The battle with Cute Overload continues

Last night, after receiving an email and saddening photos of Lacy’s MinPins, Frosty Paws and Gauge, who suffered severe skin damage from Hartz treatments, I posted a comment over at Cute Overload.

The comment was actually posted, so it seems as if I’m not banned from posting my comments, but I was quickly moderated and the comment was deleted.

Cute Overload comment

Shortly thereafter, “Theo” commented on my personal website:

A new comment on the post #1162 “Best Mac ad that I’ve seen to date” is waiting for your approval

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Mr. Janicek —
As an adult in this country, you’re entitled to your opinions.  You’re free to try and convince others of them, on your own time and (let’s say just for instance) on your own blog.  Heck, you’re free to give all your money to Scientology if you want, not to mention the rest of the years of your life, should you so choose… as long as it doesn’t interfere with me, my time, or my blog.

Stop trying to sneak stuff like this into our comments:
Fur rls? (Srsly.)
Totally cute!!!
You should TOTALLY check out these photos of Frosty Paws:
And make sure to check out and
And make sure you NEVER, EVER buy a Hartz product that Cute Overload endorses.


You have your forum, we’ve got ours.  OK?
– Theo

I replied to Meg Frost (“Theo” used my email address to post the comment on my website):

Subj: Why?
Date: 5/16/2008 9:13:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
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Got it.  So, you’re just trying to make a buck?  Right, Theo?


As usual, no response.

Hartz flea and tick drops for dogs

Apologies for the delay in posts recently.  Below is an email and photos from Lacy, whose miniature pinschers suffered the wrath of Hartz poisonings.

Hi Josh,

Last July and August I posted a few things on your website about the hartz flea and tick drops killing our MinPin, Milsie Baby, and causing a lot of harm to our two other dogs, Gauge and Frosty Paws.  I am sending you some pictures of all of this.  I hate that it has taken me so long to get these to you.  Most of the pictures are of Gauge, the two close-ups of fur-loss is Frosty Paws.

After only one treatment, we lost Milsie one week later, left Gauge with a scar down her back and Frosty itching so badly she pulled out her hair and developed skin infections.  They saw three vets at the emergency clinic and two more at their regular vet (and I spoke to a 3rd there, also), totaling around a thousand dollars, yet, none of them were willing to give us a statement.

I am so glad that at least one person in the world has kept up the fight, and I thank you for taking the time to do so.

I also sent you a email through your web site about a hartz ad being in Martha Stewart Living magazine.  I got an error msg., so I do not know if you got it or not.  I have already sent them an email through their ‘contact us’ link, but think that others should, too.

Thanks again,


DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.  IT MADE MY CAT VERY ILL.  we gave it to him 9 days ago and he is still sick.  This product has synthetic pyrethrins in it which are very toxic to cats.  Not all cats will get sick from it but too many have!!  I have been watching my normally very active and happy 3 year old cat be extremely lethargic now for 9 days, he can barely walk.  It started the night we gave him the Bio-Spot.  He had a very high fever by the next day and was tremoring.  Has has been to the vet twice and spent a night in the ER.  He is still very lethargic and still having trouble walking.  Thank god he is improving and it looks like he will be okay.  But no one should go through this.  So many people have lost their pets already to this product and others like it.  The EPA needs to be alerted by everyone who has had a pet get sick from this stuff so it gets taken off of the market.

Hartz One Spot for Cats and Kittens

5-14-2008: Today, as my daughter was brushing our long-haired Siamese cat (named Romeow), she found fleas with bite sores on his head and neck.   She came to me pleading I do something for him to stop his agony.

Every year, I purchase flea collars for our family pets (consisting of 2 dogs and 1 cat).  This year, I had purchased all natural and organic collars from, but was still in the process of waiting for the shipments arrival when I made a HUGE mistake.

I had my daughter run to Target and buy some Neosporin and some kind of flea treatment for our cat.  She came home with Hartz OneSpot Flea Egg and Larvae Treatment for Cats and Kittens.

Romeow had bloody sore spots above his eyes and in and behind his ears, so the first thing we did was put a dab of Neosporin on each of those sores. We then applied the contents of one full tube of the Hartz treatment between Romeow ‘s shoulder blades.

He seemed content at first, but within an hour, he began howling a horrific cry (if you ‘ve ever owned a Siamese, you know what I mean).  As I went to check on him, I found him hunched over in a corner of my daughters bedroom.  There were piles of vomit surrounding him.

Romeow is a very large cat.  He weighs 22 lbs., has asthma (treated by our vet with Prednisone), and has never been fed anything but Iams dry cat food (the most recent being Iams Healthy Naturals).  Knowing Siamese can have allergic reactions or sensitivities to certain foods, we ‘ve always been consistant about his diet.

So, all this vomiting he was doing surprised us.  It was obvious to me he was very stressed.  His ears were back, he had a glare in his eyes, his howls were deep growls, and he did not want to be approached.  Totally out of character for him!

I did a quick Google search to see if vomiting was a symptom of this Hartz treatment, when I came across this website.  I could not believe the horror stories I read about this particular product!

I bathed Romeow with an unscented castile liquid soap, then picked up the phone and immediately dialed my veternarians office.  I was told by my vet that they would never recommend this product to anyone for use on their pets.

When I was asked if he was eating or drinking since all this vomiting occured, I replied, "no, he hasn ‘t, but that I was kind of force feeding him water by cupping my hands and placing the water to his mouth, making him swallow some."

Their major concern for him right now is dehydration.

I told my vet that since I bathed him, the vomiting had subsided for the past 20 minutes, and that he was wrapped in a warm blanket sleeping right now.

Their advice was for me to offer him some tuna, tuna water, chicken, chicken broth, or even baby food (such as liver meat).  If he did not eat or drink, would vomit further, or show anymore signs of distress, I was to call back so he could be seen by the vet immediately.

Right now, as I write in this blog, I ‘m praying these poison toxins were all washed off in time, and our beloved Romeow will come out of this okay!

I am angry!  Not only at myself for having applied this to our family friend, but at Hartz, for manufacturing a product that can be lethally toxic!

Please, Please, don ‘t EVER use this product!  For the safety of your pets, use an all natural organic remedy instead!  If only I had waited for the arrival of my shipment, which consisted of a 100% Herbal Rechargeable Flea Collar that is safe for cats and dogs, and manufactured by:  Natural Animal Health Products, Inc.

Lily spent the night at the vet

After using Sergants flea and tick on her, she became really sick. I finally took her to the vet. After a couple of shots and a night there she got to come home today. The vet also showed me a cat that the owners had given the same stuff to last week. It had been there for a week. I only had a small bill but it could have been alot worse if I had not gotten her in there when I did. The vet called Sergants and told them about it. I also called them today and made an incident report. Everyone who has used this bad stuff needs to do also. It is really bad to have this on the market, and have lots more really sick dogs and cats out there. Please do not purchase this spend a little more an go to the vet for your flea and tick prevention.

Rocco SEVERELY HURT by Hartz Chew & Clean intenstinal blockage

I bought a Hartz Play ‘n Snack Triple Pack for my 8 month old French Bulldog puppy Rocco.  This product included three items: 1. Chew n’ Clean Durable Nylon Bone 2. Snack Bursts – Beef & Bacon Flavored Treats3. Bacon Bone – Corn Starch Chew BoneHe is an active 8 month old puppy who likes to chew.  I have had great luck with similar products, however the Hartz Chew n’ Clean “durable” nylon bone unfortunately was partially ingested by Rocco.  He was perfectly fine and then Sunday morning after our am walk and breakfast he stopped playing and began to vomit.  This continued all day and night Sunday.  1st thing Monday morning I called my vet and made an appointment.  Rocco would not eat.  He would drink water, but could not keep anything down.At the time I did not know what was causing the problem.  The vet examined Rocco. He was not running a fever and she ruled out illness as a cause.  She X-rayed Rocco but couldn’t see anything.  However, she was very concerned that he had eaten a foreign object and there was an obstruction.  To make a long and painful story short.  Rocco had swallowed pieces of this “Durable” Nylon Bone which caused a very severe partial blockage.  Basically the pieces were stuck in his stomach and being pulled into his small intestine to no avail because they were stuck.  He had emergency surgery on Thursday which removed the pieces.  Fortunately we caught it in time but it was very touch and go.  He is still in the hospital and I HOPE to be alble to take him home Monday. I am posting this in hopes that other doggie parents will know that this product IS VERY VERY DANGEROUS it can severely injure your pet and even KILL!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THESE KINDS OF PRODUCTS TO YOUR PETS!!!

Cute Overload serving Hartz ads

Cute Overload (CO) is serving Hartz ads.  I find it completely appalling and asinine that a popular, animal and pet-oriented website would knowingly promote a company that sells products that kill pets.  Alert reader and former CO visitor, Erin, sent me an email over the weekend to inform me of these ads.  Erin and I have both contacted Meg at CO to no avail.  I wrote a very friendly, formal letter urging Meg to visit and to reconsider serving Hartz ads on her site.  I also proposed a link exchange partnership so we could drive traffic to one another’s websites.  I have yet to hear back from Meg.

Erin has since been banned from posting on CO.  Her comments on CO in regards to Hartz ads were also retracted.  Erin started a website she cleverly calls Sad Overload.  Erin also made me aware of the Junepath website where Junepath is obviously appalled that CO is serving up Hartz ads in the posts Cute Overload/Hartz, Re – Cute Overload and Cute Overload x3.

So it’s here that I urge you to contact Meg at CO and ask her to cease the Hartz campaign.  Meg’s email address is: meg [at]

Also, do what Erin and I have done and post comments on CO, warning others of the dangers of Hartz products and request to have the Hartz ad campaign pulled.

UPDATE: Cute Overload deleted my comments

Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-On

This is my first experience using this products on my two dogs.  My babies are dachshund and blue heeler mixes, each weighing around 21 and 24 pounds.  They each got a treatment with the squeeze-on product.  One dog is just fine.  The other one was drooling like crazy!  I thought maybe she had licked some of the product off her fur and it was making her salivate; however, I did not want  to take a chance, so I washed her down really well and scrubbed this crap out of her fur.  From now on, I think I’m going the natural route.