with thousands of websites on deaths in cats and dogs caused by this horrible product. HOW CAN IT STILL BE ON SHELVES?

my experience with Hartz

Melissa Johnson
Beckley, Wv 25801


Back in July 2003 I applied the hartz flea drops on my 12 year old very healthy cat.
The next few days were horrible..he went into seizures, wouldn’t eat, had tremors. I immediately contacted
my local vet and he stated that I would have to SHAVE my cats beautiful full coat and get him in as soon as possible as my cat was dying from the poison from the Hartz flea drops.
My cat was shaven..bathed and put on IV fluids. Today he is doing better but he has residual effects from the flea drops.
I contacted hartz and told them my story and was very upset with there company. At that time I was asked to submitt my bills and the product package, I did exactly what they asked. I cried for days and suffered from guilt of what I had done to my cat.
Today (2 months later) I came home from work to find a HORRIBLE LETTER from hartz, it reads as follows:

Dear Mr. Johnson:

Thank you for submitting the requested information regarding your cat, Oscar Bear. After an extensive review by our veterinary staff, it is our determination that Oscar Bear’s problem was caused by inappropriate use of the product.

As it is a Violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling, inappropriate application of the product would not be considered the fault of the Hartz Mountain Corporation. We strongly recommend that all pet owners read and follow label directions very carefully, before applying any product to there pet. Hartz cannot assume responsibiltiy for product misuse. However, as a gesture of Goodwill, we are making a decision to reimburse you for professional services rendered and also for product cost.

Hartz’ mission is to enhance the Human Animal Bond by proving quality products with innovative and technological solutions developed with proven science and love for companion animals. Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns.

Very truly yours,

Dr. Jill Richadson
Associate Director
Consumer Relations and Technical Services

NOW, I called Hartz and was told that the WHOLE staff was in a meeting and that I would be getting a return call later in the day. A few minutes later I recieved a call from Rosemary a Hartz Rep. When I questioned her as to how I “misused” there product she informed me that it stated on the product label that the product should not be used on “aging” pets. Hartz considers a cat 10 yrs or older to be “aging” regardless of its health, BUT it does not state this on the package, How am I an ordinary consumer suppose to know that !!!!!! If it shouldn’t be used on pets over 10 yrs old then they need to put that on the lable, BUT as I calmly stated to Rosemary, its a nice loop pole to prevent them the libality. I will be speaking with an attorney.
Its not about Money..its about accountabilty and there lack of it.
If they would have stated somewhere in this HORRIBLE letter ” Mrs. Johnson we are sorry for your experience with using the Hartz product and we hope that your cat is in good health” just a simple gesture of concern I might be able to accept there lack of accountabilty for selling poision, but Hartz even lacks the one natural instinct that every human should posess…CONCERN.
Hartz is a big company with NO HEART.

Bad reaction to Hartz 4 in 1 cat flea medication

I just wanted to let you know my cat had a serious reaction to the Hartz 4 in 1 flea medication. I was unaware of the problems with Hartz products and purchased the flea medication. I applied the proper dose on my cat and within hours she bgan to scratch the medicated area and also had frequent tremors/shaking of her head and leg. She spent the next 2 days at the veterinarian getting medication and IV treatments. She is now home and seems to be fine. I am in the process of writing a letter to Hartz demanding reimbursment for both the vet bill and purchase price of the flea medication. I don’t understand how Hartz can continue to sell this medication when there are so many people who have had experiences similiar to mine. Thank you for getting this information out.

Kevin E.
Lacey, WA

Looking for information on Class Action Law Suit

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