My Cat Cybil

About 4 years ago when my Cybil kitty was about
7 months old, I gave her a flea treatment. Less than 24 hours later, she was acting very strange. She was shaking and twitching and having uncontrollable muscle spasams for about 12 to 15 hours. My income was way below poverty level, about $450.00 per month. I could’nt afford a vet,
so we rode it out… After the muscle spasams stopped she started going into seizures. I mean she was flopping around for about 4 or 5 hours.
I thought for sure that she was going to die.

I did not know for sure what caused that to happen
until today. I was just exploring the web site because she is very ill right now from fleas, i think.

I will refrain from giving her a Hartz treatment, that’s for sure!


Sue Anderson

All Flea Drops are bad

Not only Hartz will kill your cat, but many others will kill it. Sergeants flea drops can also kill your pet. My mom put the drops on my cat, and later on he was having seizures. My mom thought he was just acting crazy when the dog chased him up the couch and upset him. He was moving so fast across the floor, so I am guessing it was from the medicine. I woke up later that night to the sound of a noise like someone choking. My cat was on the floor running around in circles. I picked him up and he started trying to grab hold of me, and slightly clawed me up in the process. Once I got him to calm down, he suddenly snapped out of it, took a few steps, meowed as though he did not no what happened. He was under my bed making a hacking noise, so I decided to go somewhere else to sleep. I woke up with my brother screaming and crying. The cat was having seizures again, only this time it was even worse. He was chomping his mouth open and shut over and over and over. We wrapped him in a towel, and put a plastic medicine dropper in his mouth to keep him from destroying his tounge. We figured out right away that it was the flea drops. After what was probably a long time, he suddenly stopped, puked up some fluids, gagged again, and then he dropped dead. My mom was in so much denial about using the medicine she was so bad off she didn’t want to live any more. I am just writing this to make sure all others do not make the same mistake as we did.

My 1996 experience

In 1996, I adopted my then 4 yr. old Buddy, Himalayan cat from our local shelter. He got the BEST of care always, but then I lost my job and was desperate to find a cheaper alternative for his flea problem. I truly was broke then, so I thought the Hartz would work just fine, as I had been using Advantage from my vet for some months prior. I put ONE drop one the back of his neck, and then four hours later Buddy was walking sideways, howling, drooling profusely, and seemed to be having small seizures! Broke as I was, I took him into my vet at 7am, and the vet took him and the Hartz product. Buddy was on IV’s for 2 days, and it was expected that Buddy would not be able to recover – potential nerve damage, was the vet’s prognosis. It took about 1 week for Buddy to be healthy, and he still is to this day. For all these years, I have blamed MYSELF, for being broke, for not being able to provide good care for my pet, for maybe poisoning him because perhaps I was somehow “stupid”. Tonite I find your website, and am brought to tears, and great anger, in the knowledge that I did nothing wrong – that Hartz has a problem, and they have obviously done nothing for several years!! I can finally forgive myself, and I feel a kinship with all those whose stories I have read tonite…thank you for sharing, and bless all who have lost a pet because of this SLAUGHTERHOUSE of a company. I will not buy so much as a rubber ball from Hartz for as long as I live!! I had no idea that this was a nationwide problem-still, after all these years. Deedra, Oregon

Petra and Pandora

I just got two kittens – Petra and Pandora… they are just at 12 weeks old, but have fleas, so I used some Hartz (for cats and kittens 10lbs or under) that I had purchased a few weeks ago (in anticipation of getting my sweet girls)… I applied the drops at around 5pm… then, at around 10… Petra started first – I noticed that she was walking funny – almost sideways, and she looked like she was shivering, but it was more intense than that… not a siezure, but muscle spasms – even her little ears and tail were shaking…. I washed her off and dried her and gave her water with a dropper… then went to check on Pandora – who seemed to be fine at first, but soon after also experienced the all over body shaking… I washed her and dried her… Gave each of them water throughout the night and kept them wrapped up. They are at the vet right now, getting another bath and receiving atropene to help relieve the tremors.. Maybe even some Valium… These are KITTENS for goodness sake! They shouldn’t have to go through this! Hartz is very irresponsible for allowing this product to continue to be sold, and I, for one, will never use ANY of their products again… I have told everyone I know the same thing…. No one needs to go through the worry I went through last night, particularly when they are just trying to be good to their animals….

Pyrethrin Toxicity

My cat, Brownie, a 4 1/2 year old (otherwise) healthy cat is now in the vet emergency clinic the day after I used Hartz Flea & Tick Drops Plus on her. She began rolling on rugs trying to get it off while howling pitifully. She now needs hydration. I hope she will be better soon. I have removed all Hartz products from my household and will never purchase Hartz again. In addition, I plan to let all my friends and family know the danger of this product. So they recalled the product IN ORDER TO RELABEL IT!!!!! How thoughtful of Hartz. My vet bill now stands at $350 and is likely to cost more. This is true corporate irresponsibility.

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An hour too late…

I had used the Advantage flea and tick drops a long time ago and they did the job wonderfully, but my cats fleas came back… This time, I just picked up some of the Hartz flea drops from the drugstore, hoping it would do the trick – BAD IDEA!

I put the drops on my cat, being sure to get them high enough on her neck (when i used the Advantage, it wasn’t high enough and she was able to lick it off, making her a sick) so that she couldn’t mess with it, but I guess she used her paw to try and get it off… I don’t really know. All I know is that she started acting strange, a little lethargic, and kept lifting up her back paws and shaking them like they were wet. I was getting concerned, so I did a search online and that’s when I found all of these websites and stories about cats who’ve gotten ill or even died from this horrible product. I was horrified! I told my father about everything, but he didn’t really seem to care. He kept telling me she was just fine, but I knew she wasn’t fine at all. At 3 A.M. I woke him up, telling him we needed to take her to a vet or something – he said there was nothing he could do, because the drops were already on her and he wouldn’t pay four hundred dollars to take her to some emergency clinic.

Because of my father being a total jerk, I sat up all night with my poor cat, hoping and praying that her “symptoms” wouldn’t get any worse. Luckily, she seems to be better this morning. I’m hoping she doesn’t end up getting worse, though.

I feel terrible that I put that stuff on her to begin with and didn’t even do a little research before. I looked everywhere on the package before using it and saw NOTHING about it being harmful to cats. That Hartz can continue to put that product out with hardly any information about what it can do to your pet disgusts me. I’m tempted to leave slips of paper next to this product in all the stores in town to warn people 🙁

I was shocked Part 2

I felt obligated to follow up on my recent story I submitted to Hartzvictims. I was the woman who submitted the story about my cat opee, who was sick from the Hartz flea and tick drops. I wanted to let everyone know that I am extremely happy to inform you that my sweet opee made it. Well he was real sleepy yesterday and not active at all, but today he is back to his normal self. I haven’t noticed any permenant damage as of yet. I want to say though, I was lucky. Normally I would have been already long a bed and sleeping that night, but I had a horrible headache. If I had went to bed as normal, my cat would of surely died. I just hope my story helps someone else from going through what I have. If you love your pet as I do, you would never want this to happen to it. It was the saddest thing I ever saw. Watching my poor animal go through that, and feeling so helpless. So please if you read this, don’t ever use that product on your pet. I know for a fact that there will never ever be another Hartz product brought into my home. My kitty is now laying on my lap, as where if I hadn’t caught it soon enough, he would not be here today.

Our Experience With Hartz Flea Drops

We’d used Hartz flea drops for a couple of months without problems. But this last month, after treating our 6-month-old kitten, we had problems. Apolo became lethargic and started experiencing muscle spasms. He would try to meow, but didn’t seem to have the strength to make any sound. I called the emergency animal hospital and as soon as they heard the words “Hartz flea drops” they asked us to bring him in. Apolo had to spend the night at the hospital to receive treatments, and is now healthy again. But it was a terrifying experience that no one should have to go through. I’ve been in touch with Hartz regarding the problem, but have received the same “canned” response as everyone else here. I sent the vet report and itemized bill as requested. So we’ll see what happens.

Four days after Apolo’s experience, we saw a special report on the news about Hartz. Until then we had no idea how far-reaching this problem truly is. Through the news report, we found this website. We’ve since emailed everyone we know asking them not to use Hartz products of any kind. We also emailed Petsmart and Petco and told them of our experience (that was where we had purchased the drops). Hopefully we can help save at least a few pets.