Just gave my cat the drops a couple days ago… : (

I had no idea until just now that there was such an awful thing like this going on. I gave my cat Sunny, the drops just the other day, and THANK GOD, he is okay! He did seem to have lost his appetite that day though. I can’t believe that this product has killed so many of our beloved little friends. It is so sad, and it has to be stopped!

I don’t understand how these companies are able to sell things that are harmful to cats. A few months ago, I almost lost my Sunny because I had been feeding him Purina dry cat food. He ended up with crystals, and it was very painful and sad to see him suffer. Fortunately, I got him to a wonderful vet who saved him!
These companies know that what they are selling could KILL some cats, but as long as they are still making money, they don’t care!
Thanks for letting me vent!!!

Hartz killed my cat!

I just wanted people to know how horrible this product is. I put Hartz flea drops on my 13 yr old cat last week and she died from it yesterday. I didn’t realize what was going on until I started reading some of the testimonials from people who have lost their pets from this crap. By then it was too late. She was already too far gone. There was nothing the Vet could do for her. I don’t understand how Hartz can sell this stuff over the counter with it being that potent. I am definately telling everyone I know NEVER to buy any Hartz products again.
Thanks for your time,

Diabetic cat warning

About a year ago my wife and I went walking with our two dogs on our farm where we live. As we approached a turn on a dirt road at the end of a corn field, I saw a very pretty, small male kitten that apparently was starving so badly that his head and his tale were tremendously oversized compared to his shrunken body.
He was so emaciated that he actually came out of the woods to me, cried at me and let me pick him up. We took him back to our house and put food in front of him which he ate for well over an hour. In a few days, we took him to the vet, had him checked for contagious diseases and “mainlined” him with our other housecats. He fit in perfectly. He was the sweetest cat I (or my wife has ever seen). We came to love him

Other Hartz Products

I remember a number of years ago another Hartz flea/tick product was killing/sickening animals and was eventually taken off the market. Hartz denied it was at fault, of course. After that incident, I vowed to never use any Hartz product, because they refused to accept any blame or to voluntarily remove their product from the market. This company has a long history of bringing dangerous products to the marketplace, and failing to accept responsibility for problems.


I work for a groomer. Dogs come in all the time with those annoying flea collars (I think hartz is one of the few companies left that makes those things) anyway, whatever is in them makes me physically ill. They don’t work, and if I am getting sick just washing the dog that is wearing it, I would hate to think of what its doing to the dog

I hate Hartz tick, flea, and mosquito drops (advanced care)

I bought my new kitten as a gift for my boyfriend three weeks ago. He is now 14 weeks old. When we bought him we noticed he had a few fleas but vowed to wait until he was at least 12 weeks old to treat the fleas. We ended up waiting until he was 14 weeks old until we went to the store. Unfortunately, we purchased Hartz brand medication. About an hour after I applied the drops I noticed our kitten (Bruce) was acting really strangely…kicking his legs and cleaning himself profusively. At first I thought maybe he had something in his feet, but then minutes later my boyfriend and I heard him attempting to climb onto the bed, something he can usually do in one leap. We then noticed he was shaking everywhere. We immediately washed him in the shower and called the vet. Thankfully we took him in within time to save his life. They kept him overnight giving him iv’s and muscle relaxers. The vet told us she has had so many cases of deadly reactions from Hartz within the last few months. I really hope they take this product off the market now. I feel so badly for those who have lost their pet due to this negligence. I am thankful, as is my boyfriend, for having Bruce back in our lives, healthy and happy. However, I will do all I can to fight to keep this product off the shelves. My heart is with all of you.

I usually use Bio- Spot

I usually use Bio- Spot on my cats, it is good for three months and that way I only have to use it once or maybe twice it it is a bad year. This time I took in my Graystone’s, sister and her last three kittens. I should of known she would have fleas since the neighbors let their animals run free all the time and they always have flees. any way my 4 kits and my Daughters got fleas too and I didn’t want to wait for the bio-spot to be shipped so I went to Kmart and bought the under 10 lbs for the younger two and the over 14 for the older three. Now the two youngest of mine who are 1 & 2 both got bad sores where the stuff touched their skin. And our 9 year old acted like he didn’t fell up to par but nothing real bad and the 7 year old was fine so far. what is eve worse not only are they making our kits sick and some out there dying this stuff doesn’t even kill the fleas and maybe that is why my kits are not as bad as some cause they have been taking baths trying to give them some relief from this and now I am scared to try any thing else on them. when my human kids where young they use to have out a wheat germ shampoo that worked great for fleas but I haven’t seen that in years. and it was only $.99 a bottle to bad it still isn’t out there

Kelly, Roger, & the Bosses
Even overweight cats instinctively know the cardinal rule: When fat, arrange yourself in slim poses. – John Weitz

Human Victim of Hartz Mountain!! I almost died!!

This was about 25 years ago. I went over to my very good friend, Mark’s house to visit with him. Mark had a huge German Shepherd named “Smokey”. He and I were good buddies. I went outside to tussle with him.

Just before I arrived at Mark’s house, his mom had placed a brand new Hartz Mountain Flea Tag on his collar.

After visiting with Mark and his mom for about two hours, I told my mom (who was also there) that I was feeling very strange. She took me right back home.

Later that night, I woke up feeling like I was near death!! Every inch of my skin was stretched to its maximum!! I was walking like Frankenstein’s monster!!

I went into my parents bedroom and woke them up. They could not believe what they were seeing. They immediately called my personal physician. We were told to go directly to his office. This was at about 3am. Do not stop for red lights or stop signs. If we would have gotten a ticket, my doctor would have taken care of it.

I was diagnosed as having a SEVERE ALLERGIC REACTION to that flea tag!! I don’t know if I got some of the chemicals on my skin or if I inhaled the fumes.

I was having extreme problems breathing.

It took me over two weeks to recover from this.

Now, if I must use a flea collar on my cat, it will NOT be one from Hartz!!!!

the weekend we lost our whole cat family

i had to share this as it eats away at our family to think we were just trying to get rid of fleas and make our cats more comfortable and they all began having difficulty walking and started to convulse. we took the two young cats to the vet within a day of each other. but they had such brain damage that they had to be put to sleep. the mama kitty disappeared that same weekend and it has been a week and we have not found her. the vet said they were victims of poison and the only thing i had bought was hartz flea control and put it on along their back to the tail per the instructions.

there is no way to replace the cats and we are so sad but i hope other people will not ever use these products and maybe some other cats can be saved.

jenine brooks portland ore

Hartz product reactions

I am writing this e-mail anonymously to help inform people about the dangers of Hartz products. I have worked at a veterinary clinc for two years and have seen may adverse reactions to this horrible product, mainly on cats, but also a few dogs. I try to inform people who call about fleas and ticks that these over-the-counter products such as Hartz and Seargents can cause seizures and numerous other adverse reactions to their pets. I am so disturbed that the Hartz company does not even have the backbone to fess up to their own products. Instead of improving it, they would rather allow all these poor animals suffer. I am currently school to become a registered Veterinary Technician, and during our reports of toxicity, one student chose Hartz products as their subject. It is amazing the things she found. She found that if an animal is treated at the vet for seizure activity (Valium, Phenobarbital, Robaxin), that Hartz will say that these are the drugs that actually killed or harmed the animal. AMAZING!!!!! Unfortunatly, most people do not know until it is too late. The crazy part is that not only do the flea products cause reactions like they do, but frankly, they suck at controlling fleas. And as a veterinary technician, I will say one last thing–as for these monthly dewormers, over-the-counter or not, it is more benficial for your pet to be on a monthly heartworm preventative-Interceptor, Hearguard, or Revolution (and Interceptor) for cats then to give them a dewormer every month, as you may know, these products protect form heartworms and also deworm. Just a professional opinion from at concerned vet tech. Thank you for reading this long letter.