I couldn’t save MY LIFE SAVERS life..Hartz Guard products POISONED my baby girl and KILLED HER!!!!

Hello, I put my 11 month old Shih Tzu to sleep today 8/16/13.  I had a rambunctious vibrant puppy.  I had given her a bath on the morning of 7/21/13 and I saw that she had 2 fleas on the top of her head.  As a concerned pet owner I went to my local Walmart and purchased a Hartz collar and put it on her when I got home.  She started to show signs she wasn’t herself a day later and I couldn’t for the life of me think as to what was making her so ill.  The only thing I had did different was that I put on that flea collar (mind you that was the ONLY flea collar that she had ever worn).  I took it off of her immediately and her appetite returned for a brief period of time.  I had read so many horror stories about how peoples pets have died because of these products.  But being a Hartz Guard customer for years with my other dogs and NEVER have had a problem I just thought that the flea collar was to strong for her and that maybe I should bathe her with your flea shampoo (which does not have a weight limit on it) and also read in conjunction with your flea drops that the flea problem would be under control, her symptoms returned and I had stopped using these products.  From July 21 until today August 16, 2013 the only thing I did different was use these products on 3 different occasions.  After using the shampoo and the drops within the same week (August 4-August 10) she deteriorated quickly.  I took her to the vet as soon as I noticed she hadn’t eaten within a close to 48 hour period.  Our vet treated her for an infection and told us to go home and wash her with Dawn and sent home antibiotics.  That was on August 10, 2013.  It is now August 16, 2013 and due to her being poisoned by these products she started seizing at 2pm and by 3:30pm she was GONE!!  She was my life and due to all the health issues that I have had since the end of the year last year she gave me strength to move forward.  Now because they don’t put harder restrictions on their products my baby girl is GONE!!

This product has taken my puppy’s life in return!!!!! :'( Buried my baby in the yard.

Little did I know what this product was capable of doing! My 7 month old shih tzu was a healthy, lovely and always playful little pup. I gave him baths about every week and a half. I had no clue a bath could end a puppy’s life so cruel and quickly. I followed the instructions and “precautionary statements” on the back of the “Rid Flea & Tick Shampoo” like the common pet owner would. I had used this product a couple of times before (on my big-older dog), but had never experienced what I went through with my puppy earlier.

After giving him the bath we noticed he was acting very unusual and was trembling dramatically. We thought the bath might have given him a fever or a cold, so we wrapped him in a thin blanket and tried comforting him. Still, he was shaking and convulsing as if the problem was more severe and serious (in which it was). We tried feeding him milk to make sure he was still conscious, as to this point we pretty much knew he was having some type of seizure. In less then 20 minutes in which we were panicking and getting ready to take him to the vet, our little one’s heart stopped beating 🙁 . Baffled and saddened by this horrible tragedy, we wondered what could possibly have happened. A truly spontaneous and tragic way of dying, never did I expect such “pet product” to do the opposite of what it’s intended for! I wish I would have seen this website and done more research before applying that awful product on my angel. I grieve along with everyone in this site and my condolences go out to all of you who lost your angels due to some careless company. I will do everything I can in my hands to get an answer as to why this happened and of course, nothing will bring me back my puppy, but I would really like to publicize this matter and warn everyone out there of the deep dark truth behind this product! Hope you guys will do the same and keep up with all the possible ways of making our voice be heard.

Kitten at death’s door after consuming hartz precision milk replacer.

My husband & I have been caring for an abandoned newborn kitten for a couple of weeks now. We’ve been bottle feeding him GNC milk replacer & he’s been thriving & doing really well. I had purchased Hartz milk replacer also when we first got him but never used until last night when we ran out of the other milk. This morning the baby & his box were covered with diarrhea (he’s never pooped on is own until now), his eyes were glazed over & he could barely move. We took him to animal emergency just a few hours ago & they didn’t think it was caused from switching the milk. He is staying there overnight & being treated with fluids & minimal care because all the tests they wanted to do would be $1100-$1700. We just can’t afford that.

I came home & I just couldn’t see what else could make him that sick, that fast, other than switching his milk last night. I got on the internet & found this site & see in posts the exact same symptoms this product produces. I called the hospital a little while ago & informed them of what I’ve read here & what the vet did to save a kitten I read about in another post. She said on the phone that he has already perked up just from receiving fluids but still needs to be there. Hopefully he will continue to improve. I really believe the Hartz is what caused it.

This product KILLED my cat!

I cannot believe this company has not been sued yet… as soon as I used it on both of my cats one had the worst reaction… lost all his fur and developed heart disease. He died last night… Now I wonder what it is going to do to my other cat. Is he going to die too? This is disgusting.. Have they any idea how much pain they have caused.. yes.. they do .. they just don’t care… bottom line money. I cannot believe you can’t trust any company now days especially for your pets, your family. They are all I have. And you KILLED my baby and now what about my other baby??? I want to cuss you so bad… He was so healthy b/f I applied that flea and tick stuff to him and to boot it didn’t get rid of any fleas… Thank you Hartz for breaking my heart and so many others..

Want To Do Something About This??

Bored, need something to do to take your anger at Hartz out? I got just the ticket for you easy and simple and you’ll feel better after you do it too!

Check out Hartz new ad campagin

Why not write The San Franciso Chromicle and tell them what your opinion of  Hartz flea and tick products is. Or just tell them “your” Hartz story

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Local: (415) 777-1111
USA Toll Free: (866) 732-4766

My favorite Write to the Editor
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Do something to help get the word out about Hartz. summer  is coming and more cats and dogs are going to be hurt or die from products like Hartz. Getting the  word out about how dangerous Hartz is , is a good start to helping keep animals safe.

Caution for pet owners

Our 3 years old yellow lab, Mia has been living with my husband and I inside the house ever since we brought her home as a puppy.  A hard decision was made when my daughter was born and started crawling when we decided to put Mia in the backyard temporally just until my daughter start walking.  This month my husband and I were excited because we finally feel  it’s time to have Mia back in the house as my daughter walks pretty steadily now.  We gave her a bath last weekend with the Hartz flee & tick shampoo and then applied the Hartz flee & tick  med.  she was fine the following 2 days until about 3 days ago I just noticed that she looked listless and tired.  Then, the next day she did not finish her dinner…we knew immediately that something is wrong.  She usual wolf down her meals in few seconds.  We walk around the back yard and saw that she has diarrhea, and it was black.  We took her to the emergency pet hospital right away. The doctor did x-rays on her and told us that she is bleeding internally.  He saw the brown streaks left by the flee & tick med on Mia’s back  and asked us what brand we use…was it the brand called Hartz.  He also told us about the incidents pet owners experienced with this brand…we were terrified that we have made the same mistake.  While he was examining Mia, we rushed home to see what brand we used on Mia, my heart sank we we saw the label on both the shampoo and the med.  we brought her home yesterday, my husband slept with her throughout the night, and I couldn’t sleep all night because I have never felt so guilty of letting this happen to Mia.  Lesson learned!  I will research on unfamiliar brands before I make any purchases…I just don’t understand how those products are still available on the shelves.  This is  why I wanted to post my story so that at least it provide some caution to other pet owners.  I just prey that Mia will survive this horrible ordeal.

Kills fleas (& DOGS & CATS) in as little as 1 hour!

No human being and no innocent animal should have to go through this horror. I am so thankful I found this site! (It was actually the first thing that popped up in a Google search for Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick). It encouraged us to act and to act fast – hopefully saving my dog’s life. I am donating what I can in gratitude/hope. THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE BANNED FROM SELLING PET PRODUCTS. FDA are you listening?!?!?

I applied a 6ml packet of Sergeant’s Gold to my 1 year old Siberian Husky. I did not use the entire tube as it seemed like there was way too much, more than when I use Frontline or Advantix. I also made a point not to get ANY on myself as I remember having a weird ‘oral’ reaction to it the one other time I applied it. I washed my hands, I put blankets on all the furniture and warned my husband “Do not touch the dog!”. Approximately 30 minutes later I got a glass of water for myself – it tasted extremely metallic. I got a different glass and filled it with Coca-Cola.. same thing. I thought “Here I go again, this can’t be healthy”. About this time my husband yells “ASPEN IS HAVING A SEIZURE!”. I ran in and saw my dog staring blankly at the wall and trembling severely, legs splayed.  “Call poison control, call the vet, call the ER vet, Google this flea & tick stuff now!”. I began calling the vet and he read to me what he was finding online. Our hearts sank! The ER vet agreed that we should bathe her and asked me the brand name. I said “Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick” and she responded “Yes. Give her a bath then bring her in immediately. THAT STUFF CAUSES A LOT OF PROBLEMS”. We lifted my struggling dog into the bath- she had no control of her legs and was shaking uncontrollably.

She is now staying overnight per the recommendation of Poison Control. She was given another bath, muscle relaxers, and is on IV fluids. If she is not better tomorrow she will stay and be seen by a neurologist next week. The cost is estimated to be $775 – $2,600. I’m just hoping she lives.

My dog was the picture of health. A beautiful, fit, and fun-loving creature. We spent the week enjoying her first snow in a national park. We spent this afternoon at a dog park. Tonight I feel like the worst ‘mom’ on Earth. But mainly I am livid with the lack of attention our government gives this. I only thought I was keeping her free of fleas and ticks.

The ER vet said my family vet would be sending a report to the company. I will be sending them a plea to stop senseless heartache of pet owners. I will also be writing to this address:

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20993


class action lawsuit

I will be looking into starting up a class action lawsuit against Hartz if anyone cares to join. I will update as soon as I find something out. If, by chance, 1 has already been started… someone PLEASE let me know how to go about taking part. I have lost 2 kittens and a pomeranian so far, because of hartz products!!! They need to be shut down!!!