Penni Herrick

I went out to wal-mart to purchase some Hartz products for my animals. Not knowing what I would experience. I put the drops on my two cats and 1 dog. I used the spray for the kitten. Thirty minutes after putting this on my little kitten he began having convulsions. We took him to our emergancy vet after we were told to wash him three times and wash all the other animals as well. The vet thought he might have pulled thru the ordeal but the next morning we awoke to him in pain and having several convulsions one right after the other. We had to rush him back to our vet and they are treating him but they are not sure if he will pull thru or not. He is fighting for his life at this moment. No one should have to go thru this nightmare. Our animals are our childern, whom we love very much. To watch something you love in pain from a product you thought as safe is crazy. Instead of the product saying “kills tick and fleas” it should say “kills your pets on contact”. I wonder if Hartz would treat their own animals with the product they market and swears it’s safety. I pray we can take them down one day. I sit and worry every minute and pray I don’t get a phone call telling me the worst.

Penni Herrick

100 Members Strong now has 100 registered members. That’s good and bad. It’s good to know that people are coming here, telling their stories and making their voices heard. It’s sad that there are that many Hartz Victims.

Fight the good fight people!!

– Josh

Help us get Hartz off the shelves


If you want to really do something to stop the needless injury and deaths of cats I have two suggestions-
1. Join the group FelineOwnersAgainstHartz
We are a group commited to seeing that Hartz stop selling flea and tick drops. We need more people who have seen what this stuff does and want to help us get it off the market.
2. Sign the petition against Hartz
Check out the petition and the groups web site for a ton of information
We need your help. Together we can and will this.

Thank you,

Who really owns Hartz

In December of 2000, Hartz Mountain Corporation was sold to a fund managed by J.W. Childs Associates, LP, a leading private equity investment firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, specializing in leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations of middle-market growth companies in partnership with company management.

For the 75 years prior to the buy out by, J.W. Childs Associates, LP, Hartz had been owned and operated by the Stern family. No doubt the Stern family is responsible for the long term ‘good name’ and reputation the Hatrz label implies.

J.W. Childs presently manages over $1.5 billion of equity capital, and has extensive experience investing in the consumer products and specialty retail industries, through current or former ownership of

American Safety Razor
Bass Pro Shops
Chevys, Inc.
Dobson Communications Corporation
Edison Schools, Inc.
Equinox Fitness Clubs
Hartz Mountain Corporation
Insight Health Services
Jillian’s Entertainment Corporation
Meow Mix
National Nephrology Associates
Pan Am International Flight Academy, Inc.
Universal Hospital Services, Inc.

After researching, J.W. Childs Associates, LP,it is apparent that the main concern of the entity is solely to make a profit at any cost.
This undoubtedly explains why and how the ‘Class Action’ legal action filed against Hartz was settled out of court. It also a counts for why the thousands of consumers who have made complaints about Hartz Flea and Tick Drops, have been treated unfairly by the company and made light out to the EPA.

If you read the various EPA documents pertaining to this issue that are available online, you will see that Hartz, (J.W. Childs Associates, LP.) told the EPA the reasons for the numerous complaints made by consumers, were not do to the use of the product, but rather the inability of American consumers to, 1.(Choose the cat version of the product rather than the dog version), 2.(The inability of the American consumer to read and correctly follow label directions for use)and
3.(A possible mixed up of the two versions in a certain batch)

The EPA responded to that information in 2001, by having Hartz, (J.W. Childs Associates, LP.) recall the Flea and Tick Drops product to ‘re-label’ it.

Despite a re-labeling of the product, a legal action and thousands of complaints being made consumers across the nation, this product is still being sold. It’s is being sold to unsuspecting, pet owning American consumers, who want nothing more than to help the pets they care so much for and to rid them of fleas.

What many of these American consumers are finding out after the fact,
is that instead of helping the pets they care for, they are causing them serious injury and in far to many cases death. This, of course included to the costs incurred from extensive Vet, animal hospital, ER care and services needed to save their pets from death.

The degree to which American pet owners care and love their pets is shown every year in the money spent to provide for their pets.
Although, I don’t have the figures at hand, to be sure the ‘Pet Industry,’ is making record profits.

Hartz, owned by, J.W. Childs Associates, LP. obviously is only interested in ‘profits’ and not the well being and safety of the many pets it’s product continues to harm and kill.

J.W. Childs Associates, LP. Refuses to admit any wrong doing or that they have purposely mislead the EPA. It is all to apparent they have no intentions to anything but continue to sell the product and make a profit.

When contacted by a company representative, four months after my original complaint and asking when the product would be recalled, was told, and I quote, “You must be stupid if you think they are going to stop making a product that they make so much money of,” unquote.

I believe that the only way the American public can now deal with thiis issue
is by boycotting all the companies and products managed by J.W. Childs Associates, LP.

Contact the store where you purchased the product now!

If you have not contacted the store where the product that injured your pet was purchased please do so as soon as possible. I contacted my local Petco where I purchased the product (Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick Drops Plus) and they offered to refund my money and pay my vet bills (though I have to wait a week for the manager to return). Furthermore, the salespeople were so upset that they called the manager, who is out of town, to tell him and even called their district manager and their distributing department to see about having the products removed from the shelves. They told me that I was the first to come forward with this information. For some reason many people don’t think to contact the store where the product was purchased, but THEY ARE LIABLE for the products they sell; the manufacturer is not the only liable party. Also, if your vet is willing, please have them call the store. If the product was purchased at Petco have the vet call 1-888-583-6044 Ext 0 and ask for the person in charge of vendors (this number is to Petco’s corporate office).

If you go to the store it is best to bring the receipt, the product , and your vet bills. If you no longer have the receipt or product, please bring the bill with the vet’s diagnosis of your pet on it so that there is a chance the product could be removed from the shelves. Please also ask them to remove the product from their shelves. Bringing facts with you from this site and others also helps. Also, grocery stores will be harder to deal with than pet stores, but please don’t be discouraged; even if the manager or salesperson is rude, the store still owes you some form of compensation; however they may not remove the product from their shelves. To quote an Albertsons employee, “the product must first be recalled before it’s removed from the shelves”.

Once a store is aware that they sell a dangerous product, I believe, they become liable if they knowingly continue to sell the item or items after they have been given proof that it is harmful (it doesn’t matter whether you purchased the product there or not).

Need Advice

Hi! I gave my cats a treatment last night. I noticed that one is acting distant. His ears were flicking and he had some slight twitching. It is impossible to bathe these guys, so I tried wiping it off a bit. They are both still a little distant, but I haven’t seen any twitching. Should I still worry? I have reached almost 24 hours since treatment. Though they are acting distant, they aren’t twitching. Advice???

Within 24 hours..

Please read this and beware! Just a week and a half ago, I gave my cat a flea and tick treatment: Hartz Control Spot. Within one hour she went into seizures. I rushed her to the animal hospital and withing 24 hours she died. “Zoe” was only two and a half years old..was an indoor cat and the love of my life. As soon as I arrived with her at the animal hospital they asked me if I had used the Hartz product on her..of course I said yes. I was later told by my Vet that the product should not be on the market and that it was very toxic to many cats nervous systems..due to the ingredient “permethrin”. He also said that he had contacted all of the merchants in my immediatae area and asked them not to carry this product due to its potential danger to cats. My Vet and all of his assistants did everything they could to save Zoe..but they were not able to. I am very determined to do something about this situation. Nothing is going to bring my pet back..but the satisfaction of trying to get this product off the shelves will help ease some of the pain. I did contact the Hartz Corp…and sent them the information they requested. I have no idea what they are going to do or offer, but know that even if they were willing to pay her hospital wouldn’t be enough. I want only to have this product banned from shelves any and everywhere. No one…and I mean, NO ONE should lose thier pet by “caring” enough to give them a flea and tick treatament. My heavy heart wants some kind of justice for this injustice. Please, not only DO NOT buy this product..spread the word to anyone you know who has a cat or kitten. This situation is just so unbelievable to me…and so unfair and sad. One day I have a beautiful loving cat..the next day I am making her a grave marker.

Hartz gets even lower…

I was in my local Sears Hardware Store on Tuesday to buy a sprinkler…I noticed the flea and tick medicine right next to them and thought I should get some for my dog and cat. I even looked at the packages to be sure they were “newer” and not old dusty stock. They were in bright shiny new packages. I went home and followed the directions for both pets… stripe on…. base of head to tail. It was a busy night and I didn’t realize that my cat had spent most of it hiding in the closet. The dog was fine. The next day, my cat, Dexter was having tremmors and leg flailings and was hiding. He was licking at his back. I washed his back with a wash cloth to see if that would stop him from licking. It didn’t. I looked on the back of the package and it only said something about redness and skin sensitivity. I washed him in the sink because he was still having the tremors. I called the vet and was told to take him into the emergency vet hospital. He was freaked out by being there but the tremors weren’t as bad. The vet said he was better than most and that it was a good thing I washed him. She told me to take him home and wash him again. I did. He looked bad still the next day. I went to a Petsmart vet and Dexter was placed on IV fluids and was given muscle relaxers. I had to leave him there and went back to Sears Hardware. I took about 40 mislabeled packages off of the shelf and gave them along with the EPA regulations to the manager. It turns out they just started carrying Hartz products 4 months ago!!!!! Hartz has stooped to an ALL TIME LOW!!! They knew they weren’t supposed to send out this product with the bad label after November and they did it anyway! I am so mad! I get to pick Dexter up in a half hour. Poor baby had to spend 2 days at the vet! After all that I’ve read, I feel lucky though. He still has some tremors and ticks, but hopefully they’ll go away. Sears, by the way, has been wonderful. They’ve contacted Hartz and are sending back the old packages and have spread the word to all branch stores. I’m contacting anyone who will listen. I guess Hartz thought they could get away with sending the old packages to a hardware store because people would think it was there for a long time. What jerks! Any suggestions?