I wash my toy poodle in the flea and tick shampoo and his hair in his ass end fell out and the rest of his hair turned an orangish Brown color and he is pure black!! I will never ever use this shampoo AGAIN!!


I have a 3 year old full blooded American bully I noticed him scratching and he never had fleas or anything but was told oatmeal wash is good for the skin I used the oatmeal shampoo on him and he has since broke out in like a rash very red underneath has had hair loss and scratching has got worse he’s not his playful happy self they need to be shut down


I have a cocker spaniel shes 7 years old . I always shower her with this shampoo once a week or sometimes every two weeks (shes an inside baby) and every time she gets out the shower she gets seizures that last around 15 min .. Im in shock that this shampoo is causing it


I put Hartz flea and tick liquid on my cat and within minutes he started stumbling and running into things and drooling. He was so out of it I tried to grab him to wash it off and he spazzed and jumped off our deck(12 ft atleast) and took off. He came back several days later with a nasty twitch that never went away.

Our sweet dachshund had seizures

We never had issues with fleas until one time after visiting someone’s house whoe own dogs had them. We picked up this shampoo to use and kept using it for several months after we ran out of the regular shampoo we had previously been using. A few months later our boy dachshund started having seizures. We had several vet visits and a prescription for medication and continued to monitor. I came across this information one day and immediately stopped using this shampoo on both our dachshunds. After several months the seizures tapered off and eventually stopped (so far). We are so grateful that this didn’t turn out worse for our babies! Unfortunately our boy’s disposition has changed, he’s now very anxious if we are out of his sight, and doesn’t like to be disturbed or moved if he is comfortable and growls at us. Our sweet boy never did this before so I am certain whatever chemicals that caused the seizures also affected his brain in other ways. Its disgusting to me that this product is still being sold and more pets are suffering

poor kitty

I have go my special needs daughter a kitten for her birthday the kitten was 12 weeks and was covered in fleas the recommended age to use this bran was 8 weeks i washed the kitten up and dryed her off i went to bed that night woke up the next morning to my daughter asking me why I would get her a dead kitten her birthday was ruined and I had no way to explain to her what had happened

Sadie the Cocker Spaniel

I bathed my cocker spaniel with this shampoo…I lathered my dog and left on the recommended time…went to rinse her and she was already acting weak and not herself. I dried her off and held her in my arms and rocked her. I thought she was going to sleep but she started breathing heavy, a bit after that her breathing became very shallow and maybe 10-15 minutes she was not breathing. Very devastated

Seizures in 14wk puppy

I used this product when I got my puppy from a not so desired situation. Within 10 minutes of the bath my poor puppy went into seizures. He couldn’t lift his head without trembles. Hart offered nothing. Just that all dogs react differently. I gave him a warm water bath and drowned his paw pads in milk as well as his face. Afterwards I filled the tub with warm water and let him swim to dilute the exposure. He seemed to settle down and eventually made it to the vet the following morning where they told me vividly to avoid hart flea lines as they personally have seen numerous deaths and how lucky I was I caught it early and my puppy began to pass the poison.