Sender’s Name: Charlyn Woodruff
Sender’s Email: tigger2097 at frontiernet dot net
Message: i am writing to let you know that anyone who has a pet who has had a
reaction or died from Hartz products can report it to the FDA by going to
www.FDA.gov, then type in form 1932 A under the search engine and down load to
form to report it, or call 1-301-827-0224 and ask for form 1932a. I have
reported my animals reactions to both the FDA and the EPA, there is power in
numbers, give this information to everyone you can. I hope it helps, I’m working
on the area I live and others can too.

Hartz = A tough week for my cat

On the weekend of Aug. 7-8, my 6-year-old male tabby, Norman, was biting at his fur and actually pulling out chunks of fur with his teeth. I was concerned about this behavior and thought he might have picked up a flea somewhere. He’s an indoor cat, but you never know.

So I picked up Hartz 3-in-1 Flea & Tick drops at the local grocery store. My expectation here, was that the product would most likely be ineffective and I’d take Norman to the vet that week some time. I wish.

I put this poison on my cat Monday evening, Aug. 9. He seemed a little annoyed at it, but otherwise okay into Monday night and Tuesday morning. On Tuesday, I went out with some friends after work, and got home relatively late Tuesday night to find Norman in extreme, obvious discomfort.

He was running around my apartment, yowling, rubbing on the walls and, when I came in, he tried to get out the door, as though his brain was telling his there was something in the apartment hurting him so he wanted to get out. He would lie down, shift around, stand back up, lie back down, his claws were extending and retracting and he was breathing quite heavily.

The only thing to suspect was the Hartz, so I got a gob of paper towels, dampened them in the sink, and tried to sponge the stuff off him. Normally, if I tried something like that with Norman, he’d have me for lunch. But he stood there, arching his back toward the paper towels, as though it were soothing him somewhat. It helped, but he was still in very apparent distress.

So I drove him a half hour to the 24-hour emergency animal hospital, and told them the story. The people (vets and assistants) at the hospital all nodded knowingly as I related the events, and immediatetly began referring to Norman, among themselves, as a “Hartzcat.” One word, like a common jargon-type thing. They’d seen this before.

Their biggest concern was that his temperature was elevated to 105 degrees (101 is normal kitty temp). So they gave him a bath and an I.V. and kept him overnight. The next morning, he was much better, but his temperature was still a little high, so Norman had to spend a day at the regular vet to be monitored.

It was Thursday before he was home and “out of the woods” after giving him the Hartz poison on Monday. Along the way, the emergency vets and my regular vet told they see these types of things all the time from Hartz products and they NEVER recommend them under any cir*****stances. The emergency vets said Norman’s reaction, while bad, could have been much worse. They described seeing cats suffering from horrible convulsions, often resulting in death.

I’ve done a lot of reading since that time, at this site and others, and learned a lot about how Hartz products work and how they operate as a company.

I’m furious with them for continuing to market this product and with myself for not doing my homework earlier.

The good news is that, after vet bills of more than $400 and an awful, traumatic week for mym cat, he is now fine and is putting the whole experience behind him.

I, on the other hand, am not walking away so quickly. Taking on Hartz seems like a losing battle, so I’m taking the “clean your own back yard” approach and will be working to see about removing Hartz products from store shelves in my area, starting with the store from which I made the purchase.

As a former newspaper reporter, I also have local media contacts which I may utilize as well.

I will endeavor to keep hartzvictims.org updated on any progress, or lack thereof.

In the meantime, I did stop one woman from purchasing the product just last night. I was at the store buying kitty litter and, down the aisle, I saw a lady perusing the “medication” section. I started to grab my purchase and go to the checkout, but I simply could not. I approached her, told her the above story, and suggested she see her vet. She said, “Wow, I was just just going to give him something for tonight and take him to the vet tomorrow.” But she agreed that one night of mild discomfort, and a morning vet visit would be far preferable to the alternative potential nightmare.

One kitty cat at a time, I guess.

Knowledge is the KEY, I didn’t know!!

I have 4 cats whom I love more than anything. I bought this flea and tick product rather than my usual brand never thinking it could harm my cats. Two of my cats became ill and had a skin reaction to it. They were acting as if they did not feel well, I though it might be the flea and tick medicine but I thought they would NEVER sell anything that could harm your pet, I was WRONG. I will never buy another HARTZ product again, now when I think back to years ago I had a cat that lost all of her hair and the vet said it was a skin reaction, I used HARTZ flea powder on her and never knew that IT was what caused her to lose her hair. I just glad I know now that HARTZ products are dangerous and that all my babies are still with me, thank god. My heart goes out to those who have lost their pet to these murders. know that I WILL do what I can to stop this from going on, flyers email, phone calls whatever it takes, I LOVE MY CATS!!!

Betsy, our beloved Basset Hound Died

Our Basset Hound, Betsy died last Sunday just three days we used Hartz Flea and Tick Drops on her.
We applied the drops on the 12th and the morning of the 14th we awoke to find her lying on the grass unable to move. She had been vomitting and had diarrhea for hours. We rushed her to the vet. She was so dehydrated and lethargic. They tried everything to save her. Betsy died on Sunday morning.

Pleae help pass the word that these products are deadly.
We loved our Betsy and she died a horrible death.

Dog seizure related to Hartz flea collar?

2 nights ago our 4 year old lab-mix (40lb) had a seizure. Of course it was very frightening! She is an acitve healthy dog but she does suffer from seasonal allergies with itching and hair loss. We tried to think of any reason for the seizure, exposure to toxins, overstimulation etc. Then we figured out that we had just put on a new Hartz flea collar, a product we have never used on her before. We have removed the collar and are watchng her very closely. We decided to wait to see if she had another seizure before paying a high emergency vet bill, especially if they are going to tell us what we have concluded. I can’t say for SURE that the flea collar is the culprit, but so far no more seizures. If the story changes, Ill let you know. I found your web site looking to see if there was any connection between seizures and flea collars. No more flea collars in this household!

Near disaster

Last summer I had a near disaster with Hartz Cat Flea Drops. Within 2 hours of having applied them to Pixel she began to stagger & looked dazed &
confused. I immediately bathed her to remove as
much of the drops as I possible could. When I took
her to the vet he told me of the awful reputation the drops had and that he had seem more than one similiar case. He told me that Hartz had taken them from the market once, acknowledging the problem, but they reissued them and the problem remained. Lucky for me & Pixel, I had noticed as
soon as the side effects began & removed them
quickly enough to prevent serious illness or death.
I now bouycot EVERYTHING with the Hartz name on it!


On Sunday I purchased the 3-1 drops (flea, tick and mosquito) for my dog and my two cats. the dog suffered no adverse reaction (yet) as he is a large dog. I used the ‘for cats -10lbs or more’ drops for my two adult cats. last night my girl started licking herself obsessively and acted manic and disoriented. she couldn’t take but a few steps without sitting back down to lick herself all over. her mouth was open and she was breathing fast. when i picked her up she was all wet from licking herself. i knew this to be very very unusual behavior and quickly looked up on the computer if there were any reports on these Hartz drops as i had a quick idea that must be the cause. I came across this website and after skimming some of the stories i quickly rushed her to a 24hour vet. he put her on Robaxin IV and gave her some pills to be administered later. this morning she is licking herself a lot less and isn’t in a panic. she’s calm and eating and drinking like normal. I’m watching both cats like a hawk for any symptons and in the mean time i’m very upset that this has been an ongoing problem and nothing has been done. i feel compeled to do something ANYTHING to prevent anyone to have to go through the guilt of having administered these drops and have their pets get ill or die. I think the only thing that saved my cats is that they are overweight (17lbs each) and the poison was slow to act. Please don’t use these products, if you have WASH YOUR CAT IMMEDIATELY (i did this all of sunday and monday after i gave them the drops because i only read the fine print on the Hartz box AFTER i put the drops on them and it said something about seizures. besided, i could see my cats hated the product on their necks and were trying to scratch it out right away. even though i washed the area (with soap and water) a half dozen times it still remains oily. even after all the bathing the boy cat is still scratching to this day. they are clearly unhappy with this on their bodies and i suppose it gets into their bodies. they find a way to scratch at it (my girl did it with her hind paws) and then they lick those paws therefore ingesting the poison. my girl did this a lot more frequently over the last two days then the boy cat and i think that is why she was the one with some symptoms.

we must all get involved.. send an email to everyone you know letting them know your story and sending a link of this website with it. WE MUST ACT to PROTECT our innocent companions..

My cat is ill from hartz and not out of the woods yet

Yesterday(8/16/04), around 8:30 PM, i noticed my calico cat, Izzys eyes were shaking. I felt around her and her whole body was shaking. It was obviously from the Hartz flea and tick drop that was applied about 7 hours earlier. I called the 1800 number for hartz and they were closed. What kind of “heart felt company for 75 years” would have a hotline for hours from 9-5? I called the vet emergency clinic and they didnt even let me finish explaining and told me to rush her there. I did so. And about an hour later, they gave me her back but there was something wrong with her. She wasnt her self. She tried attacking me and my sister. She clawed me and got my upper lip. $200 for a shot of valium, and a bottle of pills for the twitching. The vet said the way she was behaving was because of the hartz toxins. I cried because this wasnt her to be like that. When we finally got her home, i video taped how she was walking, stumbling around, scared not knowing what was going on. That was so painful to see this. We are not out of the woods yet, I still have to watch her and make sure shes ok. If i can do anything, please let me know!

Precious did not make it.

As I sit here my heart is broken over the loss of our beautiful persion Precious. But more than this awful sadness I am outraged that this is allowed to go on. Can Nothing be done?

We had her for 8 long wonderful years. She was kind and loving and loyal. I feel so guilty for putting her through so very much all because she had fleas. She unlike the other stories did not have convulsions not untill today when she died. Hers was a slow death that killed her over a long week. She was sick and felt to bad it seemed. She laid on a heating pad or on the back of my computer monitor. She did get up and drink a little water and eat just a little several times this a day this week.
Initialy I bathed her as the vet said to do . I was told to watch her and she seemed to get better this week end. But on SUnday she seemed to get sicker. and by last night it appeared she was refusing to eat again. We were to take her to the vet this afternoon but at about 3pm cst she had a seizure and never woke up.

Please please get the word out that these products are dangerous and are real killers.

Killers of cats but the r4eal sad thing here is that even in killing her the flea never completly all died.

Sad and angry.

nashville TN
[email protected]