Hartz Denta shield rawhide bones killed our 4 year old Shih Tzu Maddie

My husband had to have open heart surgery the 26th Of November 2012. We are from Glade spring Va and his surgery was in Asheville NC. My brother and his wife took care of our dogs while we were gone. I was on my way home on the 30th of November to stay at home for the weekend while my husbands daughter was spending the weekend in Asheville. My sister in law sent me a picture of my dogs earlier in the day and Maddie was the center of them. About 20 minutes before I picked them up Maddie got a rawhide treat and immediately fell dead in my brother and sister in laws kitchen. I was about 3 minutes away from their house I called to say I would be there in a few. My sister in law screamed and said don’t come home Maddies dead. I felt like my heart would stop. She was born in our home and I have her mother and her grandparents on her mothers side. Maddie was my husbands baby and he had just had open heart surgery and gottern out of surgical ICU just that afternoon I went in their house and they had Maddie laid out on a towel in a chair.I picked up her lifeless body and sat down and all I could do was rock her and cry how am I going to tell Roger.I brought her home and my other dogs and made that call to my husband. He just couldn’t understand why . I called my vet on the 1st of December and asked him to perform an autopsy on her to see the cause of death. He had me bring her to his office that Saturday morning so they could preserve her until Monday. He did the autopsy on Monday and called me and said she had choked to death on a raw hide bone.All her organs were fine. He found the bone still in her prescious little throat. He said no one could have helped her it was so deep in her throat. On the bag of the rawhides stated it was for small dogs up to 20 pounds. Maddie weighed 5 pounds. I had anothe Shih Tzu that weighed 18 pounds. How can something be safe for her little body and for the 18 pound one the  same.I contacted Hartz and they had me to send in the bag along with a statement from me and from my vet saying how she died and her medical history which was perfect. She had never been sick.I did research on the internet trying to find one as small as she was and I didn’t find anything under $2500.00 up to $5000.00. All I asked for was for them to pay for another small Shih Tzu to present my husband with. I knew it could never replace maddie but I thought it may offer a little comfort. I sent documentation of pictures showing him on life support after the surgery and many pictures of her on his lap and shoulders. And the final picture was of me holding her lifeless body before I burried her. They said it would take 4-6 weeks to investigate. During that 7 weeks it took them they had pulled off all the denta shield rawhide treats that had the up to 20 pounds on them from our area and changed the bag to just say small dogs. On the back of the new package it reads As with all chewing products supervise your dog while chewing. She was being supervised but my vet said NO ONE COULD HAVE HELPED MADDIE. Then they went on to say in their letter to us they were sorry for our loss but had deermined Hartz wasn’t responsible and it is almost impossible for a dog of any size to choke to death on them. Hartz is a very wicked company. They know their product killed our dog. My husband and I are going to open up a class action lawsuit. Anyone out their if they lose a pet that isn’t old or sick I would highly reccomend an autopsy. We have the documentation from our vet and we have the bone he gave us that he took from her throat. It’s time these big company answer to what they have done to our pets. I’m sure as all of you pet owners you feel the same way . They are our children.

My poor puppy


Well  a couple of days ago my mom have my dog Fluke a bath she used the hartz dog shampoo .. He w until later that night around 9:00 pm he started having a sezure he came out of it a few seconds later … He was fine but then he started to get more serious and he had a bigger one and really never came out of it . The next day my mom brought him to the vet and that’s we’re they told her that fluke had to stay there so they could keep an eye on him . They hooked him up to an iv . They told us that there’s a chance that he might be blind . The next day we went to the vet and got fluke ..the vet told us that he couldn’t see and he might get it back in about a week …. My dog is so hurt can barley walk when he stands he falls over . Our dog is not the same anymore he is the best dog anyone would be glad to call there pet he’s not only our pet he’s part of our family and why would the hartz company want to take that away from us no animal should have to go through this …. I hate the HARTZ company … Fluke is the type of dog who if you throw a ball he’ll go and get it and give it back to you … If you sit on the ground and Howell he’ll sit there and Howell back if you ask him to smile he’ll loll at you and show hi teeth. My brother will sit there on the floor and play little hand games with him … This dog is not the same I’m so up set ….. Everyone at the HARTZ company can rote in HELL ….. thanks for taking our dog away

Why is this stuff still selling?

Both my cats had massive seizures and were lethargic for days, I was so scared and I do’t understand how this stuff can be on the market when it is so deadly. I am so scared to use anything on my poor animals, my babies skin was so burned from it after the seizures I had to wrap cool cloth around them, I can’t believe how deadly this shampoo was. I wish I would have come here first. I know watered down Dawn is good, anything else out there that you all know are good products? And is Nine Lives good for your cat? Just want the best for my kitties. Sorry for all those who have been hurt by this product. Pets are amazing, they are family 🙂

Cats almost died. Both are in hospital on fluids

I bought a 3 months supply of cat flea treatment and put it on two of my cats. One, a male and the other a very pregnant female cat. After a hour both cats starts shaking uncontrollably. I freaked the hell out as I love my animals and am going to school to be a vet. That night one of the cats even started having seizures. I washed both of them off and didn’t know what else to do because it was very late and the vet was not open.  I intern at the vet every morning Monday through Thursday. Everyone on there knows me very well, so once I woke up i went straight there with no appointment for an emergency visit. They checked them out and also told me that they see at least one animal A MONTH come in with the same symptoms as mine due to Hartz and they wish they would take it off the market. One of the vets checked out the cats and bathed both of them once again and started them on IV fluids and told me to let them stay so they could keep an eye on them. The doctor said she does not know what will happen to the pregnant cats unborn kittens and that we will have to see when she has them. She said that they could do an emergency C-Section but that was very risky in that she is around 2 weeks until full term. I am extremely infuriated with this product and have contemplated suing if anything is wrong with those precious unborn babies!!!!! I have tried to call Hartz but customer service is closed until tomorrow. They can expect a call from me 9:00 AM SHARP in the morning and I will have a little talk with them with some very colorful language. They WILL be sending me my money back and should really be liable for paying my vet bill. It is all because of those bastards that this even happened.

Caution for pet owners

Our 3 years old yellow lab, Mia has been living with my husband and I inside the house ever since we brought her home as a puppy.  A hard decision was made when my daughter was born and started crawling when we decided to put Mia in the backyard temporally just until my daughter start walking.  This month my husband and I were excited because we finally feel  it’s time to have Mia back in the house as my daughter walks pretty steadily now.  We gave her a bath last weekend with the Hartz flee & tick shampoo and then applied the Hartz flee & tick  med.  she was fine the following 2 days until about 3 days ago I just noticed that she looked listless and tired.  Then, the next day she did not finish her dinner…we knew immediately that something is wrong.  She usual wolf down her meals in few seconds.  We walk around the back yard and saw that she has diarrhea, and it was black.  We took her to the emergency pet hospital right away. The doctor did x-rays on her and told us that she is bleeding internally.  He saw the brown streaks left by the flee & tick med on Mia’s back  and asked us what brand we use…was it the brand called Hartz.  He also told us about the incidents pet owners experienced with this brand…we were terrified that we have made the same mistake.  While he was examining Mia, we rushed home to see what brand we used on Mia, my heart sank we we saw the label on both the shampoo and the med.  we brought her home yesterday, my husband slept with her throughout the night, and I couldn’t sleep all night because I have never felt so guilty of letting this happen to Mia.  Lesson learned!  I will research on unfamiliar brands before I make any purchases…I just don’t understand how those products are still available on the shelves.  This is  why I wanted to post my story so that at least it provide some caution to other pet owners.  I just prey that Mia will survive this horrible ordeal.

Kills people not fleas

Bought the Hartz flea and tick foggers, set them off on Thurs night. The second I hit the button I began coughing and sneezing uncontrollably. Set off the other 3 as fast as I could hacking all the way. Left the apt and had to stand outside the door coughing/wheezing/sneezing to the point I almost peed my pants Made it to my vehicle just to continue this for another 30-40 minutes. Got over it, returned 2.5 hours later just to re-enter and immediately start it again. Didn’t even make it to the porch door 10 ft away where I stood outside hacking again for another 30 minutes. Today is Saturday and there are fleas jumping everywhere and new flea poop on my countertops etc. Had to go back out and buy Raid and did it all over again tonight…no coughing or adverse reaction and how much ya want to bet the fleas are dead? SAY NO TO HARTZ! Thankfully I bought a different brand of flea shampoo or my cat probably would be dead by now.

yet another victim

I got my two daughter’s a puppy for Christmas. He has been a great dog. He even perked up another dog we have because he lost his playmate. Well I resently purchased some Flea and Tick Shampoo by HARTZ. The puppy (Gizmo) is now well over 6months of age. We gave hi a bath last night with this Shampoo and now he is having convolutions. We are not. financily stable to take him to a vet. So we are doing the best we can with what we have. I will no longer use there products and advising everyone I know not to use there products. Gizmo is doing better than what he was about 12 today. So I pray he just continues to improve. Heartz should not be able to produce and sell products that are harmful to our loved ones. They may walk on all fours but they are still family.

Hartz chew n clean bones my

I have been buying the hartz chew n clean bones for my oldest dog for about two years. I work at a vet clinic and I am aware that Hartz is is a brand not to be trusted, but I thought the bones would be okay. I have never had any problems with them up until about a week ago. My younger dog has been chewing on the bones as well. He was having surgery to repair a fractured leg and when surgery was over he began bleeding out of his rectum, a lot. The doctor was suspecting internal bleeding because of the amount of blood. While my dog was passing the blood they found a small orange piece of plastic that was very sharp. The doctor came to the conclusion that the bleeding was caused by Colitis. Later on when my dog was being cleaned up a green piece of plastic was found, also very sharp. The only things in my house that are orange and green like those pieces of plastic are the hartz bones. I threw them away immediately. I cannot believe they are allowed to sell toys and bones for dogs that can cause so much damage. Thank god my dog is recovered now and has no more problems. I will only buy name brand toys from now on. 

My babygirl Peanut <3 I miss you

I have been debating for a while to post my story. But I feel like I need to out of respect. Exuse me for any language that may have swears. I hope that all employees of  Hartz rot in hell. Last July, I lost my bestfriend. She was a chihuahua and I had her since I was a young chilld. She was 7 years old when she passed away.I’m 13 years old. It was back in July, a ordinary day. When my mom bought Hartz Flea and tick medicen for chihuahuas. The next day after my mom has applied it to her, she was limping. I thought nothing of it, because she had had problems previously with her legs.  But just to make sure, I told my mom. The next day, my mom went online, and did some reasearch. She found out that dogs and cats were dying because of This stupid shit. My mom imediatly called the vets, they told her to wash Peanut in dawn dish liquid. We did as we were told. After we brought her to the vets. They checked her out and said she would pass it. We went home, and kept a close watch on her. That night, she was laying in her bed in my moms room. And my mom woke up because Peanut was having a siezure. My mom yelled for me. I jumped out of bed and ran out to my moms room. My mom in tears. Peanut just sitting there, lost. Confused. We then panniced and brought her to the vets. When we got there, they took her away to examine her. They then had us come into the back room where she was, and my mom asked if she was going to beat it If she wasn’t then my mom was going to have her put down, so she wouldn’t have to deal with the pain.. The vet assured us she would. A long night. I went home. Cried myself to sleep. Thinking something might happen, and I would wake up to her gone. I woke up. She was okay. My mom and my family took her outside and she was walking and playing and being her old self again. We thought that she was going to be fine. So we thought.  The next day she was back to siezures and she was very sick. I was holding her, then she had a big siezure. That was by far the most terrifying thing I had ever seen in my life. My mom wanted a second opinion. So we got into the car. My bestfriend next to me in her bed.. suffering. We brought her into the vets and to an examine room.  My mom set her down to walk..Peanut then had diahrea all over the floor. There was blood. Losts of blood. Then she immedietly went into another iezure. They took her away quickyly into the backroom.  We waited for hours in the waiting room. They then called us back into the room and I walked in, and saw her in a big cage with a cone around her neck. They told us they had done an IV. Also that she was doing better. I had hope. But they told us she needed to stay over night. So we went home. That was the last time I saw her. The last time I saw my bestfriend. The following morning we got a call.. The vets. During the night when they weren’t there. She passed away. Alone. In a dark room with no one there. Is this what Hartz wants? To kill innocent animals. Kill little girls bestfriends? It so bad, That I sleep with her bed. The last things she layed in before I left. I cry myself to sleep almost ever single night. I HOPE YOUR FUCKING HAPPY HARTZ. THANK YOU FOR TAKING AWAY MY BESTFRIEND.