This Past Saturday I put a Hartz flea collar on my cat Gunther. A few hours later I left my house only to return to a lethargic little kitty desperately looking for me to help him. I immediately pulled the collar off of him and washed him while dialing the emergency clinic. The vet asked me immediately if it was a Hartz product. I rushed him in in just enough time. He was fine after a few hours. However the vet proceeded to tell me how many animals she treats because of a hartz flea collar. On the very same night in the same hospital another cat was brought in having seizures from a hartz product. That is just one hospital in one town. How many other poor animals are suffering from these products. Why can’t they be stopped????

Take product from shelve’s

i used this hartz product on my dog (zorro) the next day i rushed him to the emergency vet care. i wasn’t aware of the problems this product was causing until after he became ill from it. i since then have signed petitions and researched for more information about what i can do. to my surprise people have lost loved one’s and that made me even more determined to pursue justice. i don’t have any legal representation but would like to know who i can call or what i should or can do to get this posion off the shelves.

Pet Lover

I am not a user of Harts But I am having a horrific
experience with Zodiac.Three nights ago I hade applied zodiac flea controll to my cats soon after applying zodiac my mama cat of three kittins had started convulsing I started to panic but then rushed her to a 24 hour animal hospital 2 am in the morning when I arrived the doctor had infored me that this was a life threatning reaction from the zodiac. My cat is still in ICU and remains in critical condition. Time will only tell what the out come will be. The dr. had expressed to me how deadly these products can be and should be taken off the market

Hartz Kills Fliers to print out

My girlfriend and I had a close call with the family yorkie after using hartz flea drops on him. We couldn’t imagine what it would’ve done to our 4 pound chihuahua.

After finding this site we decided to make a flier to help spread the word.

Please save it, print one out, photo copy it and start handing them out. You can also resize it to 5 ” x 4″ to have ones to carry in your pocket if you want.

please help continue the fight against hartz.
thank you.

    right click and save as…

I almost lost a momma cat and her two Kittens to Hartz.

On August 2nd, I treated my dogs and my cats with Hartz Advanced. A momma cat and her two kittens immediately began the twitching. At first I thought that it had gotten into their eyes, but then realized what was happening. I gave all three of them a bath and held them. The kittens seemed to be improving about 3 hours later, but I thought the momma would be dead by morning. The twitching was bad enough, but when the seizures began, I thought she was a goner for sure. I was up all night beside her because I knew that she would be dead by morning. I took her to the vet as soon as he opened. He gave her a shot of an antedote and said that Hartz was in this business for the money and did not care about the animals or if they lived or died. He said that no one should ever use something that was made by Hartz. My kittens and momma cat have improved and are getting better each day, but I do wish that I could get my hands on the Hartz people just one time.

My sister also bought a flea collar by Hartz for her dog. When she removed it a week later, the fleas were breeding under the collar. She had never seen so many fleas in one place before. Six weeks later, the dog is still bleeding around his neck and ears.

Product Causes Illness

In our home, we own two kittens, Louis and Miles. Miles came home with fleas for some reason, from the Oregon Humane Society, so we decided to buy Hartz Flea and Tick drops instead of getting Advantage (bad idea). Well, the night we put it on (last night), he seemed fine. He ran around and played with our other kitten just like normal.

However, this morning, when we woke up, Miles wasn’t acting normally. He wasn’t eating, and for some reason he couldn’t walk for more than a few steps. When he did walk, he limped on his left hind leg. We called the vet right away, and when we told them what we’d put on him, they told us to take him to an emergency vet right away. Well, we did, and we haven’t heard back yet besides the fact that he has a high fever.

Please, everyone that values their pet even a little, pay the extra money for Advantage. Do not buy this Hartz Flea and Tick drops!

Worried sick!!!

8-1-04 My cat “ralphie” and I moved into a new house. Unfortunatly, the previous owners had fleas. I thought an over the counter flea killer would be a “sensitive” and reliable way to treat him. I applied the Hartz flea drops and gave him a bath in the hartz flea bath. Several hours later he was tremoring. i called the emergency vet and they said to bring him in immediatly after finding out what product I had put on him. By the time he made it to the ER he was having full-blow seizures and a change in personality. He was put on IV’s and kept over-night. 24 hours and $311.00 later, he still isn’t himself. i am so greatful that I didn’t lose him, however, his personality hasn’t recovered. i am Irrate with the greed and selfishness that hartz has displayed.

Unreal Threat

Two days ago I have given my pet cat Rich flea drops ,not knowing what the out come could be. Thinking this product was safe because it was made by a company that seemed to be well known and over the counter.(blind trust).A horrifing and slow death was the farthest thing on my mind, so inhuman. but I and my kids witness it on are cat Rich thinking we did good to help him out with his fleas. well it killed him we had to put him down there was no saving him,it was to late. What we wittnessed was horritfing, something you would seein a labtest on animals or terroist. CRUEL these products are being sold at the expense of are animals, this stuff is wrong ,totally wrong man. No animal or human should evergo thourgh this kind of suffering. this stuff is not safe please do not use!