Your site saved my cat

I took in a stray cat about a week ago and instantly fell in love with her. She is a beautiful black cat and a complete sweetheart. Since I took her in I’ve been trying my best to accommodate her needs, including today by trying to cure her fleas that cause her to scratch like crazy. My mother brought home Hartz Ultra Guard she picked up during her run to a cornerstore and, not thinking anything of it, I applied the “medicine” to the base of her skull on the back of her neck like the box instructed. She (thankfully) ran away before I could finish giving her the whole dose. Not even 20 minutes later I noticed a change in her behavior; she was crouched down in a scared position and didn’t want to be pet. I then noticed her ears were constantly twitching every couple seconds and a little bit later her skin was twitching as well. I had a sinking feeling that there was something wrong, so I googled her symptoms and the product I used and found this site, and thank god I did. After seeing the horror stories on here I ran outside where I let her out and scrubbed the spot where I applied the medicine with several wet washcloths and took off her collar. She was laying in the grass nearly motionless the whole time. I called my boyfriend and asked him to come over and help me with her, we followed this site’s advice of using Dawn soap and cleaned her fur of any of the remaining poison. She has gone back to her normal behavior since then, and I am so incredibly relieved. I am thankful for this site and everyone’s stories. You all saved my cat’s life. I will never use Hartz or any product containing permethrin ever again and will fight against this corrupt company that kills people’s beloved pets for a quick buck. I can’t believe this stuff is on the market.

Neem Oil as alternative to flea prevention

This past year I have reason to pat myself on the back. I made a pledge to stop using any and all synthetic products to prevent fleas and i did pretty good. I live in the greater Cleveland area so I have never seen ticks in the 12 years I’ve lived here.
1. Get some Neem Oil at a hydroponics store along with a product called AzaMax. (Will be cheaper to purchase online). 2. One gallon air pressure sprayer or 32 oz spray bottle. 3. dish detergent.

If using the gallon hand pump sprayer: take 1/2 table spoon of Neem and 1/2 tablespoon of AzaMaz and put in hand pump  sprayer. Then take like 1/2 gallon of water and warm it up a little to like 80 to 90 degrees so the neem and AzaMax can dilute easier and dump in sprayer along with a few drops of dish detergent which also will help brake up the oily Neem and AzaMax and improve dispersant. Then I fill the hand pump sprayer the rest of the way up with water. I have a De-ionization water system at home so I use the pure water. Also, I live in Cleveland and it’s a wee bit cooler here during the fall, winter and spring seasons so I keep the sprayer in a warm place in the house so the contents don’t jell up in solution.

In the house: (Before I leave the house for a few hours) I take and shake the sprayer and set the nozzle so that it comes out in the finest mist. Smaller droplets have a tendency to fall on fleas or other bugs better and I spray the whole house from the attic on down including carpets, wood floors, furniture and crate/dens until I hit the basement which is concrete. I will do this at least every 3 days and it works very well. I pick up the dogs water and food bowls and because it’s a fine mist it dries quickly. Neem is a plant and the AzaMax is derived from Neem. Totally safe.

Suggestions: Put Lavender oil or other essential oils known to drive bugs crazy, just a few drops. I include Lavender

Outside: Same thing but use a little more of the ingredients. Cut the grass and pick up poop. Set nozzle for more of a spray stream so that lager droplets spray out. Spray yard every 3 to 4 days. I understand that this could be a big deal for some dog owners especially if you have large yards. I have a nice small yard. Wish it was bigger for their sake but the one gallon hand pump sprayer will do the whole back yard.
During the 2012 season I dropped the ball and had alot of fleas but this past year I kicked ass and followed protocol and breezed right threw the Summer and Fall with no problems. No Frontline.

I would spray the dogs with Lavender, tea tree and almond oil along with a few drops of dish detergent and I will spray it on the dogs and around the house once in a while and that will keep the bugs off them.


My Cat Died

.. I lost my cat Goober to the Hartz flea & Tic shampoo when he was 8 months old its been a little over a year now. I just found this web site. I had bought the Sergent’s drops but counldn’t bring myself to use them tell I checked it out on the computer because of what had happened with my cat Goober from the Hartz flea  & tic shampoo… I gave him his bath. and he started just crying out to me like he was in pain. I couldn’t figure it out and he was dead within about 10 min after his bath…. It was a Friday Night so we berried him Saturday Morning. I called The Hartz company Monday morning and told them what had happed.  I thought they really  cared  what had happened to goober and I thought that something must have happened like product tampering. So she said I could send it to them and they would check it out… So I sent it to them telling them that when I gave him the bath he started crying out. I thought he just didn’t like the bath. But after I took him out he kept crying and died within 10 mins. after the bath.. I sent it to them and within 2 weeks I received a letter from them telling me they was sorry for my loss. But without me sending the cat to them there wasn’t anyway of proving it was there product…. Maybe I couldn’t But I can tell others what happened to my cat Goober… And I let anyone that will lesson in the cat isle what happened so they wont have to go through the same thing as I did… So I hope you all will pass this on. I will go to the vet now for help with this I wont try another product off the shelf… Thank you for sharing. I might have tried the Sergent’s  if you hadn’t have wrote your review..Thank You 

I just want him back.

I had been told by mom who works for my uncle who is a veterinarian not to use this stiff because it could cause them to have seizures. I should have listened. But the thing is I just barely put But just a drop of this stuff on my 5 month old kitten. I didn’t think it would hurt him and certainly didn’t think it would kill him! I sat there for a minute after putting it on him and thought to myself “oh god what have I done mom said not to use it” and immediately took him to the bathroom and washed tried washing it off. My first mistake was putting it on him my second was not using soap and rinsing it 3 or 4 times. This kitten was an unexpected addition to our family of already one cat and my one year old son and my husband and I. But never the less he was instantly loved and attached is to him with his sweet cuddles he gave you even when you didn’t want them. He’d get right in your neck and just lay there or lay on your chest or anywhere that you let him. We only had him for 5 months but I have not been able to stop crying since Sunday morning at 2 am when he finally stopped convulsing and breathing. The worst part about it was we had just paid our rent of $400 and didn’t have a penny to our name until the next paycheck. Certainly not the $150 that the animal emergency clinic requires for just walking in their door. And the $350 plus for the valum and fluids that were required to help pass this poison through him. So for 3 hours I sat in my kitchen floor watching him shake and convulsing. He’d have a seizure every 20 minutes. I called my mom immediately with the first sign to ask her what o should do. Which was when my husband and I were watching a movie and we heard what sounded like our cat being attacked and murdered. He was screaming and hissing and on the floor acting like something was attacking him with his paws up and swatting. He was shaking and growling and hissing. I knew exactly was it was because this was what I feared would happen. My mom told me to take him to the tub and wash him again with dawn soap and try and get it off the skin as much as possible. We did about 4 times. She said to check his temp and of he was hot to put alcohol on his feet because if his temperature went up he’d have brain damage. His temp was 104.3 so I did what she said and his temp stayed the same. My husband who always does a lot of research for thongs like this said that everyone who had the same thing happened said they used a syringe to put fluids in them since they didn’t have an IV. So we carefully without drowning him took water and put it on his tongue so that he’d have some fluids going through him in hopes to help flush his system a little quicker. I posted on Facebook what was going on. My friend who works at a vet clinic saw and called me. About 2 hours after it started she told me to meet her at the clinic where she worked and she would put him on fluids. She couldn’t give him a lot of valum because she would get in trouble since the doc was not there. She just made it look like a miscalculation error. She gave him a steroid shot and a shot for pain. We had trouble getting the IV in but we eventually got it in. It was only 15 minutes after we got everything in him and he started to slow down with the convulsions. He had only been peeing when he had his seizures. This time he had a bowel movement. And I could tell this was the end. As soon as he pooped he stopped shaking and starting breathing hard and slow. My friend checked his heart. It was still beating so she thought it may have been the bladder. She checked it and of it was very full. But something still wasn’t right and that’s when he stopped breathing. She got a syringe and checked his abdomen for blood. And there was. It was too late. He was gone. I wasn’t going to cry. Until I looked up at her and I lost it. I haven’t been able to stop since. It all plays over and over in my head. I didn’t mean to kill him. I just wanted to kill the fleas. Its all my fault because I knew that it was a poison. I looked up reviews of the product out of curiosity. Someone mentioned this website. I dont know what it is I’m I’m looking for on here. I know telling my story along with everyone else isn’t going to take the product off the shelf. I know it’s not going to bring my sweet Magwa back. I’m not even looking for sympathy and comfort. I just want it to stop replaying in my head. Maybe if I get it out somewhere on paper or on here it will stop. I have only cried for one other cat this much and this hard in my life and it was my Matilda when I was 10 who was am outside cat and she disappeared one day and never came back. I cried for months. And more than likely she was caught by natures hands. But Magwa was such a sweetheart and just loved everyone and loved to snuggle and he looked at you and you knew that he was saying I love you. I’m thankful my other cat was okay. He only had eye twitches and walked like he was drunk for an hour and a half and he was fine. He didn’t have any seizures. I just want him to walk from our living room and jump on the bed and come lay down on my chest like he always did. I want him back. I want to undo it all. I love you Magwa. I love you so much. I miss you. RIP my sweet baby.

Even a Vet recommened it!

Yesterday two cats, Ali & Penelope, almost died due to Sentry Purrfect for Cats & Kittens. After finding fleas my friend called her vet, after a short conversation the vet recommend she go ahead & buy something over the counter. So my friend headed to Petsmart where they recommended Sentry. Even after asking if it was okay they insisted it was fine & that all she needed to do was read the instructions. She headed home & Put the application RIGHT where it said and sat down. Minutes later her cat started to jump around and run all over the place, then she started to foam at the mouth. Scared out of her mind she washed both cats with Dawn dish soap (She complained how oily the stuff was). Dried them off & they were both fine. She even called the company (Sentry) to tell them that her cat was having a reaction to there product. All the lady said was “You did it wrong, your fault” & did nothing else. So she hung up & called a few emergency vets all of which wouldn’t take her in or told her to wait it out that it was ‘just a reaction’. She kept watch on her cat until 7am when I got a text. I rushed over with my cat carrier only to find her cat with what WE thought was constant seizures, come to find out it was tremors. She continued to call more emergency vets just for them to tell her don’t bother, it’s just a reaction. Feeling it was ‘more’ than a reaction we rushed her to the vet only to find out that she was poisoned.  The minute my friend gave her the application it started to seep into her skin & caused her body to shut down, it was only a matter of minutes before she would pass.

Later on in the evening after already having to put an animal down her other cat started to act funny. Her tail twiched, her legs when out, & her eyes were twitching back & forth. After one call she found a vet to take her in asap so she rushed over and they managed to administer medicine quickly & stop the tremors. After a round of blood work the vet said she TO had traces of the toxin somehow (She didn’t have it applied to her) and her body was trying to fight it. She was shocked to hear a vet had recommenced using something over the counter & even more so how many told her to ‘wait it out’. Ali is home now doing better & on meds. for 3 days but Penelope sadly wasn’t going to make it & was put to sleep her body had already started to shut down.

I couldn’t save MY LIFE SAVERS life..Hartz Guard products POISONED my baby girl and KILLED HER!!!!

Hello, I put my 11 month old Shih Tzu to sleep today 8/16/13.  I had a rambunctious vibrant puppy.  I had given her a bath on the morning of 7/21/13 and I saw that she had 2 fleas on the top of her head.  As a concerned pet owner I went to my local Walmart and purchased a Hartz collar and put it on her when I got home.  She started to show signs she wasn’t herself a day later and I couldn’t for the life of me think as to what was making her so ill.  The only thing I had did different was that I put on that flea collar (mind you that was the ONLY flea collar that she had ever worn).  I took it off of her immediately and her appetite returned for a brief period of time.  I had read so many horror stories about how peoples pets have died because of these products.  But being a Hartz Guard customer for years with my other dogs and NEVER have had a problem I just thought that the flea collar was to strong for her and that maybe I should bathe her with your flea shampoo (which does not have a weight limit on it) and also read in conjunction with your flea drops that the flea problem would be under control, her symptoms returned and I had stopped using these products.  From July 21 until today August 16, 2013 the only thing I did different was use these products on 3 different occasions.  After using the shampoo and the drops within the same week (August 4-August 10) she deteriorated quickly.  I took her to the vet as soon as I noticed she hadn’t eaten within a close to 48 hour period.  Our vet treated her for an infection and told us to go home and wash her with Dawn and sent home antibiotics.  That was on August 10, 2013.  It is now August 16, 2013 and due to her being poisoned by these products she started seizing at 2pm and by 3:30pm she was GONE!!  She was my life and due to all the health issues that I have had since the end of the year last year she gave me strength to move forward.  Now because they don’t put harder restrictions on their products my baby girl is GONE!!

Girlfriend’s Cat

In december 2013, I had bought my girlfriend a cute, beautiful, little turkish angora kitten. We took it to the vet and found out it had mites and fleas. We updated all of her vaccinations and got vet friendly drops for the mites, but found their flea shampoo expensive. We went to wal mart and bought hartz flea shampoo. We have another older 9 year old cat Poose, who we thought would have picked up the fleas as well. So we decided to give both cats a shower to rid of the annoyance. A couple of days later, Poose was constantly in the cat litter meowing in pain and would vomit and lie around. Mind you Poose is all around a healthy cat. We took her to the vet and had to  leave her over night, We had gotten blood tests done which came back saying the poor old girl was poisoned. Staying over night, the vet had given her antibiotics and she came back within a day, slightly recovered. The bill had come to over $200 and we weren’t very financially settled at the time.  So, we decided to contact hartz to let them know that their flea collar and flea soap had poisoned our cat. We filed all of the paper work to apply for reimbursement. It took a few months for all the paper work to go through and we finally called because of no word from them. They had simply said that Poose’s symptoms didn’t match up to the other symptoms of other animals being sensitive to their product. What? please make sense of this for me. Poose lives a simple life. She is an indoor cat and eats the same food all the time. I’m out $250 and my intelligence is insulted and there’s nothing I can do.


Thanks for reading

3 Dogs + 1 Cat with Reactions (1 month later still seeing effects)

Thank you for your site!  I had no idea of how something so easy to buy at the store could cause so much heartache and pain.

I was at Neighborhood Walmart trying to get ready for July 4th holiday.  I was planning to take my 7 y/o child and 3 dogs to the lake house for 5 days to spend time with my father and his 2 dogs on his new boat.  That didn’t happen…

I periodically have bought flea stuff from PetsMart Banfield in the past.  They close at 7pm and they want to have seen all animals in question recently and run worm tests, etc.  I have spent several hundred dollars in the past year at the vet for unrelated incidences and thought I would just try getting something at the store – my reasons had to do with price, but more with convenience.  With the holiday weekend stress and trying to find time to get them to the vet and pickup medication before PetsMart closed was going to be very difficult.  I was also trying to STOP a flea infestation at home, plus didn’t want them to pick up fleas or ticks from being at the cabin for 5 days.

I bought Hartz Ultra Guard Plus for dogs and Hartz Ultra Guard Pro for cats.  I spent 30 minutes at Walmart comparing ingredients and finally deciding on these two products.

My pets include:

1. Male Black Lab Mix, 2 y/o, 60 lb (from local rescue group)

2. Female Beagle/Shar Pei Mix, 13 y/o, 20 lb (saved from abandoned house in dead of winter 8 years ago)

3. Female Brindle Greyhound Mix, 10 y/o, 45 lb (from local rescue group)

4. Male Gray Tabby Cat, 7 y/o, 5 lb (rescued from vet after being locked in a crate for 3 years)

Because my child was staying with my parents  for the holiday since I had to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I put the stuff on all the animals Monday night (July 1st) so that there would be no chance of her getting it on her.

I gave all the dogs Butcher Bones to keep them busy while I went to work Tuesday.  Tuesday night, my 2 y/o Black Lab was acting odd, but I just disregarded it.  He was acting nervous and a little wobbly .  I thought he was just being silly or stressing out because my child (who he protects to no end) had been gone for 2 days.

I fed them their normal wet food at 6 pm Tuesday night.  At 4AM, the Black Lab vomited.  Luckily I was awake.  I immediately cleaned it up and noticed NONE of the canned food pieces had been broken down.  It looked like it had just come out of the can.  (SORRY for the description, but after 10 hours, food should have begun being digested).  Again, I didn’t consider it being the Hartz medicine…I thought he had an obstruction from the Butcher Bones I had given them that morning.

I took him to the vet (Wednesday, July 3rd) and told them the only thing it could possibly be was an obstruction and to go ahead and do surgery if need be.  By 5pm, I hadn’t heard anything from my vet and stopped by on my way home.  They hadn’t done any x-rays and wasn’t keen on the obstruction idea.  I was suppose to be packing up the car and heading to the lake.  Why hadn’t they concluded anything after 9 hours?  Thank goodness they didn’t listen to me!  The vet was in another emergency surgery and the tech said, he’s lethargic, vomiting, and has explosive diarrhea.  She asked if I could come back  after the vet was finished in surgery.

My boyfriend says, “it sounds like Parvo.”  WHAT? That’s insane!  They had their vaccines in February!  I went home to rest until the vet called. Then it dawned on me…”the flea and tick medicine!!!”  That’s when I found your site…THANK GOD!  I read 2 other stories and knew that’s what it was.  As I called the vet to tell her, I found the Butcher Bone on the porch so I knew it couldn’t be an obstruction.

The story isn’t over…I decide to cancel my plans for the lake.  I didn’t want 3 dogs to be in a car for an hour if they weren’t feeling well.  I decided to take my Black Lab home Wednesday night.  I couldn’t bear the thought of him being stuck at the vet office on the night of July 4th with the fireworks going off…he’d been through enough.  The vet’s office had already washed his back that morning because they saw a shiny strip down his back.  When I brought him home, I decided to bathe him again.  This 2 y/o dog normally digs his nails in and freaks out when its bath time, but not today.  I didn’t want to cause him stress and led him to the bathroom.  He voluntarily got in the tub on his own! I guess he was telling me to wash this poison off of him.  My vet explained that I was lucky.  There are 2 kinds of reactions, digestive and neurological.  Looks like my lab only had the digestive and would be okay after a few days.  The neurological kind normally leads to death.

The morning of July 4th, I have to make an emergency call to my vet.  My 20 lb Beagle/Shar Pei mix had thrown up bloody mucous 3 times in 10 minutes around 9AM.  Then I notice my 45 lb Greyhound mix is itching non-stop and giving herself whelps! Then I notice the Grey Tabby has lost all the hair on his back where I had put cat specific Hartz medicine and he is twitching every few seconds.  I am getting ready to have a meltdown!

I kept a close eye on them.  My beagle was getting the last of the poison out of her system.  The cat was twitching because the “feeling” from having missing hair along his spine.  They all got bland diets and lots of love for the next few days. (Greyhound got Benadryl to help with allergic reaction).

Over the past month, I have pulled several ticks off of the Black Lab.



No time saved, money or convenience is worth watching your pets suffer.

I’ll keep the fleas…Thank you!  Currently trying alternatives, like food grade Diatomaceous Earth, but its not working either.

However, I will never purchase another Hartz product again, including toys, treats, etc.


Great news investigation!  However, in 2009 they reported the EPA is investigating these harmful medications.  It is now 2013, and these poisons are still widely available in most major store chains!

“The products we investigated are flea and tick shampoos and drops sold by major companies like Sergeant’s, Bio Spot, and Hartz,” the article reads. ”They all contain the same type of pesticide, called pyrethrins or the synthetic versions known as pyrethroids. These are the same pesticides in household products like ‘Raid,’ used to kill bugs around your home.”

I just buried my little sweetheart in my backyard…

I have used Sergeants flea and tick drops about two times on my four dogs before, and they weren’t too effective, but they never harmed my dogs. I gave them a dose last night, the drops for dogs 33 pounds or under. However, two of my dogs are much tinier than that, a little less than ten pounds. I split a tube between the two. Everything was fine, so I thought.

I woke up, and my precious baby Peanut, who was a Chihuahua and weenie dog mix, couldn’t move any of his limbs or his neck. His heart rate was very fast, and me and my boyfriend were concerned. Unfortunately, I could not use the car we had, and I couldn’t get a ride to the vets clinic. I walked with my baby wrapped in a towel for 30 minutes so I could hopefully save him. The whole time he looked terrified and every time his breathing slowed he looked at me like “why can’t you help me?”. I got to the clinic to find it was closed until further notice and he died right in my arms as I sat outside the door and cried. I am also pregnant for the first time and was so excited for my baby to meet my soon-to-be baby…

It only cost me $13 to kill my favorite dog in the whole world….don’t buy this poison