Hartz Flea and Tick Powder sent my precious puppy to the ER

Last night at around 9 pm I treated my 5 month old German shepherd puppy with the Hartz flea and tick powder after finding his first tick on him. In the morning he didn’t finish his breakfast, then at lunch he wouldn’t eat at all. At five he started vomiting and could not keep any water down. He would drink and immediately throw up. Then he started shaking and I knew at that point what it must be…. The Hartz. I bathed him twice to get the powder completely off and rushed an hour and a half to the nearest pet hospital. After a full lab count, IV fluids and meds they let me take him to a nearby hotel. I’ll post updates over the next few days… Please keep my sweet puppy in your thoughts. It was the stories posted here that prompted me to take him to the pet hospital and I am eternally grateful.

Beware of Hartzguard products

I won’t stop until I’ve had every hartzguard product removed from the shelves of every store that carries this leathal and toxic product, starting with my hometown of Shreveport, LA. One week ago today I bought Hartzguard flea and tick home spray, because I found a flea on my Sophie (my cat that I’ve had for several years now that I saved from a very abusive environment). While Sophie was being groomed at the groomers, I sprayed my living room carpet, hallway carpet, and bedroom carpet. I took the sheets and pillow cases off my bed and washed them and sprayed my pillow top mattress, my pillows and the under side of my bedspread (I didn’t do the top for fear it might leave spots on the satin material). The following day Sophie didn’t seem herself. She slept way more than usual and seemed especially needy. That was the only difference I’ve seen in my cat. HOWEVER, the same cannot be said for myself!!!!! Let me start by saying I have never been allergic to anything in my life and never had sensitive skin. The day after I used the spray, I started get red raised bumps/patches on my forearms. The best way I can describe it is it looked like I had been rolling around in poison Ivy. The following days it got worse and worse to the point where my arms, stomach and legs had so many spots (hives) that I was covered in calamine lotion and only left my house wearing long sleeve shirts and pants because it was embarrassing for anyone to see. Not to mention, it’s only 100 degrees outside… NOT LIKE ITS HOT OUTSIDE, right! Upon the fourth day I went to my doctor, a general practitioner. Who also agreed it looked like poison Ivy, but said it absolutely was not because every day I had new areas popping up. He asked if I had come in contact with any chemicals of any sort recently, and never once did the flea spray come to mind…i forgot all about it… I was thinking much worse like I drank toxic water or come in contact with someone that had scabvies. I got a steroid shot and a prescription of prednisone. That night I got n my bed and in less than 2 hours I flew out of bed because it felt like my skin was on fire. My skin was almost solid red. I ran to the bathroom, got a cold wet wash cloth and ran it over my entire body. It was obviously something in my bed and it was always worse when I got out of bed in the morning. I knew then it had to be the flea spray I used on my mattress, pillows and comforter. I got online to look up the directions on the bottle once again just to see if I had done something wrong. And that’s when I came across all the years of horrific and heartbreaking stories from others who had used Hartzguard products. Let me say to those people, I’m so sorry u had the experiences you had, many of your stories left me in tears and I feel your pain and frustration. And to the heartless people seated at the head of the table at HARTZGUARD, hear me and hear me loud!! You have not heard the last of me! Remember my name, Kristen Y., while ur trying to figure out if you need a civil attorney , or a criminal one, because I will the one that makes you wish you would’ve made the proper and humane changes to your products years ago. Trust me, I have the money and know the people to get it done. This will be a PR nightmare for you! Oh, and did I mention my dad is a news anchor for a CBS News affiliate station?!

Sick kitten

As I type this, I’m praying for a miracle. I’ve been fostering kittens for a few years now. Bottle babies are my specialty because I’ve been successful in raising them. Last Tuesday I got a call about a single baby kitten. My husband met the finder and got her settled until I arrived home. I have a cupboard full of KMR and I also had 2 cans of Hartz kitten milk that someone gave me when they left a foster baby with me. I never used it but kept it just in case I was in a bind. Naturally, my husband grabbed the Hartz. My baby girl was a great eater, sucking down formula and growing like a weed. Friday night, we noticed she hadn’t had a bowel movement but everything g else was fine. This is common with babies as the formula doesn’t always agree with them. Yesterday, there was still nothing so this morning we tried everything. Poor baby was straining but nothing came out. I got her to the emergency vet. I was there for 4 hours while they tried to break up the blockage with an enema. She is only 1 week old and they can’t do much else. I go back at 9 for them to check and try again if needed. NEVER had a problem like this before, nor have I used Hartz until now.

Poor lucy

Put hartz flea and tick drops on my 10 year old beagle on May 7th she died on May 12th from kidney failure. Thanks hartz for that Mother’s Day gift. These stores that sells these products should be held accountable to.

My Weenies Almost Died

My 2 miniature dachshunds love the Hartz Oinkies Rolled Pig Skin Twists. However the bag that I recently purchased, from Safeway in Redwood City, CA must have had something toxic in them. Several hours after ingesting them they became violently ill. Shaking, vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, dilated pupils, lethargic…..this went on for almost 24 hours. After finding this web site I just knew it had to be the pig twists. I’m truly outraged that Hartz is still in business. After hours of research, it became evident to me, that even pet treats made in the USA are suspect to contamination and not safe for our furry friends. Many companies purchase the ingredients used in their treats from China and slap a “Made in the USA” on them. My heart goes out to everyone who has had a similar experience, especially those that lost loved their loved ones due to these uncaring, negligent companies who continue to put our pets at risk.

Your Voice Will Be Heard

Hello, I’m a journalist for NewsForShoppers.com, and I’ve recently become aware of the issues Hartz UltraGuard flea and tick preventatives have been causing. Know you are not alone, and I will work to make sure your voices are heard. My sympathies go out to those of you who have been victims of Hartz products.

You can read my article here:

Victims Speak Out: Hartz Topical Flea Prevention Kills Pets, Not Fleas


This website is a life saver! I bought Hartz Underguard Flea Collar and I put it on my 11 month old Maltipoo. Right after, I decided to search up some reviews on this product. I came across this website and several others that claimed that Hartz was not a good product to use. I’m not willing to take the risk of using this product and have removed it immediately!! I REFUSE TO BUY THIS PRODUCT EVER AGAIN

Cats terrible chemical burn

Last fall I bought the Hartz flea drops for cats I put it on all 5 of our cats The 4 tolerated it ok but our siamese had to go to the vet as the product caused a severe chemical burn and the vet told us He has seen this many times before and to bath her to get the lingering oils off,We did this but now here it is almost summer and she still has this patch of hair missing and is still itching this one spot all the time and still acting scared of us She sure is not the same cat. as before this incident buyer be very aware of this product and the damage it can do to your pets.

Hartz, How do you people sleep at night?

My beautiful cat Tobi is so sick. I put on one application of Hartz Flea Control and she started to act sick. She was lethargic and didn’t want to eat or drink. I took her to a groomers to get the poison off of her. That was last week. She is still not eating or drinking. I took her to the Vet yesterday. The Vet technician said that she was probable poisoned from the Hartz Flea Control and that people have know that the Hartz Flea Control kills cats and puppies. I was stunned. A co-worker just told me that this morning as well. I am so heart sick. How can Hartz know they are killing animals and still keep this product on the market? How can Publix and other companies still sell this product? Something has to be done and fast! Let’s get a Class Action suit going. Hartz has got to be stopped. How are we going to do this? Please let me know.