My Cat

I used Hartz flea & tick on my cat for several months and over that course of time he constantly threw up and lost a lot of weight. Thank goodness I became aware of the Hartz product and immediately stopped. My cat did gain his weight back and has been healthy but it took a long time and I would hate to think what could have happened if I didn’t continue using it. I since started using the Front Line prescribed by the Vet and it works wonders!

I feel fortunate, but very upset

I am sitting right now with my 13 year old cat Aster who is cleaning herself after being washed to remove Hartz Advance Flea and Tick Plus. She went to the vet today after experiencing severe shaking and twitches as a result of my dowsing her with this pesticide.

I feel stupid, and ashamed. I ignored the impulse that buying a chemical flea medication was wrong when I selected it at the store.

Aster seems like she’s going to be fine (I’ve got my fingers crossed). After reading other people’s reports, I realize how fortunate I am to be able to say that.

I am also upset.

It goes without my saying that this product has caused unnecessary heartache, and the loss of many very close friends. It also seems that Hartz is unwilling to admit wrongdoing, or to pull the product from production. This is absolutely unacceptable, and I like many of you intend to get pretty stubborn with them. I am fortunately able to decline their hush money – I want to see this product off the shelf.

As I mentioned I also feel guilty. Many of us have grown accustomed to trusting the chemical products in our stores be “safe” based on little more than the fact that they are available for sale. The fact that this cat killing pesticide is still being sold is a painful lesson – I need to be more dilligent about understanding the products I bring in to my life for my own safety and the safety of those in my care.

To any of you involved in an effort to get this product removed from the shelves, please contact me. I intend to undertake my own and will be happy to lend my time to as many of your efforts as I can. Let’s get this taken care of.

Blaine Carpenter
[email protected]

The rise and fall of Caesar-due to hartz

We purchased the Hartz Flea and Tick drops for our 9 month year old kitten, Caesar. He is a very active kitten and he runs the household. We used the drops last month and he had no adverse reactions. However, we applied the drops this month and initially he was fine, then it happened he went to full body tremors and shaking. We took him to the vet and spent over 300.00 to save our kitty. We were shocked when the vet said this is common problem from Hartz drops. We were also surprised that the reactions can vary from dose to dose, yet the package does not say that. Thankfully Caesar has recovered and has returned to his “King” status with no thanks to Hartz.

Need your help please

We just had a tv interview with an investigative reporter here in Knoxville TN. I am desperately seeking people who have used the Hartz Flea and Tick SPRAY on their cats. Maxx had a reaction to the spray and I am having trouble finding others who have used the spray.

Please send me an email if you have used the spray and your cat or dog had a reaction to it

[email protected]

Hartz killed my cat Buffy

This is so hard. In fact I don’t even think I can go into all the details right now. Bottom line I used the Hartz 2 in 1 Flea & Tick dip for cats or dogs on my cat Buffy right before she would have turned 5 years old. I had used this product on my other cat Sassy without any problems about 10 months ago. I followed the instructions word for word. We still can’t believe she died. I really don’t know how the people who work at Hartz can live with themselves. How do they sleep at night? I have to believe that one day they WILL pay for this. The point I want to get out (and I am so thankful for the people that started this site for the opportunity) is not to buy ANY Hartz products and also from my personal experience Hartz does NOT care. My beautiful black cat Buffy should have lived to be a very, very old cat that my little boy Trent got to know & love like the rest of our family. The night she died in my husbands arms Trent did not know what was going on but he knew we were upset. My husband said the other day that he will never get over being the one holding her when she passed. It is hard losing a pet to natural causes but knowing it’s something that could be avoided if a huge company like Hartz weren’t such greedy (deep breath) jerks. The last news I had from Hartz was that her pathology reports showed she had an enlarged heart; they found the out they wanted but I know and they know that is not why she died. My vet said that it was slim to none that was why. Buffy was just a case number to them but not to us.
If anyone reading this knows anything else I can do please feel free to contact me via email @ [email protected] and just put Hartz kills in the subject line and I won’t think it’s spam.

My friend’s persian


I was in contact with a friend in the States, for some time as I was thinking about breeding persians.

It was 2 years ago now, but my friend, Sarah lost a persian cat from using this poisonous product. She didn’t go into much detail, as she was too upset at the time, and because she lived quite a way from her vets she didn’t get there in time to save her cat unfortunately.

It angers me beyond words that this product is still being alowed to be sold in the shops.
Why on earth is it not in our vets power to stop this cat killer product from being sold!!

I’m just venturing out on breeding and showing exotic shorthaired. I’m gonna have my own website, and it would be more than my pleasure to put up a banner on my web page warning people not to use Hartz’s products and to warn them of the dangers.

I receive emails from cat discussion, and seeing the name Hartz reminded me of Sarah and the sad loss of her Persian.

Anyway, if I can help in anyway don’t hesitate to email me, and hopefully with all of us united on this we can get this cat killing product banned for good!!

Yours sincerly


[email protected]

My Zoey may not make it

I gave my kitten Hartz Advantage Flea and Tick formula today exactly as directed. One hour later, i am rushing my kitten (Zoey) to the vet. They grabbed her out of my arms, put her on an iv, but told me she may not make it. My heart is breaking… I hope she is ok. The vet said they have seen this so many times, and that this product should not be on the shelves. I am going to try to get Hartz to pay for the bills incurred, but from what i have heard it doesnt look good. If anyone has any tips or successes, please email me.
[email protected]

Another Victim of Hartz

After finding this site I immediately responded to Liz Ayer request for testimonials for her TV news story (look under “old articles-Friday Sept 26” on this homepage). As of today, Oct 21st, she is still looking for people to speak to her personally about their experience. Call her at 315-477-4691.

Here is my story:
Our beautiful, healthy cat Boo fell ill after 2 hours of receiving the Hartz flea and tick drops. She was moaning in pain. We called the vet and the ASPCA emergency poison control line who said to bathe her immediately with mild soap and water, monitored her closely for seizures, and luckily within 4 hours she appeared normal and happy again. 2 days later she still seems fine. It was a close call and I know we were very lucky. But I am still shaking with fury.
An interesting note: the ASPCA poison guy said Hartz is so aware of the problem that if we had needed to take her to the emergency room, Hartz would foot the bill provided we sign a waiver stating we won’t sue them. And the ASPCA automatically waived the $45 emergency phone charge because it was a Hartz-related issue. He said he gets these calls all day, every day, each one is reported back to Hartz. Nothing is done. It is so tragic.