Hartz ultragaurd plus

My 6 month old kitty is in the animal hospital today just hrs after i put flea treatment on him.he was convulsing uncontrollably and breathing really fast and hard.he even stopped bresthing in my arms.luckily i blew into his nose and he started coughing up saliva and bresthing again.

Luna is lucky to be alive

My cat Luna is not even a year old, and I almost lost her because of this product. I saw a couple of fleas on her face in early July, and figured I would buy an over-the-counter topical flea medicine. I chose to buy this product instead of Revolution, which she already had in May, because I thought the prescription stuff would be too strong for her after she just had it (how very wrong I was…), and I didn’t want to pay minimum $100 to see the vet just to get a prescription.

I applied the Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea and Tick prevention to Luna’s back on Monday morning. Within 15 minutes, she was howling in pain, writhing around, drooling like a faucet, shaking inconsolably, and attempting to run and hide from anything and anyone. I was terrified, but nothing compared to how scared she clearly was.

I immediately ran to the sink and wet a paper towel and began to wipe this toxic sludge off of her back. I was amazed she was letting me do this, which points to how painful this product was for her – she was even letting me use Dawn soap and warm water to cleanse her. As soon as I had wiped as much of the product off as I could, I finally saw her skin. It was an angry, blistering red under her fur. Where she had itched her back with her back legs, her paws were red and inflamed. She hid under the bed for the next two hours.

When she finally came out, I saw she was violently shaking her back legs every time she walked. I wiped her back paws down again, because I figured it still felt like she had hydrochloric acid on her paws.

The next morning, after barely sleeping because of her racing heart beating against my cheek (she didn’t want to be alone) I noticed she was bubbling at the mouth. I raced her to the emergency vet, who examined her. The vet said if I hadn’t washed it off of her in time, Luna would probably have died.

Luna has been lethargic, paranoid, skittish,and downright terrified since I put this atomic bomb on her back. It has been two days, and her skin is still inflamed, her back legs are still shaking, she’s barely eaten or moved, and she’s still drooling.

As a journalist, I hope to do everything in my power to take this company down. I have posted on their Facebook page several times, and each time, my comments get deleted.

It is up to us, the pet parents that came dangerously close to losing our beloved furry babies, to warn others of the destructive, abusive, irresponsible, lethal practices of this sham of a company.

My poor Ally!

My adorable long haired tabby, Ally is a little over a year old now. She has had fleas since she was born ( we rescued her from an infested home). We tried several medications, such as Frontline, sentry, ect.. so my friend recommended a flea collar. We went out and got her the white rubber flea and tick collar. In the first few days it helped a bit so I decided to leave it be. Today I found a very disturbing side effect of this horrible collar. She has had it on for about a week. I noticed some rough hair around the edges of the collar and immediately ripped it off. All the hair on the bottom and sides of her neck was just completely raw. I freaked out and put neosporin and gauze on it . Then I found the terrible reviews on the Internet! Very, very disappointed. Will definitely be doing searches before I purchase flea&tick items again.

First time dealing with dog fleas

I have a Shetland sheepdog we just got a month ago. She’s 8.
Very shy so not much around other dogs. She somehow developed a flea infestation…
Gave her 2 flea baths 2 days ago, plus applied the Hartz liquid you run along their spine. I still see fleas jumping around in the groin area.,how long does it take for the fleas to die off?? Can I bathe her again even though it’s only 2 days? Thanks

Way too Long

This has been going on for a long time now. About 15 years ago, I got a call at work from my husband to tell me that our cat Kali was having seizures. I live 40 miles from work, so it took about an hour to get home. When I got there, I thought she was gone-she was out with her eyes open.

We rushed her & the package of flea drops with 1 bottle missing to the vet. He was puzzled, but when he saw the package, he remembered seeing the same thing at another vets office. The vet called the other doctor, and got the treatment. He gave her
An injection of Diazepam, a good bath, and kept her overnight.

My husband & I had both been in the Army, & we looked at each other in shock. We both remembered that Diazepam was in the self- injector kit the Army gave as a Convulsant Antidote for Nerve Agent.

Fortunately, we were able to bring Kali home the next day. She became a less active cat after that.
This has been going on for way too long!

Hartz caused extensive nerve damage to our dog

As a preventative measure, we bought Hartz brand flea and tick gel and as directed, placed it our dog. Since then, he scratches himself constantly, bites at imaginary things, yips and barks while jumping and twitching. He’s always panting heavily and won’t sleep. He’s scratched his ears so much that he’s almost punctured a hole in his ear. He’s licked himself in different places on his body that he’s worn his hair off and caused rashes. Our Vet says there is no cure… and to give the dog small doses of Benadryl. Without it the dog is in constant misery and he is getting worse. I’m not one to sue people but in this case, I’m considering it. The poor pet is in constant pain and misery. We’re considering putting him down… just to ease his pain.

Oliver’s Story

My 7 month old kitten had fleas all over, we tried many times to get rid of the flea with spray and collars. We finally tried to apply the Hartz powder product onto the cat as directed. Barley 24hrs after application he had a seizure lasting 15 seconds at my feet. I scooped him up and kept him steady as to prevent further damage and phoned a vet immediately. There was no other episodes of him seizing but as he tries to sleep he would go completely limp and eyes would remain open, only showing the third eyelid. He will twitch ferociously the face, whiskers, paws and entire body. We are paying 500+ dollars in vet bills and dealing with emotional trauma for our poor baby. Please don’t use products on your animals.

This stuff is terrible. Shouldn’t be sold anymore!!!

I adopted a new cat and noticed she was scratching a lot. I got the harts flea drops and put it on her, immediately she went and hid. I thought she was just mad I had put something on her, but the rest of the night she was very standoffish. The next morning I noticed she was still acting weird, and when she scratched a BUNCH of hair came off. I looked up the medicine and saw the terrible things online, immediately I washed it off and called the vet. Thankfully the vet said she was going to be ok. He also said they Do Not recommend hartz brand whatsoever. Since then her hair has stopped falling out but she is left with big bald spot on her neck from the flea stuff. I’m hoping she will be fine. And from the things I’ve seen online she was lucky, compared to some other animals. It is appalling that they are allowed to sell this dangerous product in store. I guess all I can do is spread the word,and hope it can help other people from buying this.

Find a natural flea remedy

I used the Hartz flea body spray. My cat couldn’t eat for a week, gagged alot and slept more. It was only on her for 10 minutes before I knew something was wrong. Didn’t kill the fleas. I didn’t want her to be covered in sores from fleas so a few weeks later I got a flea collar thinking it was safe because she couldn’t lick it. She still had fleas but acted fine. She was great, but went missing 7 days ago. Not like her. She most likely found a quiet place to pass away.

I don’t know for certain that these products killed her but my point is that you should find a natural product or risk living with the guilt that you potentially poisoned and killed a otherwise healthy animal.

Romeo the Cat

Well, i have been having problems with my cat whose name is Romeo, he is 2 or 3 years old, since the begining of this year we have been having problems with him, he has little animals on his body that are eating his hair, cat hair, and making his skin get irritated and red, yesterday my mom and i bought the Hartz white collar, and i just found the horrible reviews about it and about Hartz, so I don’t know what to do about, i dont if remove it because Romeo is okay by now, and if it start to have a negative reaction i dont know where to take him, with a doctor, of course but ehich one, because we don’t have enogh money …