My cat almost died because of Hartz

I wish I had seen this site before using Hartz products. I’ve been battling a flea problem all summer using a variety of products over the counter and from the vet with limited success. I bought some Hartz flea and tick dip for CATS and dogs from Wal-Mart. I proceeded to dip my five year old cat Sandy. I followed the directions properly, and I thought all was well until I could not find her for two days. I thought she was just mad that I bathed her but two days later she returned, but her balance was slightly off. I didn’t realize at the time what was happening. Later that day I noticed her muscles twitching all over her body and as the hour went by, she began to lose all control of her balance and coordination. I got online and looked up the symptoms, and I read that toxic reactions to the flea treament can be delayed 48 hours. I bathed her and kept a close eye on her. She began to get much worse by the minute. I called the vet who told me there is nothing to reverse the toxicity but he could give her atropine and something for seizures if necessary but mainly to ride it out and call back if I was going to bring her in. He also said to bathe her which I did again. I made her comfortable and monitored her all night. She never seized but the muscle spasms were severe. She couldn’t even meow. By morning she was beginning to recover. Her coordination slowly improved, and now she is back to normal . I will never use Hartz products again. I kept the bottle of flea and tick dip to show anyone who comes over what NOT to use.

This site probably saved my puppy.

I have a seven week old puppy. My 4 year old named him Taco, because he’s a very small bassett hound mix and has coloring like a chihuahua. Today our neighbor was having some work done on their side of the duplex and the idiot doing the work decided he had to cut off the entire electric line to fix their side of the house, so for most of the day we were without power. We decided to let one of our other neighbors take the puppy for a few hours. We have two other dogs, and these neighbors usually end up looking after them because they tend to figure out new and ingenious ways to escape the backyard, so we figured the puppy was in good hands. To our dismay, they brought the puppy back wrapped in a towel, cold and shivering, and informed us that he had just had a pretty nasty seizure. They noticed that the dog had fleas (an unfortunate side effect of having an indoor-outdoor cat), and had given him a bath in Hartz shampoo. I didn’t think anything of it because we’d used Hartz flea drops on his mother and another puppy from the same mother and they had no adverse reaction, but this puppy had three seizures in the span of an hour after being bathed with the Hartz shampoo. Luckily I found this website and had my wife bathe him with Dawn, and give him some ice cream. I’m not sure if the ice cream helped any, but the little guy sure seemed to enjoy it, lol. He’s doing much better now, he’s sleeping comfortably and he’s quite a bit warmer than he was when he first came home. I think he’ll be ok… but if it wasn’t for this site I might not have ever figured out what was happening to him.

Add another victim of Hartz

our cat Tink was given some Hartz Ultra Guard OneSpot Treatment on Monday 9/1/2008. I applied it directly between the shoulder blades as instructed. Within 2 hours she had gone into muscle tremors and having seizures. I rushed her to the Louisville Veterinary Specialty Emergency for animals. I couldn’t take her to a normal vet because I live in Rural area and this was the only thing open for animal care. I was truly concerned because this place was an hour away from me. Upon arrival, the vet took our cat to the back area. She told us to wait in a little room for a bit. The vet came back in the room and started explaining the issue with Tink. The vet tells me that she has pyrethrin toxicity Link: She said that Hartz is a common problem she sees on a weekly basis. This was going to be a rough battle for her. She pretty much said her odds were 50/50. I was also instructed to call back in the morning and get an update. I called them and was told it was the same status as the previous night. I made arrangements for Tink to be transferred to my local vet’s office. He took one look at her and wasn’t very optimistic about her chances of survival. He gave her one more dose of Pentobarb, Methocarbamol, and some additional fluids through her IV. He said that if she is slowly weaned off her meds, and doesn’t seizure in the morning then her chances of survival will go above 75%. Well, today Tink decides that she has had enough and is ready to come home. She decided to get up this morning and wanted to eat and use the potty. The vet told me today that he wanted to keep her there for another 8 hours to finish out the IV bag. Well, it is now 8:20p in the evening. She has been home for about an hour now. She is slowly coming around, but you can tell this was very traumatic for her. I am glad to have her back home. For those who have lost a pet due to hartz, I am truly sorry.

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so sad my kitty is gone

Last month my dog got fleas, so we went to walmart to buy some spray for the house, we bought hartz.  I only have carpet on my stairs so I fallowed the directions on the back of the  bottle and sprayed away.  My cat Malaiya loves loungeing on the stairs with her pal Harley our dog.  Two days after I had sprayed the carpet, I woke up to Malaiya acting starnge meowing and limp like, anable to move herself, then she started to sieze and continued to sieze as I held her in my arms crying as my boyfriend drove as fast as he could to the vet.  The vet slowed down the siezeing, but she was still not able to wake up, and she continued siezeing at the vets until later the night it stopped and so did her life as my best frind.  The vet asked if we had any chemicals in our house, and the only thing was the hartz carpet spray.   A few days later we noticed our dog Harley  had a  chemical burn around his bum and  hair falling out in patches on his tail from sitting on the  stairs to our front door where we had used the hartz spray.  I am so  hurt that a animal company such as hatz makes products to help animals, but in actuality is harming  and  killing them instead.   I thought I was going to help the flea problem not lose a friend.  You should be ashamed of your company.

Hindsight’s 20/20

First of all, I want to let everyone know that Peewee is doing well…we are going in the morning to bring him home from the hospital. It was touch-and-go for awhile, but the vet says he should be just fine. Thank you everyone who prayed for him…there is no doubt that the prayers really worked! As I was thinking about what happened to Peewee, I began thinking back over the years…every pet that I have ever had that I used Hartz products on. Then I thought about Charlie…my 20-year-old cat. I remembered how a few years ago, we had a problem with fleas. This is pretty common around here. Anyway, I was worried that Charlie would get fleas and it could harm his health due to his age. I went to the local Dollar General store in our town and purchased a flea collar – a Hartz flea collar. I put it on him as soon as I got home. Charlie had arthritis really bad in his back legs. They were abnormally crooked due to this, but he could still walk, run and play with no problem. About a day after I put the collar on him, he began to stagger when he walked. We believed this to be just a progression of his arthritis. Not too long after that, he began to have seizures. Unfortunately, we ended up having to put our Charlie to sleep.  It never occurred to us that the collar could have caused his torture. Looking back, there is no doubt in my mind this is what happened. Although Charlie was 20 years old, we may have had a few more years with him had it not been for Hartz.

Another thing that I would like to say is that I have read many posts on here. A lot of people, such as myself, had no idea what to do when their pet(s) have had a reaction to any of these products. From my personal experience, I would like to help someone through this by telling them the steps to take to ensure their pet(s) survives.  The first thing you should do if you notice your pet acting strangely after applying these products is to bathe them immediately with a mild dish soap or shampoo (I used baby shampoo). You may want to do it twice to make sure to get all of the poison off of their skin. Next give a dose of Benadryl and haul a** to the nearest vet or animal hospital. From there it is in the vet’s hands. When you get home, you should wash everything that your pet came in contact with while he had the product on his skin…bed linens, his blanket, his bed. Anything that he could have gotten the product on. I even shampooed my carpet where Peewee had rolled around when he was in so much pain. You do not want to bring your baby home from the vet just to have him experience another reaction. Another thing that owners may not know…these products are extremely detrimental to cats. If your cat even comes around another animal with this product on, he could suffer the same fate as others that have lost their lives. DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES! Don’t think that just because you washed the product off, your pet will be fine. The poison gets into the bloodstream and spreads throughout the animal’s body. My little Peewee was literally burning from the inside out. Every part of his body was red. It was a horrible sight to see. I hope that someday, the Hartz Corporation will no longer be able to sell their poison to the unsuspecting public. Until that day, it is up to us to spread the word! God bless our pets.

You Saved My Pug and Cats, Hartz Victims

I have a pug and some cats.  Four or five days ago I found this website, and was in tears reading these stories.  Then two days after that, my mom and I went to Ralph’s and there was a rack of Hartz products. My mom picked up a bottle and said, “This shampoo is a lot cheaper than the others.” because my pug was given frontline but we accidentally gave him a bath afterwards, two days later not knowing it washes off the medication. I turned around and put it back on the shelf, explaining to my mom that many cats and dogs die from Hartz products.  I think one time we used a Hartz flea collar on our cats, but they are outside a lot, and pulled them off.  But now I’m glad that I am able to look at my pug, perfectly healthy, and that now I know not to get my cats these products either, because otherwise our family would’ve gotten these products.

we have to spread the word. I am a tween/teenager and I am fully committed to spreading the word about this website. I posted news about this  at and some others posted at different websites.  I also created and posted an anti-Hartz club and news bulletin about this website.  A petition should be started to send to Hartz. If they don’t care, we’ll send it to an ASPCA or government or somewhere until we find people who will listen and help! Please, we have to save pets and get the word out! We should contact news companies and tell about this website, because I had no idea about Hartz before really searching around and finding this, so we have to spread this to all the places where people are going to really hear about this.

Please pray for Peewee

My chihuahua Peewee recently acquired a mild flea problem. Wouldn’t be much of a problem except that he is allergic to fleas. He was so miserable…scratching so much that he scratched himself raw all over his little 7 pound body. I actually put his winter sweater on in an effort to keep him from hurting himself further. On his way home from work, I asked my husband to pick up something from WalMart for fleas. He brought home Hartz Ultra Guard pour on for dogs/cats. We carefully read the instructions and poured a thin line from his shoulders to the base of his tail. About 3 a.m., we were awakened by Peewee scratching. He would rub all over the covers trying to get relief from the itching/burning. I turned on the light and found that he was broken out all over with hives. I bathed him immediately with baby shampoo and gave him a small dose of Benedryl. Then I went online to see what else I could do for him. My search..allergies in dogs from Hartz…brought me to this Web site. I only wish I had the forethought to go online before I put that poison on my baby. Anyway, Peewee is in the hospital right now. By the time we arrived, he was running a fever, his eyes, ears, nose, feet and belly were all blood red, and he was very lethargic. The vet told me that we probably got him there in time, but only time would tell. She also said that they see hundreds of cases like this…due to Hartz. Apparently, cats have more severe reactions and most have seizures and die. How can these people get by with this? They are killing animals, people’s pets, and getting by with it for profit. How can they continue to sell this product??? How many animals have to die before something is done? We thought we were helping our beloved, sweet little Peewee. We had no idea we could be killing him.

Another Saddening story

I received a call today fromForrest about his 5 dogs that he applied Hartz flea and tick drops to and almost lost all the dogs. All the dogs started to go mad and run all over the house throwing up. So he contacted his vet and  they told him to give all the dogs a bath right away and bring them in. the dogs appear to be recoving from the treatment. and forrest now is aware of what this type of product can do to his animals. I need people to think about there animals as if they were your children and remember if your cat or dog could talk they would tell you please daddy/mommy take this off me I’m dying. Forrest is one of the lucky ones that was able to save his animals. we hear from people everyday that can’t say they saved there pet only to tell us that there dog or cat is now gone. please take a minute and remember if something cost $5.00 you get what you pay for.


Pets are People too.

Flea Collar on Cat

My lovely cat has been the victim of fleas recently, and I thought of buying her a flea collar. I bought a Hartz IN Control Flea collar [the one with the purple stripe] and I started reading the directions. Even though alarms were going off I still put it on her. And then I went back to reading the directions and all the warnings, and I was rather concerned so I looked around online and found that it wasn’t good for pets. I immediately took it off upon finding this site. I think she had it on for about 20 minutes. Then I took off her regular collar and wiped off her fur with a wet towel. I’m really concerned for my sweetie pie. Will she be ok? She doesn’t take well to baths and will definitely scratch me all over if I try to bathe her. She seems fine and I’m monitoring her. Boy was I stupid, not researching a product before buying it. >.<

Another Victim phoned


Thank you for your dedication and if not for you I would not be crusading this drive to stop this company from selling this killing product.

We now have many victims willing to step up to the plate and support what we are now calling Pets are People too and if they could talk and tell us what was going on this company would be CLOSED.

If anyone need support or is a new victim  please contact me at 951-746-4111 or at [email protected]

I promised Maxwell if he lived i wouldn’t stop until Hartz Mountains products are off the shelves.


Joseph Frank