Over the years

I see alot of posts on here about their dogs and their experiences. I heartly say that I have used this shampoo over the years but not periodically. I have had many dogs over the years chase(pup), Ella(pup), holly(my 7 year old rescue), Marley(my 10 year old), and lucky(my 6 year old). Through out the years I have used that shampoo for FLEAS ONLY. Any other time they did not have fleas I used regular dog shampoo and only bought the flea is when it was needed. Lucky is my 6 year old male husky labmix that I have raised from a puppy and have used other things to bathe him and I still use the orange flea shampoo. Today im giving him a bath but have never had the terrible experiences with what y’all have went through.

Hartz killed my cat – PLEASE do not use it. <3

Hello wonderful cat and dog lovers out there, I am here to warn you that Hartz flea and tick shampoo has killed my cat (purchased at Walmart- Canada). Bailey was a beautiful, bold, orange-munchkin kitty. He was strong, playful, and demanded daily love and attention. After noticing he needed a bath (from playing outside) I decided to give him a flea and tick wash since our area has been having a higher rate of ticks this season. I bathed him – which he didn’t like – I patted him dry and watch him bounce away as usual. I let him outside to dry, on a warm summer day in July 2018 – and he went missing. For two days, I called his name, banged on his food dish, and looked for him everywhere. This was not like Bailey. At 11pm at night on day 2, I decided to check for him one more time and found him panting and crying on my side door step. He was weak, his furr was patchy, his mouth was foaming, and his eyes were unable to open. His back legs were lame and unable to walk – he could barely meow a cry to me. I began to sob. Who has hurt or poisoned my Bailey! I cried. I immediately hydrated him with a syringe and brought him to the emergency. They put him on an IV and although he had perked up a bit – he was still was unable to walk and looked like he was in incredible pain. The vet said she did not know what the cause was (his body was not injured like they would be from being hit by a car) – and that it seemed like a strange/sudden onset of symptoms. The only change in his daily routine – was the bath with the murderous product “HARTZ FLEA AND TICK” shampoo. I laid my kitty to rest that day. I miss him every time the sun shines on the garden – Bailey would have loved this day, I say to myself. I have owned many cats in my life time and Bailey’s younger brother and sister are still alive and well – I like to say that Bailey saved their lives and has now returned to his mommy in heaven, my daughter. Please, save your loved ones and don’t use any Hartz products! I called Hartz to tell them what happened and they immediately offered me money compensation – innocent people do not freely hand out cash – they were trying to buy my silence with a waver. I DID NOT TAKE IT. Warn customers, tell friends, leave notes at stores, make phone-calls – whatever you have to do! We need to save our furry family members. With love, compassion, and sorrow for you all – AB.


We put the flea medication as directed, on the back of my kitty’s neck, far from her reach. She ended up scratching the Hartz product and then licked her paw, getting the product in her mouth. She then started acting really unusually. Her mouth started drooling Soooo much, she was twitching, walking strangely, jumping. We were terrified, I looked it up and low and behold, horrible reviews of this product. We gave her a bath IMMEDIATELY. So blessed and thankful we didn’t leave that terrible product on my lil baby. So blessed and happy we managed to notice and wash it off her right away. I regret not doing enough research on this product. def doing that about ANY product from now on.

Not just the shampoo

First, drops took patches of hair out of all 4 cats where it was applied. We then moved to the all over spray assuming with larger quantities it would not be so concentrated and cause this. Next thing I know the best cat in the entire world was having seizures.Zeus my Siamese mix who would ask for kisses on his head, hold your hand while napping, ride my shoulders like a scarf and would call for “mom” when I went to bed and who also attacked my ex for playing too rough with me… he lasted another 6 months on anti seizure meds and then threw a blood clot, which was likely caused by the seizures. He became paralyzed instantly and in major amounts of pain. Even though my vet was a 5 minute ride from my home, and told me to bring him immediately, the clot was lodged and they couldn’t get it to move. His back end stiffened like a corpse. My sweet boy, suffered so much, and still was unfixable after these chemicals. He did go peacefully, and happily purring his little lavender eyes out in my arms. But he should’ve had many more years as an extremely healthy 8 year old kitty. I’m angry, and no one I can speak to about this will ever use these products again. The picture is his last night home with us. When the vet gave him the First IV med trying to break up the blood clot they allowed us to bring him home and love on him, as is was all just waiting. We took him back first thing in the morning and 24 hours later we were putting him down. Our dog here never could be trusted with other animals until Zeus. I love my little buddy, always

Cleopatra my sweet Chihuahua

My sweet sweet chihuahua has had perfect health throughout her life. She is 4 years old going on 5. My mom bought this Hart’s flea shampoo and we have been bathing her in it recently. The last time we used this, within 42 hours later thank god I was home to realize her strange behavior… she was trembling, dazing off onto another planet, falling to her left side, I couldn’t really move her, she was unresponsive to her name. I was terrified crying hoping she’d be okay. She stood that way for about an hour and all day she wasn’t herself. Thank God she ended up to be okay. The vet said it’s probally because she ate something toxic off the ground in our home. False!! Our family is very OCD and make sure the house is spotless and clean at all times. She is also very scared of outdoors so she isn’t the type to pick up something off the ground. So many Hartz victims, I’m very sure it’s the shampoo.

Hartz Puppy Shampoo

Are 5 lb toy puppy was bathed in this shampoo and the next day was lethargic with paralyzed back legs. Over the process of the day he wasnt moving around too much it was raining and I took him outside and brought him in. He was cold and smelled so I gave him a 2nd bath. Both times I used the Hartz Puppy Shampoo. About two hours after the bath he began to get worse. I thought he had a low blood sugar so I rubbed honey on his gums. He did not get any better and began to wheeze over about 30 minutes he could barely keep his head up. It was a friday evening and an hour before the emergency vets office opened. I believe this shampoo caused my dog to sieze and die. He was only 9 months old. Do not use this stuff!! Buyer beware.