My Cats Died from Hartz

Several years ago I was using Hartz Flea and Tick topical on my cats. They developed a fatal condition. It was not until a veterinarian that I used because our’s was out of town that we found out that it was the Hartz that was killing our cats. I contacted Hartz and, of course, they denied any ingredient that would harm an animal. Well…permethrin was the lethal ingredient that killed my cats, but like I said, Hartz wouldn’t admit to this. I even had the EPA investigate and of course no further course of action was indicated. Hartz is a big company and I am almost positive that the EPA didn’t want to ruffle their feathers. When I go into a store that sells pet products, I always look for Hartz topical for cats and don’t see it . . . that indicates to me that Hartz killed my cats because they don’t manufacture it any longer . . . at least in my area. Thanks for listening.

Just connected the dots

My dog was having a flea problem last year, so I got the Hartz ultra guard flea and tick shampoo. She began drooling for the next two days, excessively. She became more and more sluggish, and the drool turned to foam. She was dead three days later. I didn’t make the connection with the flea and tick shampoo until I saw a Facebook post with the exact product I still had. I’m angry and upset that a product I purchased to make McKenzie more comfortable actually killed her.

My pug is GONE!!

Our pug was 6 months old and he started to show symptoms of being lethargic. After observing him we decided to take him to the vet. They couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong. They said he could have been poisoned, but he was a house dog. And was kept in a safe environment. That night he had a seizure and was foaming at the mouth. As we drove him back to the vet. He passed away in the car. It was devastating!!!
Today my daughter saw the warning about pets and the Hartz shampoo, which we used on our dog. Could this shampoo be the reason we lost our dog?

Horrible products!!

Bought ultra guard topical flea med for our 4 cats. Immediately after putting it on they all started freaking out, the medicine smelled EXTREMELY overwhelming which was my first red flag. All of the cats continued acting strange and wild so I searched for info about the product online. After reading from many sources the horrible things Hartz flea meds have caused, I decided to bath all 4 cats at 1AM as i was afraid I’d wake up to them dead or extremely ill. This product is not worth the damage it causes! Shame on the Hartz company for allowing this poison to remain in store shelves. Despicable.

hartz flea and tick oatmeal

my 70 pound pit bull terrier after using this shampoo has started itching and loosing hair and bitting at himself. im so sick that i used this stuff and couple days later read anout this on facebook

Pit bull

Bought this product for my new puppy. Took him home for a bath and caged him for the night. I heard him whining the whole night but I figured he was missing his litter mates. He was dead when I woke up the next day.

My Pit Puppies

I had 4 pure bred pit bull puppies that I loved dearly. They were only 13 weeks old and we were trying to adjust them to being outside. There are ticks and we spray the tick and flea spray in the pen. We started to spray the pups regularly. We woke up to one puppy dead and we weren’t sure if a spider got in or something else. The vet told us it was poison. The next night we brought them in and they had diarrhea, were lethargic, had completely sunken in all withen 12 hours. They didn’t throw up or seize and still had an appetite. I put them back outside and a few hours later one died laying down and the other in mid drink of water. The last pup made it till the next morning with me with her till she left. I am so heavy hearted writing this, but I want everyone to be aware so their pups are safe.

Our piper is gone

We bathed our pug piper with hartz shampoo. She became lethargic and unable to stand or walk. And the next day was having seizure like symptoms. She passed away today in my sons arms on the way to the vet. She was our world please be careful!

Hartz Flea and Tick Spray

I used the Hartz Ultra Guard Flea and Tick Spray on my 75lb pitbull and within 10 minutes (supervised, to make sure he wouldn’t try to lick it off) , he started quivering and acting lethargic. I immediately started the shower and lathered him down multiple times to get it completely off his coat. Almost immediately after I got him out, he stopped quivering and after a few hours he was acting back to normal. THANKFULLY, this poison of a substance was not on him long enough to really seep into his skin. I have not and will NEVER AGAIN buy Hartz products!