Yes the kill shampoo

Don’t use or buy this shampoo my golden retriever jazmin was healthy after take a bath with that shampoo after 6 hours my dog start to die slowly I take it to the vet and they found out it was the shampoo . If you love your dog don’t buy that shampoo please.

Not sure how y’all been losing pets….

I’ve been using Hartz Pet Products for years. Never had an issue, and dogs that were sensitive to other products have no difficulty with Hartz. That being said, does anyone have a statement from a Vet stating what killed the pets? Maybe a blood analysis or something? I don’t want to hurt my pets, what in the Hartz is doing the damage? If there is something in there I’d say we as pet owners need to know so we can avoid it!


I switched to this brand and my 6 year old healthy Staffy began having seizers almost immediately, I’m sad that this happened to her because she has them on and off again now.

Brulures chimiques (Hot spots)

Il y a quelques années, j’ai traité contre les puces mon chien avec un produits hartz. (Gouttes à mettre sur la nuque.)
Le lendemain, brûlures purulentes à cet endroit. J’ai dû amener le chien chez le vétérinaire…
Il a dû porter un collier de protection type « cône » durant des semaines car il se frottait sans arrêt. (Démangeaisons)
Le vétérinaire ne semblait pas du tout surprise… Plusieurs cas similaires.
Je n’ai plus jamais acheté ces produits.

Killed my best friend (puppy)

I had a puppy we showered him using the shampoo next day on his birthday June 18 2018 we lost him he was foaming at the mouth bleeding out of his behind and seizing /lethargic couldn’t move ! next thing I knew we lost him this broke me into a million pieces

6 year old black lab passed away

I have been using this brand for awhile, and my dog started to get I’ll and rashes kept appearing on him. I took home to a friend who is a veterinarian and he asked me what I used for dpg wash and showed him, didn’t think it was the wash so I kept using it, thinking it was safe, two weeks later I came home and thought he was sleeping, I went over to wake him but he had already passed away. I would very much like to see judgement come to this company.

My Abbey

I believe this is what made our baby sick. We started using this when we moved into the new house after my divorce and could not afford the better stuff anymore. She started to cough, and have a drainage from her backend. Within days she was gone.
She was our emotional support animal it’s been extremely hard without her in an Autism home now. Wish I had never switched. Just one bottle! One bottle ! Ugh.. I miss my baby.

I never knew

I used this shampoo on all my dogs, 3 Rotties and 2 Boxers. They have all passed away from cancer but I never knew that this product could possibly have anything to do with their deaths. This sickens me because I trusted this brand to keep my pets clean, not possibly cause their deaths.