Mini pig

Everyone says anything safe for a dog is safe for a pig. My piglet is 2 weeks amd got fleas I washed her with the orange hartz in just a couple hours she was dead and I am devastated! I loved her so much RIP juniper

Pit bull (bully)

I used the Same Product and It’s Like my Dogs hair is Falling Off I never had any problems with any of my dogs losing hair and this was my 1st time using this Shampoo He has Patches Where his hair is gone and it’s Turing gray I really don’t know what to besides take him to a Vet

Chemical Burns

Being unable to go to the vet during the pandemic, I but the ultra guard dual action topical for large dogs. My cattle dog German shepherd mix has been acting very out of sorts and has also been crying when we pet him in certain areas. Petting him to day I’ve noticed the scabbing all over his back from the topical solution. This is going in the trash can and I will find something else..

Killed my elderly cat

My sister used hartz flea shampoo on our 15 year old cat. He went down hill quickly and we had to put him down. He already had some health issues, but hartz was the nail in the coffin.

NOT Only me? Unbelief

My German Shorthair pointer was out of his normal shampoo so I grabbed some Hartz instead. During the bath he appeared to be in pain as if he was being burned…. the next morning our 4 year old sjowehealtjy Dixie was gone. This has got to stop

Hartz Victims yet again

My dog took a Hartz pig twist and at it but not like he usually does with his treats. The next morning he threw up a little bit. I thought as sometimes dogs do. That night I gave him another one. He didn’t even touch it. The next morning he threw up again and will not eat. Have a vet appointment tomorrow. Please stay away from these treats.

My Shiz-tzu Ladybelle

I got a flea and tick collar for my little girl Lady because I travel a lot read all the directions thoroughly took the collar out of the bag activated it and put it on her. I noticed the smell was really strong. That evening she started coughing and having a hard time breathing. I immediately took it off of her. That was about 6 months ago. Now she has a tumor by her adrenal gland. I didn’t take her in because when I took it off the symptoms stopped.

Hartz ear cleaner

Used it on one cat and he was fine, however the next day I used it on the other two and both started shaking their heads and wouldn’t let us touch their ears. I looked instead them and both showed signs of what seems to be a chemical burn and now the other cat who was originally fine with it is as well days after use. I feel awful for my babies because I did the research and found nothing to discredit this product until it was to late.

Status Epilepticus

My daughter’s 3 year old pitbull, Swisha, was a perfectly healthy girl…until we gave her a bath with the Hartz. She had 3 grandmal seizures that first night in June of 2019. She was put on phenobarbital twice a day. She gained a lot of weight, was always off balance and very lethargic most of the time. Two months later, Swisha had NINE GRAND MAL SEIZURES in 8 hours. We were told they were “break through seizures” and sent home. Two more months…4 Grand Mal’s overnight. We decided to go to a different vet and he said that if she were having ONE SEIZURE every six months he may consider that a breakthrough seizure. He did some labs and put her on antibiotics, gave us a potassium supplement and said that after she was done with the antibiotics he was going to try a different seizure medication. He also gave us some diazepam and told us that we needed to give her one when we got home so she would rest quietly. We did that and all was well until 9:47pm when she started seizing again. I gave her 2 10mg diazepams rectally to stop the seizure to no avail. The nearest emergency veterinarian was 45 minutes away. By the time we got there Swisha had been seizing for ONE HOUR AND 10 MINUTES. She was in “Status Epilepticus”. Her temperature was over 109*, her internal organs, kidneys, liver and brain were damaged beyond repair. We had to put our beloved girl to sleep that awful October morning. To market a product that they know causes this kind of harm is not only criminal, it is morally corrupt as well. No living being should ever have to go through this. It was horrific watching my daughter watch her beloved Swisha suffer so badly.