Hartz getting mad?

It looks like the Hartz Mountain Corp. has been buying up anti-Hartz domain names: HARTZKILLS.COM, HARTZ-VICTIMS.COM, HARTZKILLSPETS.COM, HARTZVICTIM.COM, HARTZVICTIMS.COM

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Hartz accepts no responsibility

After four of our cats have been horrifyingly sickened and/or died from Hartz topical flea/tick control, I notified Hartz Mountain Corporation. As you may have guess, Hartz is unwilling to accept any responsibility. Admitting guilt will obviously open many legal avenues for pet owners who have lost a loved one to this toxic product. I urge all who have experienced a loss due to any Hartz product to contact the Environmental Protection Agency. Currently, there are many cases being reviewed. Hopefully, if enough people report, chances are good that the product will either be taken off the market or the formula will be changed.

Hartz May Have Killed Our Cat

About two months ago my wife and I treated our three cats and two dogs with the Hartz flea product. During the next few days we noticed the oldest of the three cats was acting strange, falling over etc; Within a week she became very sick and within the next week she died. We did not know at that time that anyone had problems with this product and did not put the two together until just the other day when we heard about the product on the news. We have used similar flea products for years but that was the first time ever to buy one over the counter at the store.We are also having problems out of the oldest of our two dogs he acts as if he has had a stroke.

My wife has been very upset to say the least over losing a member of the family as our pets are.
The product should be pulled from shelves. If I could prove this was the cause someone would pay!

Concerned Pet Owners,

Shane and Ka-Lee Sloan

A life threatening reaction to Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops Plus +

Our cat, Piccolo, is in the hospital right now and may not survive a reaction to the flea and tick drops from Hartz Mountain Corporation. We just saw a broadcast on CBS 2 News last night regarding this product and wished that we had seen it before purchasing their products. Now we are incurring enormous vet bills, which I am trying to get Hartz Mountain Corp to be responsible for and urging them to take this harmful item off the shelves. I’ve contacted Rite-Aid Store, where we purchased this product here in California to let them know and am sending transcript of the news broadcast from last night, as well as to my lawyer. The vet has faxed copies of work being done to Hartz and what is most important is that the cat lives and we prevent more animals from further harm. It is a strong product and can also be harmful to humans as well, because my son is sick now after breathing in the odor of this and trying to help his cat while the cat was throwing up. The product has a very strong smell and when the cat got on my bed it caused my throat to become irritated, so I know that is not a safe product for any living thing. I need support and other people to join me in keeping up the contact with Hartz at phone no #1-800 275 1414 and talk to Rosemary Tini. She is the person that I’ve gotten a ref # from and says that she is looking into the seriousness of this, as well as if this should be discontinued. I need others to pursue this case.

I’ve got a question

Well I never new this kind of thing happend from this over the counter flea medication & it was just about a week ago I bought some & applied it to my two kittens (4 & 5 months old). They seem to be fine right now, but I’m wondering if I’m in the clear yet, or not. Does anyone know what the longest amount of time after applying the flea drops a cat can have a reaction? I’m just so worried. I just lost my 17 year old cat 3 weeks ago & I don’t think I could handle losing these two, please any info?

Adddressing Kelly

I have tried several times unsuccessfully to e-mail Sharon Osbourne. Would you please check the address and let me know of any corrections. I am willing to do whatever it takes to pull this product off of the market.

Thank You,
Brandon Lee
[email protected]

Juliet: Another Victim of Hartz

First of all, I am much thankful for having a site dedicated to finally bringing down Hartz for the crooks and murderers that they are.

My cat just got sick yesterday. She became shaking one hour after application. Took her to the vet today and she looks like she will be ok.

I bought the medication thinking it was a substitute for Frontline. It was conviently located on the shelf at Target and I thought I was getting a mild version of the drug. Little did I know.

I am amazed that this company has not gotten their butts sued yet for intent to harm and negligence.

If anyone knows of pending class action lawsuits, please call me, Harry at (267) 258-4216 or email [email protected] If not, I will start my own case.


Warned, but is this one safe?

I was warned about the drops in time on the Delphi Cat Forum, but my husband had bought the Luster Bath from Hartz from Wal-Mart. I have been reluctant to use it, does anyone know if this product from Hartz is safe before we use it? I don’t want to put my four furkids through needless pain!