My beloved dog is a 7 year old Pitmation who is as close to a human as she can get very loving and attention craving all the time. Bella is her name she sleeps in bed with me and flea and tick protection are important. I bought the Hartz Ultra Pro at Walmart because she weighs 45 lbs and they had a dose that seemed to better fit her weight. I had read a little bit about Hartz not being good but had also read some who said to use nothing else.. Within 20 hours of putting the Hartz on Bella she became violently ill. She vomited and had diarrhea for 2 days. She was dry heaving and so pitiful it absolutely broke my heart. I sat up with her all night debating on going to the ER Vet with her but after talking to her Vet I was told to just monitor. Bella has epilepsy so taking her to the vet causes her to have seizures so I was in a real dilemma as to take her or not. After a couple days I began giving her the chicken and rice along with Gatorade mixed with water. She is back to her normal self now but it almost time for her to have another monthly dose. While shopping around for Frontline I found this website and felt a calling to post my concern.

Hartz Flea and Tick Collar Burned My Kittens Fur Off!

I got my little fur baby a few months ago when a family friend had found her right outside of her shop and had given her to my mom who had in turn given her to me! This baby girl is my entire world and has kept me company since she was only weeks old! As a college student, I spend a lot of time at home and don’t have very much money. A roommate of mine had moved in with his dog and hardly ever bathed her so I immediately started noticing fleas in her fur! As soon as I saw that I went out to buy her a flea and tick collar. Sadly, I stupidly picked out a hartz flea and tick collar and placed it on my little angel. After a few days she started vomiting! I was so confused cause she had never done that before. Then she couldn’t put down food and was always sleeping. After a while my boyfriend noticed that she had been losing fur under the collar! We took it off and realized she had lost quite a bit of fur under the collar and it was irritating her neck! It was burning her and hurting her! As soon as we saw this, we rushed to give her a bath and watched her for the next few days. She finally got better. But i feel so horrible thinking about how I stupidly bought that collar just because it was cheap! I might have never even noticed if my boyfriend hadn’t pointed it out! PEOPLE, PUT YOUR PETS FIRST AND GET THEM THE BEST OF THE BEST. Not only that, but read reviews of any products you buy for your fur babies. Reading these stories makes me realize how blessed I am that she had made it so long after wearing it for a week. Thank you everyone for your stories!


About 10 years ago, I laid my 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier to rest less than 24 hours after putting a Hartz Flea Collar on him. I found this forum because I was recently looking for a safe flea repellent for my two dachshunds and cat.

Ten years ago, I returned home from college only to find that my Yorkie was infested with fleas. A family member was in charge of him while I was away at school but she was very neglectful and going through depression at the time (which I didn’t find out until later). When I brought him home, I purchased a Hartz flea collar for him and he seemed fine after I put it on him. The following day, I awoke to him being his normal self but within an hour he had thrown up twice. Blame it on my naivety at such a young age but I figured he had eaten some type of table food that didn’t agree with him. I put him in his room and ran out to the store with my mom. We were gone maybe 2 hours tops.

When we returned, my baby was laid out in the middle of the floor with a puddle of blood around his rectal area. We were too late, he was already gone. I cried my eyes out and looked back on everything I could have done differently. I didn’t drive at the time, I was broke, unemployed and living with my parents. It wasn’t until later that I made the association with the flea collar. He had been wearing it for less than 24 hours and now he was gone. I think about him all the time and if only I could turn back the hand of time I would have NEVER given him that flea collar, or any other flea collar for that matter. My 3 fur babies now get flea baths and I’m still in search of an all-natural, safer option.


So I recently obtained two orphan female kittens at the age of three weeks old. It took care of them, bottle fed them until they were old enough to eat on their own. I was a proud owner of these two beautiful perfectly healthy kittens. I knew that one way or another i wanted to avoid any fleas on the kittens or in my house so in an attempt to do it cheaply in bought two flea collars from hartz at the store. Big mistake. At the time i didnt realize that any flea collars could be dangerous. I have seen them be used before with no problem. The package said it was for kittens 12 weeks or older so when the kittens were twelve weeks old I put the collars on as instructed at about 7pm. At that point i was settling down for the night, watching tv, and about midnight i look over and notice one kitten laying in the middle of the floor with her eyes closed… i noticed it was kind of strange considering they usually slept on the couch or recliners or in my lap all snuggled up. So in attempt for some snuggling i picked her up and set her in my lap. She woke up and that’s when it noticed her swaying back and forth unable to stay still, with drool pouring from her mouth. I then look over to my other kitten and was shocked to find her attempting to walk across the floor but failing as she fell all over the place. At this point in was very concerned, i put them both in a box with some blankets and monitored them… neither could control their body… they swayed back and forth, twitched and spasmed as if having seizures. I removed the collars, rushed them to the vet emergency room where the vet explained the nerve and brain damage may or may not be permanent. The only option was to give baths to wash away any excess chemicals and wait.. so that’s what we did. When it got home i started to research and was horrified by what is found. The chemicals in the flea collar are meant to get into the cat just enough so that if a flea does get on them or bites them, it will attack the fleas nervous system and kill them almost instantly. Instead the chemical attacked the nervous system of the poor kittens. For the next few days i waited terrified, watching my babies convulse, spasm, not be able to walk, eat, drink… having to resort to bottle feeding them milk and water which they hadn’t done in weeks just so they didn’t starve or dehydrate. After about four days it settled down and they eventually started walking again after days of our own personal physical “therapy” which consisted of exercising there stiff weak legs. And using yarn as motivation for their weak attempts. Now they are six months old and healthy as can be.. but it will never forget the horror that they and i went through. Please do not EVER use this product.

I’m shocked this is still on the market!

I bought the SENTRY PRO XFT for my 2 Rottweilers and 2 smaller dogs. I bought the correct weights. I have used Frontline in the past and had no problem. I bought this because it was a little cheaper. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! Within 2 hours of putting this toxic trash on my friends, they were all exhibiting symptoms. My Rotts were the worst! They very quickly became uncomfortable, you could just tell. They got nervous and moved around alot. They started scratching and rolling around and whining. They were not just itching they were in PAIN! This stuff is horrible.

My other 2 smaller dogs were acting different. But only seemed to be slightly bothered. I put it on at 10 am and by noon they were all showing different levels of symptoms.

About 5 hours into it, I decided it was time to try to remove as much as possible. I scrubbed the area I put the poison on with shampoo. Just my regular shampoo. I thought it would wash it out. It didn’t help much. A couple more hours passed and I decided that DAWN was my next try. It did seem to remove alot of the residue but plenty had soaked into their skin already.

Since my smaller dogs seemed only slightly affected I just rinsed them off. They are still ok except they do scratch and roll more often. They are not acting normal as yet.

We were up all night with our Rotties. They were whining and crying. Rolling, scratching and rubbing along the furniture. OMG this stuff is horrible! By 1 AM I decided to Google information about this stuff. I was horrified by what I found. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS! You have GOT to be kidding me. They still sell this stuff.

I gave ALL my dogs Benadryl that night. It has been 2 days now and the little dogs are still a little weird. Just not quite themselves. My female Rottweiler sleeps alot and still itches and rolls more than usual. She also was drooling quite a bit the first day. My male Rott is the worst. He does the same thing but he has now developed sores at the site. They are about the size of a 50 cent piece and they are oozy painful sores. This is appalling that this stuff is still on the market after all this. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LAWSUIT??

From now on I will always check online before I put anything on the furry members of my family. Don’t they understand how important our pets are to us. Unbelievable.

Thank you everyone for telling your stories. Without the internet we would never know! I am taking this stuff back to Pets mart but apparently they don’t care about our pets any more than Sergeants Pet Care Products.


Help! My 11 year old bathed out 4 month old puppy with hatrz flea and tick shampoo. We have already washed her again with just warm water but I’m seriously concerned. She’s extremely lethargic. Please tell me if there is anything we can do!!

WTH Jus happened ( hartz flea collar for cats)

1-22-2016 It was the night of the winter storm Jonah. I had gone out a couple days before and bought new flea collars jus in case there were any fleas in my carpet. BIG MISTAKE … Luckily I never put them on until I know i’m gonna be home , to be on safe side . With in a few hrs my little female cat spit up in the hall , I wiped her off told my son to watch her , but give her space . I went to get something to clean up floor . Within minutes she fell over into the wall and appeared to be having a seizure or something . Her body was in a ball and her head was limp . she appeared to not be breathing I quickly took collar off . threw it across floor , I carefully picked her up . So there I am snow storm , My son was hysterical and my young cat possibly dying… her head hung limp like she was dead . This all happened in jus a matter of minutes . I flipped her to her side and tried to put my hand roughly where her heart was and starting pushing , not hard and breathed in her nose a few times again NOT hard . She started breathing rapidly.. looked at me as if to ask WTH jus happened , and scurried to get on the floor . I looked at my son and said OMG , WTH jus happened ? He said Mom OMG you jus saved her . I quickly removed all the collars from other cats . I sat up all night kept an eye on her , kept water down , but pulled food up for the night . By the next morning she was acting back to normal , eating , drinking , running up n down cat tree . This has NEVER happened before only different thing was that damn collar . What a night is all I can say . NEVER EVER AGAIN , will I ever buy any of these products . Why the hell are the products still being sold ?


My cat Nidalee was a stray I picked up when he was a baby. He was doing so good the only problem was. Fleas. I have him flea bath and collars but nothing worked. Finally I went to Walmart to see what they had seeing as how I was there anyway. I saw the spray and bought it thinking maybe it’ll work. I sprayed it on him and after ward did exactly as the directions said. Followed by a regular bath. Not with flea soap. I didn’t wanna put to much medicine on him. A week went by and he started acting funny. He started twitching and legs got weak. In fear of losing my pet I took him in. She said it could very well be toxins and she decided to detox Nidalee. Another week went by and he was worse no walking. Couldn’t eat on his own nothing. He was in diapers cause he was so helpless. This morning at 6:18am I woke up almost instinctively and he started having seizures I tried my best to soothe him the best I could. He passed this morning. I’m so infuriated that this crap is still on the market. My cat. Nobody’s cat deserves to go like this. They need to take this stuff of the shelves. It’s posion

Hartz Guinea Pig Food

My roommate and I both had guinea pigs. I normally bought oxbow products, however she purchased Hartz Guinea Pig food for them about two weeks ago on her way home from work. My guinea pig, Forto, had seizures two days ago and passed away. I originally thought it was neurological in nature, he had polydactyly (extra fingers and toes), and I thought that maybe he had another underlying genetic condition because of that. Now Nigel, her guinea pig is showing the same symptoms that Forto had 2 days ago, the only thing that has changed is their food. I feel like a fool, when we originally got them about a year ago, I researched what pet food to buy, but not what to avoid. Now we have one very sick guinea pig and one that passed away. I am so angry that this brand is even allowed on shelves after what I have read. I lost my fur baby because of their terrible product. What an evil company.

Hartz burnt my poor cat!

This is HORRIBLE! My poor cat has terrible burns around her neck because a few days ago I put on a Hartz flea collar on her. The poor thing is seriously hurt. This is not acceptable, I had no idea this could have happen to her. I am shocked to see that this is happening to other people’s pets. WHAT IS HARTZ DOING ABOUT THIS?? My cat, Smores, is a very sweet and loving member of my family and I am mortified that I put this darn collar on her.