HARTZ waterless shampoo

I just used the HARTZ waterless shampoo for cats on my 1 year old male cat about five hours ago. Now he is having seizures and cannot walk straight. He has never shown these signs before and this has been going on for about four hours. I have washed him to try and get the shampoo off him and I am praying he makes it since I live in a small town and there are no emergency vet offices in a 50 mile radius and its now one in the morning. I found this site trying to figure out what could be wrong with him and now I have found it.

Hartz 3 in 1

I put a hartz 3 in 1 flea collar on my 8 1/2 month old cat and within an hour he threw up, then went and curled up in a ball on my bed for 2 hours. Usually Marshall is really active and he’s never thrown up before so I knew something must be wrong and removed the flea collar. That was 3 days ago and he has barely eaten since! I’ve tried buying him some wet food with no luck and have tried hand feeding him dry food but he only eats a few bites and then goes and lays in his kitty tunnel. I feel so bad I can’t believe they are selling a product that’s so dangerous to cats!

Unsafe Dog Treats

We recently purchased Hartz “Oinkies Pig Skin Twists” for Dogs. We gave our dog one of these treats and she had a seizure! She has never had one before and has not had one since. I read your packaging and see that these treats are MADE IN CHINA. I don’t know what toxins are in them, but we will never buy, use or recommend Hartz products again! I am aware that there are absolutely no controls on the absolute crap that comes from China! I can’t believe that Hartz would sell this poison from China! All I we can hope is that the word gets around and they will eventually be out of business!

5 months of hell due to hartz.

earlier in the summer of 2011, my husband and I treated our gorgeous 6 month old black tri working Australian Shepherd with one dose of hartz flea dip. within a week her chewing and scratching was off the charts, she had huge fleas, and her fur was falling out by the handfuls.  just touching her to pet her would make her fur snap and break off, and her first bath after that had my husband and I in tears over that fact her beautiful 4-5 inch long gorgeous fur was just gone from her rear, her legs and her back…  This proceeded to turn into hundreds of dollars worth of frontline, vet visits, various styles of E-collars, nutritional supplements to target the skin problems, and a drastic change in lifestyle and activities not doing as much outside and avoiding giving her baths unless needed as her skin was so bad. we’ve been fighting her to get her fur back ever since, and only with daily doses of fresh salmon oil, protein mix, vitamins, And Taste of the wild dog food had she started to slowly recover… and then. she got fleas. again. my husband brought them home from work. she immediately started attacking her skin again and by morning time had destroyed any and all fur that had tried to come back. I contacted my vet again since i could not use any further flea dip products on her due to her skin being inflamed.  (She had never ever had any problems before hartz, never chewed, and had no allergies.) my vet gave me comfortis flea pills to try. WITHING 30 MINUTES her scratching and unbearable chewing had stopped and withing 6 hours there were no signs of fleas on her at all.  I have never seen anything like it and in the past two weeks her fur has started to come back, her skin is clear, and she is not chewing or scratching. I am in love with this product and I HIGHLY recommend it to any fellow sufferers who still are fighting fleas with their dogs not recovering from the hartz. Its a long road but i believe we’re finally on the way to recovery. I sympathize with those owners of beloved pets who were killed by this product and I hope those still recovering will start to see a road of hope like I have.


Never had problems

We have 2 cats and 1 dog and we have used hartz products before on all of our animals without ever having any problems. I stumbled across this website today after buying another flea collar for one of my cats because I had heard about one of the flea products harming animals and I wanted to double check to make sure it wasn’t the one I purchased today. I have read many post from different people and read some horrible and painful stories. I am such an animal person and love all types of animals my heart was breaking for all the victims of these hartz products. After reading some posts I immediately took off the collar and threw it in the trash along with shampoos we had in our house. We personally have never had any issues with these products but because of everyone elses horrific stories I will not be purchasing any more hartz products in the future and I believe this company needs to be shut down and all of their products need to be removed off of all shelves!

Over 6 Months of Fleas

I stumbled upon this site by accident and thought I’d go ahead and submit my story. It’s been awhile, so I dont have the amount of money it cost to fix the problem, but it did take over SIX MONTHS for everything to get back to normal. I lived at a college apartment complex…. I’ve had pets all my life and never had a problem with fleas. It wasn’t until college that I bought my own dogs and became responsible for applying flea protection. I used Hartz. I figured it was all the same. I should have done my research… there’s a reason brands, like Frontline, cost more and are more well known. My dogs both caught fleas and I discovered them hopping all over my bedding, the floors, my furniture. I even found some in my own hair! And yes, they were fleas, not lice…. they were jumping everywhere! I had to go to the vet and he gave my dogs pills to kill the bugs for the next 24-48 hrs and I used that time to try to kill the stubborn eggs and larvae. I shampooed carpets, applied flea powders, bathed my dogs in extremely concentrated flea shampoos, even smothered their skin in vaseline… which did kill the live fleas but not the babies… I didn’t know that at the time and thought after all I did to kill the eggs and larvae, I rushed them off to my parents house and worked on treating my apartment. Even without the dogs around, the fleas still hatched and took over the place. I had to put EVERYTHING in plastic bags and rush the laundromat but it still wasn’t enough. I fummigated the apartment as well. I’d still find fleas in the carpet and on furniture. I finally just gave up and moved in with my boyfriend. Thinking everything was ok…. shortly later, my parents called me because their dogs had gotten fleas… then my boyfriend’s roommate’s dog’s got fleas! It took months before we finally got it under control. Vet’s had no answer for how to get rid of them other than to just keep doing what I was doing every day for a LONG time. After half a year, we were ALL finally flea free. Only one of my dogs got excessively sick, but I never had thought it could be linked to the Hartz before, until reading other posts. She vomitted constantly, was extremely dehydrated and her anus was leaking blood. She had many medications, xrays, tests, etc until she was finally ok. I’m not sure if it was because of the Hartz or not… the vet’s said she never ate anything weird. I never got an exact answer as to what the cause was; I was just happy when she was better. I have NEVER used Hartz again… not even shampoos…. I stick with reputable brands now. Your pets are your family…. your kids. Give them only the best!

Hartz UltraGuard killed my dog

The weekend before Thanksgiving I noticed a flea on my 15 year old miniature poodle Duncan. I went to Wal-Mart and being November in Wisconsin, the pickings were a bit slim, and the only thing available for his weight range was Hartz Ultra Guard. I gave him the dose along his back as instructed.

Until this point, he had been in good health for a 15 year old…he was a little stiff sometimes but he was still very active and outgoing. He would jump up on my lap with ease, still played with his squeaky toys, and I felt he had years left on his life. Unfortunately, I made the horrible mistake of choosing Hartz that day.

The day I gave him that poison was the last day he played with his toys or was ‘in good health’. It started with massive diarrhea and vomiting, and on the third day he had a seizure. That’s when I googled Hartz Ultra guard and found this site. I immediately bathed him, but by then the Hartz poison had been on his skin for three days and the damage was done. He never recovered. Over the next few weeks the diarrhea continued off and on, he refused to eat or drink and became very lethargic. I kept hoping he would get better but he just kept declining.

This last week we had to force fed/water him, he could barely hold himself and collapsed after a few steps if he tried to walk. He was suffering. It was time to let him go, and today our Vet put him to sleep in my arms, three days before Christmas. NOBODY should have to go through that just because they were trying to keep fleas off their dog. I thought I was HELPING him by giving him Hartz Ultra Guard. Instead it killed him.

I can’t imagine how the people at Hartz can sleep at night, knowing there is case after case of their products killing innocent pets. I had Duncan since he was a puppy, over 15 years of my life, and I have no doubt he would be alive and snuggled next to me right now if it hadn’t been for Hartz Ultra Guard POISON.

Hartz Destroys Hearts

Recently i found a kitten about 2 months by the look of her and i took her in as my own.It was late and my car was broken so I walked to the nearest place i could.When i arrived i looked at the cheapest flea medicine and i saw Hartz so i took it.A few nights after i applied it little Sophie began acting weird .She seemed sluggish and would not eat in fact when i put her by her food she sat in it and laid down in ita few minutes later.So i took her to the vet.When we where done checking her up she had fallen asleep again and the vet told me that she had her skin poisoned by the medicine i gave her.He took her into overnight care and the next day i came to get her she was slower then before .He told me she would most likely be fine so i took her home.That night she slept in my bed and she began mewing loudly sounding like she was in pain.That night she died in my arms i felt the life drain out of her.It pained me to feel that and now little Sophie is buried in my backyard under a headstone which reads “Little Sophie rest in paradise Hartz Destroyed yours and my heart that night i put it on you….i am sorry” Warning to anyone who uses these products it with destroy your pets and leave you in grief .If i had fond this website sooner i would never have been without my Little Sophie.

Thanks you for your post

I noticed a few fleas on my 12 week old kitten and I went to wal mart and saw the hartz flea collars for cats and kittens so I picked one up for convienance. It had been on him for about 2 days and he began acting very sluggish and stopped eating. It was a saturday and there are no vets open on the weekend where I live so I started looking up stuff on the internet. I stumbled across this website by accident, I never thought it could be a flea collar that is so readily available. I immediately took it off him and threw it away, as well as some hartz flea shampoo that I had for my dog. It’s been about 12 hours since I took it off of him and there’s already been dramatic improvement. He’s eating and running around and playing with everything in sight. We’re still going to see the vet monday morning but thanks to this website he’s acting like my sweet playful baby again.