Grief-stricken, sickened and now guilt-ridden

I fear that after reading these victims’ heart wrenching posts, my negligence as a pet owner is the cause of my indoor cat’s recent death.

I used Hartz 2x after an escape and subsequent epic flea infestation on Aug. 19th. I did notice vomiting, but that really wasn’t too unusual as Newman has always ever vomited after eating too quickly. Later I also noticed a lack of appetite, but I had changed his food and figured he just wasn’t that keen on the senior Iams version. After several trips to the vet and inconclusive blood work, i.e., everything looked clear, the Dr. gave me an appetite stimulant which half worked, however, I began to notice hind leg weakness and limping. After a follow up visit and another few ounces of weight loss, she recommended steroids as signs seemed to point to cancer and evidently steroids can be highly effective.

We started the steroids in addition to the appetite stimulant and Newman’s health continued to decline, increasing lethargy and complete inability to jump onto our low sofa. I came home on Dec. 11th to find him lying in his litter box dead. I’ll never know the true cause and the vet tells me that it isn’t my fault, but how can I think otherwise with so many horror stories about Hartz? Newman was a sturdy, healthy and happy cat before his escape and flea treatment and three months later he was gone. I’m devastated.

Your site saved my cat

I took in a stray cat about a week ago and instantly fell in love with her. She is a beautiful black cat and a complete sweetheart. Since I took her in I’ve been trying my best to accommodate her needs, including today by trying to cure her fleas that cause her to scratch like crazy. My mother brought home Hartz Ultra Guard she picked up during her run to a cornerstore and, not thinking anything of it, I applied the “medicine” to the base of her skull on the back of her neck like the box instructed. She (thankfully) ran away before I could finish giving her the whole dose. Not even 20 minutes later I noticed a change in her behavior; she was crouched down in a scared position and didn’t want to be pet. I then noticed her ears were constantly twitching every couple seconds and a little bit later her skin was twitching as well. I had a sinking feeling that there was something wrong, so I googled her symptoms and the product I used and found this site, and thank god I did. After seeing the horror stories on here I ran outside where I let her out and scrubbed the spot where I applied the medicine with several wet washcloths and took off her collar. She was laying in the grass nearly motionless the whole time. I called my boyfriend and asked him to come over and help me with her, we followed this site’s advice of using Dawn soap and cleaned her fur of any of the remaining poison. She has gone back to her normal behavior since then, and I am so incredibly relieved. I am thankful for this site and everyone’s stories. You all saved my cat’s life. I will never use Hartz or any product containing permethrin ever again and will fight against this corrupt company that kills people’s beloved pets for a quick buck. I can’t believe this stuff is on the market.

Lucky he’s still alive!

Friday night, I noticed my 20-pound Pyrenees pup had lots of fleas so, thinking I was being a responsible owner, I applied the “best” Hartz flea/tick product I could get. Not long after this junk was applied, Silas went from being an energetic ball of fun to a trembling lump of fur on the floor. The symptoms he exhibited were:

  • Extreme lethargy
  • Tremors
  • Extremely dry nose/mouth
  • Gurgling, labored breathing
  • Extreme lack of coordination when walking
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Fluttering eyes

I called my local emergency vet clinic and was instructed to immediately give him a thorough bath in Dawn detergent to remove any product from him that I could, and encourage him to eat and drink as much as possible. He seemed all right for a minute or two, then it all started again. I couldn’t deal with the possibility of something worse happening to him; he seemed like he could have died at any moment. It was terrifying. I didn’t have money in my bank account but remembered that I had recently gotten a credit card for emergencies. I was SO GRATEFUL!! I took him in, and he started acting fine once we got there. Still tripped every now and then, but what the vet said was quite disturbing. I took the box the treatment came in, and she said that it had basically poisoned my boy, and got him reaaaaally drunk. She said it looked like he had passed the risks the toxicity could have caused at that point, but was still recovering from the alcohol content. She prescribed medications to help with his tremors, and he was just fine the next day.

I posted my outrage on Facebook, where I got several responses from vet techs, friends who work in clinics, and a friend who actually had a very similar instance occur with her dog, all of which stated that Hartz (along with brands such as Bio-Spot, Pet Armor, Sentry, and Sergeant) is very known for doing this to pets, and that it is not uncommon for it to cause death.. So Silas and I got lucky!! I just can’t believe, especially not after reading these horror stories on here.. My most sincere condolences to everyone who lost a loved critter.. that these awful, despicable companies are still in business!! I swear it, if something worse had happened to my boy, I’d be typing this out from a jail cell, even though burning a building to the ground is nowhere near as evil as knowingly killing many loved pets and family members.

I just want him back.

I had been told by mom who works for my uncle who is a veterinarian not to use this stiff because it could cause them to have seizures. I should have listened. But the thing is I just barely put But just a drop of this stuff on my 5 month old kitten. I didn’t think it would hurt him and certainly didn’t think it would kill him! I sat there for a minute after putting it on him and thought to myself “oh god what have I done mom said not to use it” and immediately took him to the bathroom and washed tried washing it off. My first mistake was putting it on him my second was not using soap and rinsing it 3 or 4 times. This kitten was an unexpected addition to our family of already one cat and my one year old son and my husband and I. But never the less he was instantly loved and attached is to him with his sweet cuddles he gave you even when you didn’t want them. He’d get right in your neck and just lay there or lay on your chest or anywhere that you let him. We only had him for 5 months but I have not been able to stop crying since Sunday morning at 2 am when he finally stopped convulsing and breathing. The worst part about it was we had just paid our rent of $400 and didn’t have a penny to our name until the next paycheck. Certainly not the $150 that the animal emergency clinic requires for just walking in their door. And the $350 plus for the valum and fluids that were required to help pass this poison through him. So for 3 hours I sat in my kitchen floor watching him shake and convulsing. He’d have a seizure every 20 minutes. I called my mom immediately with the first sign to ask her what o should do. Which was when my husband and I were watching a movie and we heard what sounded like our cat being attacked and murdered. He was screaming and hissing and on the floor acting like something was attacking him with his paws up and swatting. He was shaking and growling and hissing. I knew exactly was it was because this was what I feared would happen. My mom told me to take him to the tub and wash him again with dawn soap and try and get it off the skin as much as possible. We did about 4 times. She said to check his temp and of he was hot to put alcohol on his feet because if his temperature went up he’d have brain damage. His temp was 104.3 so I did what she said and his temp stayed the same. My husband who always does a lot of research for thongs like this said that everyone who had the same thing happened said they used a syringe to put fluids in them since they didn’t have an IV. So we carefully without drowning him took water and put it on his tongue so that he’d have some fluids going through him in hopes to help flush his system a little quicker. I posted on Facebook what was going on. My friend who works at a vet clinic saw and called me. About 2 hours after it started she told me to meet her at the clinic where she worked and she would put him on fluids. She couldn’t give him a lot of valum because she would get in trouble since the doc was not there. She just made it look like a miscalculation error. She gave him a steroid shot and a shot for pain. We had trouble getting the IV in but we eventually got it in. It was only 15 minutes after we got everything in him and he started to slow down with the convulsions. He had only been peeing when he had his seizures. This time he had a bowel movement. And I could tell this was the end. As soon as he pooped he stopped shaking and starting breathing hard and slow. My friend checked his heart. It was still beating so she thought it may have been the bladder. She checked it and of it was very full. But something still wasn’t right and that’s when he stopped breathing. She got a syringe and checked his abdomen for blood. And there was. It was too late. He was gone. I wasn’t going to cry. Until I looked up at her and I lost it. I haven’t been able to stop since. It all plays over and over in my head. I didn’t mean to kill him. I just wanted to kill the fleas. Its all my fault because I knew that it was a poison. I looked up reviews of the product out of curiosity. Someone mentioned this website. I dont know what it is I’m I’m looking for on here. I know telling my story along with everyone else isn’t going to take the product off the shelf. I know it’s not going to bring my sweet Magwa back. I’m not even looking for sympathy and comfort. I just want it to stop replaying in my head. Maybe if I get it out somewhere on paper or on here it will stop. I have only cried for one other cat this much and this hard in my life and it was my Matilda when I was 10 who was am outside cat and she disappeared one day and never came back. I cried for months. And more than likely she was caught by natures hands. But Magwa was such a sweetheart and just loved everyone and loved to snuggle and he looked at you and you knew that he was saying I love you. I’m thankful my other cat was okay. He only had eye twitches and walked like he was drunk for an hour and a half and he was fine. He didn’t have any seizures. I just want him to walk from our living room and jump on the bed and come lay down on my chest like he always did. I want him back. I want to undo it all. I love you Magwa. I love you so much. I miss you. RIP my sweet baby.

Hartz poison is coursing through my cat and slowly killing him ;(

I had no idea about the terrible side effects of hartz flea and tick treatment. After finding a few fleas in the house I gave my wonderful cat jake a treatment and shortly after everything started going wrong. He’s twitching uncontrollably, his balance is off and he’s very confused. He is also biting his own feet vert hard to the point that the bleeding badly. I’m scared for him and I’m currently calling vets and begging them to treat him and allow me to pay in payments but iv had no luck.. I hope jake pulls through this and I hope all the creators of this poison know that they will one day be judged and harming gods creatures will not make him happy. May you all suffer the same fate as my poor cat. God willing.


I want to spread Awareness about Flea and Tick Medicine. 
I bought Piper from a shelter for my daughter who is 13 last year for Christmas. She is a very sweet cat and was 7 month old when we got her. She is now a year and a half.

Now just to get it straight i didn't get it because it was cheap. I got it because i didn't think our cat Piper who is an indoor only cat needed as much protection as our dog Regan who goes outside all the time. I just wanted something to make sure the fleas stayed off Piper in case one happened to come in the house. 

Monday morning 9/8/13 I put the Hartz Ultra flea and tick dot medicine on Piper it was her 3rd dose and all other times she was fine. On Tuesday Morning 9/9/13 I noticed Piper was shaking a lot and could not walk as well (Piper is a year and a half). So i called our Vet. The Vet tech said that she was having a toxic side affect of the Hartz. to bath her with dawn to get it off and if she is not better to bring her to the pet ER. 
I bathed Piper twice with dawn to get the poison off of her. Now most of you know that cats do not like water and will claw you to death during a bath. I bathed her twice and only have 2 minor small scratches pretty much came out of it unscathed. It just shows you how sick she really was. After an hour she was still not getting better. So I took her to New England Animal Medical Center we arrived around 10 am. The Vet that took care of her confirmed she had flea product toxicity. The shaking was actually tremors. They wanted to keep her over night for treatment and observation. This being my daughter's cat and love of her life right now of course i would do anything to save this sweet kitty. While we were there they started her on IV fluids and meds and said that i got most of the Hartz off of her with the 2 baths. The DR gave me the game plan and told me she would call me around 6pm with an update. 

That call came around 4pm AMAZINGLY Piper was doing great. she was meowing and acting like a cat. They said she could come home. I was at work so i called my neighbor and asked her if she could take my daughter to the Vet to pick up Piper(this neighbor came with me in the morning so i could hold on to the kennel and make sure she was ok on the trip). Piper came home with a cone around her neck and muscle relaxers we have to give her 2 times a day for 3 days. and we have to keep the cone on for 3 days too. My daughter was worried because piper was not acting herself at home but she was fine and just tired from being sick and from the medicine. 

Today 9/11/13 Piper is doing wonderful although she HATES the cone and tries get it off. But all in all she is wonderful and getting back to her normal year and a half old cat self. This picture I took last night she was just relaxing with her feet on Regan our puggle and Regan knowing something was wrong was perfectly fine with Piper resting her feet on her. It was a very sweet dog/cat moment

I really want to Thank the staff at New England Animal Medical Center for all the help they provided and saving the life of this sweet little girl.


My cat is my world. I got her right before my sister died and I would’ve been a complete wreck without her. That being said, I will never ever use Hartz ever again!!!!! Whenever I visit my brother’s, I always manage to bring back fleas because he doesn’t bother to give his own cats flea medicine. Being low on money I decided to get something cheap at walmart, which unfortunately turned out to be a 3-pack of Hartz flea remover medicine. A couple friends assured me despite the cost it worked great. I wish I would’ve reconsidered.

The first dose had no effect whatsoever. My cat wasn’t bothered and neither were the fleas. The second time (one month later) however, I knew something was wrong the day after applying. My cat likes to climb, and when she jumped onto my desk she slipped and fell, twice. I didn’t think anything of it at first, until it began happening again and again. Soon she was running into walls and falling off the bed like she didn’t know how to gauge distance anymore. It scared me to death.

The next day she wouldn’t play at all and seemed extremely tired and uninterested in everything. I got worried and googled “wobbliness in cats” thinking maybe it was an ear infection or something that had messed with her equilibrium and was making her fall over and run into things. I just so happened to see pages relating to Hartz products. As I read through the symptoms that someone had described (uncannily similar to my cat’s), I researched further and found this website to find that Hartz products mess up pets in all sorts of ways. I picked up some Dawn to wash out what might’ve been left on her skin and fur and immediately took her to the vet, along with the flea medicine packaging.

The vet determined that the flea medicine had caused “hypersensitivity” which began to slowly poison her as the medicine was absorbed into the skin. He praised me on washing the remainder of it off because if it had been on for one more day (and therefore more of it had been absorbed) I probably would’ve woken up to a dead cat.

I couldn’t save MY LIFE SAVERS life..Hartz Guard products POISONED my baby girl and KILLED HER!!!!

Hello, I put my 11 month old Shih Tzu to sleep today 8/16/13.  I had a rambunctious vibrant puppy.  I had given her a bath on the morning of 7/21/13 and I saw that she had 2 fleas on the top of her head.  As a concerned pet owner I went to my local Walmart and purchased a Hartz collar and put it on her when I got home.  She started to show signs she wasn’t herself a day later and I couldn’t for the life of me think as to what was making her so ill.  The only thing I had did different was that I put on that flea collar (mind you that was the ONLY flea collar that she had ever worn).  I took it off of her immediately and her appetite returned for a brief period of time.  I had read so many horror stories about how peoples pets have died because of these products.  But being a Hartz Guard customer for years with my other dogs and NEVER have had a problem I just thought that the flea collar was to strong for her and that maybe I should bathe her with your flea shampoo (which does not have a weight limit on it) and also read in conjunction with your flea drops that the flea problem would be under control, her symptoms returned and I had stopped using these products.  From July 21 until today August 16, 2013 the only thing I did different was use these products on 3 different occasions.  After using the shampoo and the drops within the same week (August 4-August 10) she deteriorated quickly.  I took her to the vet as soon as I noticed she hadn’t eaten within a close to 48 hour period.  Our vet treated her for an infection and told us to go home and wash her with Dawn and sent home antibiotics.  That was on August 10, 2013.  It is now August 16, 2013 and due to her being poisoned by these products she started seizing at 2pm and by 3:30pm she was GONE!!  She was my life and due to all the health issues that I have had since the end of the year last year she gave me strength to move forward.  Now because they don’t put harder restrictions on their products my baby girl is GONE!!