i lost my baby kitty sat

I read the box did exactly what it said and when I got up sat morning my cat was in the bathroom tub laying in vomit,blood etc. absolutely broke my heart to see her like that . this company really needs to be put out of business they are money hungry animal killers

Sargeant’s Green pet death

Sargeant’s Green potential pet poisoning which eventually led to death of 25 lb Cocker Spaniel and presents allergic symptoms in human (myself); rash, itching, shortness of breath, swelling of vessels.Other pet displays symptoms of heat stroke.I applied on June 1st when she first showed slownes or laziness which I thought was the new harness. Later in month, I reapplied mid month because fleas were so bad(box says 15lb pet even puppies) She eventually became ill and after about 3 days of decreased activity and minimal vomiting the night before(small amt. of dark green mucus?), vet diagnosed without blood test iron deficient (even though I told him about the Sargeant’s Green reaction since maybe June 1st) and was finally able to bring home with meds.She died ThursdayAM after breathing difficulty night before even though she had showed signs of improvement.Vets refused to take body to make sure not in coma without cash, refusing to bill.Had previously reported to poison control after vet iron deficient diagnosis.SPCA hotline was nice, but local SPCA insulted me for buying an over the counter med.I’d sort of like to complain about the vet also because he ignored my repeated information about potential poisoning/allergic reaction. I have a rash, swelling and itching in addition to shortness of breath from the fleas that took some of the flea med. Although the taste of it isn’t bad, I have a very dry mouth and swelling in my throat at times, but not constant.She was a very active 7yo dog, even though she had problems with her eyesite.She was a strong walker until June 1st which I associated with the harness. I am upset with the vet that he ignored the information about Sargeant’s Green and gave me more flea meds that were even stronger after a potential poisoning(Ovitrol).; (veterinarian) Sunapee NH. I am wondering if he knew the people who developed the product. I had to bring her to a crematory because I had no place to keep her and am hoping she was not in a coma. Other dog sometimes displays signs of heat stroke, but is slightly larger. I reported to Sargeant’s Green online and poison control after the vet kept her overnite, stating she might not make it because of iron deficiency. She ate fish. This was very abnormal activity for her.I feel as though the vet ignored my valuable information, but doesn’t mind billing me even though she’s dead. Especially since some reaction have been passed off to myself, the human. I gave CPR.

One of the lucky ones

I am heartbroken by the many stories here of those who have lost their pets due to this product.

I became a cat owner as a child of 12 years old, back in the early 80s. I got a DSH Tabby and my brother got a siamese. We allowed them to go outside during the day, in nice weather. Usually they were only outside in the summer time, and thus, we got them flea collars. They never had an issue with them. They indeed were hartz flea collars.

About the 90s, when the kitties were getting older, my gut instinct told me, after opening up a package of one of the collars and choking on the smell, I was NOT going to put that on my cats. There was no internet at the time, I just listened to my gut. It was a good instinct.

Those kitties lived a great life. our little Siamese passed away at only 13 (she was the runt of her litter and her liver was shot), but my DSH tabby lived to a lovely 18.5 years of age before kidney disease forced me to end her suffering. I was heartbroken, but found 2 adorable tabby kittens, brother and sister ready to adopt me.

These two kittens were NOT outdoor kitties–I was constantly moving and felt it was safer to keep them inside. I vaccinated them, but never worried about flea treatment. They would have been around 5 years of age when I found that they had fleas! I work with horses, and had transported fleas on my clothing from work, back to home. UGH!  It was late–too late for me to call the vet, so I went out and bought some flea collars. I put them on both my kitties, but right away, I was having tightness in my chest and finding it hard to breath. I think I lasted 10 minutes before cutting them off my cats, then disposing of the collars outside and airing out my home and bathing both my cats. Thankfully, they had NO ill effect–most likely because I removed the collars quickly. I had to sit outside in my porch and breath in fresh air for 2 hours while my place aired out.

If every human and cat/dog are reacting to this product, how on EARTH is is passed by the EPA and the FDA????? This is TOXINS!! This chemical is a pesticide and they’ve made it FAR too potent. A flea is the size of a pinhead. The flea collar on my one kitty, for 10 minutes killed the fleas on her in that time. There is NO way anything should be THAT strong!!

I am so, so so sorry for those who have lost their beloved kitties and dogs to this unfortunate product. It needs to be taken OFF the shelves and be banned!!!


 It’s flea season again. That means thousands of  people  who  don’t know  how dangerous Hartz and  other  over the  counter  flea  products will start buying them  to get  rid of flea’s. That means the  possibility of animals being injured and killed by these products. Education is a way to help insure this  doesn’t happen.

How do we education  people on the  dangers of Hartz and the  other  over   counter  cheaper brands of  flea and tick killers. We tell everyone we know  to make sure they  know .  Makes  sure to ask  them to tell all their  family and  friends too.

If you see  someone in a store looking at  flea  products say , ” Hello,   have you heard about all the animal that are  killed or injured by Hartz   and  other over the  conter  flea snd  tick killers every yesr”? Good ice breaker. Then  you can  just tell them and tell them  to check out HartzVictims.org if they don’t believe  you. Tell them you just don’t want to see these products  kill any more animals . Thank  them  for their  time and  thats it.  Pretty simple  and  you may very  well just have saved an animals  life. Not bad  for 3-4 minutes of your busy time.

 If you want to be more pro active. You can  make up a  flyer   to hand  to people in  stores or  even  leave on on the  flea products display. It is not  against the law to do that. Don’t toch the  packages because that is. The worst that can happen and I have just heard of  a few people  who have been asked to leave the store. You could always  leave a  flyer  for the store manager and ask them  to remove the  products too. Or  take a stack  to work and put them in the break room. Lots of ways  to warn  people.

After  fighting Hartz since `1999, I can  say it is highly unlikely that these  products will be removed  from sale. Far to much greed in the  world to let animal  lives stand in the  way of the all might buck. It’s not  right it’s just the way it is. The only thing  you can do is report  problems of  course  but on a one  to one  level  spreading the truth,  tell everyone.

If you want a  flyer but to busy  to make one or not sure what to put on it. Email me at [email protected]



 I just read a bunch of your posts. Many of them are asking HartzVictims to get this stuff off the market. There have many been attempts to do this . I even  did a petition that had  well over 10,000 signatures on it. Some actions myself and others have taken  such  as this web site ,mys site  , others and blogs have resulted in the EPA taking some actions. We actually  got them to emove  a version of Hartz  flea drops  for cats, however Hartz  just came up with a new products  which is   just as bad as the last. The Epa approved the  product for sale and here we are still trying.  Don’t ask us to do all the work. If your animal has suffered or  died from these  products  you should be really angry. You  should  take a look at the Need Help  page. Contact the resources listed, file the  reports  suggested and tell people about what happened warm them.. A few years ago the  first civil case against Hartz was won. So now you can  sue them and have a chance of winning danages. Prior to that case being  won, every attempt  to take Hartz  to court resluted in the case being  dropped due  to Hartz  counter suing.

This is terrible

So, I decided to get some flea medication(sergeant’s gold) while I was at the grocery store for my cat. No big deal, it has been a while. He is a big boy, I adopted him about a year ago, he was then 2. Now he is 3. So I get back home and cut the top off of this little packet and squeeze it on TC’s neck. He hated it, and responded by scurrying and hiding under the bed. Fast forward 4 hours, I’m layin in bed and he is in his normalish spot and he starts making these vile guttural noises, his ears fold back and it’s like he is being confronted by something that is threatening. He start meowing like a kitten with intervals of growling, groaning, and howls.

I start to panic. What’s goin on with my cat? I immediately think about what could have changed in his diet, etc etc. The only thing I could think of is the flea medication. I google the phrase “I put sergeants flea spray on my cat and now he is growling” and this site popped up. I read the instruction on washing the location which was still greasy looking, I scoop him up and do my best to bath him while he battled me with all that he had. I was pretty thorough. His condition appears to be improving, at least he isnt making crazy noises.

they messed with theeee wrong person!

I am beyond livid! I put on the flea drops on my poor little Capone and right away his ear became raw and irritated. I’m a college student and only have a part time job and I don’t have the money to take him to the vet. They lowered my cost to about what I could afford. He is now missing a good size patch of hair on his ear and it’s bleeding and pussing bad. The antibiotics haven’t kicked in yet, but I hope he feels better. I can’t take the screaming. Every time he wants to itch it, he starts screaming. I have never heard such a horrible sound in my life. Hartz it’s going to pay for his proper treatments. I will do what I have to do to make that happen. This is not okay. I will go to the news station and take further steps if I have to. I’ll do anything just to save another animal from their products. My poor baby. He’s been a part of the family for two years now and I’ve been crying since this happened! I will fix this and someone will be paying for this.

Never heard of problems until now

My wife and I have fostered many litters of kittens of varying ages for our local SPCA shelter.  We have ALWAYS given them kitten replacement milk and have never had any issues….until this litter.

We have four 4-week old kittens that we have been giving this milk to.  The kittens have had varying degrees of reaction to the milk.  Each of them have had at least 2 episodes.  These episodes consist of a slow onset lethargy, then vomiting, then a catatonic state for several hours.  During this state they are limp, their temperatures have dropped, and they do not blink and look past you with glassy eyes.

We have spent over $100 this past week at the vet’s office trying to get a diagnosis for this problem.

I am so lucky to have found this website.  We had NO IDEA that this could have been the milk causing this issue until tonight.  We even had no symptoms these last 2 days while giving the kittens this milk.  This last episode that one of our male kittens had will absolutely be the LAST time that they will suffer at the hands of Hartz Kitten Replacement Milk.

Going “Sergents Green” almost killed my kittens

I rescued two kittens, a brother and sister, this past year. That’s when i found out how riddled my apartment complex was with fleas. They were about 8 months old when this happened. I bathed both of them, then applied Sergent’s Green. I didn’t use a whole tube of it either i just split one between the two of them. I immediately swore to never use it again, as the smell was strong enough to choke the cats up and make them foam up at the mouth so my room mate corralled Dexter and washed the medication off of him while i took Sookie and did the same. Dexter seemed to be ok, if just a little unsteady. It was Sookie that worried me. she kept shaking as if she couldn’t get warm so i curled her up in a blanket and held her trying to calm her down some. after about ten minutes she was still shaking and her pupils had dilated, so we rushed them to the emergency vet. By this time Dexter had started to shake too. I was told they were exhibiting the symptoms of pyrethrin poisoning. They were given something to help flush their systems, and IV’s, in addition to another round of baths. I was so scared i was going to lose them, I mean i must have been a sight, a 260 lb army vet crying in the vets waiting area. I stayed up with them all night and called in sick the next day to work. We kept all of the lights off in the apartment for the next three days while their eyes returned to normal to limit any damage to their sight. I am happy to say that they made a full recovery, but Sookie still holds a grudge over it, she will only curl up with my room mate now and only comes to me when she wants food. The vets were wonderful and only charged us for one of the kittens despite treating them both. The people over at Sergents however haven’t been near as cooperative. All i did was ask that they paid the vet bills, they requested i send the product back to them for testing as according to them there is no way it could contain pyrethrin or any other substances toxic to cats. I filled out all of the forms they sent me for re-imbursement and i sent all but one tube back to them as I wanted my own evidence should this escalate. Well Sergent’s has drug their feet on the issue refusing to pay the bills until i send them the final tube. As of now we are at a standstill. We did manage to get the product pulled from the shelves of the area Krogers and other stores though, so that is something.

out kitty dex

hartz ultraguard almost killed our kitty.
about 2 hours after applying 3 DROPS of hartz ultrguard (because we were skeptical about using the whole bottle like the package says) our kitty began to develop leg tremors.. shortness of breathe.. lethargy and just wanted to lay on the floor. so we decided to call a vet… however the vet was closed to we called our friend dizzy (the pet groomer) she told us all about how hartz has killed all kinds of pets and that we should wash him off with dish soap and luke warm water then keep him bundled up (wich were currently doing now).. i cant belive they would supply poison to animals like that. wow i dont want to know what would of happend if we would of used the whole bottle like they tell you to. thank you very much dizzy.

Grief-stricken, sickened and now guilt-ridden

I fear that after reading these victims’ heart wrenching posts, my negligence as a pet owner is the cause of my indoor cat’s recent death.

I used Hartz 2x after an escape and subsequent epic flea infestation on Aug. 19th. I did notice vomiting, but that really wasn’t too unusual as Newman has always ever vomited after eating too quickly. Later I also noticed a lack of appetite, but I had changed his food and figured he just wasn’t that keen on the senior Iams version. After several trips to the vet and inconclusive blood work, i.e., everything looked clear, the Dr. gave me an appetite stimulant which half worked, however, I began to notice hind leg weakness and limping. After a follow up visit and another few ounces of weight loss, she recommended steroids as signs seemed to point to cancer and evidently steroids can be highly effective.

We started the steroids in addition to the appetite stimulant and Newman’s health continued to decline, increasing lethargy and complete inability to jump onto our low sofa. I came home on Dec. 11th to find him lying in his litter box dead. I’ll never know the true cause and the vet tells me that it isn’t my fault, but how can I think otherwise with so many horror stories about Hartz? Newman was a sturdy, healthy and happy cat before his escape and flea treatment and three months later he was gone. I’m devastated.