My service dog

My minion service dog got bad sick for 1 week after I bathed her in close to dying I bathed her in oatmeal and dawn for that week and she got better the nots are going down on her a little each day now…

My new yorkie

I bought my kids a new dog for Christmas and around maybe about a few days later we went and bought this product and not even two days later their puppy had past away. I wasn’t sure what happened but I do know he had red spot all over and I thought it might had been a sensitivity ! This is crazy !!

Hartz flea meds almost liked my cat

Quite a few years ago (in about 2007), I was gifted a beautiful, healthy cat. I am very big on the health of my fur babies, so I ran to get him everything he could possibly need or want. Flea meds was one of the items I got. I opted to purchase the Hartz brand. Within minutes he stated to decline, and within 20/30 minutes he was visibly ill & lethargic. He started throwing up & I was scared he was going to die.
I washed what I could of the typical needs off & forced fluids. Thank God he recovered.
A few days later, I noticed fur from the application site fell out.
I’m so glad we are holding this company accountable. I can’t believe they are still in business!

Teacup Yorkies

I bought the Hartz flea collars for my babies. Within a couple hours of putting them on, the first one started stumbling around and acting really funny. I immediately yanked them off and bathed them in dawn. It took a few hours but they started doing better. My husband didn’t believe that’s what it was and put one on one of them a few weeks later. A couple hours later, THAT ONE was acting funny. He removed it and pulled the rest out of the cabinet and threw them all away. We will NOT buy anything else from them.

5 month bully(pit bull)

My bully, coco, died at just 5 months old because of this product, he was blimd and the most loving, respectful, cute , easy
to train, his “disability” didnt effect him in any way! Gosh I loved him so much. I rescued him at just 4 weeks old, bottle fed him, he will be in my heart forever and I’ll never forget or forgive this company for taking away my baby.


I Have A Boston Terrier just All Of A Sudden Started Having Seizures To Vet And She’s Healthy So They Don’t Know Whats Caused The Seizures I Just Seen Post About This Product And Went And Looked And Thats The Brand Of Shampoo That We Bought A Couple Weeks Ago Not Knowing Until Now

Rottie almost died, huge Bill

My pup had similar stories as so many was in ICU a few nights. Saying it’s a rear parasitic disease but I used this exact shampoo couple times and then noticed problems as some speak of

100% true

My dogs have been having seizures , wobbly barely can stand up, doesn’t want to eat and is lathargic for hours. Even my vet couldn’t figure out the problem. ITS THE SHAMPOO. Since I stopped using it she’s completely fine. Her hair is back also. I’ve spent over $1000 at the vet trying to see what’s wrong with my dog , turns out the soap is making her terribly sick. This is UNACCEPTABLE by all means.

1year female pit

Used this on my dog when I first got her just to make sure she was clean, and to help try prevent any fleas/ make sure she hadn’t already had some on her. Ever since then she has been scratching so much she’s shedding horribly and licking or chewing around tail and lower back area.