This product has taken my puppy’s life in return!!!!! :'( Buried my baby in the yard.

Little did I know what this product was capable of doing! My 7 month old shih tzu was a healthy, lovely and always playful little pup. I gave him baths about every week and a half. I had no clue a bath could end a puppy’s life so cruel and quickly. I followed the instructions and “precautionary statements” on the back of the “Rid Flea & Tick Shampoo” like the common pet owner would. I had used this product a couple of times before (on my big-older dog), but had never experienced what I went through with my puppy earlier.

After giving him the bath we noticed he was acting very unusual and was trembling dramatically. We thought the bath might have given him a fever or a cold, so we wrapped him in a thin blanket and tried comforting him. Still, he was shaking and convulsing as if the problem was more severe and serious (in which it was). We tried feeding him milk to make sure he was still conscious, as to this point we pretty much knew he was having some type of seizure. In less then 20 minutes in which we were panicking and getting ready to take him to the vet, our little one’s heart stopped beating 🙁 . Baffled and saddened by this horrible tragedy, we wondered what could possibly have happened. A truly spontaneous and tragic way of dying, never did I expect such “pet product” to do the opposite of what it’s intended for! I wish I would have seen this website and done more research before applying that awful product on my angel. I grieve along with everyone in this site and my condolences go out to all of you who lost your angels due to some careless company. I will do everything I can in my hands to get an answer as to why this happened and of course, nothing will bring me back my puppy, but I would really like to publicize this matter and warn everyone out there of the deep dark truth behind this product! Hope you guys will do the same and keep up with all the possible ways of making our voice be heard.

flea drops

Put the drops on our 6 mth old yorkie dinmont mix yesterday. She vomited, soon after, and is acting so off and sad. Didnt even eat her dinner till this morning. Gave her a good bath and hoping for the best. :/

Kitten at death’s door after consuming hartz precision milk replacer.

My husband & I have been caring for an abandoned newborn kitten for a couple of weeks now. We’ve been bottle feeding him GNC milk replacer & he’s been thriving & doing really well. I had purchased Hartz milk replacer also when we first got him but never used until last night when we ran out of the other milk. This morning the baby & his box were covered with diarrhea (he’s never pooped on is own until now), his eyes were glazed over & he could barely move. We took him to animal emergency just a few hours ago & they didn’t think it was caused from switching the milk. He is staying there overnight & being treated with fluids & minimal care because all the tests they wanted to do would be $1100-$1700. We just can’t afford that.

I came home & I just couldn’t see what else could make him that sick, that fast, other than switching his milk last night. I got on the internet & found this site & see in posts the exact same symptoms this product produces. I called the hospital a little while ago & informed them of what I’ve read here & what the vet did to save a kitten I read about in another post. She said on the phone that he has already perked up just from receiving fluids but still needs to be there. Hopefully he will continue to improve. I really believe the Hartz is what caused it.

Hartz almost killed my cat and almost cost me a job.

Last summer my husband got laid off from work and to save money we used Hartz on our baby. She almost died and it was the worst few days of my life. She recovered and we learned a valuable lesson. I took a job at Walmart until my husband could go back to work and I would tell every single person that came through my line with any Hartz product that the stuff was poison and would kill their cats. My thought was that I did not care if Walmart fired me if I could save at least one life. One night my boss overheard me and I was coached several times for telling customers to not buy a product. I kept doing it and was honestly on the verge of being fired when my husband finally got called back to work. The point is that something needs to be done, Hartz knows this stuff is garbage, the stores selling it knows it is garbage and because it makes money NO ONE cares. All Hartz will do is send you a check for 8 dollars and apologize and Walmart will nearly fire a good employee for trying to save an animals life.

neurological damage on a Chihuahua

I used hartz flea drops on thursday night after giving him a bath and he was dry later went to bed , when I got up the next morning to find him contorted and bent he seemed to be trying to bite his tail and was spinning in circles when I picked him up I realized he wouldn’t straighten his body. I tried to get him to straighten but it is hard for him i gave him another bath to try to get it off him he will eat and drink but needs help. I do not know what to do I can not afford the vet bills

Cat killer!

I am absolutely heart broken. i gave my cat sargeants flea killer and it killed my cat. Never ever buy this product

Where and how to report incidents

This statement is from 2010, the latest action taken by the EPA. It lists how to report both for you and your veterinarian and much more information about packaging changes, etc…

Another useful link:
Scroll down to article entitled “How to Use Pet Flea, Tick Products Safely” by By Lisa Wade McCormick, 6/1,2010

2 yo 75lb Labrador/Springer Spaniel Mix

I applied Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea & Tick drops for dogs and puppies 60 lbs and over to my 75lb lab mix at 10pm yesterday. Its been a full 24 hours now and no side effects have occurred. Just recently I looked the brand up and saw this website. So I see that it is harmful and sometimes deadly to lots of cats and mostly small dogs. So I was wondering is it even somewhat harmful to a bigger dog like mine? I already washed him several times to get it off of him but its already been 24 hours. Is he going to be okay even though he has had NO side effects yet or should I stay up with him and watch him? I’m really worried please help. Does anyone know how late till side effects start? Even though I washed him he still has greased spots along his back from the medication.

1 year old GSD

Hello, I purchased hartz ultraguard flea and tick for my one year old german shepherd trying to save money, not knowing that it was so harmful until I typed it in online and found numerous cases of serious problems. I applied it around noon and it is now 11 PM with no signs of side effects but I am still worried to death about her. I immediately washed her 3 times with dawn soap approx. 30-60 minutes after application. Does anyone know how long it will take to show side effects or should I stop worrying and just never use this awful product again?

was the flea collar the problem?

Recently I had to take my cat to the vet because he stayed out overnight and when he came back I could tell something was very wrong. He wasn’t able to walk straight and barely able to stand up. I noticed that he could put pressure on one of his back legs but could still barely stand on it when I let him out the day before he was completely fine and usually he loves to play and if you try to scratch his belly he’s going to be clawing at you. When I brought him inside he immediately just laid down and allowed me to rub all over him with no response. He wasn’t shaking and didn’t seem out of breath. I took him to the vet and they told me the flea collar was the problem but I was surprised it could get that bad in the 12hours he was gone and he’s had the collar on for weeks. This happened yesterday and today he’s about 80% better just slightly off balance. I would really love some input from someone who has had side effects from the collars before I am more concerned that this may have been something that he had eaten or was bitten by since it happened so quickly.