Sick Cat


I am writing to report a firsthand account of a dangerous product, as well as indicate a pattern of abuse by the pet product company ‘Hartz’.

In October 2018, I used their “Ultraguard” flea prevention medication as directed on my domestic rescue cat. A couple days later, he developed vomiting and loss of appetite. A rash had developed on the application site, so I monitored him for the following days. He became lethargic and weak, so I took him to the vet.

They explained that he was exhibiting poisoning symptoms, and I told them I used the Hartz product. They told me that this was an inferior product and that they often saw symptoms like these with this medication. I was flabberghasted. The vet billed hundreds for re-hydration, anti-nausea, and appetite stimulation to save my cat from the brink of death.

I contacted Hartz immediately, and their poison control center advised that I wash him in dish soap to get their product off his coat. I did. His condition improved in the following days. I contacted Hartz again, and they advised that I send the remaining product in for samples so they could recall them and test for contaminants as to why it made my cat sick, and that they would cover the medical costs associated with his poisoning.

Months went by without any further correspondence from Hartz. Finally, last week I received a letter from Hartz claiming no responsibility, despite the clear evidence that their product harmed my cat. The treatment did not even help with his fleas, so I’ve since used a natural remedy instead.

I searched online about Hartz, and found hundreds of other stories similar to mine, dating back over a decade. There was also a class action lawsuit against the company that was settled out of court. Links below.

Hartz company has demonstrated systemic apathy regarding their chemical abuses on animals. It is undeniably evident that the company has brought illness and death to literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of household pets over many years. I have documented evidence and retained all correspondence with the vet, Hartz, etc.
Please help spread this news to help protect pets and pet-owners. Thank you!

Baxter Lowe

Scary Ride

On Christmas Eve 2018, my wife and I went to Walmart and bought new Hartz flea/tick collars for our Bernese and our Great Pyrnees. That afternoon we bathed the Bernese using Harzt Flea and tick Shampoo. Being from CO. we have never had to use these items. On 12/27, my wife told texted me and said the Bernese was acting very odd. Normally she is very active and LOVES to chase a ball, but not on this day. She was somewhat lethargic and was having the “shakes”. She would not eat or go to the bathroom. As I was out of state, I told her to keep an eye on her. I arrived home on Friday night (12/28) to a dog that normally goes crazy when I walk in the door. It was not the case this night. She walked up the me and sat down, then followed me everywhere I went. The next morning she was the same way. We usually spend the weekends playing fetch – but not this one. She spent most the day laying at my feet, shaking. She would not eat, or run or play – and scratched constantly. Sunday was more of the same. This morning, she crawled into bed next to me and kept shaking. She drank some water but would not eat. She would not go to the bathroom or chase a ball – she was pretty lethargic. My heart sank as I began to fear the worst. I immediately took her to the vet. When he walked in the room and began examining her, he asked how long ago I bought her the Hartz flea collar. I told him the date and about giving her a bath. He immediately held her while I took the collar off, and proceeded to tell the the problems caused by the collar and shampoo. He had a dog in the room next door which was suffering seizures because of the collar. He spent the next several minutes explaining the problems with the Hartz products. Listening to him, I cried – thinking of what could have happened to my furry best friend. My next step – finding a lawyer and finding out WHY this problem has been around for 15 years and nothing is being done about it.


I gave our cat (6months give or take she’s a rescue) Hartz. Followed the directions. She began to have muscle spasms and seize. I had never seen this happen before, so my mom gave her a bath with Dawn, then we drove her to the animal hospital. After a full afternoon of treatments she continued to seize and didn’t make it through the night.

After extensive research I am appalled this product is still on the market.

Chemical Burns!!!

I just used Hartz UltraGaurd my cat George this morning and he has chemical burns and hair loss!!!! I immediately put him in the tub and ran water over the spot for about ten minutes and washed him all over!!! I’m so worried and upset right now, I wish I would have known how terrible this product was! So far he’s acting ok but I’m worried now and will keep close eye on him. Hopefully I rinsed him long enough I don’t know what else I should do for the moment 😞

Hartz Flea and Tick shampoo


This is Cinnamon, she is 9 years old. Today I bathed her in Fast Acting Hartz Flea and Tick shampoo. After her bath I blowdried her and brushed her. She seemed fine. 10 minutes later I took her outside and when she came back in she fainted and started to have a seizure and began to urinate and have a bowel movement. I have realized that this Flea and Tick shampoo is fatal to dogs! We are lucky that she is still with us now!
She still seems a little disoriented and has anxiety. She usually likes to lick her shampoo and I would have never thought this would have happened!
We love you Cinnamon aka Wiggle Bumb!

Hartz flea treatment – another story of it almost killing a beloved pet

Several years back, we decoded to try the Hartz brand flea treatment on our adult calico cat, lovingly named Penelope. We had prior alwayd used the vet recommended Advantage or Revolution, however was gettng pricey…. worst mistake ever made was trying the hartz. Almlst immediatley the cat starting freaking out, runing around, eyes watering, wouldnt let us near her. As shes a very friendly vmcat, nd in the past whenever something was wrong she would come to us rifgt away something wasnt right here…. she started trying to scratch or wretch her head around to lick off the treatment like nothing we ever saw. All almost immediatly. She went into spasms and seizures and started to have un cobtrolled diarherra. Luckily we got her to the vet, after several 100 dollars saved her. Howver the vet said ahe was very lucky to be alive. She also said as canada doesnt have a fda type governing organization over pet products they can lretty much put whatever they want into these products and go rifgt to the shelves. The vet said she has seen these thpes and worse reactions and they were quite commmon from both the cat and dog hartz flea drops and collars. And to STEER CLEAR OF THEM. i called hartz about this. They were rude. And pffered notgibg. They even attemlted to blame me sayibg perhaps i used the product wrong. They attempted to blame the store daying maybe they store had old or expired produxt. They even attempted to blame my cat daying maybe she ate something she shouldnt have. All lies. And in the end all they would offer up, no applogies or answers, but offers to MAIL ME IUT COUPONS FOR MORE HARTZ FLEA TREATMENT!!!! can u imagine?!

Anyways stay clear of this and all overtge counter flea treatments just to ne safe. And im so sorry to everyone whose been thru a similar situation….