Another Victim phoned


Thank you for your dedication and if not for you I would not be crusading this drive to stop this company from selling this killing product.

We now have many victims willing to step up to the plate and support what we are now calling Pets are People too and if they could talk and tell us what was going on this company would be CLOSED.

If anyone need support or is a new victim  please contact me at 951-746-4111 or at [email protected]

I promised Maxwell if he lived i wouldn’t stop until Hartz Mountains products are off the shelves.


Joseph Frank

Horrible night after applying Seargents Gold to my dogs!

Saw a story on the news tonight, and it mentioned a lot of problems with Seargeants Gold and negative reports online, so I had to check it out, because about a month ago, I also made the horrible mistake of using that product, for the first time, on my dogs. SEVERAL dogs, and just before bedtime. Luckily, some of the dogs sleep inside, (or they might have died), but unluckily, the problems that resulted cost all of us a night of no sleep and tremendous worry. (The outside dog disappeared, for the first time ever, for a whole day).

First we noticed the dogs began scratching like crazy. Like they wanted to tear their own skin off. They had never acted badly after any previous flea product. I thought the med was aggravating the fleas and they were biting the dogs. I just didn’t know. But it just kept getting worse, and one dog began drooling, unbelievably dripping, and gagging, and her collar got so tight I had to remove it, she definitely got hit the worst. And my husband said somehow it got on his face and was burning like fire. I took the dogs one by one to the tub and bathed them furiously, rinsing well, and used my own coconut conditioner, to soothe. Just doing what my instincts told me to do. Then I raided the refrigerator, offering their favorite foods, expensive meat,  and bread and milk. They ate, which made me feel somewhat better, thinking it might help dilute the medicine (or possible poison) in their system, and thinking, as long as they had appetite, they might not be dying.

The dogs were miserable. They scratched, and whined for hours, though it did start to slowly diminish. I was scared for them, but it was during the night hours and the clinic was closed. I just knew I had to do my best to help them or they might die, especially the one that drooled.  I was with them all night long, worried to death.

I knew it was caused by the Seargeant’s Gold, no doubt whatsoever, because it hit ALL my dogs just after application. But I thought it was due to me misjudging my dog’s weight, (though I didn’t use the whole tube), or my dogs were allergic to it, or I just got a couple of bad packages. I was just so relieved that they got better, I tried to forget about it and resolved to never buy it again.

But after seeing this on the news tonight, and that so many were affected, now I regret NOT doing something about it. And I am very angry. And what I want to know is: Where is this stuff made? AND WHY IS THIS STUFF STILL ON THE SHELVES?

My Pug is very sick from Hartz Flea Drops

Last week I notice my 1.5yr old pug was itching himself.  I had a close look and noticed a black flee and was planning on taking him to the vet to get a product to help.

That night, I was at wallmart shopping and went to get him a treat, when looking I noticed Walmart sold various flea removal products so I deceided to purchase the Hartz once-a-month drops.

I applied as directed and within the next 12hrs things got bad.  I noticed him being very aggiated and itchy, to the point I could tell he was very uncomfortable and crying/morning.  He could not go more than a few seconds without trying to reach or itch himself, I could tell he was in serious distress.

I gave him a long bath and tried washing the area of application, I repeated 3 more baths in the next hour.  At this point he started vomitting yellow mucuis and could not stand still.

I took him to the emerengcy vet who gave him a shot to assist, also provided a benedryl injection.  I had to keep my pug “drugged” up on benedryl to help with his disress for a few days, which helped the affects to his reaction.  After 4 days, he still has a serious itch problem where the application was applied.  I also have noticed a few other issues, which I think is nerve damage.  He has 2 areas near his back side that if you touch, he back legs will uncontrolably kick quickly.

I feel terrible about this whole situation and guilty for giving this to my best friend.

I love him very much and hope this passes, I cannot stop thinking about how I may of caused permanent damage giving this product to him.


Hartz Gold is evil!!!

I have a kitten, a senior cat (12 years-old and my baby) and a dog whom I adore.  I figured all those prescription flea and tick meds were just basically the same thing as Hartz only way over-priced, so I thought I was being clever by saving all that money using Hartz Gold on all 3 of my beloved pets.  Boy was I wrong!!!  Almost immediately, my oldest cat started throwing up and foaming at the mouth.  Thinking she had somehow managed to ingest some of the “medication”, I called the emergency number on the box.  I talked to a man who said to just wash it off and giver some tuna juice and everything would be fine.  I was relieved, but skeptical, so I Googled “Hartz Gold poisoning” and found this site.  My heart almost stopped after reading the first account of the death of someone’s cat, so I immediately called the Emergency vet.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me:  Hi, I just put Hartz flea medicine on my cat and…

Vet:  Oh, that stuff is bad.

Me:  Well, my cat started throwing up and now she’s foaming at the mouth.

Vet:  Have the tremors started yet?

Me:  No, but she’s licking her chops a lot.

Vet:  That’s because she’s nauseated.  Hartz flea medicine is basically poison and can attack the nervous system, causing tremors and seizures.  Pets die from it all the time.

Me (freaking out):  Do I need to bring her in?  Will she be o.k.?

Vet:  What you need to do right now is take some Dawn soap and wash her entire body THREE TIMES, concentrating specifically on the medicated spot.  She will probably be o.k., but keep a close eye on her and if she starts having any other symptoms, bring her in right away.

So, I bathed her three times and scrubbed that spot for all I was worth.  After drying her off, I checked on the kitten and he was licking his chops rapidly.  So into the tub he went for a triple dip with some dish soap.  I didn’t need to wait for symptoms to start manifesting themselves with my dog, and he too got the three bath treatment.  Now I am sitting here, with 3 very wet and very pissed-off pets, cursing Hartz and watching the animals as closely as possible, praying that I reacted in time to prevent anything really serious or even fatal.

I will never, EVER again use any of their products.  They should be ashamed of themselves for hurting our animals.

Sergeants flea drops Killed my cat Fluffy

I recently lost my cat Fluffy he was 7 years old and very healthy I also have a cat named Moe he is 3 years old

I bought the sergeants brand flea drops and applied them to both my cats on Sunday August 17th 2008.
About 3 am on August 19th I got up to use the bathroom and noticed my cat Moe laying on the floor something just didn’t seem right I picked him up and he was limp eyes dilated and drooling excessively (he had a seizure I just didnt know it yet),I checked over fluffy he seemed fine well about a half hour to an hour later I heard alot of noise and went to find my cat fluffy having a seizure it was pretty bad afterward I held him for about an hour once he seemed fine I decided to bath him and moe thinking  it was the drops that caused the seizure after the bath I held him some more and then decided to put him down in a quiet area a few moments later he had another seizure this was about 7 am I called the vet and got him in right away he told me about the pestiside that is in these over the counter flea meds and confirmed that is what was wrong with my cats and he gave them both shots to help the seizures stop, 2 hours later Fluffy was just getting worse and the vet said he was dying so I chose to put him to sleep  I held his paw and told him I loved him and that I was sorry this happened to him and then he was gone ……
Moe is going to be ok he is getting beter he is still at the vet but he will make it out of this alive thank god this did not claim the life of both my cats
I hope this helps you get these products taken off the shelf  let me know what else I can do also ! I am in this fight for Fluffy and Moe so hopefully I can help prevent this from happening to someone elses pet
Kristin Matuch ,Ohio

Hartz gold—made my dog sick!

I applied the hartz gold flea and tick to my dog today and it made her very sick. The scratching, restlessness, foaming at the mouth, vomiting really scared me. I called the vet and they said  to bath her with dawn dishwashing liquid and wash that stuff of her. They also recommended call the emergency 800 # and they also said to wash it off and encourage her to drink. I hope she will be ok.

Hartz Plus Killed my Best Friend

Last week I bought Hartz Plus, for my 2 cats. They were born 9-17-2001. On Sunday 8-17-2008 6:28 am one of them died from acute respiratory arrest after applying the Hartz Plus flea/tick medicine AS DIRECTED 2 days prior. She was ok at first and it seemed to be working. Then the next day she was a little lethargic and not eating as much, after watching her closely she began to return to her normal self. Then next evening the suddenly fell quite ill and wouldn’t eat or drink. all she could do was lay there. and groan. She was promptly bathed and bottle fed water and liquid food. Once again her condition improved. My wife and I took shifts watching her over the night so we could take her to the vet as soon as they opened. And all was well until about 6:00am. She began to have difficulty breathing. Without hesitation I rushed her to the emergency animal clinic as fast as I could. Speeding, not coming to complete stops, I was lucky to not get pulled over. I arrived at the emergency clinic 6:26 and she was admitted right away. we made it to about as far as the table when she started to have violent convulsions and making the worst wailing sound I have ever heard. She was rushed to the operating table immediately and died within seconds before much could be done to save her. Unfortunately the only bit of relief i could be given was an apology and a statement “We have had increasing amounts of Hartz related deaths”. Then the doctor didn’t even charge me for the services, which is very unlike the emergency animal clinic. They normally charge $96 just for walking in, which is a major detourant for those of us with low budgets, another reason we purchased Hartz, as apposed to Frontline as we would usually get. After this, I will NEVER use Hartz products, EVER AGAIN.



9-17-2001 – 8-17-2008

Seargent’s Silver NEVER USE

I have a beautiful 7 month old toy poodle and I almost lost him today because of the allergic reaction to Seargent’s Silver.  I have always used Frontline with no problems but unfortunately he was due for another application and I didn’t have the Frontline.  I decided to try one of the less expensive brands just to see. A half hour after I applied it he started running in circles crying and itching.  I immediately bathed him and then called my vet.  They said bath him in Dawn 3 times.  After the second bath I rushed him to my vet.  He gave him a shot of prednisone, benadryl and washed him again in a special shampoo.  I have to administer 2 more doses of oral prednisone tonight and in morning. I brought him home and he was still itching and crying but now he is calming down in his bed but still itching some but at least he is not crying.  The vet said to keep a close eye and any changes to call immediately.  We think he will be OK but I will NEVER use that product again and Please don’t anyone else use it either.  I feel terrible because I used the cheap stuff.  NEVER AGAIN!  I don’t care about the vet bill just my precious baby. saved my cats

Our three cats came down with fleas this August 17 and in previous years we had used Frontline and it worked well.  I sent my husband out for Advantage today at Pet Smart since there have been recent complaints of this years Frontline batch not working. I had one Frontline left from last year so I put it on the cat that I noticed fleas on and waited for hubby to return with meds to put on the other 2 before they became infested. He came home with this Hartz Ultra Guard Pro instead, probably since it was cheaper.  I was wary of this wroduct as I had not used Hartz brand before, so I Googled the product and found BAD reviews, 1 star on all pet product sites. Then I found your site and felt  ILL  .  I was that close to putting it on 2 of my precious babies. I have no doubt that it would have had extremely adverse reactions. I was just one of the lucky ones who found your website and took heed.

Tomorrow the Hartz is being returned….along with a printed copy of ALL of these posted warnings, to Pet Smart, to the manager. I am also phoning Hartz and posting as many links as I can to direct people to your website. Thanks to you MY cats are safe……I will help spread the word.