Flea Medicine Poisoning

I applied Hartz Flea & Tick medication to my year old cat, Beeper – neck, as instructed on July 26, 3-2004, at around 7:00 PM.

The next morning around 6:30 she began to act very strangely….jerking around, not letting us touch her, not able to stand for more than a couple steps at a time. She also was more agitated than normal, with no interest in food, and her pupils were dilated.

I called my vet who told me to take her up to him immediately. Upon examination, he told me it was poisoning as a direct result of the Hartz application.

She in now in the hospital, on intravenous fluids and sedation. She will be there at least 12, possibly 24, hours.

The cost to me is at least $484.00, possibly more if there are additional problems.

That is an awfully expensive way to learn that I cannot trust the Hartz Company. It is much more than I can afford, but I also cannot let my cat die.

KC almost died last week

I thought I was a pretty savvy consumer, and a knowlegeable pet owner. I also thought that any product on the shelf with a name so wellknown as Hartz should be fine. My black and white long haired cat – K.C. – got fleas from a visiting relative’s mini daschund. Since we’ve never been plagued with them before, I thought a flea bath would be in good order. A couple of days after the flea bath, K.C. stopped eating. Her beautiful green eyes turned dull and she wouldn’t move on her own. We took her to the vet and they discovered that she had some form of toxin in her system. Since she’s an indoor cat, she didn’t get into anything in the garden. I never leave any chemicals out for her to get into, and in fact, I am careful with what I use to clean our floors. I couldn’t think of anything. I gave a very knowlegeable vet all of the information, and also gave him the bottle of Hartz Flea and Tick Shampoo and Conditioner. He was surprised to find pyrithren in the shampoo. i was informed by the vet that pyrithren is very toxic to cats.

KC almost died. She spent five days in the hospital, had a continuous IV for fluids to help flush out the toxin that I bathed her in, had three blood tests per day, and endured alot of pain. She lost almost 1/2 of her body weight in 1 week. The cost of close to $1,200.00 to save her life wasn’t the biggest cost – we almost lost her.

Why, if this is a known fact, would ANY responsible company use a known toxin? This company does not care about animals’s wellbeing, but they do care a GREAT DEAL about making a profit. I, for one will NEVER buy their products, and will make sure that anyone I know will also do the same, once they realize that the Hartz company is HEARTLESS!

Marilyn Johnson
[email protected]

Both of my cats reacted very badly to Hartz flea preventative

I ran out of Advantage flea preventative, so I tried Hartz 4-in-1. Since it was available in a pet store, I didn’t think it would be a problem. After applying to both of my cats according to the instructions, both cats experienced severe irritation at the site of application (neck). Within a few hours they were visibly mentally impaired. One of my cats could not even jump up on the sink. We had to take them to the vet, where they said they had experienced this problem before with Hartz products. They thoroughly washed both of our cats. Hopefully, this will remedy the problem, but I worry about what the long-term effects might be. This is a terrible product.

Yet ANOTHER Victim

Well, as seems to be the case on this website, there is yet another poor innocent kitten that is falling to the evil Hartz empire.

I personally do not like cats all that much. It has nothing to do with their demeanor, as I find them to be some of the cutest animals on the planet. However, I am extremely allergic to them, and anytime I am even in a home with a cat, I am teary-eyed and sneezing my head off. Regardless, I went to visit my girlfriend’s home in Texas, where she has a few kittens, just under a year old. We noticed a flea on the cat’s paw, and her mother put on the Hartz “medication” right on the upper back, by the neck area. The cat was fine for the next couple of days, and after I had left to come back to New York, the cat had disappeared. It finally reappeared at the front door, looking extremely fatigued, and hardly able to walk. Immediately, she knew there was something wrong with the cat, and took him right to her room. Within a few hours, the cat was throwing up, and hardly able to stand. At one point, the cat had a seizure, and later on in the night, another one. This morning, they took the cat into their vet, and they weren’t quite sure on what was wrong. They did blood work, and I searched the internet, finding this website. There is no end to this story just yet, as I am waiting on word with what happens to the cat. After reading some reports from other people’s horror stories, I would venture to say that it doesn’t look good. Please, keep little Joe in all of your prayers, and maybe the good lord will help him pull through. And if he doesn’t, I sure hope that the people who are in charge of allowing this terrible product on the market get what they deserve. Something needs to be done, and if we can’t do it, devine intervention sure can. Sorry to gripe so much, it’s just agitating hearing your girlfriend cry over her cat for the past couple of days, when you can’t really help her.

One Agitated Boyfriend

Cats became very ill

I bought the Hartz flea and tick meds to try on my two cats last year during the flea season. The first month I put it on them, they started shaking violently after about two hours. I bathed both of my cats and I called the 1-800 number on the Hartz box and they said it couldn’t possibly be their product, to please try it again and let them know. So, me being the fool that I can be, tried putting it on them again, and once again, they started shaking violently, and also started with the most horrific howling sound I have every heard from a cat…..like they were in severe pain. So again, I washed off the product and called Hartz and they STILL claimed that it couldn’t be THEIR product. Well, I threw the remainder of the product in the garbage and went back to the prescription flea meds that I used prior to trying Hartz brand. NEVER AGAIN!

Seizure Symptoms

My 5 year old cat was given Hartz. Soon after, we took him to the vet because of weight loss and hair loss. They had no explanation for it. They said it was probably an allergic reaction and sent him home. Now it has been about a week or two and he’s gone into seizures and is vomiting frequently. My mother called the vet and they asked about medication or flea poison given to him in the past month. We told them we used Hartz and they said that is what has been causing it all along. I am so scared right now. He is the oldest cat we have and I hate to lose him. If anyone is thinking about getting Hartz, think twice. Talk to a vet to find out what kind of flea medication you need that won’t kill your pet. We will NEVER use Hartz products agan.

My Loving Kitten is Dead

I gave my 7 month old 2 drops of Hartz Advanced Flea & Tick medicine. I did not give her the full vial due to her young age and size. Five days later, my kitten greeted me as I returned home, as she always did. She seemed fine. Later in the evening I went downstairs to do laundry and found her dead on the floor. I didn’t have time to bathe her and remove the “medicine” nor did I have time to rush her to the veteranarian. She was gone. I cannot get her back but want to warn everyone not to use this product. It is LETHAL!
Signed, Heartbroken

He finally died

In May my cat Jon became very sick because of putting the hartz drops on my dogs. Not even directly on him. Sadly he finally died a week ago. Next month he was going to be 3. He was fighting, but the poisons that Hartz has sold was just too much for him. Please don’t ever use this product or even have it within you’re home. My father only put it on the dogs and my cats is dead.

My scabbed-over and twitching cats

Upon going to the pet store to look for flea products, I discovered that Hartz flea drops were much cheaper than some other brands. Not being rich, I bought the Hartz brand and applied the treatment to my three cats, ages 10 yrs, 9 yrs and 6 months. Twelve hours later, my 10 yr old cat was shaking and twitching and continued to do so through the night. My 6 mo old developed thick, large scabs on his back, which are still peeling off, taking the hair with it.

Unfortunately, a little of this poison must have gotten onto our 2-wk old kitten, as she has seizures daily.

Just gave my cat the drops a couple days ago… : (

I had no idea until just now that there was such an awful thing like this going on. I gave my cat Sunny, the drops just the other day, and THANK GOD, he is okay! He did seem to have lost his appetite that day though. I can’t believe that this product has killed so many of our beloved little friends. It is so sad, and it has to be stopped!

I don’t understand how these companies are able to sell things that are harmful to cats. A few months ago, I almost lost my Sunny because I had been feeding him Purina dry cat food. He ended up with crystals, and it was very painful and sad to see him suffer. Fortunately, I got him to a wonderful vet who saved him!
These companies know that what they are selling could KILL some cats, but as long as they are still making money, they don’t care!
Thanks for letting me vent!!!