Little kittin

I had a kittin that died from flea treatment within a day I felt horrible for using it was years ago an always thought I had to do with this brand


used a flea & tick collar on my elderly cat & his skin is burned!! i am so mad! i don’t understand how they are still able to sell their products!!!

Hartz flea shampoo

About a year ago I noticed that my 12 year old 6 pound terrier had fleas so I decided to purchase Hartz shampoo from a local grocery store. That was the biggest mistake I’ve made in my life. After I took my dog out of the bath, he immediately started whining and wheezing. I didn’t know what was wrong and soon after he started pooping uncontrollably and wasn’t able to stand up on his own. Thankfully, he got better after a few days and is still with me a year later but please never use hartz products on your pets!!!

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Pretender killed my kitten

I had a kitten that I loved very much I’m not a cat person. On Dec 3rd I seen her chocking like throwing up when I cleaned it up their was a worm I put the worm in a baggy ‘she was find other then occasional throwing up the next day I went to the vets they gave me pretender I applied it to the back of her neck like they said .next day she wasn’t rating but still drinking water she threw up a barn water I thought the worms were disoveling well they told me it takes time she’ll b fine, next morning she was very slow and on the floor I waited that night her head was shake so on the 8th I went to the vets and told them she wasn’t getting better they gave me a number because they weren’t seeing patients because of covid I took the number when I return hm I co on her and she was dead that fast .i seen a Lot of cat have died from this drug u in the he’ll r they still using it.i am beside myself about her I’m a old lady widow she was my first cat now I’ll never get another she was special to me

Chemical burn?

I adopted an 8 year old cat. He has stayed indoors. He just turned 10. One day, he decided to dart out the door. It took a couple minutes but I caught him and took him inside. A couple days later, I noticed fleas. I purchased the Hartz flea collar. The following day, I checked to see if it was working. I noticed his skin was a little red. Thinking it was too tight (even though I could fit 2 fingers under it comfortably), I loosened it. Two days after that, I noticed missing fur and what appears to be a burn. I took it off and got a closer look. It is the beginning of a chemical burn. And some of his fur has fallen out. Never using Hartz again.


Bought the flea and tick reflective collar made sure they weren’t too tight and about 3 to 4 days later he looks like this but I have a female cat that is fine wearing hers

Sweet sunmi

A couple of weeks ago I picked up hartz ultraguard flea and tick powder for my cats and applied it. One of my cats started throwing up but than recovered. I didn’t think a whole lot of it because sometimes cats throw up. But after I applied it to Sunmi my 2 year old cat she started vomiting uncontrollably and wouldn’t stop for 3 days. Also wouldn’t eat. She kept on drinking so I thought maybe she’d get better. But than she stopped drinking and started hiding. After that her head started bobbing side to side. I knew that I could not afford a vet bill at all but still brought her in because I knew deep down that it was my fault that she had gotten poisoned by that powder and couldn’t bare the thought of losing my cat. I asked the vet if she was possibly poisoned by the powder. He said most likely. And that she was the second cat in the past 2 weeks to come in with hartz poisoning. Finally after tests IV meds and nausea meds and a 2 night stay Sunmi was able to come home. She is still not her self. She has alot of sensory issues. She could not find the treat is my hand as she was slowly rooting for it. Also she had never eaten out of my hand before. She falls over and stumbles alot. She is extremely vocal. Which before she was the most silent cat. I believe she has suffered permanent neurological affects. I feel like a completely different cat came home from the vet. Of course I still love her the same. Has anyone ever gotten reimbursed by hartz with vet bills?

Yes, still happening in 2020

I put Hartz UltraGuard OneSpot for Cats and Kittens on my 3 year old cat. I followed instructions perfectly, yet still ended up at the animal hospital hours later. Luckily, my cat suffered only external wounds from the medication and after medical intervention she is fine, but the hospital staff reiterated that Hartz is BAD NEWS.

Hartz has changed the ingredients since this website was first launched, but it is still NOT SAFE FOR CATS. Please don’t go for Hartz out of convenience or because it’s cheap. $40 might sound pricey for flea medication, but it’s a lot cheaper than the $300 I had to spend at the animal hospital.

I found this website while looking up to see if anyone else’s cat acted strange after applying Hartz. Had it not been for this website, my cat might not have lived. Thank you to everyone who has contributed here, you are definitely making a difference and saving the lives of animals.