What I’ve Seen

From the knowledge I’ve recieved working in the veterinary field, most flea & tick topicals should be used with caution on our pets. But, I have to say, I’m going on 5 years in this field and I’ve never seen one product alone cause sooo much harm and sometimes death as this product. When a person comes in with a pet with tremors and says the only thing that they have done different that day was apply a flea topical, they always look at us in amazement when we say, “Did you use Hartz by any chance?”. Please use the flea and tick control your vet recommends. Yes, I know it costs more, but from what I’ve seen, its worth every penny. I would never use Hartz on my 2 cats. I don’t know anyone in the vet hospital I work at that would either.


My cat Chloe almost died this past Sunday. I believe it was a direct result of us applying Hartz flea droplets a week ago. She could barely breath I had to take the poor thing to the emergency vet clinic where they drained her lungs, which in itself is a life threatening procedure. On Monday I took her to our regular vet who tested the vial of fluid drained out of her. She was also negative on every test they gave her for disease. The vet has come to the conclusion that she developed some type of infection or reaction which caused her lungs to fill up with fluid. I believe it was the Hartz because she showed no symtoms prior to the application of flea medication. If anyone’s pet has shown similar symptoms after being treated for fleas please contact me @ [email protected] Thank you in advance
Anne Tamel

Pretty All White Poodle Named Lil Girl Gets Ugly Black Spots

I’m searching for a current lawsuit against the Hartz company involving dogs. My beautiful all white poodle could of been a show dog before I used Hartz flea treatment on her. Within a few weeks of using the product she started getting two blackish brown spots in the exact spots I placed the treatment and they grew until now she has two horrible dark spots on her back. It even turned her skin the same color. I took her to the vet and he said that he has seen it many times from using those drops. I’m so happy that it did not cause her more damage although she throws up now and then now. If anyone knows of any suit I can join against this company for dogs, please email me at [email protected]. My name is Gina. Thank You!

I got very lucky…

I was very lucky with my Hartz experience. Although, at the time, I had no idea. I noticed my two 10 month old kitties were scratching often, and I noticed some fleas. Fearing an outbreak, I bought the Hartz medicine thinking I’d wipe it out before it got out of hand.
I applied it to one of my cats. It got too low on his back, and for fear of him licking it, I washed him off immediately. I don’t know why I didn’t think about the cats licking each other, but I didn’t. About a week later, I noticed a big dry bump of skin on my cat’s back. That is when I started to look up info about Hartz.
I was shocked at what I found and how close I was to hurting my kitties. I was very upset and very grateful at the same time. I have written PETA on this matter. They fight tooth and nail for animal rights, and I think that some organization like that will need to get involved for these products to stop being made.

My 8 year old cat is mentally & physically damaged after seizures

July 2003. Our cats are indoor/outdoor cats. We usually use a flea collar but switched to the Hartz flea and tick spray a week and a half ago. Our black cat Freddy was sprayed the first day. The other cat the next day. The next morning we found him in full seizure. We quickly took both cats to the vet where they were bathed. Freddy has been at the vets since. He doesn’t appear to know anything anymore, like he has brain damage. They were able to comfort him and reduce the seizures for the first couple of days, then he ran a fever of 105.5 so it was necessary to put him on antiobotics. He couldn’t move for several days, but now is sitting up and walking some. He appears to have injured his back during a seizure. He always turns his head and neck to the left and looks lost. He has not recognized me since the second day of seizing. He even growels at me now. He sits in the cage and looks lost and scared. I believe he has lost some vision. His eyes are still somewhat dialated even after 1 week. When we get him out of the cage he looks confused, and possibly in pain. He ate food one day, but has quit again. Does anyone know anything about recovering from this severe poisioning? After having a catheter for a day or so, He is not able to go to the bathroom. and does not know us anymore. I don’t know whether or not to have the vet put him to sleep or keep hoping he will mentally and physically come back to us.

We looked on the internet and found all this info about Hartz products and realized that we are a year or two behind the game. My children cry and want their cat back. Yet, I do not know what to do anymore. Our hope is fadeing, and our vet bills are high. I plan to send the vet bills and diagnosis to Hartz. But thats not the point. We love our cats of 8 years.

Bulldog dies

Subject: HartzVictims.org Feedback 
From: “jerry katz” 
Date: Sun, July 20, 2003 7:33 pm 
To: HartzVictims.org

Sender’s Name: jerry katz

Message: i used hartz flea & tick 2 in 1 on my 6 year old bulldog saterday night…1
hour later she died…the vet said it happens all the time…we are heart
broken…and in total shock…..we dont know what to do but this product is a

Did follow the new directions

I didn’t know about the severe reactions many cats were having to Hartz flea and tick products. I bought a Hart product for killing fleas and ticks on cats 10 lbs and under. The next day one cat was fine, the other was listless, not eating, slight tremor (dipping her head). I tried to wash it off, but the cat fought me and scratched me up pretty bad. I called the emergency vet number and they said to bring it in or try to get off the pesticide by rubbing with a wet towel. I chose to do the latter and wait the 4 hours til my husband could get home and help me give her a bath. We gave both cats a bath using a non-insecticide pet shampoo at a diluted strength. That was yesterday, Saturday. Now, Sunday morning, the tremor has stopped, but the cat is still listless with no appetite. I’m hoping she is getting better. If she is still not eating by tomorrow, Monday, I will bring her in to the vet. I will NEVER buy another Hartz product again.

Hartz is heartless!

As with the other stories stated, I, too, was unaware of the Hartz flea and tick horror. This evening I unassumingly applied Hartz Flea and tick prevntion drops to my cat, Cleo. Within seconds she started vomitting and foaming at the mouth. We immediately called our vet and were advised to wash her off w/ Dawn dish detergent. She seems better now but we’ll have to keep a watchful eye on her. We feel lucky to have had such a minor reaction compared to other stories. Words cannot describe how infuriated I am at Hartz and I will find out any other products that they make so I can boycott them!

Small doses = Big bills

After my indoor cat had mastered the art of popping out screens, I decided a flea treatment would be a good idea. Even though she was over 10 lbs., I didn’t feel comfortable using the dosage for that size. Opting for the dosage for cats 10 lbs. and under, I administered it per the directions. Imagine my surprise when my poor cat started to have difficulty walking, began to pant and drool, and couldn’t stand to be touched. When I called the emergency vet, she knew that it was Hartz before I even had the chance to tell her the brand!

After a night in the hospital, hooked up to a catheter and an IV, my little patient gets to come home today. While her battle may be over, Hartz’s is just beginning! I’ve filed the paperwork and will make sure that Target pulls the brand off it’s shelves and Hartz will be seeing my sizeable vet bill!