RIP Luna, another victim

This morning, 04/19/2014, Hartz Kitten Formula claimed the life of another. 5 week old Luna passed away this morning  from being poisoned. She was found last night not doing well, the vet called back in the morning and asked what her diet was. Vet said to get her off of Hartz immedietely as there were high losses this spring from Hartz formula, which is made in china but packaged in the US.  Expect to hear more soon from other victims. 🙁

Never heard of problems until now

My wife and I have fostered many litters of kittens of varying ages for our local SPCA shelter.  We have ALWAYS given them kitten replacement milk and have never had any issues….until this litter.

We have four 4-week old kittens that we have been giving this milk to.  The kittens have had varying degrees of reaction to the milk.  Each of them have had at least 2 episodes.  These episodes consist of a slow onset lethargy, then vomiting, then a catatonic state for several hours.  During this state they are limp, their temperatures have dropped, and they do not blink and look past you with glassy eyes.

We have spent over $100 this past week at the vet’s office trying to get a diagnosis for this problem.

I am so lucky to have found this website.  We had NO IDEA that this could have been the milk causing this issue until tonight.  We even had no symptoms these last 2 days while giving the kittens this milk.  This last episode that one of our male kittens had will absolutely be the LAST time that they will suffer at the hands of Hartz Kitten Replacement Milk.

Allergic Reaction Caused Hallucinations

We have 3 cats. Smee is a 13 year old black and white, Gabbie is a 5 month old black and white, and Dean is a 6 month old Maine Coon/ Tabby mix. Gabbie is our most recent member of the family, she was a stray who had followed me home one day and decided i was her new “human” so we gladly took her when she was only 4 months old at the time and she was healthy, so we put her in with out other kitties only to find out she had fleas. now all three of our cats have fleas and its getting so bad that they jump onto us. so for the past few months we’ve been using Frontline flea and  tick drops for cats. but this month we didn’t have the money to get our normal Frontline doses, so we were recommended to use Hartz flea and tick drops being told it was cheaper and worked the same. We knew better, but we tried it anyway. Shame on us. Within the first 12 hours, Smee’s eyes started swelling. Gabbie didnt seem to be affected by it, but Dean was the one who has the allergic reaction. Not only did his eyes and face get puffy, but he had other side effects too. He would see something that wasn’t there and freak out, he was also suffering from a fever and he was very skiddish and jumpy. he freaked out over nothing and he would stand in a corner or in a bottom shelf and start panicking and scratching like the walls were closing in on him. At first we thought he was high from the catnip tennis balls we have that he just loves so much, but catnip wouldn’t do this, so I looked up customer reviews about Hartz products and was HORRIFIED. I instantly went into a panic state, filled a sink full of water and grabbed each cat one by one  and washed the chemicals off with Dawn dish soap. after we had cleaned the cats (and their collars) Smee and Gabbie were perfectly fine. Dean on the other hand, started being very down and drowsy. his eyes were still puffy and glossed over, he was having trouble breathing, his eyes started oozing goo (im cleaning his eyes out every 2 hours or so)  and he was shivering for no reason. I picked him up and cuddled him in a blanket and bought syringes from the store and have been  giving him doses of water under the skin to try and flush it out of his system. The first dose, i realized he was also suffering from a chemical burn. Its been a day now, he seems to be perking up a little bit, but he is still quite drowsy and his eyes are still swollen and glossy and his face is still puffy. I keep giving him water solutions but if he doesn’t get better by Monday I am going to take him to the vet. I am pissed. I’ve been reading stories about Hartz reactions and i should probably stop because it is making me more and more angry. I am VERY thankful it was caught before any “life threatening” results occurred, and i am VERY happy that people plan on suing Hartz. I hope you win. PLEASE, get this crap OFF the Market.

Thank you

After seeing the new tv spot for Pet Armour Pro I went off to WAlly World to buy some. I noticed the Hartz product was exactly the same ingredients and a few bucks less so I purchased. (I have used Frontline for years but it seemed to not work anymore.) Got home and decided to research the ingredients before opening and applying. SO glad I did. I hit this site and was sickened by what I read and so sorry for the suffering of the animals and the people that are owned by them. After reading a few stories I had a flashback to my first cat, Bootsie. I grew up in an area with no fleas so didn’t know the first thing. I got this cat and shortly noticed she was covered with bugs. I realized these were fleas and went to the store to get something to kill them. I bought Hartz flea spray for cats, (this was pre Frontline type products) sprayed her according to the label and started getting ready for work. Got out of the shower and couldn’t find Bootsie. Hunted and found her in the closet foaming at the mouth and twitching, stumbling, shaking her head. Freaked out, I jumped in the tub and bathed her to remove the spray as best I could. I had to go to work but was afraid to go home after. She got better and made it thru the ordeal. I will be returning the Hartz tomorrow and never purchase again.

My first cat ever

From Darryl via email:

I was walking home one night after a hard day, i had just stopped drinking and needed to redirect my attention and focus i was on my 2nd week of no alcohol and just needed a friend, out of nowhere a small kitten walks from out of the dark i tried to shu it away but that little kitten had another agenda in mind as it kept coming i ran toward it,without a flicker it went around my feet and meowed and sat down..A guy said from his yard u might as well pick it up and give it a home because from the looks of things it wants to go with you..I picked it up and put it next to my chest it purred and snuggled in ,i named her pippy she couldn’t be more than 3wks i gave her a bath some milk and woke my daughter up and said her name is pippy she  cuddled up and went to sleep,the next day i went to walmart to give her the royal treatment she got it all,after another bath i went on line to see witch side does the flee collar belong on i saw that it stated safe for even kittens i knew hartz was the best from growing up, so i thought!!  I placed the collar on and all has been well, that little kitten keeps us laughing and my 2yr old and my 14mo old sons love her, we notice she’s very frisky at night loves to play and runs up and down until about a month now since she’s been apart of our family, i first notice a change in her appetite, than i noticed a mood swing so i picked her up and i looked at her my daughter said daddy pippy’s been acting funny i notice her poop was a little runny as i changed the litter on two separate occasions,so on this day i examined her closely and notice something under her collar i removed the collar and was shocked and i’m pissed to the older son said go on line and see if that collar is good i said i checked it online it said it was safe but when i put in hartz flee collar burned my cats neck the page came up one more victim is one to many..I’ve never owned a cat a few dogs but no cats for this old boy,but she loves me and that’s my friendship to her to take care of her in exchanged for her warmth,my beautiful lil kitten is hurt and i want part of the class action against hartz for animal cruelty..some one please in Jesus name help us take hartz down!!! My name is Darryl contact me at 754-422-3924.


Class Action LawSuit

Hi all, many of you heard my story of my little Chiweenie dog that had a seizure and passed away after a bath with Hartz Flea& Tick Shampoo. Im currently trying to get a Class Action Lawsuit going. I have infact contacted atleast 5 lawyers about this and just waiting to hear back from them. I have also contacted the EPA. I want this product removed. If you are interested on joining me please let me know. I also want you to know that my husband recorded  everything that happened so i have proof.



Human Reaction to Hartz Tick and Flea

I have not read through all the posts on this site to know if anyone else has posted of a human having a terrible reaction to Hartz tick and flea. Here is my story.

Last week I helped a friend out by petsitting her little dog. The owner had put Hartz Ultraguard topical tick and flea prevention on her dog before dropping her off. That night I cuddled with the dog and noticed a tickle in my throat and a weak cough. I joked on Facebook that maybe I was allergic to the dog. I should mention I am a huge dog lover and dogs have been in my life forever. My own dogs have used Frontline in the past. I have no allergies at all to dogs or cats or anything.

The next day, my “cold” got worse. I did spend a lot of time with the dog, sleeping in my bed etc. Two days later I could not go to work. I felt sick and achy, was coughing, had a very sore throat and had a fever. I went to a minute clinic to have a strep test. They listened to my chest and said it sounded bad and wanted to call an ambulance. To cut a long story short, I spent the weekend in the hospital. The Hartz product closed my airways and it became very hard to breathe. I was on steroids, drips, had to have lots of respiratory treatments etc. Now, 5 days later, i am home but still weak and coughing. The doctors have little doubt that it was the Hartz product that lead to this severe allergic reaction.

Have there been other cases of HUMANS having adverse effects from a Hartz product. I would be very interested to know. It’s been a terrible week and it will be a very expensive one after 3 days in hospital.  My friend who applied Hartz feels guilt stricken that her dog put me in the hospital.


Poor Kitties

This all happened a couple months ago. I was trying to do what was best for my two kitties, a brother and sister I adopted. I bought a Hartz preventative flea medication. I applied it to both of my cats and within an hour I had a feeling something was wrong with my female cat. The spot on her neck where I applied the medicine was so, so greasy and it made her hair stand up which made it look like she was balding. She was acting off and as if she was uncomfortable. Then I noticed her being to twitch and I suspected it was the Hartz product I just used. I went on the Internet and my heart dropped when I read the things on this site as well as others. Hartz products poisons and kills domesticated animals !!! I immediately began prepping for the kitties bath, rushing around like a crazy person. The male wasn’t showing any symptoms of distress so I decided I’d bathe the female first. This was all happening at around 3 am so I was lucky I happened to have Dawn dish soap. However, my cats are 11 pounds each and giving them a bath by myself was a struggle. I was able put some soap and rinse it off before they escaped/climbed the shower curtain. I was afraid it wasn’t thorough enough but I did the best I could. I watched them for a couple hours and they seemed to be doing okay so I went to sleep for awhile. When I got up, there were still acting okay even though the female was still twitching. Although the greasy spot had gotten a little better, it was still noticeable. The next day consisted of me holding two paper towels, one with Dawn and one soaked with water. I would coax my kitties to me and in one quick motion, rub Dawn on their neck and then wring out all the water from the soaked paper towel onto their neck. Then I would dry the area with a towel next time I got a hold of them. The next day it was better but their necks were still greasy. I put baby powder to absorb the oil. (I never read to do this anywhere, I figured it was worth a try). It helped to absorb the rest of the oil and within the next day it was gone. My kitties are just fine thanks to my intuition and this website. I feel lucky I was able to notice and correct the problem right away. I don’t understand why this product is still being sold in stores. Even if Hartz doesn’t stop making their products, companies need to understand they are selling animal poison advertised as flea and tick medication.


Last Wednesday, 02/26/2014, my 9 month-old pit-bull, AJ, woke up in the middle of what I first thought was a nightmare. I soon discovered he was having a grand mal seizure, the first of 11 he would have over the next 24 hours. The fact that he is still a “puppy”, I did not consider his clumsiness, incoordination and fluctuating appetite over the last 2 weeks. My son and I took him immediately to the closest vet. He was administered IV fluids, valium and potassium bromide over an eight hour period. He is just now beginning to act like “his old self” again. We have a 2 yr. old pit/boxer , Bridgette, as well that has not shown any signs of seizures however, she has “hot spots” on her feet, belly, chest and ears that have also developed over the last two weeks. On a whim, I looked up Hartz flea and tick prevention. Surprise! Surprise! My babies aren’t the only ones! I appreciate this website. I now know to NEVER apply this sh*# to my animals again!

Question: Is there anything we can legally do?  Unquestionably, we have no problem treating/ saving our babies, but the information I have gained via this site has me very angry with the Hartz company. We spent over $500.00 on AJ and Bridgette is just now getting better after oatmeal baths every other day. Had it not been for Hartz, this is money we would not have had to spend.