In Memory of Gumdrop

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use flea drops on your cat or dog. My sister put Sergeants Flea drops on her cat and she is no longer with us. She had many of the same symptoms as stated by other pet owners such as vomiting, loss of appetite, seizures etc…. She was perfectly fine beforehand. It’s a horrible outrage that these products still continue on store shelves. We’ve learned a hard lesson and encourage others to please find alternatives to flea control. Gumdrop was a big part of our lives and is sorely missed.

my kitten died today because of Hartz milk replacement

I am very sad and angry today.  My cat roxy had kittens, but got bored of feeding them at four weeks old.  They were getting very weak, but after feeding them KMR they were flourishing.  I brought them to my mother’s house because I have to work all day and couldn’t come home every few hours to feed them.  She ran out of the KMR so she called some vets in her area and they told her to go get whatever they had at walmart, so she picked up the Hartz stuff.  This morning was the first time she gave it to them and soon after she noticed vomiting and diarea all over the place.  She immediately took them to my vet accross town and by the time she arrived what was the largest, strongest, most active of the bunch could barely move, his eyes were rolling back in his head, and was in abvious pain. I got there as soon as I could and had to give the doctor permisson to put him asleep.  I couldn’t bare seeing him like that and really it was the only decision a person with a heart could do.  Thankfully the other three were strong enough to come home but now I’m at square one.  They seem almost scared to eat.  I just cannot bare the thought of losing another.  This never needed to happen and only did because some big company cares more about money than the lives of its helpless victims.  My heart is broken.  Thanks alot Hartz.

Hartz need’s to stop killing our pet’s!!!!!!!

I used the flea and tick product on my 16 month old dog and i almost killed her with this product. I applied it on her and 2 days later i was walking her and she colapsed on me and couldn’t stand. We took her to the vet and when the vet seen the Hartz package in my hand they said………I HOPE YOU DIDN’T USE THAT ON YOUR DOG. They did bloodwork on my dog and it came back that she had Liver Failure. The vet said it was fron a toxic ingredient in the Hartz product. 400.00 it cost for meds,  bloodwork and follow up bloodwork. So far she is fine but the vet wants to see her in 3 months for a final follow up. I called the Hartz company to complain and i was told they never had any complaints about thier product. When i told them about this site they said they will not listen to anything i tell them about the internet that anyone could make up stories.

Don’t use: Sergeants Gold Squeeze-On for Dogs flea and tick

I recently bought Sergeants Gold Squeeze-On for Dogs flea and tick and it was the worst experience. About an hour after applying it on my two Siberian Huskies they immediately were chewing crazy at where it was applied on there backs. It was sooo bad that one of my dogs could not stay still and cried like a baby tossing and turning not be able to sleep. He was foaming at the mouth and drooling. I had to put him in the bath numerous times and scrub that Sergeants Gold Squeeze-On for Dogs flea and tick product off. Not to mention it hurt them so bad when I was scrubbing it. It was awful like a chemical burn!! I used the right dosage and applied in the right areas as I have used flea products for many years but never seen anything like this. One of my dogs had a bald spot on his back area right before his tale and his skin was raw. My other dog had his skin get eaten by this product and now has an open wound. I am so upset as to why such a product is allowed on the market because it hurt my babies!



Close Call

So I came home from a long weekend only to find that fleas had taken over my home. Not only were they literally sucking my poor kitties’ blood but mine as well. I foolishly wanted a quick fix until I could get to my vet to buy the good stuff so I headed to my local Wal-Mart and picked up the Hartz ultra-guard 3-in-1 spray.

My cats of course hated it and were already mad at me after our 4 hour car ride so i thought little of it when they hid from me for most of the day. However when it got closer to bedtime my normally vocal kitties were nowhere to be found. I began searching the house calling and clicking for them to come to no avail (this alone worried me quite a bit as it is completely out of their characters not to come) and eventually found Buster curled up in the corner of my closet and Binx hiding under my bed. Neither one would come out from their hiding spots or reply to their names (they meow back at me when spoken to). I became more concerned when I noticed that their eye’s were a little dull. I was finally able to get Buster out of the closet after a struggle, also very uncharacteristic, and scooped him up only to find that he was extremely listless. Another warning sign.

Becoming increasingly concerned I rinsed both of their coats off with warm water hoping to get the goop out of their fur. There was still a lingering smell even after their quick showers, so I decided to look the Hartz product up only to stumble across this site. Now, as you can imagine my concern at this point is bordering on panic, these are my two baby boys we’re talking about! I quickly snatched both of them up and grabbed the Dawn and we were off to take a real scrub down shower.

So far the bath seems to have helped and both are still drinking water, but I’ll keep a close eye on them through the next few days and hope that these callous suits don’t claim yet another innocent life.

Hairball remedy and my sick Cat

This story was emailed to me yesterday morning by Lee:

About six weeks ago I noticed my male cat had thrown up. I bought a new tube of hartz hairball remedy and gave it to both of my cats. A few days later I noticed my male was not as active. He began sneezing and his eyes watered. He continued to eat and use the litter box, but he was sleeping more. In another few days he did not come to greet us and he was always hiding under a bed. He was not grooming himself. This was not his usual behavior. I took him to our vet. She told me that his pupils were dilated and that was not a good sign. She did a test for feline leukemia and she sent me home telling me to feed him chicken and broth. She also gave be an antibiotic. He went downhill. He fought eating. I took him back to the vet a week later. She gave me a stronger dose of antibiotic and since he had lost about 5 lbs now I had to force feed him. She was treating an upper respiratory condition. I also was given saline nose drops and eye medication. In about 1 1/2 weeks he began to come alive again. It was a long haul.

During this time I continued to look back to see what had caused him to be so sick. I never thought it was the Hartz hairball remedy since my other cat was fine. But it was always in the back of my mind, since that was the only thing he had consumed that was not a normal part of his diet.

On May 23rd I noticed he had thrown up a huge hairball and though it was because he was back to steadily grooming himself again. I decided to give him a small smear on his paw of the hairball remedy. Within three days he began to exhibit the same symptoms as before.

I decided to research to see if I could find a home remedy to flush this poison out of his body. I have spent over $400.00 in two doctors visits and will be there again tomorrow. If this message reaches anyone that can help with a home remedy I would appreciate the help.

I have printed out the steps from your web site to report this problem.

I would appreciate anything you can do to help me.

Thank you for your time.

The battle with Cute Overload continues

Last night, after receiving an email and saddening photos of Lacy’s MinPins, Frosty Paws and Gauge, who suffered severe skin damage from Hartz treatments, I posted a comment over at Cute Overload.

The comment was actually posted, so it seems as if I’m not banned from posting my comments, but I was quickly moderated and the comment was deleted.

Cute Overload comment

Shortly thereafter, “Theo” commented on my personal website:

A new comment on the post #1162 “Best Mac ad that I’ve seen to date” is waiting for your approval

Author : Theo (IP: ,
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Mr. Janicek —
As an adult in this country, you’re entitled to your opinions.  You’re free to try and convince others of them, on your own time and (let’s say just for instance) on your own blog.  Heck, you’re free to give all your money to Scientology if you want, not to mention the rest of the years of your life, should you so choose… as long as it doesn’t interfere with me, my time, or my blog.

Stop trying to sneak stuff like this into our comments:
Fur rls? (Srsly.)
Totally cute!!!
You should TOTALLY check out these photos of Frosty Paws:
And make sure to check out and
And make sure you NEVER, EVER buy a Hartz product that Cute Overload endorses.


You have your forum, we’ve got ours.  OK?
– Theo

I replied to Meg Frost (“Theo” used my email address to post the comment on my website):

Subj: Why?
Date: 5/16/2008 9:13:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent on:

Got it.  So, you’re just trying to make a buck?  Right, Theo?


As usual, no response.

Hartz flea and tick drops for dogs

Apologies for the delay in posts recently.  Below is an email and photos from Lacy, whose miniature pinschers suffered the wrath of Hartz poisonings.

Hi Josh,

Last July and August I posted a few things on your website about the hartz flea and tick drops killing our MinPin, Milsie Baby, and causing a lot of harm to our two other dogs, Gauge and Frosty Paws.  I am sending you some pictures of all of this.  I hate that it has taken me so long to get these to you.  Most of the pictures are of Gauge, the two close-ups of fur-loss is Frosty Paws.

After only one treatment, we lost Milsie one week later, left Gauge with a scar down her back and Frosty itching so badly she pulled out her hair and developed skin infections.  They saw three vets at the emergency clinic and two more at their regular vet (and I spoke to a 3rd there, also), totaling around a thousand dollars, yet, none of them were willing to give us a statement.

I am so glad that at least one person in the world has kept up the fight, and I thank you for taking the time to do so.

I also sent you a email through your web site about a hartz ad being in Martha Stewart Living magazine.  I got an error msg., so I do not know if you got it or not.  I have already sent them an email through their ‘contact us’ link, but think that others should, too.

Thanks again,


DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.  IT MADE MY CAT VERY ILL.  we gave it to him 9 days ago and he is still sick.  This product has synthetic pyrethrins in it which are very toxic to cats.  Not all cats will get sick from it but too many have!!  I have been watching my normally very active and happy 3 year old cat be extremely lethargic now for 9 days, he can barely walk.  It started the night we gave him the Bio-Spot.  He had a very high fever by the next day and was tremoring.  Has has been to the vet twice and spent a night in the ER.  He is still very lethargic and still having trouble walking.  Thank god he is improving and it looks like he will be okay.  But no one should go through this.  So many people have lost their pets already to this product and others like it.  The EPA needs to be alerted by everyone who has had a pet get sick from this stuff so it gets taken off of the market.

Hartz One Spot for Cats and Kittens

5-14-2008: Today, as my daughter was brushing our long-haired Siamese cat (named Romeow), she found fleas with bite sores on his head and neck.   She came to me pleading I do something for him to stop his agony.

Every year, I purchase flea collars for our family pets (consisting of 2 dogs and 1 cat).  This year, I had purchased all natural and organic collars from, but was still in the process of waiting for the shipments arrival when I made a HUGE mistake.

I had my daughter run to Target and buy some Neosporin and some kind of flea treatment for our cat.  She came home with Hartz OneSpot Flea Egg and Larvae Treatment for Cats and Kittens.

Romeow had bloody sore spots above his eyes and in and behind his ears, so the first thing we did was put a dab of Neosporin on each of those sores. We then applied the contents of one full tube of the Hartz treatment between Romeow ‘s shoulder blades.

He seemed content at first, but within an hour, he began howling a horrific cry (if you ‘ve ever owned a Siamese, you know what I mean).  As I went to check on him, I found him hunched over in a corner of my daughters bedroom.  There were piles of vomit surrounding him.

Romeow is a very large cat.  He weighs 22 lbs., has asthma (treated by our vet with Prednisone), and has never been fed anything but Iams dry cat food (the most recent being Iams Healthy Naturals).  Knowing Siamese can have allergic reactions or sensitivities to certain foods, we ‘ve always been consistant about his diet.

So, all this vomiting he was doing surprised us.  It was obvious to me he was very stressed.  His ears were back, he had a glare in his eyes, his howls were deep growls, and he did not want to be approached.  Totally out of character for him!

I did a quick Google search to see if vomiting was a symptom of this Hartz treatment, when I came across this website.  I could not believe the horror stories I read about this particular product!

I bathed Romeow with an unscented castile liquid soap, then picked up the phone and immediately dialed my veternarians office.  I was told by my vet that they would never recommend this product to anyone for use on their pets.

When I was asked if he was eating or drinking since all this vomiting occured, I replied, "no, he hasn ‘t, but that I was kind of force feeding him water by cupping my hands and placing the water to his mouth, making him swallow some."

Their major concern for him right now is dehydration.

I told my vet that since I bathed him, the vomiting had subsided for the past 20 minutes, and that he was wrapped in a warm blanket sleeping right now.

Their advice was for me to offer him some tuna, tuna water, chicken, chicken broth, or even baby food (such as liver meat).  If he did not eat or drink, would vomit further, or show anymore signs of distress, I was to call back so he could be seen by the vet immediately.

Right now, as I write in this blog, I ‘m praying these poison toxins were all washed off in time, and our beloved Romeow will come out of this okay!

I am angry!  Not only at myself for having applied this to our family friend, but at Hartz, for manufacturing a product that can be lethally toxic!

Please, Please, don ‘t EVER use this product!  For the safety of your pets, use an all natural organic remedy instead!  If only I had waited for the arrival of my shipment, which consisted of a 100% Herbal Rechargeable Flea Collar that is safe for cats and dogs, and manufactured by:  Natural Animal Health Products, Inc.