Be aware of Hartz products

Thursday, October 2nd, I applied hartz flea and tick medication to my cat ditzy, friday evening he was walking as if he was drunk, drooling form his mouth and having tremors. I first called his vet and reched the service at 8:30 pm. The vet never called back. By 9:45pm he had a grand mal seizure that lasted minutes and then left him disoriented and weak. I continued to call the vet to no avail. By 5am he showed some improvement, we were able to contact another vet who saw him immediatley. We were able to take him home and continue to monitor. He continued to have slight tremors and his appetite returned. However by sunday morning his tremors intensified. I contacted the vet who gave us seizure medication. He has received two doses and is now calming down. I wont know the outcome, if he survives only time will tell.

I want to know why this product is still on the market after all the complaints and the class suit actions. How can our government allow this to continue to be sold. How many more animals will die due to this product. If anyone out their can help get this off the market please contact me at [email protected]

Hartz Flea & Tick Drops nearly killed my 1 year old cat!

our cat Samantha is only 1 year old. we’d just moved to a new apartment and hadn’t had any problems with fleas yet since we had gotten rid of them at our old apartment and had been treating both of our cats with Advantage. well, we live on the ground floor of our new apartment complex so we were bound to have some problems again, I guess.

my boyfriend called me at work and asked me to get some spray for the apartment. while I was at the grocery store I remembered that we were out of Advantage and it would take me several days to order it online for a reasonable price so I decided to pick up some Hartz Flea & Tick Plus drops for cats under 10 pounds. I applied it to both of our cats when I came home. our 3 year old cat Daphne was fine and still acting like her spunky self but Sam started acting very reclusive, napping all day, and wasn’t interested in eating. after about a day and a half I decided that she was definitely sick from something, but I didn’t see how the drops could be the source.

I called the closest vet hospital and told them what we’d given her and she told me to wash her and bring her in immediately b/c it sounded like “Hartz toxicity.” I was floored. I was convinced that I had killed my cat. my boyfriend rushed her over there while I did some research on the ‘net and came up with this site. if only I had done the research first, we may not have a $475 vet bill.

I’m outraged that this vile product is still on the market and is killing so many cats each year. the vet said they have something like 1 cat in every single week due to this poisoning! I plan to submit a formal letter of complaint with all of our bills attached b/c nothing else could have caused a very healthy and active 1 year old cat to have tremors and nearly die. I’m just so glad that we caught it in time before she deteriorated anymore.

Anger, guilt, frustration and outrage

I share with many of you a sense of anger, guilt, frustration, and outrage, as I mourn for the loss of our beloved cat, Stickley. We began using drops to control our flea problem about 6 years ago. The Advantage brand from the vet worked well, but with 5 cats the cost was prohibitive. I found some over the counter drops which seemed similar, and had used them on and off for several years, with no ill effect. This fall, as the fleas got out of hand, I went to my local Petco and found the Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick Care drops on sale. I bought 2 packs to treat my five cats.

While I want to share this story, and try to prevent Hartz from selling this awful poison, I really hate to relive this experience. Okay – so Stickley had lots of fleas – we’d been flea-combing her, and finally gave her the drops one afternoon. I had always stretched them out, just applying a couple of drops rather than the whole tube, and usually that seemed to be sufficient, and minimized exposure for the cats. Applied the Hartz drops to 4 of our 5 cats. After a few days, Stickley still had lots of fleas so I decided to apply a little more, what I thought might be a “full” dose for her – I somehow had the perception that this was a fairly mild medication – I guess the cheery white and green package, with a healthy-looking orange kitty on it, combined with the fact that it didn’t seem to have done anything. Within a few days, Stickley was in bad shape. I wish I’d visited this website then – I might have been able to save her. She lost her sense of balance – would try to jump up on things and fall – and got an unfocused, confused look. She lost interest in eating. We thought perhaps her time had come – she was an older cat, and had been slowing down for some time. But within a week she seemed to have declined from “slow” to “near death”.

I kept saying I thought maybe it was the drops, and everyone said I was crazy. Finally, I had time to go on line and research the subject – what a horrible shock! I washed her, and she seemed to perk up a little, and made an appointment for the vet that afternoon. By the time we got her there, she was pretty unresponsive – purred a little, would look at us in a semi-conscious way, but very quiet. The vet showed us that her gums and inside of her ears were tinted yellow, and said that indicated liver failure. He seemed disinclined to believe that the drops had been an important factor in her illness. He gave her some steroids, an “antidote” for poisoning, and several syringes of saline solution. We brought her home.

Later that night, Stickley died. My ten year old son and I sat and cried. While others might doubt, I’m convinced that if I hadn’t used the Hartz drops she’d be alive today. We buried her in our yard.

I don’t think Hartz would consider me to have a case – Stickley was one of those “aged” cats they advise against using it in the fine print on the back. I foolishly assumed that because she’d used products that looked similar, this one would be okay, too. I should have been tipped off by the way it smelled, very toxic and nasty, and the way it slimed in a greasy way across the fur. Advantage is a mild-smelling drop that seems to just absorb into the skin, and it supposed to be completely safe for mammals. This phenothrin-based Hartz Advanced Care is dangerous – it should not be marketed as safe for cats.

If there is a current lawsuit forming, I would be interested in participating.

My condolences to all of you who have lost your pets.

Barbara Morris

Beware of Hartz Drops for Ear Mites

I am hopeful that my kitten will pull through. I took in a stray kitten, who like all stray kittens, is affected by ear mites. I purchased some Hartz mite drops and she is fighting for her life. I think/hope she will make it. I used HALF the recommended dose and yet the drops still poisoned her. The treating vet told me that he hates all Hartz products and sees this type of poisoning all the time.

Juliet: Another Victim of Hartz

First of all, I am much thankful for having a site dedicated to finally bringing down Hartz for the crooks and murderers that they are.

My cat just got sick yesterday. She became shaking one hour after application. Took her to the vet today and she looks like she will be ok.

I bought the medication thinking it was a substitute for Frontline. It was conviently located on the shelf at Target and I thought I was getting a mild version of the drug. Little did I know.

I am amazed that this company has not gotten their butts sued yet for intent to harm and negligence.

If anyone knows of pending class action lawsuits, please call me, Harry at (267) 258-4216 or email [email protected] If not, I will start my own case.


longtime boycotter of Hartz pet products

I have been a boycotter of Hartz products since I was 15. I was the primary care taker of the family dog and therefore it was my responsibility to flea bathe and dip. My perfectly healthy 5 year old sheltie developed cancer and had to be put down. In trying to find out how and why this happened I researched everything I fed to him or put on him and found that it was most likely the flea control products I had used. Even Hartz’s disclaimer states “may cause cancer in some animals”. I also feel that in this day and age there is no need to use the outdated methods of flea control. We do not use dips, medicated shampoos or flea collars. The way to go is frontline, advantix or program. We use it during the late spring/summer months and discontinue when the weather gets cold. We use this in conjunction with natural remedies such as brewers yeast and plenty of excercise, which my vet says will help flea control. I have three dogs, one cat and a big yard. I have not seen a single flea in years.

Just a note

Came to this site through a thread. I am extremely upset reading all this. Quite a few years ago I worked at a pet store, and our owner NEVER carried Hartz products, I know this is about the dips, powders and collars, but the quality of the food and treats are also deplorable. To test seed grow some, I tried this and Hartz didn’t grow, nothing. My son made a mistake and bought a hamster treat that made his little friend VERY sick. Almost killed her. There have been numerous articals and shows about this and if the people selling and retailing knew the facts they could do what I did and still do, Tell people it may cost a little more but you do it for yourselves and your family and aren’t pets family?

Heather Donaho

We used the Hartz flea and tick drops on our cat Oreo. The next day my husband came home for lunch and found my cat shaking and she could not even walk. she was trying to lick her paw and she was trembling so bad she could not even get it up to her mouth. we took her to the vet luckily she survived but she had to stay overnight and had to be given lots of fluids and medication for the tremors. she is fine now but she has lost a little of her spunk.They should at least have a warning label on the package if they will not take it off the shelves.but i think they should take it off the shelves before it hurts more cats. i thought my cat was going to die. dont ever use this product because it can seriously damage your cat if not kill it.