Had a solvent / oil smell

I have been buying Oinkies for our 2 Cockapoos and my daughter’s toy poodle for years. Never had an issue before. Bought a 10 quantity bag from our local Drug Mart a few days ago. Usually my two are all over them but this time NO! Our one dog would not even touch it. Initially took it then left it on the floor and walked away. Our second dog, who eats anything…ate a bit of it then also left it. I thought it really odd so I went to the bag, reopened it and smelled. Woooooooooah…..each one had a solvent or oil type of smell. No wonder the dogs are saying nope. I know a few times I have gotten bags with coupons on the outside – instant dollar off – only to find they expired in late 2015. It’s 2017! So I am not sure if there is an expiration date or if Hartz even knows Drug Mart stores are selling really outdated product but I do know one thing….I will never buy another bag of Oinkies for either my dogs or my daughters. Hartz has lost my business because they don’t have a clue what is happening with their products. Typical corporate money making machines, caring less about our family members!

That Was Close

I got my 1 year old cat (his name is Snapdragon) a flea collar today, I put it on him a while ago and everything seemed fine, but then he started itching like crazy and he just seemed to be acting weird! I decided to wait a little longer, but then he started panting and I got really scared and remembered that my mom had once gotten flea collars for our previous two cats Dayden and Felice, they had foamed at the mouth and got really sick, it took them a while to recover, the brand of collar was, you guessed it, Hartz! So I immediately took the collar off Snap and dug the flea collar box out of the trash can to check the brand. It was Hartz Ultra Guard Plus. I’m just so glad that I remembered what had happened to Dayden and Felice when they got Hartz collars, if I hadn’t, my poor baby Snap could’ve gotten sick or worse. I think he’s alright now, but I’ll be watching him very closely all night and all of tomorrow!

Commercial pet treats

So sorry to read about other’s troubles so many years after the first recall. 30+ years ago I had a gorgeous, pure white, Greek angora cat. Gave her a bath in a Hartz product. Had to take her to the vet. Gave our Spitz a Hartz treat, and had to take her to the vet. I have purchased no over-the-counter treats for my pets in at least 30 years until recently, and they are not Hartz. They are an all natural, made-in-the-USA product. My Lab-Shepherd mix really enjoys them, which he gets sparingly. However, 30 years ago I learned, and vowed to never purchase a Hartz product again, and haven’t. Only reason I am even aware of the Oinkies product is that I am dog sitting and the owner insisted that her pet get one a day. I will not give him these treats. Years ago there was a television documentary on how ‘Rawhide” bones are manufactured. Just knowing that any company first cleans and sterilizes their product with bleach and formaldehyde was enough to convince me to make my own treats and jerkies for my pets, which I usually do. They get no wheat or by-product foods; only organic meats with organic veggies mixed in. We haven’t seen cataracts, glaucoma, or diabetes in any of our four-leggeds since. It’s well worth the time to read labels before your purchase, then make your own goodies.

It’s not just deadly for pets

About 3 weeks ago, I had a number of what I thought were flea bites all below my knees, they kept getting worse, I went to a local urgent care center, the doctor told me it was scabies, which after 62 years of age, I’d never even heard of it. He prescribed some Permethrin topical lotion along with light dose of Prednisone, from the pharmacy. I started using it, ran out in a few days, then couldn’t get the doctors place to refill it unless I made another appointment. I went to another one, and was also given a scrip for the same thing along with an oral antibiotic. About 2 days later, my entire body from my scalp to the bottom of my feet was covered in thousands of these red, itchy spots, then I got over 1,000 fluid filled blisters, was leaking blood onto my sheets, clothes and almost everything I touched caused by scratching. I had to have a friend of mine take me to a dermatologist, who looked on in shock, brought 3-4 of his nurses in to look, said he’d never seen it that bad. He said the problem was, they prescribed this lotion for the wrong diagnoses, that I never had scabies, rather a type of contact dermatitis. He told me what they gave me causes extreme allergic reactions for many people. Another friend of mine in the medical community sent me all kinds of articles on how this is approved by the FDA for use on humans, when it’s main use is for flea collars and yard sprays. I look like Quasi Modo now, I’ve only ventured outside after midnight, but dressed in long sleeves and pants, wearing gloves. My doctor says it could be this way for months, but he’s put me on a dose of Prednisone that’s over 30 times stronger than the original. It’s caused me to loose about 12 lbs in a few weeks, sleep (if I’m lucky) for only a 30-45 minute catnap a day for 6 days. This is bad stuff, and if you look at the warnings on some of the medical reports I’ve seen, it can cause lower sperm count (never bothered counting them), as well as cause a man to grow man boobs and many, many other pretty bad things and has been known for the death of infants that came in contact with it.

Hartz for Cats ultra guard pro Killed Her

my Beautiful Friendly female cat of 3 years Died August 23 because I put Hartz ultra guard pro on her to rid her and me of fleas, she stopped eating and only drank water, I did not notice , as I had 3 bowls of dry food out for her in different places, after several days I petted her and under all her fur was a skeleton of a cat, she lost a lot of weight, I could not get her to a vet as it was Friday night and all the vets were closed weekends, in my small town.
she died Sunday late evening about 8 hours before any veterinarians opened on Monday morning.. I read where so many people had the same thing happen.
I hate Hartzs and want them out of business for selling poison to make a profit..

Hartz Flea Almost Killed My Cat

Within two hours of putting Hartz Flea and Tick on my 12 lb cat he was lethargic, staring into space and the pupils of his eyes were the only thing you could see just solid black! I began washing and rinsing his neck with soap and warm water. I also gave him 1/4 if a Benedryl (It was my decision not recommended because I don’t know if that helped). He started coming around and was able to stand. A day later he is ok. I posted on Hartz FB Page and they deleted and banned me from posting on their page. #Hartzkillspetsnotpests

Hartz burned my cat, think it killed my outside cat

I bought hartz for a homeless cat i have been feeding for months now. I haven’t seen her since i put this on her. Not knowing she was going to disapear, i also applied it to my cat, Toby. Toby still has fleas, and he now has a burn mark on his back where i applied it. I wish i would of known this stuff kills animals or harms them. Why would you sell this stuff?????

Almost killed

I put the flea and tick medicine on my 12 pound orange tabby, and within 30 minutes he came tearing down the stairs panting and meowing. He was rubbing at where I applied the medicine. I tried to wipe it off and he just kept getting worse. My heart was in my throat and I threw him in his carrier and dashed to the vet. I told the front desk what brand it was and they literally went “oh god” and took him to the back immeadiately. He was bathed and given medicine, and luckily did not seizure. I now have to keep an eye on him all night and tomorrow to make sure he is okay. This is ridiculous. Screw this brand, this is not okay. Keeping your animals in my thoughts.