This website is a life saver! I bought Hartz Underguard Flea Collar and I put it on my 11 month old Maltipoo. Right after, I decided to search up some reviews on this product. I came across this website and several others that claimed that Hartz was not a good product to use. I’m not willing to take the risk of using this product and have removed it immediately!! I REFUSE TO BUY THIS PRODUCT EVER AGAIN

Cats terrible chemical burn

Last fall I bought the Hartz flea drops for cats I put it on all 5 of our cats The 4 tolerated it ok but our siamese had to go to the vet as the product caused a severe chemical burn and the vet told us He has seen this many times before and to bath her to get the lingering oils off,We did this but now here it is almost summer and she still has this patch of hair missing and is still itching this one spot all the time and still acting scared of us She sure is not the same cat. as before this incident buyer be very aware of this product and the damage it can do to your pets.

Hartz, How do you people sleep at night?

My beautiful cat Tobi is so sick. I put on one application of Hartz Flea Control and she started to act sick. She was lethargic and didn’t want to eat or drink. I took her to a groomers to get the poison off of her. That was last week. She is still not eating or drinking. I took her to the Vet yesterday. The Vet technician said that she was probable poisoned from the Hartz Flea Control and that people have know that the Hartz Flea Control kills cats and puppies. I was stunned. A co-worker just told me that this morning as well. I am so heart sick. How can Hartz know they are killing animals and still keep this product on the market? How can Publix and other companies still sell this product? Something has to be done and fast! Let’s get a Class Action suit going. Hartz has got to be stopped. How are we going to do this? Please let me know.

Hartz left a big lesion

Our kitty Hope developed a serious lesion aout the size of my thumbnail within 24 hours of application of the Hartz flea drops…even though we had washed it of within an hour, noticing she was extremely agitated and uncomfortable. WE saw the same reaction on our second cat, and so we washed it off. I waited a week and tried the flea collar….only on the second cat, though, since the first kitty still had her lesion. Our second kitty, Budy, within an hour began to try to scratch UNDER the flea collar and all around it, nowhere else, so I knew it was the collar and took it off…Only then did I read the reviews of the products.

If enough people tell enough Wal-Mart stores (they refunded my money immediately) then Wal-Mart will QUIT buying this awful and dangerous product.

Meanwhile ten days later, I finally get to take both Hope and Buddy to the Vet.
vaccines are causing cats huge problems down the road

BY THE WAY, those vaccines are also doing a lot of permanent damage to our cats:

AAFP Releases New Feline Vaccination Guidelines

Hartz Ultraguard Plus Is Deadly

I purchased the Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea and Tick Prevention. Applied it by label directions as I always have with any flea treatment. Within 24 hours my cat began to lose his hair around his neck, shoulders and head. He is not the same cat now. His personality is fearful, he runs from me and hides. He meows a sound that sounds like he is trying to use words instead of meows. The fleas are worse on him now than before the treatment. He has signs of skin damage in areas that were not treated. It is inside him and I cannot do anything about it. I feel horrible. His skin is red and irritated. I cannot touch him now to pick him up he just runs away and hides. I cannot get to him to wash it off. It has been 5 days. I am surprised he is still alive. #DoNotBuyThisProductEver


We bathed our dog in Hartz ultra guard when he had fleas, and he started having side effects within a few hours – shaking all over, laying without energy, not wanting to be picked up, biting you if you tried (not normal), etc. We called the vet, and they told us to bring him in. Good thing we did. Evidently they see this happen frequently, and gave him a shot to counteract the POISON in the shampoo. They gave us an 800 number to call if he didn’t get better, since we would have to take him an hour to Chesapeake to get a second shot (over the weekend the vet would be closed). It is unbelievable to me that this shampoo is still SOLD, despite the fact the dogs and cats have died and/or been disabled for life.(as verified by vet). But why should I be surprised…..this is the U.S.A. , right? All they do is put a warning label on it, and continue to make millions, despite what it does to health.

attorney in the house??

I Put this crap ( Sergeants) on my two small shitzu/ poodle cross dogs. Both had a reaction but one had far more severe reaction. It has been five days (three with benadryl) and he is still going crazy!!. Shaking his head, itching uncontrollably, panting, so agitated and anxious. He looks at me and begs to make it stop. I am sick about this! How in the world is it even possible that this product is still on the shelf?? People have been posting on this site for years and not one single attorney has come forward to take these cases to court? I finally called the vet today after trying the dawn and benadryl. I think it has helped but not nearly enough.

We lost our baby girl

Today, April 20, 2016 was a much harder day then my family could have ever anticipated. What started out as a normal week, unexpected turned dark when we lost a huge part of what makes our family laugh daily. On Monday, Mom picked up two hartz flea collars, one for each of our dogs, to take them for a walk. I got home from work and noticed the scent they omitted was particularly strong in comparison to collars we’ve previously purchased. My dogs were wrestless all night and in the morning wouldn’t eat. I found this behaviour very strange and immediately took my older dog to the vet as she was so weak she could barely move. The vet said she looked nastargic but her tempurature and heart rate were normal. After some research we immediately removed the collars. Our vet mentioned that no matter what size the collar, the medication was the same across the sizes. She sent off some blood work, but thought it would pass as her signs weren’t severe. I took my sick dog home where she continued to throw up water, although she was trying, which was an improvement. At 3 am, awful howls came from our dog. Her stomach spazaming, legs rigid, unable to move. Shortly later, she passed away. Our dog was very small and a little older, but before yesterday she showed no signs of anything wrong. She was happy, spunky and playful. I feel like my dog was taken from me without notice. She never overly showed signs of aging, or getting old and her check-ups were regular and healthy. Luckily, our other dog is quite a bit younger and stopped acting strange once the collar was removed. Our older dog though, our family and the vet fear, was unable to break down the chemicals on hartz collars due to her age and size, ultimately poisoning her and resulting in her death. Please, I hope all of you encourage your family and friends to do your research before using any new shampoos, foods, flea collars, ANYTHING, on your dogs. It could save their life. For my family, our loss was unexpected and sudden. This hard to digest fact will now linger through our family everyday as we look down for our baby girls excited and wagging tail every time we walk through the door and it won’t be there. #hartzkills

Scared for my pet

A little over a month ago my roommate and I found fleas on our cat, Tiny. My roommate’s family sent us a little flea care-package with flea bombs and Hartz FCs. About two weeks ago we put on the collar, bombed the house, washed all the clothes and bedding, and vacuumed. At first the collar didn’t seem to be presenting any issues, other than not working at all, until three days ago when I noticed the cat started acting weird. He was hiding in my kitchen cabinets and acting really timid, which was completely out of character because usually he’s a nut case and super friendly, and he stopped eating. For the past two days the cat has been sitting in the corner of my kitchen and hasn’t moved (yes we checked that he was still alive) and we had no idea what was going on with him. So I started doing research because someone had told me that depending on the flea medication it can have bad effects on your cat, but I wasn’t aware of what we had because I hadn’t purchased the medication myself and was excited to get this flea problem under control. I’m glad I stumbled upon this website and learned of how dangerous this product was, now I’m going to try and get Tiny to the vet to make sure he’s not seriously ill. Please stay away from this product, use vet recommended medication for the safety of your animal.