Hartz Flea and Tick Almost Killed My Dog

A few years ago I purchased flea and tick products manufactured by Hartz for our two dogs.  Our boxer lab mix did fine with the medication, but our dachshund almost died from it.  We put the treatment on the dogs in the evening and did not notice any symptoms before going to bed.  However, in the middle of the night I woke up because Bella, the dachshund, was shaking her head violently and making a lot of noise.  I turned on the light and saw she was laying in a pile of drool and was foaming at the mouth.  I immediately called our vet’s emergency number.  One of the first questions they asked was if we had used Hartz flea and tick on her.  They told me many animals had already died due to the product, but there was something we could try.  The vet told me to give Bella a syringe full of hydrogen peroxide, which would induce vomiting and give her a bath immediately.  After we were up all night taking care of her, she finally started acting normal.  This product needs to be banned from store shelves.  I won’t buy anything that has the Hartz name on it, including dog toys.

Hartz is killing my cat

We moved to a new house and my cats got fleas for the first time in their lives, so we got this Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Flea and Tick drops for cats.

Less than a day after putting it on my 2 year old cat Luna all of her fur starts falling off, she’s lethargic, doesn’t want to play or chase or eat treats. I call the vet and they explain to me that this stuff is horrible and a huge percentage of animals react very badly, that they reccomend washing it off with soap and water within half an hour of application, but in my case it’s been on for too long and it’s already sunk into her skin and she may have eaten some of the hair that fell off as a result so it’s in her system.

So now I’m sitting here holding her in my lap WATCHING HER DIE. I rescued her when she was a feral kitten abandoned outside my house, I adopted a friend from animal control for her, the two of them are closer than sisters. They cry when they’re apart for just a couple minutes. The other cat doesn’t understand why Luna can’t play with her anymore, she’s walking around the room mewing, she even picked up a toy rat and brought it over to Luna to ask her to play. It’s absolutely heart breaking.

She’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever had, all she wants to do is cuddle. She would run up to the door when I got home and jump on my leg like a dog so I could pet her, then she’d roll over so I could rub her belly. When I’m at my computer she likes to lay in front of my keyboard with her paws on my chest and her head resting on my mouse arm like a pillow, and we’ll just hang out like that for hours. She thinks the world of me and she trusts me unconditionally and thanks to these Hartz bastards and their pet poison I’ve killed her. I feel like I’m going to throw up, I don’t know how I can live with myself if she dies.

hartz Rid Flea killed three of my cats.

I used this product on two young outside cats and they died the next day.  First they became lethargic.  Then they had tremors.  Finally their breathing got labored and erratic. It took about 4 hours from onset to death.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the flea shampoo killed the cats.  These guys must have good lawyers and a huge advertising budget if anyone considers them a reputable pet company.

Since I didn’t realize the shampoo was the problem, I used it on an inside pet – Jack (RIP) – of 12 years.  Same scenerio, same death about 24 hours after bathing.

THis is unforgivable and has been going on for years as I now see.

Hey Hartz – If this is your idea of  “advanced pet care” perhaps you wouldn’t mind slathering some on your CEO – or your kids.  It could be a fundraiser to compensate owners of dead pets or help animal shelters.

Hey FDA – Do Your Job please.


Do not use this product! I applied two tubes to my cat, obiously once a month like the instructions say to do. The first application went fine. The next month i applied the 2nd dose and within 24 hours my cat was deathly ill. She was extremely lethargic and would not eat or go to the bathroom for a day in a half. She also could not stand on her hind leg. The next day i took her to the vet only to discover that the vet and vet techs ALL said DO NOT USE this on any type of animal and how surprised they were that the FDA is still allowing this product to be sold. My cat who is 15 got a steroid shot and some fluids and seems to be doing a little better. I am keeping a close eye on her and can only hope for the best. The vet did tell me that she has severe nerve damage which can be associated with Hartz Medication. Please people do thorough research before giving your animal’s any type of medicine.

Hartz Ultra Guard is poison!

Purchased at PetSmart April 18, 2012; applied to my older cat (who is deathly allergic to fleas) – and within 3 days, all the fur on back of her neck was gone. Followed by red itchy bumps, over-grooming. Calls to Hartz emergency line 800-275-1414 are only for HUMAN problems when exposed to this product.

Horrified By Hartz and Seargents

I absolutely can’t believe what I have read about these two products.   I have used Hartz/Bio Spot/Sergeants in the past and neither did anything for my animals, I am happy to say they didn’t get sick.  I however didn’t know of the problems and I too will do my best to get the word out.  Thanks to this website – It will save SOOO many lives if we spread the word and let owners know just how DEADLY these products are..  It sickens me to see that they are still in business..  All those poor lost souls over a flea remedy, really?  It’s a good thing that I’ve started purchasing my Dog’s and Cat’s flea medicine from their veterinarian!  I use Vectra it costs A LOT LESS and works great.  I have three animals, two cats and one dog.  Cost  $50 dollars to treat all THREE. 🙂


Good luck to all the doggies and kitties out there during Flea season!


Today is the 09 of July 2012 and it could very well have been the last day of LIFE for my little fur family kittie kat !! Without realizing,I put Hartz flea medication on her and within minutes she started acting different. I went on line and read about this”Damdable Hartz” company and was totally sick myself once I realized what I did to a pet that had put total trust in me to protect her. My soul I know how the rest of you felt when it happened to you and your pet. I can’t even imagine how it would feel to have my pet die at the hands of this “Scandulous HARTZ COMPANY”. I sit here awaiting a return call from my attorney and I want to know what can be done to prevent this from happening to poor unsuspecting pet lovers. I thank God I had the good sense to go on line and find all these comments and with instructions which I followed, I used mild soap and lots of water to wash it off. Within a couple hours my Kittie Kat (name Dazel) began to be more like herself. I swear in the name of everything holy , they have NOT heard the last of this. KEEP YOUR PETS SAFE BY USING THE VET !!


There is a new petition out you may want to sign
SIGN THE NEW PETITION AT http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-hartz-use-of-pyrethrine-s-and-pyrethroid-s-in-flea-tick-products

Crying over the horrible death my beloved pet had to endure

I am not a rich woman , but I love my pets as if they where my own children.  My beloved dog Bella  died a very horrible death after I used this product on her to try and controll fleas. She threw up blood and suffered for days. This company and thier products should be banned as well as shut down due to thier negligence to animals and the people who trusted their company. I was a faithful frontline user ,yet due to my finiancial misfortune , and to my future horrid exsperience, I regretfully used this product. Bella was my pride and joy and i loved her dearly and still miss and cry for her. I hope this company takes responsibility for not only myself and my beloved and missed pet ,but all of those who have lost due to their product.

15 years later-it’s so sad :(

I just wanted to comment that 15 years ago, i used a Hartz flea product on my pair of cats on a Saturday evening & lucky for us, we had an Emergency Vet around the corner from us, that saved both their lives. It is IMPERATIVE that an anti poison be given to the animal who has ingested this crap, by a Vet, as soon as possible.
It is so sad to see all these years later, these products still on the shelves. The Vet told me they are constantly threatened with lawsuits if they speak badly of Hartz.