Hartz Flea & Tick

This stuff should be off the market it kills.  My little doggie died 11/7/10 at apprx 4pm.  After 2 weeks of suffering from this stuff being out on him.  We didn’t know it was harmful, why is it still being sold?  This is just horrible.

my poor cat had to be put to sleep

Two days ago I noticed a few fleas on my cat. I went to petco and purchased a flea and tick spray made for puppies, dogs, cats and kittens from Zodiac. I gave my cat a bath and sprayed this on her. Immediately after her eyes became very wide and would just stare into space, she began twitching, shaking and was non- responsive. She was unable to stand on her own and would just fall over to her side. I took her to the vet emergency care. The first question the veternarian asked was if i had bathed her with flea products. I was handed an estimated $2,000 bill stating that she would need to be put into the hospital for 2-3days to flush her body of the toxins and recover. I was not able to pay that and instead had to have my cat put to sleep.

The report states that she suffered from Pyrethrin Toxicity. She was only six years old. I am in shock that a product that was supposed to help my pet wound up killing her.

There are overwhelming deaths and terrible sideffects due to the use of this product, it should be banned. I want to pet owners to know the danger of this product and get this product off the market. I will not stop here.

Hartz Flea Control 30lb and under DOG

This stuff is garbage, my jack russel terrior is having a reaction to the medication. I put on the first treatment 2 days ago, and this morning he started acting strange. Shaking alot and walking messed up wimpering. We bathed him and got it off, is it safe to go to sleep? Is the worst over?

SOOO Glad I found this Site in time!!!! :(

Last night I bought the Hartz flea medication for dogs from Walmart and the Sergeant’s flea medication for cats. I knew that it probably wouldn’t have worked 100% liek Frontline or Advantage but I was just laid off from my job and couldn’t afford the $75 it would have been from the vet for the good stuff so I thought this would have been better than them having nothing on…until I googled a search for reviews about the two products. I also bought the Hartz flea shampoo for dogs. I was planning on going home today from work and bathing my animals and putting the flea stuff on them but I’m SOOOOOOO very glad I came across this site in time. I would have absolutely died if I would have caused that much pain and injury to my babies. I will be returning those things back to Walmart tonight and complaining to the supervisor about the side effects of those products, which probably won’t do any good but at least I’ll get it out there and then maybe he’ll do something or say something about it to someone higher up.

I will sell something of mine just to have the money to buy the GOOD flea medication for my pets instead of going the cheap way out and almost killing them. I am also going to complain to the Hartz company and go above and beyond and do everything I can to try to put a stop to stores selling this.

Again, thank all of you so much for your stories and warning on here! I know it’s too late for your pets, but you just saved 2 mini-dachshund puppies, and 3 kittens. 🙂

My Yorkie

11/2/2010..I need help. I sprayed hartz 2and1 Flea tick spray on my Yorkie yesterday. Last night my dog was laying and couldn’t get. I toke him to vet they did x rays and blood test and determined his having a reaction from this spray. I have bath him with dish soap. I feed him and gave him water, but he still can not stand up. Is their anything else I can do? and how can I make Hartz pay for my Vet bill? and my missed work? My Yorkie cost me 1000…My email is [email protected]

Hartz Ultra Guard Plus for Dogs = Emergency Room Visit!

Yesterday around 5:00 pm, my daughter applied the Ultra Guard to our Husky Shepherd, which I recently purchased because I could not afford the HartGuard. Shortly thereafter, she started acting strangely. She would go from droopy and mopey to continuously circling the diningroom table. I asked my daughter what happened to her and she said nothing, only that she had applied the Ultra Guard. I thought our dog was just annoyed that we put the stuff on her. Well, this was getting worse and worse. She would not eat at all – not even her favorite things. This is a dog that would eat anything and everything not nailed down. She kept circling and circling and I started to get concerned. My daughter checked the internet for info and we discovered HartzVictims.org. We immediately washed the stuff off of her. No change. She was still shaking and switching from lethargic to the circling behavior. We called our emergency veterinary service who said to wash her again with dish detergent. My daughter went to buy some and we bathed her again. Still the circling. Our next call to the vet terrified us. She told us that something was going on with her neurologically and we should bring her right down. It was now 10:00 pm. Our emergency clinic was 45 minutes away and it was a gruelling drive. They told us that they had seen reactions to this product in both dogs and cats, with the most severe reactions in cats. We were one of the lucky ones (so far). It seems her actions after her bath were from the toxin which had been absorbed previously and it was hopefully working its way out of her system. The vet told us it was a good thing that we washed it off of her, otherwise she would have absorbed the entire dose and God only knows what would have happened to her then! So five hours and several hundred dollars later, our dog is still alive, but I’m not done with Hartz. I cannot believe that after all of the horrible animal testing they do to test these products before they hit the market, they STILL put them on shelves knowing the dangers they pose. My heartfelt condolences to everyone here who has lost a pet due to this company’s gross negligence and disregard for the wellfare of our pets for the sake of the big bucks. Oh and by the way, they have an excellent “Satisfaction Guarantee & Return Policy”. I wonder what their policy is on legal claims; I’m about to file one.

Woke up to a nightmare

On Friday night (10/28/2010) I was giving my two dogs and my cat their monthly flea treatments. I woke up on Saturday morning (the 29th) and my cat was laying by my front door, convulsing, biting through his tongue, and completely unresponsive. My two year old went up to my cat, Peanut, and began to pet him and trying to wake him up, while my husband ran and grabbed a blanket and I called the Vet. We had a friend over that morning and he agreed to watch our son while we rushed our cat to the Vet. The first question they asked was, “Did you give him a Hartz flea treatment?” I replied yes and they began to bathe him in Dawn dish soap, in attempts to remove as much of the product as possible. They put my husband and I in a room while they began trying to help Peanut. They came in and told us that there was somethings we could try, however they had a cat in the previous week that was in a similar condition. The cat was not nearly as bad as Peanut (they said it was the worst seizing they had ever seen) and the other cat took over four days just to get the seizing to stop. They said we could try it, but they did not think it would work, and that the best thing to do was to humanely euthanize our cat. I looked at my husband, and we decided to go through with it. It would not have been fair to put Peanut through all of that, when the results would more than likely kill him. I sat there, petting him head and apologizing to him, but I could tell that inside he was already gone. After we left I went home and attempted to explain to my son how Peanut wasn’t going to be coming home (his first question when we walked in was, “Where cat go?”). I then went out into the room where we found him. I could plainly see the trail of blood that I had missed in the panic of the morning. From where he first bit his tongue, to the struggle he made to my front door, the span of which was about five feet. I began crying and my husband had to come take me away from the room. This morning (11/01/2010) I woke up and immediately called Hartz to complain. They told me that since my doctor did not do the blood work, it was just my veterinarians speculation of what may have killed him. I couldn’t believe it, considering that the vet’s are trained in the area and it is something she has seen before from Hartz flea treatments. I found this site and decided to share my story, because I do not want others to go through what my family and I did.

I had no idea something so toxic could be on the market

I sent my husband to the pet store today for some flea stuff for the dogs and cat, he picked up sentry pro. It looked like all the others, he just grabbed it in a hurry. We washed all our pets and put the product on. The whole bottle was supposed to be used for an animal of 60 or more pounds so we just put a tiny bit, maybe 1/8 on the cat, that’s about 1/2 of a teaspoon, maybe even less. We both looked at the box for directions etc. We didn’t see anything that stood out to us as Danger Danger this is poison. This was this morning. At about 10 pm we noticed that the cat was shaking and had goop in his eye. All I could think was maybe I didn’t dry him off enough. I felt horrible. I held him close to me with a blanket for about an hour. After a little bit I thought he was getting better because only his head was shaking and then I noticed it wasn’t really a shaking it was more of a convulsing. My cat looked like he was tripping out. I started to google and nothing was making sense. I say him eat, he hasn’t been sick and then I thought what if it was the flea medicine… I went and got the box. In the tiniest writing on the back it says that this product is fatal to cats. I was shocked. I AM shocked! How can this item be on the market?! And why is there not a GIANT warning sign that this is fatal to cats?! It was small enough that neither my husband or I noticed it when reading the directions. We ussually get frontline and that can be used on both. I had no idea and I feel horrible. Worse yet there is no information on what to do if the cat does get to it! I immediately washed my cat with warm water and soap, and held him for a long while looking on the internet to see what to do because at this point it’s 11 pm and the vet is obviously not available. He then had a seizure and I thought for sure that this was it. Luckily he has gotten better though and seems like he will recover fine. No reactions with the dogs, but I am watching all my pets like a hawk. 3 hours later and my cat is purring and interacting normally, but he’s got almost like a twitch. It’s going to be a long night. I am so sorry to my animals for not reading the fine print. I feel horrible. I am angry that such a product is out there and sad that what I thought to be a good thing at the time (getting rid of the fleas) put them in such distress. I am so sorry for those of you that have lost pets to this horrible product.

Hartz killed BOTH of my cats!! And now I cry…..

About 2 weeks ago, I put Hartz Flea drops on my 2 beautiful persians, Casper and Lacey. I have had my babies for about 5 years, spent almost $1000 on them, and now a thoughtless purchase of a $10 product that I ASSUMED was safe has put them both in the ground. I am heartbroken and tears fall as I write this. And I am outraged. I usually buy Advantage. This time, my kitties rapidly broke out in a massive flea infestation and I have a 10 month old crawling around on the ground who was eaten alive within a couple days. So I couldn’t wait for the Advantage to come in the mail, I went to my local Safeway and picked up the Hartz, the only product they carried. I figured it would HELP somewhat until the Advantage came. Because of having a little guy right now, my cats were kind of ignored by me and my husband (well, he always ignored them) lately. I noticed they were hiding a lot and I wasn’t seeing them much, but didn’t really think anything of it, I mean they are cats, all they do is sleep. I woke up a week later to find my Casper under my bed, dead. WHAT???!!! I went to check out Lacey, and she was alive, but nearly lifeless, she couldn’t even move and had starved herself for the last week so she was skin and bones… and I knew it was too late. I went online and found all these sites for victims of this punishable crime and have not stopped crying since. I woke up the next morning and Lacey was in the living room, underneath the table wrapped in a blanket that I had put her in the previous night to try to comfort her, and she too had passed away. I killed my cats. I had killed my babies. I am mortified, heartbroken and angry as hell. I can still see their bodies in my head, peaceful, but all I can think is how terrified and pained they must have been in the last week of their lives. And how much I have neglected them the past year. And that I hope they know I didn’t do this to them. RIP Casper and Lacey, mommie loves you.

Hartz “Control” Flea & Tick shampoo hazardous

We adopted a small 10 lb dog and after having her for 3 months gave her a bath using the Hartz “Control” shampoo. By the end of the day our dog was throwing up and had diarreah. After 2 days we took her to the vet and after two days with the vet and numerous blood tests they could find nothing. She was given medication and a special formulated dog food and we followed the procedures for feeding her for the next week. Suddenly my brain kicked in and I felt like an absolute fool because I remembered we had the same problem about 15 years ago, when we used a Hart flea drop product on another dog we had and she also became very ill. At that time the vet again could not find anything wrong and we finally came to the conclusion it was the drops after finding out a number of other consumers had the same problem. I feel like an idiot. I will be phoning the vet not that I expect they will listen to me but who knows. Don’t, ever, ever use any hart flea or tick products!