Flea drops killed my cat

I used a flea drops on my 10 year old PERFECTLY HEALTHY Sealpoint Siamese. Within 48 hours his kidneys were shutting down to where he was peeing on himself and I had to humanely euthanize him at the vet who seen him 24 hours prior due to him acting “strange”. The vet told me to IMMEDIATELY WASH the drops off all my pets I used them on!!! I did as he said… unfortunately still lost my Siamese😭
I seen my claim to HARTZ.. THEY DECLINED ANY RESPONSIBILITY!!! The vet told me when my cat got sick he also seen 3-4 other pets from the same thing. Hartz wrote me a letter denying my claim and said it was due to dog drops. They never even checked into possible mispackaging from the factory 😡🤬😡

Another one

My angel boy of 7 years passed away tonight. My wife put hartz flea treatment on our great dane a couple days ago, and eddie started losing coordination and strength. It wasn’t super “bad” so I just figured he was having a cold or something silly. I had NO IDEA about hartz products being a problem, until today. Last night he was FINE. Today he went full lethargic, to pained cries, then dying in my arms in the span of a couple hours. I am so angry about this and theres no other solution. Symptoms line up completely with the other testimonials. I am so hurt and upset over this.

Why is it still happening

Evidently this post was started in 2011 it’s now 2019 and people like me are still having to learn this horrible lesson the hard way. I bought sergeants flea drops and used on my 5 month old kittens. Well that night they seemed to be more hyperactive than normal at the time I didn’t realize that was the first symptom of a far worse reaction that all three kitties would have. First my Tigger got real lethargic. He wouldn’t eat or drink I had to use a large syringe to get water down him. It looked really bleak but somehow I nursed him through it. Then Micky starts in not eating and drinking. He ended up being the sickest. I actually bathed him even though it had been several days since I put the drops on them. Finally he started improving then the girl kitten seemed to have trouble walking and I couldn’t do nothing but cokes her into walking and gave her massages. It to a couple of weeks to get them back to normal. The worse part was they was so lethargic.

My cat had hallucinations, seizures, and was unable to walk within hour of applying Hartz Flea Drops for CATS

My cat Harry started having a seizure and began to hallucinate within six hours of applying the topical Hartz flea treatment for cats. I had to rush him to the vet as he was starting to become distressed while breathing and he couldn’t stand up or walk. He kept falling down. It was heartbreaking and scary to see him go through this ordeal. I do not recommend anyone use this product on their cat OR their dog. After informing a friend of what happened, she had told me that her dog had passed after applying the dog version of the Hartz topical flea treatment. This brand is dangerous and should be removed from the shelves completely. If your cat is showing any signs of distress after applying flea medication, promptly bathe them in dawn soap. This helps dilute the medication and prevent further absorption into the system, and get them to a vet right away for further treatment. My cat was administered fluids and given medication to help with the tremors. I am happy to report he has recovered but he almost didn’t make it once he began having respiratory issues. Pesky fleas can be an issue but please keep a close on your cat if you choose to use this product; but I advise against it!

Sasha & Fishy

I had 2 beautiful cats one 8 named Fishy and one 3 Sasha I used the flea treatment that u normally drop on the back of there neck and within a week my 8 year old fishy lost all feeling in his back legs stopped eating and drinking could no longer make it to the bathroom and died at home, then about 4 days later my 3 year old Sasha had the same symptoms lost all feeling in her back legs couldn’t make it to the bathroom so I brought her to the vet and the vet told me a normal healthy cat had the body temperature of 60-65 hers was 12 and the only way of saving her but not giving her back her full life span would have been a $3000 blood transfusion I unfortunately choose to put her down as she was suffering but she didn’t even make it through the process and passed on the table I told the vet what I had used on them both which was the Hartz flea medication and he said he had never heard of it I was so upset i thought somehow it was my fault and I had done something I will forever love and miss my fur babies.