Keeping Our Fingers Crossed….

On Aug 30th, 2014, we put Hartz UltraGuard flea collars on our cats. We had used them for years with no problems. Our newest cat, Na’avi is an 8 yr old Norwegian forest cat (they’re related to Maine Coons).

Because she is huge and has a double coat of fur, I bought the Hartz UltraGuard Plus flea collar for her. I had never used one of these before.

Earlier tonight, September 12th, my husband yelled for me to come quickly. He had just discovered that Na’avi had lost about 2 inches of fur halfway around her neck just under the flea collar. The area was all bloody and ravaged. Because of my medical background, I recognized it as a chemical burn.

She has been acting completely normal with no signs of pain at all. The reason we had not noticed anything till now is that she sort of has a mane which covered the whole collar area. I should add that the collar was not too tight and all instructions had been followed.

I went on the net tonight to see why this particular Hartz product was so dangerous and found the HartzVictims website. My heart was aching as I read all the stories of tragic loss. My husband and I were appalled to learn that this product is still widely available. We bought ours at the local Walmart and I will be phoning them in the morning.

We hope and pray that our Na’avi will recover from this incident and extend our sincerest condolences to all who lost their precious babies.

Justice For Ziva

Below is our story. I will not stop until something gets done. I have sent many emails and notified many businesses, people, government officials about this product. We need to stick together to get this product off the shelves.

I just wanted to get the word out about a popular product that is being sold at many retail stores. It effects are quite disturbing. Below is our story. I want the public to know, they deserve to know. Ziva is not the only one that has passed from this product. My vet in Sallisaw advised that they have seen these effects before in pets. Please help us get the story out.

On the night of August 26th 2014 I applied the Hartz Ultraguard Flea and Tick preventative to my fur daughter Ziva and my fur son Boh. About 45 minutes after applying the product Boh started having issues walking, lack of control of his back legs, and weaving. I kept a close eye on him when I saw my girl was doing the same thing only much much worse. She would walk through the house and hit her head on the chair, couldn’t hold her head up to drink, vomiting, unable to stand to urinate, falling, and rolling over herself. I got her to her Dr first thing the morning of the 27th. They gave her two injections, one of a medicine that would help and another that was pain meds and the other for nausea. I called and checked on her before the Dr’s office closed that day and promised I wouldn’t be an over anxious mom and call right when the doors opened the next morning. At 0927 on the 28th I called to check. I got transferred straight to the vet and got the news. Said that he did the best he could. Came back and checked on her twice over night the poison just over took her system. I made a call to the Hartz care line and let them know what happened. The Hartz company has yet to return my call in regards to what happened to Ziva. Ziva was a frisky, happy go lucky, curl up in bed with mom to watch TV, shepherd of two little girls who grew up with her, mom to 6 week old puppies, trained for personal protection family pet of a great backgroud. This should not have happend to her or any other pet.

I am wanting to take on the Hartz Mountian Corporation in hopes to raise awareness to what their products are doing to pets. Sadly I am not the only one that this has happend too. Awareness is key and getting the word out so more pets are saved is very important to my two young children, my husband and myself.

Rest in Peace Isabella Donna

Hi, my name is Margaret Daly. Isabella Donna “Isa” was my beautiful black smoke Himalayan. She was in perfect health. I had only treated her once for fleas before prior to this past week. I noticed Isa had began to scratch. I was concerned since she is a completely indoor cat. While at the grocery store Tuesday, August 30, 2014, I purchase Sergeants Flea and Tick Gold medicine at Krogers. I came home applied it to both of my cats.

Thinking nothing of it, I begin to notice within two days that Isa’s behavior had changed. She became increasingly clingy and lethargic. I figured it was a side effect of the medicine. She was not scratching as much. Over the next three days, Isa’s behavior began to change. She didn’t have much of an appetite and was reclusive. Due to the holiday weekend, we just kept a close eye on her.

On August 31, 2014, Sunday, I could not find her. I began to panic! I enlisted my father and husband to search the entire house when we found her, she was completely listless. We rushed her to the emergency vet.

The vet said she had a very low body temp and her red blood count was decimated. A normal range is 40-50, and Isa’s red blood cell count was 12. The vet suggest a $1300 blood transfusion. We declined due to the financial strain. The vet said Isa would be okay within 3-5 days. The diagnosis was anemia due to fleas although no fleas were actually found on her.

We took her home. When we got home, I knew in my heart she was dying. I tried everything to get her to eat and drink. But she just laid there staying off into space. Every time she tried to move or stand she would stumble around and collapse. At around 3:00 AM, she had a seizure. I knew the end was near. Her breathing was changing from rapid to non-existent. She passed away shortly there after.

We were left with so many unanswered questions. Just a complete and total shock. How could a healthy cat with no known health issues just die? The vet did not have concerns about life or death! She said the transfusion would just improve her condition quickly. My husband began to research it on the internet. We have read countless stories just like our own, almost exactly the same. How can this be legal? How can these people manufacture products intended on helping our pets but instead they are killing them. This company will hear from me!

It seems our beloved, Isa, was poisoned by this junk! Too boot, I have another cat who is also acting similar to way Isa did before she passed away. I cannot fathom losing both of my cats. I have purchased Dawn dish detergent and will be bathing my other cat, Lola, very soon. I am starting here to share my story. I will be sharing it all over the internet. I will also be contacting Kroger to stop selling these lethal products! Please if you love your pets, the way we do, DO NOT PURCHASE ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS!

Hartz Ultra Guard flea & tick Collar

So here I am on your website and don’t I feel like a fool. I adopted two cats through work Friday cause clients got evicted and local SPCA has lots. They’d been itching and biting their feet little bit. After I had spent lots on basics at pet store I was in Safeway and thought this could be useful especially I don’t even have a good history on the cats. I put it on the smaller one and made sure to follow instructions. Instantly it freaked out, jumped around and drool was coming from its mouth. I didn’t get to snip the collar so must have got in its mouth. Did the best I could to wash its mouth rinse it – I also immediately took collar of as soon as I could once I saw it foaming from mouth. Its a Sunday and I talked to local emergency but cat is fine now so I was pretty lucky.

I won’t ever use any of this company’s product again and I’m certainly boycotting it. I can’t imagine what people have gone through losing a pet to this horrible company. Thank you for setting this up and God bless….

Hartz flea&tick Products will kill your pets

I bought a Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea and Tick Collar for my cat within 3 weeks he lost 30% of his body mass his vertebrates on this back stuck out from his body like the cheshire cat. in other words he was looking skeletal! within 8 weeks he was dead!

urge Everyone who read this, to join the class action lawsuit,to stop this company from killing pets!

How to Help Stop this from Happening to Others

There is one  simple thing you can  do. It won’t  cost you any  money either. Speak up. Simply tell everyone you know about what happened  to your pet. Tell them  to check out this web site for proof. If you see someone in a store  looking at  flea products  talk to them. I know it’s hard to talk to strangers, but trust me you saying something to them may very well save their pets life and thats a big thing to animal lovers. It will also make you feel a little  better over  what’s happened  wit your pet. At least  you are doing  something to help stop this and thats a big  plus. Face  it  no one’s  going to be taking out  full page  ads in the  New York Times saying ” Warning, Hartz can kill  your pets!”. Just not going to happen.

The pets of the world need your help. Please tell people whats  going on. If you have a web site or friends  with web sites ask them to add a warning and or  link to this web  site. I personally think anyone  who knows about  this ,  has an  animal and a web  site and  doesn’t use that site  to help spread the  word isn’t an animal  lover.  It’s on my site and every site I create for anyone. I bet  you all have facebook pages or you tweet on Twitter. Have you used that to help spread the  word? If not  you sure should be.

If anyone wants  a flyer  you can  copy and  post at  work or anywhere I have a  couple made up.Oe if  you want something  special created as a flyer contact me at [email protected] I’ll be happy to send  you the  flyers  or work to create what  you want



Not Sure About This Yet

My 3 year old cat Queen Jack started showing symptoms of CKD (chronic kidney disorder) after 2 weeks of using Hartz Hairball Remedy Plus. We’ve yet to take her to a vet to find out if she really does have CKD and what we must do to save Queen Jack.

Now I’m not sure if it’s the hairball remedy that contributed to her current condition, but I do know that she howled once (just once) in pain during a potty box visit during the time of using that Hartz crap. I stopped using the Hartz hairball stuff on Queen Jack and she’s starting to get better, but I am still taking her to the vet just to be sure what’s going on. I don’t want to lose her forever.

As for Hartz… I knew their flea stuff was bad. Trust me my other cat Peanut was hurt by the stuff you squeeze on a cat’s neck to combat fleas and I stopped using it immediately. These people need to be put out of business. They are evil and shameless–anything for money.

Smoosh dies from Hartz Ultra Guard Pro

Today 8/21/14 I lost my best friend, my partner in crime. Her name was Smoosh, she was only 4 years old. She was a British short hair and was healthy as can be.  I applied Hartz ultra guard pro flea and tick for cats 2 days ago. Hoping to get rid of the fleas. I hadn’t been able to find her till this morning where I found her removing and foaming of the mouth. I held her in my arms and tried everything. While I was on the phone with our vet just about to take her. She stopped breathing and passed away. It sickens me that these people are still a running company. I plan on taking legal action against them. They took away my best friend.


This message with photos came to via email from Linda:

“Hello, I wanted to tell my story so that it can help other pet owners not to put something on their dog that can hurt or kill them. I always buy products at my vet, but being in a hurry at the store and seeing Hartz Flea & Tick Drops at the store I purchased them. I actually thought the would not be as good or as strong as the one’s you purchase at the vets. I came home and put this on my 13 year old yorkie/ poo, Dorathy. At first I did not know what was going on , but later I figured it out, but it was too late. I feel terrible that I have put this on my dog and it has burned her like it did. I had no idea it could do this. Like I said she is 13, blind and cannot hear good. I am praying that she makes it through this, but I am worried sick. I have sent you pictures of her burns so that it might help someone else.”

dorathy 005

dorathy 001

Hartz shampoo almost killed my dog! 8/14/2014

My husband had gave our Dog a bath with Hartz   my dog ended up vomiting in the living room running to the bedroom and vomiting multiple times. I had my son take her out and told him to give her a bowl of water he proceeded to take her the bowl of water found her lying there panting and unresponsive, he came and told me I ran outside and she did the same thing was panting and not responding to her name no movement very lethargic! The vet recommended Frontline or Vectra and advised me to not use Hartz on my dog I can see why now after all the reviews on Hartz products they should have been banned long time ago! And after seeing my sweet happy healthy dog lying there suffering. Shame on you Hartz!