Killed my lab

My lab was 3 months old, we used this soap and within two days of constant sickness and research we realized what the cause was. He passed away shortly after and it was the most heartbreaking thing. I miss my bestfriend.

Dead Cats

Used the flea and tick shampoo on my cats. One lost its fur almost immediately afterwards and died. Pretty horrible.

doggie treats

my dog almost died after eating hartz treats…she had 2 horrible seizures…i searched online and saw a story about another dog having seizure after eating those treats so i threw them in the garbage…no more store bought treats anymore 😢


My dogs are pitbulls they were all sick after using this shampoo on them for few days thank god they didnt die


I used this Hartz shampoo a col months ago on my bully an he developed a rash all over, then lost his hair..I am on my 4th medicine for him. My best friend just sent me this article an it makes sense now. I’m glad I quit using it an feel so bad for the ones who lost their furbabys..

My dog

I used this and my dogs fur starting falling off his back!! He was throwing up and pooping everywhere! I stopped using it and he suddenly got better! Now i know what it was caused by!


I washed my dog and hartz oatmeal shampoo and he began having seizures and passed away the next morning. I had no clue that this shampoo is what could have made him pass away. I called my vet after reading about hartz shampoo and he says it very well could be what have caused the death of my beloved dog:-( We will no longer be using hartz products at all and I will make sure to tell everybody I can the same.

My Dog

I had used this on my dog and it had made my dog sick and I had to give her electro lights to help her feel better. This is not safe AT ALL!!

Seizures in 14wk puppy

I used this product when I got my puppy from a not so desired situation. Within 10 minutes of the bath my poor puppy went into seizures. He couldn’t lift his head without trembles. Hart offered nothing. Just that all dogs react differently. I gave him a warm water bath and drowned his paw pads in milk as well as his face. Afterwards I filled the tub with warm water and let him swim to dilute the exposure. He seemed to settle down and eventually made it to the vet the following morning where they told me vividly to avoid hart flea lines as they personally have seen numerous deaths and how lucky I was I caught it early and my puppy began to pass the poison.