This product has taken my puppy’s life in return!!!!! :'( Buried my baby in the yard.

Little did I know what this product was capable of doing! My 7 month old shih tzu was a healthy, lovely and always playful little pup. I gave him baths about every week and a half. I had no clue a bath could end a puppy’s life so cruel and quickly. I followed the instructions and “precautionary statements” on the back of the “Rid Flea & Tick Shampoo” like the common pet owner would. I had used this product a couple of times before (on my big-older dog), but had never experienced what I went through with my puppy earlier.

After giving him the bath we noticed he was acting very unusual and was trembling dramatically. We thought the bath might have given him a fever or a cold, so we wrapped him in a thin blanket and tried comforting him. Still, he was shaking and convulsing as if the problem was more severe and serious (in which it was). We tried feeding him milk to make sure he was still conscious, as to this point we pretty much knew he was having some type of seizure. In less then 20 minutes in which we were panicking and getting ready to take him to the vet, our little one’s heart stopped beating ūüôĀ . Baffled and saddened by this horrible tragedy, we wondered what could possibly have happened. A truly spontaneous and tragic way of dying, never did I expect such “pet product” to do the opposite of what it’s intended for! I wish I would have seen this website and done more research before applying that awful product on my angel. I grieve along with everyone in this site and my condolences go out to all of you who lost your angels due to some careless company. I will do everything I can in my hands to get an answer as to why this happened and of course, nothing will bring me back my puppy, but I would really like to publicize this matter and warn everyone out there of the deep dark truth behind this product! Hope you guys will do the same and keep up with all the possible ways of making our voice be heard.

If I had known…

Wish I had found this website three days ago.¬† We used Hartz Ultra Guard drops on our three dogs for ticks,¬† The bigger two dogs are okay, but our granddaughter’s chihuahua, Yoda died today.¬† We didn’t give him the full dose for a 5 lb. dog, but it was still too much.¬† He was just laying in the yard a couple of days ago and didn’t seem too bad.¬† We brought him inside and he didn’t run and jump on the couch like he usually does.¬† He would only lay around…wouldn’t eat or drink.¬† This morning he was walking around and drank some water and a little milk.¬† We thought he was getting better.¬† This afternoon, he would try to walk and would stagger and fall…and a few hours later he was laying in his bed and convulsed a couple of times and died.¬† Please, please do not use this stuff on your pets.

I believe my kittens were killed by Hartz Milk Replacer

I wish I had known the horrible stories about Hartz Milk Replacer for kittens before I had given it to my babies.I rescued 5 little girls after their mother passed away.I was feeding them milk replacer from my vet,and one afternoon I ran out.So I went to Walmart and bought Hartz precision nutrition milk replacer not knowing that days later I will lose three of my girls.Last Wednesday my girl named Charmin and on Thursday my girl Phyllis were put to sleep.And yesterday afternoon my girl Dottie had to go and be put down also. The symptoms are the same as I have been reading on here. Vomiting,off balance,falling over when trying to walk,unconsciousness,glassy stare,and unresponsive. My vet thought it was hypoplasia not thinking it could of been the milk they were drinking. My babies were 5 weeks old doing great until I fed them that milk. Then yesterday afternoon I thought what if it is the milk. I never in my wildest dreams would of thought I would of found this website,and people with the same thing as I went through. The guilt I feel is unbelievable. Sure you can say I didn’t¬† know that the milk was gonna kill my babies,but it doesn’t change the fact that the guilt will always be there. Why is this product even allowed to be on the shelves. How many other people will go through what I went through and not realize it is the very product that they thought was gonna help their kittens. Hartz needs to be taught a lesson. If there is anything I can do I am there to help. I don’t want others to suffer like I have.

My cat died today because I used HARTZ FLEA treatment

this has been a very bad day today my 2 year old cat died today because I used hartz flea treatment ,I want to know how they are allowed to sell this product I am so upset ,I never seen a animal shake like that before ,my husband and I found this cat outside when he was 7 days old we bottle fed him he was my baby !! I cant stress enough to all pet owners DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT !!!!!!!! By the time I got to the vet he was gone !!!!!

Lost My Moses

About probably like 3-4 years ago I had a cat named Moses. I got him when he was about 5 weeks old, he was very sick. I brought him home and he was nursed back to health and perfectly fine. Once he was all better and bigger he became an outside cat due to him starting to pee in the house, but that’s beside the point. He was outside for about 3 years before he got fleas for the first time. So we went to Wal-Mart and found the HARTZ brand flea and tick drops. I put them on him and about a day or less later he started seeming really sick. I figured it was just whatever he had the first time coming back around not knowing what this HARTZ crap did to cats. He was from a farm and not knowing his background we thought maybe feline leukemia. Well we took him to an emergency vet that night since he was unable to walk, he seemed to be having seizures, and he was drooling and had trouble breathing. When we got there they said they had to test him for feline leukemia before going further, he was negative. They had no idea what this was and they suggested putting him to sleep because he was getting worse and worse and seemed to be in pain, and he also now had blood coming out of his mouth. I now STRONGLY believe that this was caused by HARTZ shit. I just found this website and boy, am i glad i did. I am throwing everything HARTZ away that is in my house and will never use anything by them again. I miss my baby moses and I feel so bad that I did that to him.


I live in Houston and the flea problem in my neighborhood is a bit crazy. Last night I gave my cats Chip and Momo a bath and then applied some Diatomaceous Earth when they dried. Today after I held Chip in my arms for a while, I sat him down then used a lint roller on my shirt and found a flea on it! I go a little crazy when it comes to fleas and want them eradicated but my husband won’t let me fog our house because of his electronics. So I walked to Kroger and got the Sergeant’s Gold Squeeze-On for Cats and Kittens. It’s supposed to kill all stage fleas and eggs, ticks and repel mosquitoes. Shortly after applying it to Momo, she started twitching her back and went to groom herself. That started the increased salivation but then she went behind the couch and threw up. I tried giving her another bath but as she hates baths, she struggled severely and I was only able to rinse with water. Her balance doesn’t seem to be off and I’ve washed it off the best I could with a towel, hand soap and a squirt bottle to rinse. But she still seems uncomfortable. I’m home alone. My husband is in the Reserves and is gone for two weeks! I’ve called my mother in law but she’s working and hasn’t picked up. Chip doesn’t seem to be bothered but I went ahead and washed it out of his fur as well. I’ve given Momo milk and she drank a bit but I’m still worried. We’re not out of the woods yet. After Momo threw up I wasn’t taking any chances and washed it off my other cat, Chip as well. He doesn’t seem to be feeling great either. Usually they’re both up by 7 and chasing each other around, waking me up for a refill in their food bowl but I woke up at 9 and they’re both quite mellow. But they’re making progress. I keep wiping their fur and skin with warm water and a little witch hazel.

This product KILLED my cat!

I cannot believe this company has not been sued yet… as soon as I used it on both of my cats one had the worst reaction… lost all his fur and developed heart disease. He died last night… Now I wonder what it is going to do to my other cat. Is he going to die too? This is disgusting.. Have they any idea how much pain they have caused.. yes.. they do .. they just don’t care… bottom line money. I cannot believe you can’t trust any company now days especially for your pets, your family. They are all I have. And you KILLED my baby and now what about my other baby??? I want to cuss you so bad… He was so healthy b/f I applied that flea and tick stuff to him and to boot it didn’t get rid of any fleas… Thank you Hartz for breaking my heart and so many others..

Hartz tick oil drops!!!!

Hi, My name is Alan,

I’ve had dogs all my life, and started to rescue dogs about 15yrs ago. Pitbull’s to be exact, a very misunderstood breed if you ask me. They are one of the most loving pets I’ve ever seen, and great with children!

I end up getting a puppy that was 4-months old, and saw it had Tapeworms. I used a tick collar which helped. But after a month or so, while giving her a bath, we noticed how dirty it was getting. So we gave her a bath, then applied Hartz oil drops on her back. ALL OF A SUDDEN!!! we noticed her back broke out in HIVES!!!! We did not know what was happening. I consulted my Vet, and was informed it was due to the Hartz Drops!!! I was instructed to use DAWN dish washing soap, to wash it off, and Benadryl. It’s been over a month, and It’s still there!! The Benadryl has helped a bit, and constantly bathing her in cool water.

WHY IS THIS PRODUCT STILL IN THE MARKET!!!!!!??????? I wish we can put together a Class Action Suit!! against Hartz, but don’t know where to start!

Someone Please help!!

Hartz KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer)

My cat recently had a litter of kittens. Unfortunately she came down with mastitis. the nippe breast it was on basically exploded. I thought it would be fine and covered that one, and let the kittens nurse on the others. unfortunately by day 2 three more breasts had it and her Milk was septic. this lead to the kittens getting (As strange as this sounds) Abcess feet.

Now obviously because of this the mother no longer could be let to nurse them, we went to bottle feeding. I ¬†pierced¬†and drained the infection out of their feet, salt soaked them, and peroxided them every 2 hours, and was bottle feeding them. Now this being a small town without any kind of pet stores, we’d gone to the only grocery store, Albertsons, to get formula. Albertsons carries only one kind, the Hartz liquid KMR cans. so we’d gotten that. Immediately the kittens did not like it. they refused to drink it. We assumed this was because the giant nipple on the kitten bottle (The cat has small nipples so it wasnt anything like they were used to) and presuming this forced the sick kittens to eat, worried theyd starve, they ate a little at a time, but very little.

Within that night the first kitten (Weakest and smallest) had died. at the time I had presumed it because of the afflicted feet.

However into the next day, the other three kittens Id observed, their feet were getting progressively better, quickly.. but they were still getting weaker and weaker. we thought the next smallest would die, she had grown very weak and began seizuring.. Bryon, my roomate, googled it breifly, because we didnt understand how, if the abcess was healing, it would be killing them.. Bryon found this site. Immediately I took the bus to petsmart in the next town and got GNC KMR powder.  It was not the foot, but the formula, I fully believe, that was responsible for killing the first kitten, and nearly the others.

The three kittens, including the smallest which we thought would die, Are now doing very well. She is no longer having seizures, their feet have healed, they are strong and healthy. Do not ever buy Hartz.

Elise’s Collar..

Hello..and well I do think i should share this..

We knew all about Hartz and never used the Hatz¬† brand but my cat Elise has Major Flea issues and thought hum..Maybe a flea collar..Sure enough it worked great! the fleas are now’s two weeks into using the brand Sergents Flea collar in what tells you that it is able to be left on for six months!!! we had left it on for just two weeks and she now has SUPER Chemical burns!!!…It¬†had¬†taken her fur off and has gone a few flesh levels in…I feel horrible due to she LOVING necklaces..what was odd she never complained about the was not tight it was simply on her where she could just kick it off..not a peep out of her..My poor baby girl has been such a trooper since then..letting us doctor it and see how the progess is..