My mom’s cat died 2 days after Hart’s Ultraguard Applied

My mom applied Hart’s Ultraguard to her 6-year-old cat on Saturday. This morning he suddenly was on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth and he died in a few seconds. Cannot help but wonder if it wasn’t the flea and tick medicine since he was perfectly fine before this.

Almost lost my cat

In April of 2019 I was just starting a new job (so low on money) when a friend brought over her dog who little did I know had fleas. Once I realized we had fleas in the house, I bought Hartz thinking it was safe. I put it on my at the time very healthy and normal cat, Max and he immediately started running around and yeowling as if it was burning him and then dropped to the ground and wouldn’t move. I called the vet and they said to bathe him and bring him in asap. I bathed him and he became so lethargic that he let me scrub him down and I brought him to the vet. He had to be hospitalized and nearly died from kidney issues (thankfully my vet was amazing and saved him). I reported it to Hartz to get reimbursed for his $1300 medical bill and they sent me the forms (I had to call twice to get them) and I did everything they asked: A detailed bill from the vet along with a letter with the diagnosis that it was from the flea treatment from Hartz, the proof of purchase and the original box with the left over treatments still in it. After 2 months of calling weekly I finally got an answer. They wouldn’t reimburse me because THEIR vet after reviewing everything I submitted said it was in no way related to their flea treatment. I appealed it and still was denied. Max now after just being barely a year old will have to be on special meds and food for his kidneys for the rest of his life. We’ve had to go back to the vet several times due to kidney issues. It’s not ok. My heart is broken for him. Hartz did not care at all and only wants their money. Each time I had to call them, I was treated rudely by the people working there. DON’T buy any of their products ever

Never buy Hartz!

Hartz flea shampoo killed my tea cup Chihuahua and gave my Rat terrier seizures that seem to be getting worse and more frequent as she ages. I feel so guilty for using this product, but in reality the company and the EPA are the guilty ones for selling this product to pet owners. Dawn dish soap baths and vacuum your house! Never again will I use their brand and I will continue to tell everyone I know.

Two Dogs, One Bad Product

Sent my dogs to a dog sitter using the rover app while we were at church youth camp and they came home with fleas. I went to the store where I was recommended to buy Harts Ultraguard Pro on my animals. I have a 6 year old malinois that is 60 lbs and a 7 month old GSD at 70 lbs. I followed the directions to a “T” and my GSD is just fine (so far). My malinois however, has severe hives, scabbing along the spine, and now walking along the walls to keep balance. SO MAD RIGHT NOW.

Cat burned!!!!

My cat was burned by this product!!! It was so sad to see her running around the house crying rubbing her head on everything after I gave her the treatment. After multiple baths nothing worked. I had to take her to the vet after she made herself bleed! Then I read all the reviews!!! Cats are dying from this product! Why is it still on the market? I’m so upset! I want justice!

Hartz Ultraguard Pro

I applied Hartz Ultraguard Pro to my cats yesterday. One had a terrible reaction. Apart from it turning into a big oily mess on the back of her neck, she got extremely vocal. I was tending to another cat and turned around and she was staring at me drooling. I scooped her up and her skin where the product was at was hot to the touch. I immediately washed her with Dawn dish detergent. Once dry, she seemed to be fine. No telling what would’ve happened if I had left it on there. I called the Hartz number from the package and reported it. Although they were friendly and acted concerned and apologized, no one offered to give me my money back. Wal-Mart isn’t going to take back a half used package, even with a receipt. After finding this site, I guess I just need to be grateful it didn’t kill her. I am. Lesson learned.

Hartz Ultraguard Flea Medication

I bought Hartz Ultraguard Flea and Tick drops from Wal-mart. Both cats have not been treated for fleas in over 2 years and I noticed a couple small scabs on them which indicates fleas. The 7 year old female is fine, skin clear, no problems. My 16 year old female has resorted to scratching wildly at the door to get out, has been non-stop meowing no matter what we do. I have seen her drink and she is using the litter box as normal, but she will not eat her can food (which she loves). It has been 2 1/2 weeks since the application, so I know it is in her system now. I was told since she is not having seizure activity and she is still eating/drinking to basically let it run out of her body (about a week it should be out). I will NEVER but Hartz again.