She has been suffering for 2 weeks!!!

I have owned cats and dogs all of my life and never knew how toxic Hartz is to animals! My Patches had a bad case of fleas so I washed her outside with the oatmeal flea and tick shampoo. The water was warm and it was 70+ degrees outside but when I was done and she was dried off, she still seemed to be freezing. He teeth started chattering like a little kid. Besides the appearance of being cold, nothing else really seemed wrong. The next morning I noticed that she hadn’t moved from where she was the night prior. She appeared to be very tired and she didn’t want to get up. I thought that she was just super happy that the fleas finally stopped bighting and she finally got some rest. Well, it just kept getting worse. I took her to the vet because I though that an old wound may have gotten infected, even though it didn’t really look infected. It was the only thing I could think of that might be doing this to her. She is almost 10 years old, but sure wasn’t acting like this! The vet gave me antibiotics in case it was the wound but he said it looked like it was healing well and she should be fine. Well, this is now a week later and I have to pretty much force her to drink water and to eat food. She doesn’t want to get up at all. She was having tremors in her leg but I somehow related this back to the possible leg infection. 2 nights ago, I was thinking about how it just didn’t seem right that all of this was from a leg that looked pretty much healed and I realized that the night before the change in behavior, she had that flea bath. I immediately started looking up the symptoms and everything fit. I then washed her with dawn soap and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. She is now just starting to walk a little bit faster, but still acts as if she is dying. I called my vet and am waiting to hear back from them to see if there is anything that can be done at this point. This POISON has been affecting her for almost 2 weeks! I feel like such a horrible mom for doing this to her!! I will tell everyone I possibly can to never use Hartz for any reason!!! In looking at this site, my stomach turned as I read the other stories. And to think the stories go back so many years and that this company has been sued and put out of business! So sorry to all of you that have suffered through this. God Bless!

Pet friendly

Hello Josh. I just read a post in my Facebook news feed from a lady who lost her pets to Hartz flea products. I somehow lot the news feed. I did a search and found your site. I am shocked at the number of victims . I am an advocate for safe non toxic products and I represent a wellness company that is a shopping club that sells over 500 toxic free products. It is not just pets we have to be concerned about, little children are around these toxins every day and the parents bring them into the home. Just because they are allowed to be sold in the grocery stores does not make them safe. I myself was shocked to learn that harmful toxic chemicals are in our every day products, most are cancer causers. Ever since that day in February, I joined the shopping club and now I try to get the word out as well. Our company has an insect repellent spray that is all natural and gets rid of fleas, ticks, ants , mosquitoes and ants. I think many of your subscribers would be interested in our company products. We also have a pet shampoo and treats. Please contact me. [email protected]

Squeekys bleeding torment

My pitbull squeeky was 8 months old when we used the flea and tick shampoo on him. He reacted immediately like he was in pain. Day two we saw welts and huge lumps on him and he was in pain itching and biting himself. We gave him a warm bath with no shampoo or anything just to get the rest of that off him and things only got worse. After week one most of the fur on his neck and back were gone, his face as well and rash set in. Week two the bleeding began…his skin would dry and break open and he would just bleed everywhere, his face was bleeding all day, his back and tail as well as his rump…the skin was exposed and he was looking like a bloody massacre. Week three when it finally started to clear up, he was scabbing up and we got him a cone to stop the biting in week two, so it helped. His fur was almost gone and he was down to half his weight. It has been a year now and his fur still hasn’t thickened up and you can visibly see where all his scars are from having broken out and being hurt. This company is simply monsterous and has no business selling animal products. My pit almost died as a result of hartz. I will NEVER make that mistake again.

Seargant’s gold flea collar

I placed a Seargants Gold flea collar for cats on my 12 year old cat Lucky. Lucky is used to wearing flea collars and has never had an issue. Within 2 hours my cat was stumbling, coughing, wheezing and crying in pain. His heart was absolutely racing. An hour or so after I scrubbed his neck area down, his heart rate finally returned to normal. I am happy that I was still at home to see this reaction, and had enough time to save him. I am saddened that I did not read reviews of this product before I tried it. It is disgusting that this company is still selling this product after all of these poor animals and pet owners have suffered.

Baseball size abscess

Hey guys,
My poor poor marley. I had purchased him a flea collar not knowing what this brand would do to him as he is one of my first pets. He’s only 2. He looks happy and healthy in this picture but that’s because I worked hard to get him back to this stage. So after him wearing his collar for 2-3 weeks (taking it off every night for bed) he started acting funny. Wasn’t eating, wasn’t acting himself. Was literally putting his forehead on walls and just sitting there for hours on end. I sat there and cried I didn’t know what to do. I googled everything and couldn’t find a thing. When he stopped eating and drinking I got scared and took the collar off him thinking maybe he gained weight and it was getting too small now. (He did look like he was starting to get chunky around the face) but when I took off his collar that day, I had came to the scary realization that the had a huge lump on his neck. And when I say huge I mean it. It was the size of a baseball. And of course me never seeing anything like this before I paniked and googled everything imaginable. Nothing turned up. I felt like a horrible person because I didn’t know what to do. So I decided to call my vet. She sounded very worried and asked me to bring him in to see her in roughly an hour. Well during that hour his poor abscess ruptured. And he was in so much pain I thought he was dying. The vet cried when i rushed him in there. She cleaned him up, gave him a surgery to make sure he would be okay and a lot of medicines. After weeks of healing he was starting to show he was going to be okay. When my vet confirmed it was caused by his collar that had pesticides used on it. She explained that these chemicals had soaked into his skin causing them to create an infection (the abscess). where it was located on his body (whole right side of his neck/chin/chest could’ve caused the poor thing real damage if wasn’t treated properly. WHAT IF I WOULDNT HAVE TOOK THE COLLAR OF HIM AND IF I NEVER SEEN IT?! he could’ve died. And yet the company still stands tall and proud distributing their products so they can be sold on shelves at stores. Hartz is the worst possible brand for animals. And I honestly warn everyone who ever mentions ANYTHING about fleas not to use this product ever, I explain my story and then give them this website. I write this choking on my own words. Because I can still see the sad/hurt that was in his eyes. I hadn’t actually got any pictures of his abscess though I’m sorry I was too concerned I just had to make sure he was okay. We do have an after photo of all our progress on making a healthy marley. I’m so sorry for everyone else who hadn’t had this luck with Hart and who lost a very cherished family member. RIP hartzvictims furbabies xo.

Let Amazon buyers beware

I posted here long ago about Hartz flea drops that killed my cat unknowingly and that it was this website itself that warned me of the dangers after using the same product on my 3 cats. All 3 got sick in just an hour and got all of them in a tub with warm water, not hot as hot will cause the poison to get in their system much faster and saved them. They all recovered with no permanent damage and 3 years later are alive and well today! Reason I’m writing this is because I buy on Amazon and all Hartz products have 1 star rating with complaints similar to what you see here. I’m a good customer there and wrote an article which Amazon published even though I never bought that item from them. If you have an account, I highly recommend going to the comment sections of the products you used and post your horror story. Most likely Amazon will post it. Please don’t flame, use profanity, make it professional and to the point, but let them know. With all the complaints already there, and if you add to them, Amazon will most likely pull all Hartz products! Also, when posts get votes they show right on the top. If you see a good post warning people, try voting for it so all will see and the important message doesn’t get buried. 200 bad ratings means too many people either hurt or killed their pets. We need to keep those numbers down and saved our beloved pets and those pets of others! Thanks.

My cat Mayhem is still not out of the woods

used this on my cat 1 time, she seemed fine but after 36 hours, I noticed she had been sitting in the same spot and position for hours. So I went to go pick her up to love on her and as I lifted her up, her eyes were going crazy, shooting rapidly back and forth and her whole body tensed, she threw her head to the right like she was having a seizure. she wouldn’t move or walk and she went totally limp. I rushed her to the emergency vet where I have sat since 10pm last night when this happened. She cannot walk, when she tried she lists to one side and falls after a few steps. After showing the vet the bottle I used, she was stunned, said she thought the organophosphates had been banned, and she said its the same neurotoxin in it as SARIN GAS!!! WTF!!!??? How can they sell this product to use on pets? They gave her atropine and told me to bathe her as much as she will stand, but they said its more than likely irreversible neurological damage. I feel like the worst person on the planet right now, cuz I did this to her, I put it on my baby and now she’s seriously hurt. How can this company be stopped, how can they be prevented from selling this awful stuff to us to use on our innocent animals?!