missing hair/scratching all the time

I am very upset by everything I am reading….How is it possible for a company to continue to sell products that are reported to cause so much death and or sickness. I have several pets and I have never used Hartz until a week ago when my children picked up a bottle of shampoo from the local walmart. I thought it was a just a fluke that my dog started to scratch more after I bathed her. I still had not put two and two together until tonight. I bought the whole line of products and I am seeing side effects in each pet. I want to know what I can do to help  get these products removed from the shelf..I know I will be taking the remainder of the shampoo’s I used back to the store along with all thhe crpet powders and sprays. I wish they would give me a problem in returning these items. I really fell a need to assist in anyway I can…please tell me how I can help

Pet shampoo burns cornea

My dog was shampooed w/ Hartz Aromethary Invigorating shampoo. When he was rinsed, we noticed he couldn’t stop blinking. The next morning, one eye remained affected. The vet said that his entire corneal area had been affected and was damaged. He was given four separate eye drops and pain meds. A follow-up visit revealed that he was healing well. The vet said if he gotten an infection it could strongly impact his vision. Two hundred dollars later, he is doing fine. The shampoo bottle had a cursory warning about avioding eye and ear contact. The warning should have been bold enough to catch the owners attention. Who would think a shampoo was cadustic w/o a clear, noticiable warning. Spread the wrod.

Boxer puppy hives

My 5 month old boxer woke up this morning covered in hives. I quickly did an online search to see if she could have some benedryl to calm the hives. I came across this site from a google search. Is it some strange co-incidence that yesterday I bathed her in Hartz flea and tick shampoo? I just don’t know! But after reading some of the stories, I am very suspicious that the shampoo is the culprit.

I have bathed her in clear water this morning, given her a teaspoon of benedryl, and she is sleeping in a sunny spot on the floor. I will certainly never use the shampoo again.

hartz 3 in 1 flea spray is DANGEROUS

My daughters cat had a flea problem, and I thought that instead of going to the vets and being told to get a flea srpay or drops, I would just get some at the local store. I picked up a srpay bottle of the 3 in 1 spray, and we put it on him according to the directions. Not even 2 hours later, I noticed him acting- not himself- he was not active, was acting groggy, disoriented, he kept twitching and shaking his back leg as if he was wet, and losing his balance each time. He even jumped up and sat with me, and just leaned against me as if to say, ” I don’t feel good, help me please”. We bathed him immediately, removing, I think, most of the spray ( we will be bathing him again today, to make sure !), and now, this morning, he is much better, walking around, and purring when petted, but still not himself . I hope this story will help at least one person, I wish there was a way to let even more folks know how dangerous these items are that are sold by a company that is suposedly making products for the health and well-being of our beloved family members !!!

Neno Kechkarian

I had been using Hartz shampoo on my dogs for months always wondering why they itch so much and are continyously biting themselves all over. After doing some reasearch about my chihuahua’s rash that first started from a Hartz flea collar, and then got SERIOUS from the Hartz Flea and Tick Shampoo with Oatmeal, now I have to run to the vet because she is getting these HUGE bumps… almost like welts all over, and mini bites, almost like a human mosquito bite, all over her body. The rash on her neck is the point now where it is full of blood and puss and starting to fall apart… her neck is falling apart thanks to freaking HARTZ! I want to push for a lawsuit against that company I can’t believe they can continue to see products that have killed pets in the past and have had such a bad reputation. I am so furious I have been giving her Benadryl and baby asprin for the past two days to keep her calm and let her get sleep… DO NOT BUY HARTZ ANYTHING! I STRONLY DESPERATELY URGE YOU! Stay the heck away from this company, and I hope they get shut down for being such a careless company…

Hartz Puppy Shampoo almost killed my litter of pups

My name is Julie and I have been breeding Toy Fox Terriers for the last few years. I have been a dog owner for the last 12 years and have always used Hartz shampoo with no problems. I have a litter of 8 wk old pups and gave them their first bath with shampoo this past Sat. within 30 mins of that bath my female pup started to vomit. I immediately called the vet and was directed to rewash her with baby shampoo and to keep an eye on her. Within another 30 mins my other 3 pups, one by one, started to vomit and foam at the mouth. Two of the four could not stand and would flop over. Their eyes were bulging and they could not hold their heads up. They all were drooling a thick saliva and one was very lethargic. I rushed them all to the vet. They were immediately taken back and given injections of Robaxion and had activated charcoal and iv’s with fluids administered. I was told I might even lose one of them. Whatever they were reacting to in the shampoo had effected and started to shut down their nervous system. There was even the possibility of permanent brain damage in one of them. They were just a step away from seizures. Fortunately 24 hrs later and a $246.50 vet bill later they have fully recovered. I was told by the vet and a dog groomer since this happened that Hartz products are deadly and to never use them. They do not test their products to ensure the safety of their use on your pets. The product I used was Hartz Puppy Shampoo with Lavendar scent. I went home and threw away all my Hartz products. I hope that by telling stories like this, it will help spread the word about these terrible products and raise pet owner awareness.

Rash on pet owners from Hartz flea collar

My girlfriend and I recently adopted a cat from a shelter, and purchased a Hartz flea collar (the 2-in-1 brand) for it. The collar did not seem to harm the cat but gave me and my girlfriend (who live with the cat) horrible rashes. We checked with our doctors and with the vet, and they all believe that the culprit was the flea collar – since no other changes in our home have been made since we obtained the cat. The cat also has a clean bill of health from more than one vet (just to make sure we didn’t catch something from it). The rash still comes and go (for over two months now) and is extremely irritating – we are both taking allergy medicine and have obsessively and repeatedly cleaned the house and the cat to get the allergins out, but the doctor says the collar is designed to disperse the chemicals widely and it will probably be a few more months before it’s out of our home and systems. We haven’t contacted Hartz because we know that without a lawyer and extra medical expenses it would be impossible to get them to admit that the rash is the fault of their collar. Please investigate the chemicals they use in their collars and the effects of the collars on animals and humans before purchasing their products. Thanks for creating this site, and hopefully our story will prevent more people from suffering from horrible Hartz products.